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Yukiya Reizen is another of the MC's classmates. He is known at the Academy for being cursed, as most people who associate with him, either in positive or negative ways, have had bad things happen to them. He usually sits alone in a corner of the class, and Elias (his roommate) and the MC are among the only people who associate with him freely, neither of them believing in the so-called curse.

Background Edit

Yukiya is originally from a small village, and grew up as the eldest of seven children in a large but tight-knit family. One day, Yukiya's village was attacked by raiders. Yukiya returned home from an errand in time to find them threatening to kill his parents and siblings.

In that moment, he was approached by a magical creature taking the shape of a large gray wolf. The wolf offered him the ability to use magic in exchange for his soul. Seeing no alternative, Yukiya agreed, and made a magical contract with the creature in exchange for magical powers. With magic, he was ultimately able to save his family and village from the raider attack.

Weeks later, to his horror, on the night of the full moon, Yukiya transformed into a magical creature himself. However, he was unable to break the magical contract. He eventually left his family, and went to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, hoping that Headmaster Randolph might be able to help break the contract for him.

Unfortunately, Headmaster Randolph could not, but suggested that Yukiya remain at the Academy as a student in order to learn to control his powers. Towards the end of his route, the Elder Wing Rabbit edits the magical contract and gives the power to MC to restore him to human form on the night of the full moon with a kiss.


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Personality Edit

Yukiya is initially quiet and unexpressive, to the point of appearing cold and uncaring. He can act somewhat oblivious to things happening around him, often distracted by something outside a window, or lost in his own thoughts.

Nevertheless, he soon shows himself to be a kind and caring person, whether in his own or in other routes. He is also friendly with Elias, who is his roommate and best friend, collaborating with Elias on projects (such as for the Magic Competition).

Yukiya enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and is often found in quiet grassy areas or by the lake. He is usually accompanied by a large gray wolf, to all appearances his familiar (but is really the magic creature with whom he has the contract).

Magical Abilities Edit

Yukiya shares the MC's ability to speak to animals. While he is neither an honor student like Elias nor a prodigy like Luca, Yukiya is nevertheless a strong student and a competent wizard.

Initially, Yukiya despises magic, due to his experience with it as a violent and coercive force. Consequently, usage of his magical abilities causes Yukiya pain in his left eye. By the end of Yukiya's route, he has come to terms with the fact that magic can be equally used for good, and thus usage of magic no longer causes him pain.


  • Yukiya is 18-20 years old.
  • When casting spells with his wand, Yukiya uses his right hand.
  • According to the Shall We Date Facebook page, Elias and Yukiya keep a kitten named "Snow" in their room. However, Snow has never appeared in-game.
  • In Yukiya's Happy Ending, Yukiya calls the wolf a 'her' clearly but Liz still calls the wolf "Mr.Wolf". Sigurd's route reveals that the wolf's real name is "Seth".
  • In The Performing Festival Spin-off, he plays the role of the Dragon of Time.
  • He's one of the three characters who has a sequel.
  • In Yukiya’s happy ending in the sequel it is revealed he has a youngest sister named Saya.
  • In the contest to see which was the favorite character of Wizardess Heart players, Klaus Goldestein was chosen as the most popular but Yukiya was in second place.
  • Yukiya tells the MC that he has 6 siblings, 7 if you counted him as well since he is the oldest.