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Wizardess Heart Wikia is an encyclopedia dedicated to Wizardess Heart+.

Our purpose is to archive all information we can regarding the game, and consistent with encyclopedic rules. We are not affiliated with NTT Solmare Corporation. All images and texts in this Wikia are used in a way that qualifies as Fair Use under US copyright law.

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About the game

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Wizardess Heart+ is a free otome game in English from NTT Solmare Corporation's "ShallWeDate?" brand, copyright © 2014, based in e-book platforms, and dress-up games, being oriented 12+, on iTunes, for "Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity."

The game is available on:

  • GooglePlay - Android 4.0.3 or superior
  • AppleStore - iOS 9.0 or later. Via "Dear Otome" app only. (Stand alone version for iOS no longer available.)
  • Facebook GameStore - (Not adapted to all browsers.)

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Story: The heroine of the game, a fledgling wizardess, was living as a veterinarian at a small village. One day, she receives a letter from the most prestigious academy of the kingdom: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy! Challenge the trials to become an official student or the Prefect, the student representative. As you progress, you and your fated one begin to discover and resolve the mysteries in Gedonelune. (more)


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Important Notice!

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In April 21, 2020, it was announced Wizardess Heart+ Discontinuation.

  • What changed: No new routes, sequels, spin-offs, events, CGs and avatar items. (The last story released was the spin-off Melody of Awakening, according to Solmare, ending the game Mystery Series main story line.)
  • What remained: The game is still available. All fixed routes, sequels and events remain.
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Wizardess Heart Wikia Note: We are truly heartbroken with the discontinuation of a game that was part of the lives of many of us, but we will continue to update our wikia with your help! Help us archive all information, lore, stories, images, etc from this wonderful game.

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We are missing the transcript of many routes. See Azusa's Transcript for formatting example.

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Klaus IRandyAzusa Klaus IRandy
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ZeusKlaus IIHiro

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