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Magical Cooking can be done by seasoning dishes with magical spices, or by adding magical effects to the dish. While magical cooking is mostly used for good health, it can be used for others purposes, e.g. floating, changing voice, hair color etc.

Magic spices

  • Volans-grass: From all over the place in the northern lands of Gedonelune, it soars into the air and flies around when its flower blossoms. Can be used for floating magic dishes.[1]

Mentioned Foods/Drinks imbued with magic

  • Assam Tea - it was imbued with the charm "Quinsud" to make tea taste better and more aromatic.[2]
  • Chiffon Cake - with Vollan-grass spice and Levis Pullma spell, it allowed temporarily float in the air.[1]
Chiffon Cake Recipe (from Klaus main route day 7)
Ingredients for the batter: flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, milk, vanilla essence, Volans-grass and Levis Pullma spell.

How to make:

Measure out the sugar and mix half of it with the egg whites and stir to start the batter.

First to the meringue, pour in the egg whites into a bowl and stir it well with a whisk. If not whisk quickly and constantly the egg mixture won’t foam properly. To a fast stir, it can be used the magic spell "Gratia Citius". Flick the wand at the whisk, it should lit up brightly, and when the light fade the whisk should spin around the bowl fast with no further help. A light, airy creme should take shape in the bowl.

After done making the meringue, put the yolks and remaining salt in the bowl and mix it all up. Once done, gradually add in flour while stirring. When the batter is done, mince Volans-grass into fine pieces and add it to the mixture.

For the floating magic to work, once added minsed Volan-grass, cast the spell holding your wand above the bowl, move it in a circle with your wrist and use the incantation: "O unseen wings, take me to the skies! Levis Pullma!" Bake it in the oven, and let it cool down before eating.


The Chiffon Cake floating magic takes about five minutes to wear off. The body becomes weightless and floats in the air, the more the person relax and/or the higher the magic of the wizard who cast the spell is, the higher will make it float.[3]

Mentioned but not specified

  • Bread - lights a person weight.
  • Pasta - cools the body temperature.
  • Soup - warms the body temperature.[1]



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