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Mystery Series are Wizardess Heart+ main stories.

For side stories (spin-offs) see the Events page. Those can be read apart from the main stories.


The first thing shown at the beginning of the game is the Prologue, only after finishing it the player is then able to pick a main story.

Love Meter

The main stories are divided by seasons of "Mystery Series," each containing 3 stories, also called "routes." Each route is based around a romanceable character and have 3 possible endings: Unhappy, Normal and Happy. As the player gives answers through the stories, 1, 3 or 7 points (called "intimacy points"), will be given to fill the "Love Meter," determining what endings are available. The more points the happier the ending you can get. To help this process, the game also contains a raising gauge item that can be bought or gained through gameplay.

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All main stories are fixed, without an expiring date, and can be read again from the start. To keep reading a story, the player must pass Checkpoints, also called Magic Challenges, using Magic Grade points or avatar items. After finishing any ending the player will receive Endings Rewards, with avatar and consumable items. No matter what ending the player picks, it will not affect the next stories chosen nor its sequels.


Each story (route) has approximately 14 chapters, with between 8 to 12 episodes, plus the 3 possible endings with around 4 to 12 episodes. As one episode cost x1 Story Ticket, at total it could be around x116 to x172 Tickets to complete a story.

Being 32 routes and 6 sequels, each with 3 endings, the game has a total of 114 routes' endings.



From season 1 to 5 the player can pick any route as the stories are not consecutive. In all those stories the main character Liz Hart it is still trying to get accepted in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy.

Banner1.png Season 1 Banner2.png Season 2 Banner3.png Season 3 Banner4.png Season 4 Banner5.png Season 5

From season 6 to 11 the stories has now a specific order, following the characters' release it starts with Zeus and continues till the most recent routes. Each, also comes with a short summary from previous stories, yet, not reading in the proper order might still inflict the comprehension of them. The main plot follows that, now as an official student, Liz Hart becomes a prefect and faces other mysteries mainly regarding the safety of the world. As the game stated each route being a different universe, some divergences occur from route to route in order to avoid speaking about the MC and her romantic relation in previous stories.

Banner6.png Season 6 Banner s7.png Season 7 Banner s8.png Season 8 Banner s09.png Season 9 Banner s10.png Season 10 Banner s11.png Season 11


The first banner for the Sequels. All shadows from sequels released.

A sequel is a continuation of a route and after completing any ending from it (or in release/early bird mode), only then players can read its respective sequel. The story however, mostly follows the normal ending of a route and although sequels can be read apart, not following seasons order, some explanations and characters appearance might not be fully explained. From the 32 routes only 6 gained a sequel, being chosen by players in a Survey held in 2018 by Solmare (back then with only 15 routes from seasons 1 to 5).

The sequels debuted in the following order: Klaus I*, Yukiya, Vincent, Elias, Randy, and Joel. Klaus' Sequel is only related to his main route 1.


Main Article: Discontinuation

In April 21, 2020, it was announced the game discontinuation. The game will still be available, yet no new story will be released. All fixed routes, sequels and events remain and can still be read in the app.

According to Solmare, the last story ending the game Mystery Series main story line is Melody of Awakening, released in May 14, 2020, being a spin-off story instead of a season.[1]

Release List

The list bellow is for Mystery Series' routes release. For each character page see Characters.

Image Date Characters' Release Type
2020/05/07 Light Fildora Route
2020/04/02 Albert Auburne Route
2020/03/01 Florin Arden Route
2020/02/02 Clive Lagrene Route
Route-lars fb2.png 2019/12/06 Lars Lagrene Route
SWD 820.png 2019/10/03 Ted Route
Joelseq main.png 2019/8/15 Joel Crawford Sequel
Route-gray fb.png 2019/07/11 Gray Route
Rex-routefb.png 2019/06/06 Rex Blanc Route
SWD 742.png 2019/04/18 Nox Noir Route
Randymarchsequel main.png 2019/1/22 Randy March Sequel
SWD 726.png 2019/03/17 Willem V Rembrandt Route
SWD 711.png 2019/02/17 Hisoka Hagakure Route
Hugo main.png 2018/12/3 Hugo Peers Route
Lucious announcement.png 2018/10/4 Lucious Duller Route
Eliasseq main.png 2018/8/26 Elias Goldstein Sequel
Caesar main.png 2018/7/5 Caesar Raphael Route
Sequel vincent.png 2018/1/11 Vincent Knight Sequel
Alfonse main.png 2018/5/10 Alfonse Goldstein Route
Sequel yukiya.png 2017/12/21 Yukiya Reizen Sequel
Hiro release.png 2018/4/5 Hiro Tachibana Route
Klaus 2.png 2018/3/8 Klaus II Route (Second)
SWD 749.png 2018/2/8 Zeus Brundle Route
Sequel klaus.png 2017/11/5 Klaus I Sequel (of his first route)
Mel main.png 2017/9/7 Mel Glover Route
Sigurd main.png 2017/7/20 Sigurd Curtis Route
Leslie main.png 2017/5/11 Leslie Roseblade Route
Glenn announcement.png 2017/3/2 Glenn Qing Route
Guy release.png 2016/11/29 Guy Brighton Route
Cerim release.png 2016/08/26 Cerim Leiado Route
Leon announcement.png 2016/06/10 Leon Route
Vincent announcement.png 2016/3/7 Vincent Knight Route
Joel announcement.png 2015/12/2 Joel Crawford Route
Azusa release announcement.png 2015/09/10 Azusa Kuze Route
SWD 56.png 2015/05/14 Randy March Route
Klaus announcement season 1.jpg 2015/03/09 Klaus I Route (First)
2014/12/16 Yukiya Reizen Route
2014/12/16 Luca Orlem Route
Elias banner.png 2014/12/16 Elias Goldstein Route

Known Mysteries

Not every mystery is part of every story line, though they might still be hinted at. Some of the mysteries are:

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  • Dark magic occurrence
  • Disappearance of Serge Durandal
  • Disappearance of Magical Items
  • Gedonelune academy's female ghost.[2]
  • Mysterious woman
  • Pigeons Death
  • The underground labyrinth
  • The Dragonkins


2019 Survey result

  • In 2019 another survey was held asking possible sequels. Joel, being number 6 in 2018 survey and 1st in this survey, was the last character to gain a sequel.[3]
    • Following this survey, if it was not for the game discontinuation, Hiro, Luca and Azusa might have gotten a sequel.
    • The following characters were not included for possible sequels in this survey for not yet being available/released: Nox, Rex, Gray, Ted, Lars, Clive, Florin, Albert and Light.
  • The last spin-off event Melody of Awakening being a continuation to the Mystery Series suggest that Felix and Vain might have gotten a route if it was not for the discontinuation.
  • Scarlett and Augustus' despite being romanceable their stories were only available in events.
  • Klaus was the only character to gain two routes.
  • From the first three boys released along the game, only Luca had no early bird for his route. Elias and Yukiya gained early birds along their sequel release.


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