Saella is a famous songstress and taught humans how to use songs as a magic.



Saella locked herself with the magic Crystal in order to protect it from dark magic users.

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Cerim's route: Liz is shown to dream that she's Saella and trying to escape from soldiers that wanted to capture her and her guardian tries to protect her. During much of the route Liz finds out about her life and how she ended up in the crystal. It's explained later that Liz might have had those dreams because she will be the next songstress and shares many similarities with her such as being loved by a Leiado family member. After being released Saella regrets not being with her beloved again, but she's happy to meet the descendant of their love: Cerim.

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Guy's route: Saella was losing hope on magic, but after watching over Guy and Liz she decided to free herself from the Crystal and to give magic another chance. She starts teaching on Gedonelune as a temporary professor and plans to open her own school in another world.

Glenn's route: Saella was imprisoned in the crystal until Glenn managed to release her through the use of magic. Because of the feelings shared between Glenn and Liz, and their good intentions, she forgives them for releasing her. With help, she releases The Place Where Time Has Stopped from being frozen in time.

Cerim's route: Saella was telling you her secrets, and she told you about her lover Eks who looks just like Cerim who got killed before her eyes, and thus was why she imprisoned herself in a crystal. The MC later learns that Saella is a songstress and she helps her break out of the crystal. MC learns the power of snow with a song from Saella.


  • She is the fourth official professor to teach in Gedonelune.