As seen in Magical Theory, Magical Tools are items infused with magic from a wizard. Generally given only one task, the power of the tool can never exceed the power of the wizard that created it. They do not necessarily require an incantation, but may need a compensation (e.g. hair or voice) in order to be safe to use the tools.

Named Tools

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Image Name Summary Creator
AcceptanceLetter 01 u tsujyo.png Acceptance Letter A magical letter to provisional students. Randolph
Alphonse's Grimoire A book where Alphonse records all plants that he encounters on his visits. Unlike traditional books/grimoires, this grimoire has the ability to recreate any of the plants recorded in it's pages. Alphonse Goldstein
Antique Charm Sold in Nox's Magic Shop, the charm has the appearance of ribbons and protects the wearer from harm.[1]
Connect 'em Craniums! When someone steads in front of the large skull, it sends a hologram version of that person to the ring-sized skull. Randy March
Dream Director "... a Megaphone-shaped tool that helped you create any dream you liked."[2]
Dreamscope "A telescope-shaped magical tool that allowed you to look into other people's dream."[2]
Fan of the Wind God A Hinomoto fan that conjures gusts of wind when you wave it. [3] Unknown
Firefly cochin Described as "an item with black circles attached to its top and bottom". When the circles are pulled, the "snake belly portion opened up and became round" and gave off light. It automatically turns on at night and off in the morning.[3] Unknown
Forever Mirror You recite the spell and it allows you to see into the future with someone you love for a few minutes.
House of Goldstein
Glass Bookmark A bookmark from Gedonelune's Northern region with deterioration Magic cast on it to protect plants. It's a common tool in the Northern region. Unknown
Grimoire It's a book of spells that can also talk. Randolph
Juzu Is affixed with binding magic. When used, it forms a circle of light that entwines the target, preventing their movement. (Hinomoto magical tool that looks like a rosary.)
Magic Note.jpg Magic Note Used to send messages. Randoph
magic carrier pigeon It works like a magic note. But unlike a magic note, even people who don't have magic can use it. House of Goldstein
Memory Scissors Used to cut and paste memories. They are golden colored and decorated with a jewel which resembles the moon and stars.
Mr. Smart Helmet 3000 Head massage machine disguised as an invention to make a person smart. It was made for Liz Hart but used by Louise in Great Magician's Apprentice. Randy March
Nox's teapot Tap the teapot lid three times and say the name of a tea you would like to drink, and this magical tool will automatically produce it ready to serve.
Practice Doll "A doll used for practicing healing magic. It's about a meter long and pure white in color. It's red when it's hurt, and when you heal it, it turns green! It also turns other colors based on what's afflicting it - Purple for poision, black for sickness"[4]
Peram A magical tool that can hold other magical tools inside itself. Walter Goldstein
Persona mirror.jpg Persona Mirror Reveals true feelings. It was originally created to see through criminals' lies. Walter Goldstein
Scale of judgement.jpg Scale of Judgement Judges students trial.
It 0031 shikigami.jpg Shikigami From hinomoto, its a paper charm that can turn into a clone of the one who kissed it.
Av kla pre story2 pr.jpg Silver/RedGem Talisman A necklace, lucky charm, with some of Klaus magic into it to reflect dark magic. Its not capable of protecting from a strong curse spell.[5] Klaus Goldstein
Sniffy, Sniffy Beta Invention (prototype) used to find people. It resembles a stuffed animal dog. "Let it sniff a possession of the person you look for, Sniffy Beta will sure find them!" Anything could be used, e.g. a pen used by the missing person, as long as it has their scent on it, the magical tool will find him/her. After placing the object in front of the stuffed animal, he sniff it, it's eyes lit up and begin to move. Just follow it and it will lead the way.[6] Randy March
Snow Umbrella It makes snow fall where ever you point it.
Speculum Bracelet Invented approximately ten years before the prologue beginning. Speculum means mirror, the bracelet acts as a mirror when worn so that it can reflect any magic spell that are cast to the user.[7] Walter Goldstein
The Tears of Spectrum By dropping a single tear into a jug of water, a person can achieve the same effect as the Procle Mirror, which is to see faraway places. However, this effect can only be used once. Furthermore, the water's surface is less reliable than a mirror, making it more difficult to cast the needed spell.
Watch Communicator Beta

A magical tool that enables the user to communicate long distance with other uses bearing the tool. There are two versions mentioned: 1) which bears the appearance of a black wrist watch and 2) a pink version specifically designed for Liz, which also has the image of a bunny on it.

It is the updated model of a previous tool which has the apparent shape of a skull on it. 

Improvements: Better sound quality. [8]

Randy March
Water Jug.jpg Water Jug A common water jug that was temporarily and accidentally transformed into a magical tool, a flying water jug. Liz Hart (partially)
Lumen Cloak It's a cloak that, upon wearing it, the user can become invisible. Its creator is unknown. In Luca's story, Professor Schuyler teaches about this cloak. According to it history, it's said that magic was used to change a prism into thread, followed by spinning the thread into cloth to make the cloak. In essence, it distorts the rays of light to make the user transparent. Despite that the direct casting of magic to create transparency has a limit period of time and, therefore, a spell of invisibility can wear off, the Lumen Cloak, however, can give the wearer an indefinite period of invisibility. It's mentioned by Professor Schuyler that this item is on display in a museum.

Unnamed Tools

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Image Type of tool Summary Creator
Communicator This magical tool enables the user to communicate with people long distance. Furthermore, it can enable the user to feel the warmth of the person they are communicating with despite the distance. In The Nobility spin off, Klaus also mentioned with further development, the tool itself would be able to also let the users of this tool not only feel the warmth of the person they are communicating with, but also hold them, hug them and touch them.  Klaus Goldstein
Glasses This magical tool can direct a person to a location of their choice. Tap the glasses and state the name of the destination you would like to travel to. There is a map which shows on the right corner of the tool. A red dot will show the wearer their current location. It tells the user what direction to head in in a quiet voice, so no one else can hear.  This magical tool is first seen in The Nobility spin off Alphonse/Elias's event story. Elias Goldstein/ Alphonse Goldstein
Heart Rate tool This magical tool can rate any female's heart rate. This magical tool is first seen in Ridiculously Fun! Klaus Goldstein/Leon's event story. Elias Goldstein
Infinite Teacup A white teacup that, when looked into, fills up with water that never runs out.[3] Unknown
Monocle A magical tool that enables the wearer to see through walls.It doesn't show living things[9] Roger Nigel
Mysterious Box This magical tool can transform anyone into a pig for a brief moment of time. It is first seen in A Peek into Ceasar's Feelings Unknown
Pitfall Tool This magical tool can create pitfall traps. First seen in The Nobility Klaus's story, Klaus reveals he invented it with the intention of hoping to catch either Alphonse or Sigurd.  Klaus Goldstein.
Projector A magical tool in the shape of a projector that enables the user to jump into a movie of their choice. Unlike Nigels other tools, this does not run on a magical core.[10] Roger Nigel
Storybook (prototype) Can take individuals inside the book world. The world will be one that they like but is unknown till the readers get inside it. Once inside the book "any wish will be granted if you wish hard enough." The individuals must place their hand, one of top of another, in the book's cover title and open the book. A bight light will cover the readers and the magic will transport them.[11] Randy March
Leon journal 5.PNG Umbra Bottle It was a wine bottle filled with colorful umbras used in the Practical Magic class. The umbras colors "red, yellow, green and blue" represented respectively "fire, earth, air and water." The umbras created would only run, not attack, and to be neutralized it was needed a spell from their opposite e.g. water against fire.[6] Vincent Knight
Wooden Charm A wooden block shaped tool with magic to give you a blessing

One is given to Liz in Mel's route by Headmaster Randolph


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