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Social is a feature in Wizardess Heart+ that allows players to befriend and greet other players.

A player can have up to 50 friends in Social. Players can send friend requests to other players who have less than 50 combined friends and outstanding friend requests.

Once accepted, the new friend's avatar then shows up in the player's friend list. Players will be able to view their friends' avatar and charm level. Additionally, when the player does Extra Curriculum, 10% of a random friend's charm level will be added to the player's own charm level.

Once per day, the player can choose to greet friends, and send them a message. Players receive 10 Lune when they initially greet the player, and then another 20 Lune for sending a message. The game will pre-populate one of several default messages, or the player can optionally type in a custom message. Messages from other players can be seen in the Greeting History page, accessible at the bottom of the friends list.

Greeting and messaging through Social is a guaranteed way of earning Lune. With 50 friends, the player can earn 1500 Lune today.

Tips Edit

  • There is no known daily cap on the amount of Lune you can earn by greeting other un-greeted players. Thus the player can technically also remove and add other friends, and then greet them, to earn additional Lune above the usual 1500.
  • To save time, if you have both mobile and Facebook versions of the game synced to the same account, you can run Social simultaneously while greeting different people on each platform. This will approximately halve the time it takes to greet all friends through Social.