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This event contained 3 CGs (1 group 2 close up) and 2 cards. For any CG/Card check the Memories' page.
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Travel into the Storybook was a Spin-off that ran in June, 2017.

This spin-off was about Guy Brighton and Cerim Leiado' birthdays and revealed that both characters share their birthday in June 1st.

Event Announcement

Travel into the storybook - event announcement

NTT.Solmare Facebook announcement.

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #395]

Gedonelune Academy’s Journal �-Event Announcement by Cerim, Guy, Ronny-

Guy “Huh? You want us to leave the schedule open for today?”

Cerim “Why?”

Ronny “Well, it’s because of your birth... (Can’t breathe!)”

You “Heeeey! Ronny! You are not supposed to tell them!”

Ronny “*Nod*”

Cerim “(Oh...I know what she’s trying to do.) ...Sure, I’ll leave my day open.”

Guy “I’ll do the same! I can’t turn down your favor!” You “Thank you!”[1]

Event Note

Was made for this even:

  • 1 new spin-off with 2 endings, being one for Guy and one for Cerim.
  • 10 new avatar items
  • 3 new CGs (1 group and 2 close up) and 2 cards



Chapter 1: Liz Hart (MC), Amelia Nile, Luca Orlem and Elias Goldstein were having lunch in the dinning hall and talking about Cerim and Guy' birthdays and what could be the best birthday present. Later in the halls Liz meets up with Randy and ask him the same question. Randy, however, gives Liz a book that was a Magical Tool that could take her to whatever world she wanted to go and invite someone along. Randy explains that he was the one that made that book based of a grimoire he found in the library and that "when you are in the book world, any wish will be granted if you wish hard enough." Since it was a prototype he wanted her opinion later after she tried out. That night, Liz was in her dorm room and send a magic note to her boyfriend to meet him in the botanical garden (depending on the one you picked would give his ending).


underwater sea world

Cerim Ending: In the botanical garden, Liz and Cerim meet up and she give his present, the book. Both place their hand in the cover title and open the book getting transported into the "underwater sea world." There they talk and hear from the "Talking Fish," "Fish in School" and "Mr. Crab," "Mrs. Crab," "Pink Fish" (also called: "songstress of the sea"). All creatures were very welcoming and explained that that region is visited often from people of everywhere. In the end, Liz sings a song the Pink Fish taught her, and both Cerim and Liz declare their love. A light then engulf the couple and bring them back to the botanical garden. Liz notice that the book now have a picture of a "pure blue ocean" drawn on it with the words "THE END" written on the last page. Cerim asks Liz her answer to his proposal and she answer yes.


amusement park

Guy Ending: In the botanical garden, Liz and Guy meet up. Liz gives Guy the book and explains that is not a workbook but a magical book that could transport them into a any world they wish. Both place their hand inside the book and open the book together being transported to an amusement park. First they went to "go-karts," then the player could choose the next option if a "rollercoaster" or a "merry-go-round" (with horses). Liz wished for a house made of sweets with a birthday cake inside and the book's magic made it appear. After celebrating with Guy's birthday cake both headed to the Ferris wheel and declared their love.



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