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Willem V. Rembrandt is the new Headmaster from Season 6. He is also capable of using magic circles like certain other characters (Zeus). In season 7 it's seen that he can use some sort of ancient magic that can be very powerful.

In Zeus' route his physical appearance is described: "His skin was as pale as porcelain, his eyes glowed like rainbow, and his head grew two curled horns. His inhuman beauty left [the MC] staring in awe". He also has long, black hair, pointy ears and long fingernails. He also seems to wear earrings and carry some sort of staff.


Willem V. Rembrandt showed upon campus as the new Headmaster unexpectedly, just after Headmaster Randolph retirement. Willem wasted no time to reveal the secret of the Night Class and was working for a new future for the academy.

Despite his majestic and intimidating figure, Rembrandt is, like Randolph, a playful character and easygoing in some senses, such as the time when the Prefects wanted to convince Hiro to take the prefect trial. They all made it look like it probably was going to take all night and Zeus pointed that Prefects don't have curfews if they don't feel like to, however Rembrandt reminded them that that rule is not for personal motives, but for when they're working and convincing Hiro was not an academic issue. But when Zeus got sad to hear that remark, Rembrandt implied that he would turn a blind eye. In Hiro's route Liz also thinks he's kind of creepy since he can smile while hiding something.

Unlike Headmaster Randolph, Rembrandt doesn't seem to teach any asignature among his duties as headmaster, thus is rarely seen outside his office or talking to other students beside the prefects or people from the Ministry like Klaus. He even uses his personal purposes in professional things such as the time when Liz (MC) took her second trial, he told her the task was to open and make a music box play again since it was enchanted. It turned out someone had enchanted his music box as a prank decades ago and he longed to hear his melody again. Or the time when asked Hiro to retrieve a Ministry lady's hat who was suppose to visit the academy soon.

The MC character points out that whenever she takes a task by the Headmaster, she feels she is doing a personal errand for him. Hiro suggests that he probably uses the Prefect trials to do his personal things.

He also has a spiral staircase storage room filled with many of his personal belongings where he tends to send the candidates to take at least one of the Prefect trials.

Despite using students to do his things, especially the Prefects, he tends to be genuinelly concerned about or believed in them. Like when he tells Hiro that he personally believed he could be a Prefect, or when he accepted Liz (MC) as a judge. When Hiro declined at first the proposition of the trial he gets sad and also when Zeus is attacked and cursed he feels responsible for this and he promises Hiro he shall do anything to wake him up again. But his duties only go as far as to investigate some way to wake Zeus and uses the prefects to collect all the stuff needed. Also, noticing that Hiro feels bad about the whole situation he asks MC to calm and take care of Hiro.

He seems to be powerful in Light Magic, and this is seen when he asked Zeus to invocate a fierga for Hiro's second trial. Just when everyone were having trouble concealing the creature, Rembrandt stepped up and used light magic to defeat the fierga. So he alone accomplished what four prefects could not.

In Caesar's route he discloses more about the Dragonkins. When telling how the Dragonkins remined a few due to Wizard's fear of their power, Liz can tell that the Headmaster looked very sad. And there's still a remaining puzzle, when Rembrandt says: "And... if one day, my people return, I'll finally...", but he never finishes his sentence and even though he chuckles, Liz still thinks he was sad reminiscing about the Dragonkins.

In Lucious' route, Liz, Alfonse and Yukiya find him fighting Hugo, who had already severely injured the headmaster. When asked by Liz why he was attacking the headmaster, Hugo enigmatically answers that he's part of the plan to protect the flow of time, along with the Elixir Seed (Alfonse's route) and the Star Sapphire (Caesar's route). The trio protects the headmaster and Hugo disappears. The three friends take Hugo back to the infirmary where Professor Merkulova and Alfonse are surprised to see how badly injured he is. Liz explains to the professor that she's already tried to heal him with a spell but it didn't work. Merkulova examines the wound and declares it's a cursed wound and that's why Liz's magic had no effect. They try to persuade the headmaster to rest so the professor can heal him but he tries to refuse, though he's weak. He inarticulates something about an important thing he must do: He must revive his comrades because they're all waiting. After that he collapses and Professor Merkulova says that now he has fainted it will be easier to take care of him. However, it remains a mystery for Liz as to why Hugo would do such a thing.

During the same route, it's discovered that Strange Taffy is actually the headmaster. After Randy finds him caught in a whirlpool, he takes it to the castle, where the other prefects are. There, Strange Taffy transforms into the headmaster. At the beggining he's confused and doesn't recognize his whereabouts but after seeing the prefects he realizes that he has been discovered. Klaus arrives at that moment and, no longer addressing formarly to the headmaster, explains to the group that the headmaster has been conspiring all this time to revive the Dragonkins. This has lead to use the prefects to do certain things without them to truly know the meaning behind such actions. Hiro confesses to the prefects that he was indeed the person that stole the cameo of the Kingdom of Daylight's king in the Moonlight Butterfly case (Klaus II's route). And therefore, disclosing that it was the headmaster whom Hiro was talking to at the end of his route and he was the one who wanted to use BBW for his purposes (Hiros' route). Also, Klaus says that Rembrandt was the one controlling the Minotaur (Zeus' route) and he has been the one pulling the strings behind everything that had to do with the labyrinth, this is why he wanted a position of power such as the one as a headmaster. They all get upset for the betrayal and then Klaus arrests Willem for his actions. during this time, Willem doesn't deny any of his crimes nor he fights the arrest and he only seems to look at the floor always in complete silence.

In Lucious's normal ending Liz is surprised to see Klaus in the academy. He tells her he's still investigating about what happened a few days ago and mentions that Willem's hearing is going to start soon. Liz asks him what's going to happen to him and Klaus says that "giving his circumstances, he should not get off too badly [because] he's a victim of a past conflict." Liz is relieved to hear it. Also, Klaus informs her that the academy willd get a new headmaster soon and because of what happened with Rembrandt, the Ministry is going to be very careful and meticulous with the selection process.

He doesn't have a role in Hugo's route, but he's mentioned in some occasions, like when Liz recapitulates about some past events (from season 6 to season 8) and mentions that he was the headmaster that took over Randolph's post and revealed the secret of the Night Class. The next time he's mentioned is when Hugo and Liz travel through time (an especial part of the Magical Board Game tournament) and Liz finds herself in a futuristic building gazing at a lighted metropolis. They suddenly see dragons coming and setting everything on fire. Hugo mentions that those were "the Black Dragon Knights that Rembrandt revived", the strongest and worst enemies the wizards will have to deal in the future. And the third time he's mentioned is in Hugo's happy ending, when Vain tells Hugo that as long as Rembrandt and Felix are alive, the threat is still there".


  • Headmaster Rembrandt is the first Dragonkin in the academy.
  • He is introduced in Luca and Klaus' Event Stories of The Night Class.
  • About the Dragonkins:
    • According to Klaus in his Event Story of The Night Class the Drangonkin is practically extinct: "Because of their powerful magic and exceedingly long life span, they have poor reproductive abilities and a low population".
    • It can be presumed that all Dragonkins have horns and tails, which makes them stand out and immediatly exposes them as being part of this race. Also, it's possible that all of them are beautiful and majestic creatures, which are features that Headmaster Rembrandt has.
    • Rembrandt mentions that the Dragonkins have laways been higly intelligent, and owned at least twice the magical power of normal humans.
    • Apparently Dragonkins lived in Gedonelune long before the kingdom was founded and it's mentioned by Headmaster Rembrandt that they built a civilization born of powerful science and magic. And, like dragons who are said to like treasures, they created certain objects, such as the Star Sapphire, which is one of the Dragonkin's most secret treasures and is said to be jewel far more fearsome than its beauty would suggest and it houses within it a powerful curse.
    • The Star Sapphire is such a rare item and it helps to disclose more about the Dragonkins. Rembrandt mentions that the Sapphire was created by a select few Dragonkins, in other words, the elite. But due to frear from wizards of that time, they separated the Dragonkins and sealed them underground and on the skies, leaving a few of them alive, like Rembrandt.
    • In Elias The Sequel, it's learned that the Dragonkins also created the Terraformn Golem as a weapon. This monster is capable of destroying a continent due to his humongous size and the ability to spread a powerful magical virus that could kill thousands of people. The effects of this virus seemed to vary, because when Liz caught it made her the size of a doll, while Amelia had the effects of a disease such as fever and painful breathing. According to Elias, the Dragonkins created this creature back during the war with wizards and their purpose was to rebuild the world to suit the ideal of Dragonkin lifestyle.
    • Headmaster Randolph in Elias The Sequel mentions that there's an organization called Hawkeye that's a group of the remaining Dragonkins who utilize the most evil magic tools such as the Golem.
  • Also in both Klaus and Lucas' Event Stories both Professor Schyuler and Headmaster Randolph seem to have different behaviors than their usual selves, which surprises Liz (MC). In Luca's Event Story Professor Schyuler bows to him and apologizes for Luca's rudeness toward Rembrandt; on the other hand, in Klaus' Event Story Liz seems surprised to see Headmaster Randolph with a harsh expression since he is easygoing and takes things lightly.
  • He seems to enjoy chess. In one of the events he asks Klaus to play with him and although he apparently had lost three times in a row he asks him to go for another round, showing that he is not a bad loser.
  • He seems to like all the Prefects and tends to turn a blind eye to minor problems or deaf ears to insults, like when Zeus calls him "lizard" or "wily". Also he can be very protective of them like when the time when Hiro was accused by Klaus' boss for infiltrate in the Ministry and steal some items, Rembrandt shows up and gives Hiro an alibi. Though it's shown in Lucious' route that this was also to protect himself of being discovered.
  • Although his image in the game only shows his horns, it's mentioned in the Event Slot "Lively Little Friends" that he also has a tail resembling of a lizard, which maybe is why Zeus calls him like that.
  • In Yukiya's Event Slot "Lively Little Friends", he is shown outside of his office, taking a walk. While holding his tail in pain, Seth points out that his scent smelled similar to Strange Taffy's scent (who they were chasing after Seth bite his tail), which surprises Liz as she wondered if she could write a report about it for Professor Schuyler. Therefore it's implied that Strange Taffy is Rembrandt disguised but is not disclosed why he takes that form. In Luciou's route the prefects discover that in fact Rembrandt is Strange Taffy.
  • In Caesar's route he accidentaly kisses Caesar and turns him into a pig. Liz mentions that the Headmaster had a look of disgust that she'd never seen before and he even says: "To think that in my long life, the day would come that I would kiss a pupil...". He shows up in Caesar's CG of this particular event.
  • In Lucious's route, you find out that Headmaster Rembrandt was reviving the fallen Dragonkin's. Headmaster Rembrandt get's fired since he was reviving the Dragonkin's and is arrested by Klaus. Also this shows a connection among the routes in season 6 and 7.
  • In Lucious' route it's found out that he used to disguise as tiny stuffed animal with brown fur and great, big ears with a lizard tail. His first appearance in this form was in Zeus' route when Zeus, to show off his summoning abilities, tried to do a dragon summon (the spell was "Invocatio Draco"). He introduced himself as Taffy, Randy's familiar, but Liz noticed that he was not really the Taffy she knew. However, when she asked him if Randy, who loved experiments, had done one on him, the strange Taffy responded that "it was something like that". From then on, everyone referred to him as Strange Taffy.
  • Joint Trip spin-off is the first event that released a Rembrandt CG. The players could get it once they completed chapter 2-4. However, due to he has no route when the spin-off is released, his CG is saved in the Group Memories along with the Night Class Group Photo. Also the spin-off shows a Rembrandt chibi version in the announcement banner. However, he only makes a cameo during the story: MC sees him outside a cafeteria where she had entered with her friends and she spots him. She was about to tell the others when a fight between Klaus and Zeus catches her attention and she forgets about it. He's never mentioned again.