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Login Bonus is a system that reward players for making a log-in, once a day. As there are more than one type of Login Bonus they can ran together without overriding each other.

This page will not contain Collection events's login bonus. For them check each respective event page.



  • Daily: Each day that you log into Wizardess Heart+, you will be awarded a "Daily Login Bonus." There is a pattern to what gift you will receive on which day, so long as you log in every day consistently. Once you complete 30 days of logins in a row, you will start back over at Day 1 and the process will repeat itself. If you miss a day, you will start back over to Day 1 regardless what day you were currently on. When completing a certain amount of consecutively login, players will be rewarded with Login Badges and exclusive avatar items. You can check your login status via homepage in-game. Consumable Items rewarded are: 100, 200 or 300 Lune, +200 Magic Grade, +200 Romance Points, 1/4 or 1 Story Ticket, Yukiya's Favorite Cookie, Luca's Spicy Macaroon and Elias's Classic Muffin.


  • Special: Each Special Login Bonus (first called "Log-in Event"), contains a different map, when the player makes a login, once a day, it goes further in the map gaining each day consumable or avatar items.
  • Duo Login: Is a Login Bonus exclusively for mobile app users, generally available after a new game or route is released by Solmare. To successfully attain its rewards: 1 - have the required games installed and working; 2- login (clicking the game home page) consecutively in the specified amount of days in a single mobile device to synchronize both login systems. After a given date, the rewards will be given all at once to both games. If missing a day or not completing the above requirements, the player will not gain its prizes. This wikia will only list Duo Login related with Wizardess Heart+.
  • Others: Some events, e.g. "Collection Events," also receive a login bonus, those, however, will be listed in each respective Events' page.


Release dates by Year/Month/Day.

Image Date Name Type
SWD932.png 2020/04/22 Forever Grateful Special
Downcast fb.png 2020/02/04 The Downcast Younger Twin Brother Special
Genius fb.png 2019/12/05 Genius Remodeler, Older Twin Brother Special
Log-WHxLT fb.png 2019/10/21 Wizardess Heart x Love Tangle 2019 Duo Login
Log-tiger fb.png 2019/10/04 The Dutiful Tiger And His Mission Special
Gifted fb.png 2019/08/15 The Gifted Spellsinger Special
Log-gray fb.png 2019/07/11 A Strange Case of Gray Special
Expo fb.png 2019/07/02 Anime Expo 2019 Special
Rexfb.png 2019/06/02 Detective Rex Special
Login bonus for beginners.jpg 2019/05/10 Login Bonus for Beginners Special
SWD 742x.png 2019/04/19 Wizardess Heart x Lost Alice 2019 Duo Login
Springfb.png 2019/03/31 Springtime Serenity Special
Hinomoto.png 2019/02/15 Dreaming Hinomoto Special
New year,new day.png 2018/12/27 New Year, New Day Special
SWD 666.png 2018/11/21 4 Year Anniversary Special
SWD 644.png 2018/10/05 The Prince of the Labyrinth Special
Oink - ea.png 2018/07/05 Oink Special
Anime expo 2018 - ea.png 2018/07/03 Anime Expo 2018 Special
Blooming cherry blossom - top header.png 2018/05/11 Blooming Cherry Blossom Special
Celebrate the new season - event announcement.png 2018/02/09 Celebrate the New Season!! Special
Holiday login bonus - event announcement.png 2017/12/14 Holiday Special
SWD WH x MC 2017.png 2017/11/10 Wizardess Heart x Modern Cinderella 2017 Duo Login
SWD 458.png 2017/09/19 Autumn! Special
Wh x gms 2017.png 2017/09/08 Wizardess Heart x Guard Me Sherlock 2017 Duo Login
Beach mode is on - event announcement.png 2017/08/02 Beach Mode is On! Special
SWD 2017 duo login bonus - WH LT.png 2017/07/10 Wizardess Heart x Love Tangle 2017 Duo Login
Blooooming - event announcement.png 2017/05/12 Blooooming! Special
Ninja shadow duo login.png 2017/02/27 Wizardess Heart x Ninja Shadow 2017 Duo Login
SWD 2017 duo login bonus - anime expo 2017.png 2017/07/01 Anime Expo 2017 Special
SWD WH x LA 2016.png 2016/12/14 Wizardess Heart x Lost Alice 2016 Duo Login
SWD WH x BiR 2016.png 2016/06/28 Wizardess Heart x Blood in Roses 2016 Duo Login
SWD 2017 duo login bonus - WH DN.png 2017/05/22
Wizardess Heart x Destiny Ninja 2017 Duo Login
2016// Wizardess Heart x Oz 2016 Duo Login
Blood in roses log in campaign.jpg 2015/08/10
Wizardess Heart x Blood in Roses 2015 Duo Login
SWD WH x TN 2015.png 2015/10/29 Wizardess Heart x The Niflheim 2015 Duo Login


  • Many times, 3 different types of Login Bonus were available at the same period.
  • Duo Login had many names along the years like: "Get Prizes for Both Logins," "Play Both Games and Get Prizes/Rewards," and "Play SWD Games and Get Prizes/Rewards."


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