Sigurd Curtis Walkthrough Gallery

Sigurd Curtis is the second romanceable character from the Sol Maiden's Mystery Series, and is a student at the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.

Background Edit

With outstanding magic skills and intelligence, Sigurd is best known as the school prefect Klaus Goldstein's right-hand Man and a relative to all of the Goldstein Brothers. He is a skilful rider of a cloud bird named Smokey- but wouldn't describe his cloud bird as his familiar, but more like a 'partner' to him. Sigurd mentions that he had to change Elias's diapers for one summer - that and he spent a whole summer with Klaus when they were children.

He mentions that his mother died when he was young - and it affected him deeply. Of course, he recounts this with a smile on his face, trying his best to hide any sort of sadness. But afterward, his father remarried, and he had a hard time adjusting to his step-mother, as any person would. She asked if he loved her, and despite how hard it was to accept her (not to mention her reminding him so much of his late mother), he said yes. His step-mother tearfully told him he was a terrible liar - and her pain in response to this cemented for Sigurd that he couldn't do this anymore. He had to get better at lying. He couldn't ever let his feelings show again, or else he'd hurt someone else he loved. After this rift with his step-mother, his father sent him off to live with the Goldsteins (specifically Klaus, Elias, and Alfonse, as mentioned in Alfonse's route). But thankfully, as time goes on, and mentioned in his happy ending, things do get better with her, and he even talks lovingly about his six half-sisters.

In an effort to find someone to talk to, out of sheer loneliness since it was borderline impossible for Sigurd to talk about how he was feeling to anyone else, he sends out multiple letters while flying on Smokey. In his own route, MC is the one that becomes his penpal.

Plot Edit

In the Event Slot, "Bubbly Candy Randy", Sigurd is currently working in Queensblade - this has also been mentioned in multiple events since then, including Lucious Duller's route, during the previews at the end of chapters. It is further expanded upon in the Crazy About You ♥ star event that he's doing research for something that is said to change the world for the better - with help from Klaus Goldstein. It has also been revealed in Hugo's route that he's working as a spy in Queensblade.

Personality Edit

Sigurd is at first glance, a gentleman. He presents himself as polite and sweet, and always ready to help. There's rarely a moment in his route where he's rude, or steps out of line. He has a more mischievous side to him - teasing the MC and Klaus at every turn. Even offering up some of Klaus' secrets, before he cuts him off.

Deep down, he has a lot of personal issues (maybe even self hatred), thinly veiled through his kindness. Sigurd is emotionally out of reach, due to hiding most of his emotions through a smile. He has a bad habit of lying, and his route deals heavily with getting him to open up more and say what he's really feeling. This complex of his started after one event when he was a child - after trying to communicate with his step-mother. Sigurd was still dealing with immense grief over losing his mom, and this wasn't helped any by the fact his step-mother reminded him so much of his late mother. She asked if he loved her, and he said yes, but it wasn't convincing, since Sigurd was still adjusting to his new parent. Through tears, she told him he was a terrible liar, and Sigurd felt awful, deciding he couldn't ever hurt anyone close to him like that again. Of course, years later, he and his step-mother accept each other - as he even calls her Mom in his happy ending.

He is also a little distant with Klaus, considering they didn't talk so much after his mother died, and Klaus wasn't around while he lived with the Goldstein family. But through his route, they get closer again - he even mentions that the letters were his way of learning to open up to his cousin again.

Magical Abilities Edit

He majors in taming magical creatures - and teaches a class specifically for this subject.

He has poor magic control, and usually relies on light magic so he doesn't hurt people. But it's said his magic power is so immense, he's fighting for the top spot with MC in his route.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the reason why people started calling Klaus 'The Emperor', and he seems to love the nickname.
  • He is good at dealing with Leslie Roseblade's super talkative familiar - Chica.
  • He is the only student in the academy who can equally discuss matters with Klaus.
  • He is a childhood friend of Klaus and a relative of the Goldstein Brothers.
  • He is the fourth character to conduct a class in the absence of available professors.
  • He uses 'Smokey' as his penpal nickname from his Cloud Bird to exchange letters with Liz, who is unaware of it while she writes a letter to him.
  • His mother was a Goldstein, making him the cousin of Elias, Klaus, and Alfonse.
  • Depending on the scene, Sigurd's eyes will subtly change from the standard yellow, to a more honey tone. The change is based on how open he's being - whether or not he's holding back his true self.
  • He loves glasses, and has a suitcase full of them.
  • He doesn't like sweets, preferring more bitter tastes.
  • There are small mentions in his route that he rides Smokey in races.
  • He's the founder and president of the magical creature riding club, but due to his work as assistant prefect, has to leave his duties to the vice president of the club instead.