The Silver Talisman, or Red Gem Talisman in the premium version, a is Magic Challenge Avatar Item and a Magical Tool necklace only mentioned in Klaus Goldstein main route.


This talisman debuted in the episode 7 when Klaus gave it to Liz Hart as a "lucky charm" created by him. The necklace was storage with some of his "Spacial Magic" to reflect dark magic, unfortunately the magic into it would not be capable of protecting from a strong curse spell.

The Talisman was only mentioned again in the episode 11-2.

Spoiler ahead
Scared from a nearby dark magic threat, Liz strong wish to see Klaus triggered accidentally her time travel magic. She later find out this was only possible because of Klaus magic that was storage in the Silver Talisman necklace, for her magic alone only had power enough for visions.