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Wizardess Heart world is inhabited by various species of Magical Creatures.

Divided into three levels: higher, middle and lower, magical creatures don't tend to posses intelligence like humans, therefor, the magical creature level are defined by its power and sentience, being fairies the magical creatures closer to humans beings in sentience, followed by unicorns and mermaids.[1] Those with higher magical level and sentience do not become a familiar, as their power equal or is superior to that of wizards.[2]


Name Details
Bicorn Resembles a horse with two horns. Inhabits dark places such as swamps, and representation of decay and impurity. Its considered the opposite of unicorns.
Carbuncle Small, furry creatures that love the moon and can reflect spells. Most frequently white.
Chimera A dignified creature that consists of various animals and their body parts. Chimeras are violent, hate humans, and are extremely intelligent.
Dragon Ancient people believed that it was an ancestor of a wizard. Dragons represent the seven deadly sins. Allegedly they have died out.
Fairy Watch over the elements, and have many sub-species. Possess sentience and language.
Feligreen Has a bushy tail, cat-like ears, chestnut fur and vertical stripes. Due to their innocent and docile nature, many students use them as familiars.
Firefly owl Shy nocturnal birds that glow. Inhabit the area around the Academy. Sometimes used as a timekeeper during school events.
Golem A magical creature made out of stone.
Ket Shee Magical creature that looks like a cat.
Khoo Shee Magical creature that looks like a dog.
Luceleon A chameleon-like creature capable of optical camouflage.
Lunefish Yellow fish that live in the shallow end of the lake.
Malefi-cat Also called a Halloween monster. A cat-like creature that only emerges on Halloween to play tricks on people.
Mermaid (Sirens) Magical creatures possessing sentience and language.
Rosaputro "True-blue" magical creatures similar to Bats, yet, unlike the garden-variety bat, Rosaputro have higher cognition and perception, being know as highly intelligent, however, proud and difficult to have a contract with.[3]
Touran Sheep This white sheep is usually invisible, it only shows itself if it trust you. Said to live in Kenthamon mountains. It eats a flower called the Cotton Candy Lily.
Unicorn White, horse-like magical creature. Unicorns are "dignified" rare creatures possessing sentience and language.
Wing rabbit A shy species of pink rabbit that has wings for ears. They are capable of going invisible.


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