The Seven Wonders was a Star Collection Event that happened from May 21 to June 06, 2018.

Event Announcement

The seven wonders - event announcement

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #581]

-Event Announcement by Azusa, Randy, Taffy-

Azusa “In this academy, there are very scary the seven wonders.”

Randy “W-W-Wait! I can’t!”

Azusa “The night has fallen so deeply... When you woke up to go to the bathroom... The bloody hand patted your shoulder... There!!!”

Taffy “Noooooooooooooooo!” *Collapsed*

Azusa “I just wanted to tell you the difference between the scary stories and the seven wonders... Randy, tell your furball to relax...”

Randy “...”

Azusa “Oh, you two?”[1]

Event Note

Item hunt140 charg

Traveler of Space-time Exclusive Set

  • 2500 stars were needed to complete the event.
  • 7 new spin-off stories were made for this event, one to each character: Alfonse, Elias, Klaus II, Azusa, Cerim, Zeus, and Hiro.
  • 22 new avatar items were made for this event.
    • "Traveler of Space-time Set" was exclusive to the event shop.
  • The Fitting Room was available.
  • The following consumable items were available to earn during the event: 7,750 Lune, 2,400 Romance Points, 900 Magic Grade Points, 1 Yukiya’s Fave Cookie, 3 Luca’s Spicy Macarons, 3 Elias’ Classic Muffins, 8 Story Tickets, 1 ¼ Aruenaristy, 3 Blue Slot Medals, 8 Dressers, 8 Storage Warehouses, 5 Room items, and 6 Magic Keys.


The seven wonders - stories

Event in-game Summary.

Ronny "Hey! Have you heard of the seven wonders in this magic academy?!" "This time, those wonders will be revealed! Now, here are the previews! Don't miss anything!"

Elias "You're not just going to stop now after putting me in the mood, are you?"

Klaus "I do not want to lose you. If you feel the same way, do not leave my side until I tell you it is okay."

Azusa "Let's make sure we do the things that we can only do with three people."

Cerim "I entrust my soul into your hands."

Zeus "How I dress is none of your business!"

Hiro "I couldn't live in a world without you."

Alfonse "I am a man, after all. I'm not strong enough to resist your seduction."

Ronny "*Blush* I can't watch this anymore! It's embarrassing! Get a room!" "I know! Maybe I should make the eighth one! So I'll be part of those famous story of wonders! *Grin*"



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