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This is a disambiguation page! You might be searching for Tower of Sorrow (Location).

The Tower of Sorrow (also: Season 1) released the routes of: Elias, Yukiya and Luca.

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In-game summary:

"The Magical Creatures also appears in the stories to make your academy life more exciting. The personal histories of Headmaster Randolph and Processor Schuyler will be revealed one after another!"

"Ever since the first day, I've been hearing an unfamiliar song every night while the other students don’t. Realizing the special hearing ability, it began to attract the person who wants to take advantage of it. I start getting close to the mystery of Tower of Sorrow as well as the untold stories of the boys...
Who will you choose to protect, yourself or him?"[1]

In-game footnote:

"Since Luca's Main Story will reveal some major hidden truths, we strongly recommend you to read Elias and/or Yukiya's Main Story first."[1]


Elias' Route

Elias Goldstein/Transcript

Liz becomes Buddies with Elias, but he refuses to accept this because his good grades will be ruined by Liz's poor mastery of magic. He seems to think it will be better for him if she is not officially accepted into the academy.

Luca suggests stealing a magical item called the Persona Mirror to make Elias acknowledge her. Once Liz figures out how to get past the late night patrols, sneaking into the headmaster's office to steal the mirror is surprisingly easy.

Liz presents the mirror to Elias, who looks into it, revealing his true self: fearful of what others think of him, pressured to live up to his family's reputation, envious of Luca's talent... Liz assures him that nobody is perfect, and his feelings are normal. A creature called a Carbuncle appears out of the mirror, a rare pink one, and Liz takes it as her familiar.

Elias accepts her as his Buddy, which means magic training every day after class. The training does not go well at first. Liz accidentally turns Elias into a boar piglet, and has to kiss him to reverse the spell. But eventually she begins to improve.

Liz starts feeling strange around Elias. Just when she figures out that she might be in love with him, Elias cancels a day of training, claiming that he feels weird when he is with her.

Yukiya invites Liz out after dark to discuss the mysterious song she has been hearing every night before she falls asleep. On the way back, they run into Elias, who gets more angry than Liz thinks he should just for a little curfew-breaking.

When Elias resumes Liz's training, she explains what she was doing out with Yukiya. Professor Merkulova overhears and asks to speak with Liz alone.

Merkulova tells her that the song she hears is probably a song of guidance. Following the song is the only way to safely reach the Tower of Sorrow in the East Forest, which is protected by powerful spells, and Liz is the only one who can hear it.

Merkulova believes Professor Schuyler is trying to get to the tower, but he says he cannot tell anyone because the headmaster trusts Schuyler. Merkulova asks Liz to lead him to the tower the next night, in order to stop Schuyler, and she agrees.

Elias, who was eavesdropping, advises her against it, but Liz is resolved to help keep the academy's secrets safe. Later, Luca asks questions in class about the Tower of Sorrow until Schuyler becomes angry, which only increases Liz's determination. Elias decides that if he cannot convince Liz not to go, he will go with her.

On the way through the East Forest, they meet a strange, injured beast. After the beast is chased off, Merkulova offers to cast protective magic on them. He casts it on Elias first, but when he tries it on Liz, her Carbuncle familiar rejects the spell. Elias promises to protect her anyway.

They reach the Tower of Sorrow and begin climbing its stairs. Liz realizes that Merkulova has been in a hurry this whole time, but does not understand why. They come to a landing and find themselves facing a chimera. Elias discovers his magic is not working, but even Merkulova's and Liz's spells do not seem to work on the creature.

Liz protects Elias from the chimera and is injured. Elias calls for Merkulova's help, but Merkulova is distracted by the Persona Mirror, which has fallen out of Liz's bag.

The mirror reveals that Merkulova tricked Liz into leading him to the tower, sealed Elias's magic with the 'protection' spell, and intends to leave them with the chimera to distract it while he goes on. He, not Professor Schuyler, is the one after the tower's secrets.

Holding Liz, Elias repeatedly attempts to heal her, but fails. The Carbuncle sings the chimera to sleep, but Liz is fading fast. As she starts to lose consciousness, she feels that Elias is upset, and thinks he is hurt. With the last of her strength, she casts a healing spell... And the Carbuncle reflects it back at her.

Liz is completely healed, and Elias tries to hide that he was crying. They get up and go after Merkulova, who is glad to see them because he found a locked door. He orders Liz to sing the song of guidance so the door will open, and suspends her in midair when she refuses.

Elias wants to rescue Liz, but his magic is still sealed, so he resorts to simply punching Merkulova in the face. Merkulova passes out and the spell on Liz breaks, but Elias manages to catch her before she falls to the floor.

Elias snaps Merkulova's wand, which breaks the seal on his magic. Then Elias uses a spell to tie up Merkulova, and the Carbuncle sings again. Many other Carbuncles in the tower join in, and their song causes the door to open.

Inside, Elias and Liz find the stone Dragon of Time. Then Luca shows up and thanks them for showing him the way and opening the door. He reveals that he put Merkulova up to this by sharing tales of incredible power. Merkulova, who has felt inferior his whole life, craved power and so fell for the lies.

Then a lunar eclipse starts and the moon turns red. This is what Luca has been waiting for, and the reason Merkulova was in such a hurry. The red moonlight falls on the Dragon of Time, and one of its eyes starts to shine. Luca whispers something and holds out his hand, and the glowing red gem flies to him. Elias asks him what it is, but Luca answers evasively that it is very important.

Elias says they cannot let Luca get away with stealing the gem. Luca challenges him to a duel, where the winner will get the gem... and Liz. Elias accepts and they duel. Luca seems to be winning, but Elias says that power isn't everything and reflects one of Luca's own spells at him.

Luca is defeated, and the gem falls out of his pocket, rolling toward the open side of the tower. Liz chases the gem and barely manages to catch it, but falls off the edge. Elias jumps after her and holds her as they fall. Both of them have lost their wands, and things look hopeless.

Liz's Carbuncle squeals, and many white Carbuncles start to appear in the air around them. Liz and Elias fall slower, until they are gently floating toward the ground. The white Carbuncles all disappear, and Liz and Elias land safely.

Professor Schuyler shows up, along with the red-haired woman who let Liz take the Persona Mirror. They reveal that they are two of the Three Mages who protect the Tower of Sorrow. Luca comes out of the tower and Schuyler ties him up.

The red-haired woman asks if Liz knows who she is yet. Liz uses the Persona Mirror to find out, but the red-haired woman's reflection is Headmaster Randolph. Just then the sun rises and the red-haired woman transforms into the headmaster, who is the third of the Three Mages. Schuyler and Randolph apologize for letting Liz and Elias be put in danger, and Liz returns the red gem to them.

Randolph officially gives Carbuncle to Liz, since before now it was really his familiar. He teaches her a spell to summon more Carbuncles, but she messes it up and summons piles and piles of them instead of one. Meanwhile, Professor Merkulova is still tied up somewhere in the tower, now awake and trying to decide if he should cry.

Liz wakes up to find that classes have been canceled because her spell has filled the school grounds with Carbuncles. She and Elias must help the faculty clean up the mess.

Luca shows up, having escaped from detention, and makes Elias jealous. After Luca leaves, Elias says he will tell Liz something if she passes her trial and becomes an official student.

The next morning is the day Liz will find out if she has passed her trial or not. She goes to the auditorium where Professor Schuyler and Headmaster Randolph await, and stands before the Scale of Judgment...

(Read the different endings to find out what happens next.)

Yukiya's Route

Yukiya Reizen/Transcript

Liz becomes Buddies with Yukiya after she accidentally pushes him into the lake, thinking he was trying to drown himself. Yukiya shrugs off the dunking, but tells Liz she should stay away from him.

Liz finds out that almost everyone believes Yukiya is cursed and so they avoid him. Elias says if curses were contagious then he, being Yukiya's roommate, would be the first to show signs of it. In spite of this, when the other students find out Liz is Yukiya's Buddy, they start avoiding her too.

Liz tells Headmaster Randolph that she wants to get to know Yukiya better, so Randolph asks her to help Yukiya return some books to the archives. On the way there, Liz learns that Yukiya thinks of magic as a curse.

Liz mentions to Yukiya that she hears a strange song every night before she falls asleep. Yukiya apparently can hear it too, and he warns her not to tell anyone about it. Later, she overhears Luca asking Yukiya for help with something, saying he is the only one who can hear the song.

Liz asks Yukiya if they can start helping each other like Buddies are supposed to. Yukiya finally agrees. The next day he works with Liz in class to defeat Umbras, sharing his points with her afterward. He also stands up to Luca several times on her behalf.

Liz gets a message from Yukiya, saying he wants to show her something on their day off. When they meet up, he takes her to a valley filled with flowers where wing rabbits live. A particularly fat wing rabbit adopts Liz and refuses to leave her, though she manages to convince him to hide himself when other people are around.

Liz spots Yukiya going somewhere after curfew and follows him. Yukiya meets with a beautiful red-haired woman and they seem to know each other well, causing Liz to get upset and run back to the dorm. Unable to forget the mysterious woman, Liz can't look Yukiya in the eye the next day and tries to avoid him.

Liz talks to the headmaster about Yukiya again, this time saying she wishes Yukiya would trust her more. Randolph explains that Yukiya is not cursed, but has a contract. He gave up something in order to use magic, and now regrets his choice but cannot change it. Randolph will not reveal what Yukiya's sacrifice was though.

While Liz is on the dorm balcony after dark, Yukiya shows up and asks her to come down. He wants to know why she has been avoiding him, and Liz admits that she saw him yesterday with the red-haired woman. When Yukiya refuses to answer her questions, Liz blurts out that she wants to know because she loves him. Yukiya says it will not work out, then leaves.

The next day Yukiya gets angry at Luca for flirting with Liz. Elias thinks this is very unusual. Later, Yukiya wants Liz to promise not to go near Luca. She gets upset that he pushes her away and then makes demands like this. Yukiya insists that letting Luca know she can hear the song is dangerous, but then their argument is cut short because Yukiya does not feel good.

Yukiya collapses in the morning before he can get to class, and Elias takes him back to the dorm. Later Elias explains to Liz that this happens to Yukiya every full moon, and then he gets locked in the detention chamber. Professor Merkulova will not let Liz see Yukiya, so Elias offers to help her. While they sneak in, Elias gets stuck in a trap for while and urges Liz to go on without him.

The wing rabbit picks the lock so Liz can get into Yukiya's cell, and she finds he has a bad fever. She goes out to look for a plant that she learned about in class which helps with fevers, but ends up stumbling into the forbidden East Forest. The red-haired woman shows up to save her from hellhounds, then provides the plant Liz needs.

In the morning, Yukiya looks better, so Liz heads to class. When she comes back, his fever has worsened again. Liz goes out again but is unable to find more of the helpful plant. She returns to Yukiya's cell, but he is missing. The wing rabbit offers to track him down by scent, and they end up going back to the East Forest.

After braving the disorienting magic of the forest, Liz finally comes across Luca and Yukiya. Luca insists that Yukiya has to follow the song, sick or not, because there is a lunar eclipse tonight. Liz accidentally lets Luca know that she can hear the song, and he says he will let Yukiya go if Liz helps him instead. Yukiya objects, but Luca points out that he is in no shape to fight.

Yukiya takes off his eyepatch and looks at the moon. He then transforms into a magical creature with black fur, horns, and huge fangs. Yukiya uses his beast form to battle Luca, but Luca is still more powerful and Yukiya ends up fleeing into the forest, injured.

Luca wants to make Liz to follow the song, which will lead them to the Tower of Sorrow. The red-haired woman appears and stops Luca, then keeps him busy while Liz chases after Yukiya.

Liz finds Yukiya, but he tries to attack her. The wing rabbit borrows Liz's magic to chain Yukiya up, and she hugs him until he calms down and is able to recognize her again. The red-haired woman joins them and heals Yukiya, also making him able to speak.

Yukiya tells Liz how he made a contract with a wolf when he was young, to gain magic so he could save his family from raiders. The price of this bargain was that Yukiya would turn into a beast whenever he looked at the full moon. Yukiya's family was afraid of him, so he left to search for a way to break the contract. The wolf stayed with him as his familiar.

The red-haired woman says that even the Three Mages, of which she is one, cannot break a contract. She suggests Liz make a contract of her own in order to help Yukiya.

Liz makes a contract with the wing rabbit, who is the elder of wing rabbits. She sacrifices some of her hair so the elder can keep his tail warm, and he gives her magic to change Yukiya back into a human whenever he transforms.

The red-haired woman explains how to use the magic. When Liz kisses Yukiya, he turns back to normal. Yukiya acts like he wants to kiss her again, but the red-haired woman tells them to save that for when they are alone.

When Liz asks who she is, the woman says that one of the Three Mages made a contract with a magical creature. In return for eternal life, every night he would transform into the creature he had formed the contract with.

The sun rises, and the woman transforms into Headmaster Randolph, who admits that he is another of the Three Mages and the one who made the contract. The last of the Three Mages is Professor Schuyler. Unlike the other two, he is the successor of a previous mage and in time will have his own successor.

Yukiya says Liz is the best Buddy he could have, but they're not just Buddies. However, instead of continuing, he says they had better get going if they want to get to class on time. He and Liz head back to the dorms to get ready, then do their best in class even though they did not get any sleep.

The next morning is the day Liz will find out if she has passed her trial or not. She goes to the auditorium where Professor Schuyler and Headmaster Randolph await, and stands before the Scale of Judgment...

(Read the different endings to find out what happens next.)

Luca's Route

Luca Orlem/Transcript

Liz becomes Buddies with Luca, a highly-talented but unmotivated wizard with a reputation for being a troublemaker and a flirt.

By the third day Luca has already dragged Liz into skipping class with him. In spite of promising not to ditch anymore, the next day the headmaster discovers an imitation Luca in class, which he returns to its original form as a pillow. Liz confronts Luca, but Luca is unashamed of his behavior and asks her if she will date him.

Liz goes out one night to talk with Yukiya about the song she has been hearing before she falls asleep. Afterward, she meets a red-haired woman who gives her a Carbuncle for her familiar.

On a day off, Liz wanders around the school and finds Luca sleeping in the archives with a book open. When she tries to see what it is, Luca closes the book, not asleep after all. Luca steals a kiss from her, and Liz slaps him before running away crying. Later she gets a note from Luca, saying he wants to meet her and apologize. But he doesn't show up, and Professor Schuyler catches Liz out after curfew.

In the morning, Elias says that a thief broke into Schuyler's office while the professor was scolding Liz. Schuyler questions her after class, but Liz keeps her suspicions secret. When Luca visits her that night and admits his guilt, Liz ignores Yukiya's advice and lets Luca know about the song she can hear.

The next day Luca attends class. Schuyler teaches on arias and asks Luca to sing one, which is meant to make people sleep, but the aria does not work because Luca was able to figure out its meaning. Afterward, Luca tells Liz he loves her. Liz is not sure she can trust him, so Luca arranges to meet her that night.

Liz runs into Schuyler again, but this time Luca shows up with the earring he stole, which matches the one he always wears. Luca has questions about his past, but Schuyler refuses to answer them.

The next day Liz discovers Luca has been put in the detention chamber. She asks to join him, and ends up spending the night there. Liz tells Luca she will date him.

Luca is confined to the dorms. Elias mentions that he saw Professor Merkulova there, probably giving Luca his homework. Liz goes looking for the book that Luca was reading before, but Luca shows up and takes it before she can learn much, then heads back to his room.

Professor Merkulova invites Liz for snacks after class. However, the tea is made with Dozeweed and Liz finds herself in the detention chamber with Luca when she wakes up.

Merkulova explains that the song Liz can hear is used to safely navigate the East Forest and reach the Tower of Sorrow. He wants Liz to lead him there to get a magic stone with immense magical powers. Luca insists on coming along, and Merkulova agrees, provided he gives up his wand.

Liz leads Merkulova to the tower. While climbing it, they come across a chimera. Luca suggests they attack it from different sides, and Merkulova agrees, but quickly gets knocked out, having forgotten that he confiscated Luca's wand. Luca then pulls out his wand, revealing that he tricked Merkulova earlier. The chimera shrugs off Luca's magic, but the Carbuncle sings it to sleep.

Liz checks on Merkulova. Hearing that he is just unconscious, Luca wants to finish him off. Liz realizes that Merkulova must have learned about her ability to hear the song from Luca, but she promises to cooperate with Luca if he lets the professor live.

They reach a locked door. Luca says there is a secret about himself on the other side of it. Liz wants to help him find out what it is. She sings the song of guidance and the door opens. They find the stone Dragon of Time inside, and a lunar eclipse throws red moonlight on it. The gem in the Dragon's eye starts glowing, and Luca is able to take it out when he recites his real name.

Luca starts to explain his past, and Professor Schuyler shows up to tell some of the story. Schuyler was once an attendant wizard to Princess Aulelia. The princess bore a child before she was married, and asked Schuyler to keep it safe from her angry father. Schuyler did, though the princess died soon after from grief.

The child was Luca, who spent fifteen years locked in a cellar. The earring he wears belonged to his mother, and Luca asks how Schuyler came to have its match. But Schuyler refuses to answer and demands Luca return the Dragon Eye to him, as he is one of the Three Mages who protect the Tower of Sorrow.

While Luca battles Schuyler, Liz accidentally freezes time. Luca takes advantage of this to get behind Schuyler. Then the red-haired woman shows up and holds Liz at wandpoint, and Luca does not hesitate to give up the Dragon Eye in return for Liz's safety.

The red-haired woman shows Luca what he wanted to see, a vision of his mother in the Dragon Eye. With the rising of the sun, the red-haired woman turns into Headmaster Randolph. The headmaster and his female night form are the other two of the Three Mages. Everyone heads back down the tower. On the way Schuyler helps Merkulova and then ties him up.

Schuyler explains that he kept Luca hidden until the old king passed away, when he brought Luca to the academy. The princess had given him the earrings before she died, and according to her instructions he gave one to Luca and kept the other.

Luca and Liz head back toward the dorms to prepare for class, which Liz insists Luca is not allowed to skip. Luca talks a bit about his reasons for lying and treating Liz like he did. Liz tells him he doesn't have to pretend to date her anymore. Luca reacts a bit strangely to this but keeps his thoughts to himself.

The next morning is the day Liz will find out if she has passed her trial or not. She goes to the auditorium where Professor Schuyler and Headmaster Randolph await, and stands before the Scale of Judgment...

(Read the different endings to find out what happens next.)


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