Scale of judgement

The Scale of Judgement is a Magical Tool used in the 13rd day of trial to test if students are qualified to stay in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy or not. The scale stays in an altar inside the Academy Auditorium.

The Trial

The scale measure the student by grade and gain, how the student have grown in the Academy.[1]

Once arrived the 13rd day, the provisional student is guided by professor Schuyler inside the academy auditorium, they hand the Acceptance Letter to Headmaster Randolph who pronounce the following incantation:

"Oh Scale of Judgement..." " (student name), you shall be judged to be a rightful student or not. Revel your judgement now!"

The Acceptance Letter then shines and float in front of the Scale of Judgement, the student in question place its hand over the letter making the scale react. If one of its arms lean to the right the student has passed the trial and is allowed to continue in the academy. The Acceptance Letter then shines and removes the student status "Provisional".


  • The gem placed in the middle of the Scale of Judgement resembles the Tears of Undine.


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