A Nue is a type of Chimera, a Magical Creature. Also called Mononoke in Hinomoto, it first appeared in The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series.


A Nue have blood-like red beady eyes with a dark purplish body.[1]


A Nue can be summoned with Hinomoto Magic Spells and a magic circle. The ground under the magic circle ooze with a dark slime that soon rise into the air taking the shape of the Nue. It roars and uses dark magic to gather strength, but its magic ability is weak, depending on others to feed it self. To be feed it can be used bird blood, a reagent often used in dark magic. The fate of someone who control a Nue is consumed by its gluttony.[1]


A Nue approached Azusa Kuze in Hinomoto, convincing him that it could return his brother Tsukasa back to life. Later on it was summoned and fed by Azusa to kill a unicorn in Gedonelune Academy spring.

If successful in it's endeavors, the Nue will ultimately betray Azusa and take power for itself rather than resurrecting his brother Tsukasa; taking back Hinomoto for the dark creatures that inhabited the land before human colonization. The only way to defeat the Nue is by using its opposing force of Light Magic, which the native people of Hinomoto ironically cannot cast.

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  • Mononoke are spirits in Japanese classical literature and folk religion that were said to do things like possess individuals and make them suffer, cause disease, or even cause death.


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