As seen in Magical Theory, Magical Tools are items infused with magic from a wizard. Generally given only one task, the power of the tool can never exceed the power of the wizard that created it. They do not necessarily require an incantation, but may need a compensation (e.g. hair or voice) in order to be safe to use the tools.


Image Name Summary Creator
AcceptanceLetter 01 u tsujyo
Acceptance Letter A magical letter to provisional students. Randolph
Connect 'em Craniums! When someone steads in front of the large skull, it sends a hologram version of that person to the ring-sized skull. Randy March
Dream Director "... a Megaphone-shaped tool that helped you create any dream you liked."[1]
Dreamscope "A telescope-shaped magical tool that allowed you to look into other people's dream."[1]
Grimoire It's a book of spells Randolph
Magic Note
Magic Note Used to send messages. Randoph
Persona mirror
Persona Mirror Reveals true feelings. Walter Goldstein
Scale of judgement
Scale of Judgement Judges students trial.
It 0031 shikigami
Shikigami From hinomoto, its a paper charm that can turn into a clone of the one who kissed it.
Av kla pre story2 pr
Silver/RedGem Talisman A necklace, lucky charm, with some of Klaus magic into it to reflect dark magic. Its not capable of protecting from a strong curse spell.[2] Klaus Goldstein
Sniffy, Sniffy Beta Invention (prototype) used to find people. It resembles a stuffed animal dog. "Let it sniff a possession of the person you look for, Sniffy Beta will sure find them!" Anything could be used, e.g. a pen used by the missing person, as long as it has their scent on it, the magical tool will find him/her. After placing the object in front of the stuffed animal, he sniff it, it's eyes lit up and begin to move. Just follow it and it will lead the way.[3] Randy March
Speculum Bracelet Invented approximately ten years before the prologue beginning. Speculum means mirror, the bracelet acts as a mirror when worn so that it can reflect any magic spell that are cast to the user.[4] Walter Goldstein
Unnamed Heart Rate This magical tool can rate any female's heart rate. This magical tool is first seen in Ridiculously Fun! Klaus Goldstein/Leon's event story. Elias Goldstein
Unnamed Storybook (prototype) Can take individuals inside the book world. The world will be one that they like but is unknown till the readers get inside it. Once inside the book "any wish will be granted if you wish hard enough." The individuals must place their hand, one of top of another, in the book's cover title and open the book. A bight light will cover the readers and the magic will transport them.[5] Randy March
Unnamed Umbra Bottle It was a wine bottle filled with colorful umbras used in the Practical Magic class. The umbras colors "red, yellow, green and blue" represented respectively "fire, earth, air and water." The umbras created would only run, not attack, and to be neutralized it was needed a spell from their opposite e.g. water against fire.[3] Vincent Knight
Water Jug
Water Jug A common water jug that was temporarily and accidentally transformed into a magical tool, a flying water jug. Liz Hart (partially)
Peram A magical tool that can hold other magical tools inside itself. Walter Goldstein
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