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Randy March was first mentioned in The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series and was a student in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. Randy appearance was never shown.



Forest with Carem flowers, where Randy was petrified

Randy March was a student in Gedonelune academy and dedicated his time in magic in animal taming. At the academy Randy meet with Klaus Goldstein and Serge Durandal becoming friend with both. Soon enough, Randy got a buddy in the academy which shared similar interest for summoning and taming magic. Randy and his buddy tried to summon and tame a Basilisk but a mistake in the process let the Basilisk free, which transformed Randy into a stone. In grief, his buddy went back to the place where Randy had been petrified and planted Carem seeds, as they were his buddy's favorite flower.

Depending on the route end, the magic that transformed him into a stone is undone freeing him, and giving him life back.


Randy was described by his classmates, Klaus and Serge, as a kind and gentle person but mysterious in a way. [1][2]


  • It was rumored that Randy March could appear in the new Sequels.
  • During Serge's route you learn that Randy March has red hair within a book.
  • Taffy was actually the familiar of Randy, but after he was petrified, Serge took care of him by making a 'contract' using a yellow ribbon that is tied around his neck.


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