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Journals are short "messages" the player gets after finishing Mystery Series's chapters. In-game, the journal's page can be accessed in Menu. At the end of the Journal's page is available the game Glossary, in a pink button.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Example of Elias' journal preview

The Journal's page can be sorted by: unread, all, or characters, in a drop-down box. When receiving a message, the preview will show: the character's icon and name, chapter read, the date acquired, and sometimes the heading of it. When opening, the message is always related with its chapter, and bellow it its either a chibi (small caricature) or a signature (in sequels only) of the character who "wrote" it. When reading the stories again, the player will receive the same journals as before, and will be marked as unread if not clicked.

From seasons 1 to 5, "chapters" were named as "day" and Liz Hart (MC) took part in some messages, writing from her point of view.

List[edit | edit source]

Season 1
Elias Goldstein

Elias Goldstein (Sequel)

Yukiya Reizen

Yukiya Reizen (Sequel)

Luca Orlem

Season 2
Klaus Goldstein

Klaus Goldstein (Sequel)

Randy March

Randy March (Sequel)

Azusa Kuze

Season 3
Joel Crawford

Vicent Knight

Vincent Knight (Sequel)


Season 4
Cerim Leiado

Guy Brighton

Glenn Qing

Season 5
Leslie Roseblade

Sigurd Curtis

Mel Glover

Season 6
Zeus Brundle

Klaus Goldstein

Hiro Tachibana

Season 7
Alfonse Goldstein

Caesar Raphael

Lucious Duller

Season 8
Hugo Peers

Hisoka Hagakure

Willem V Rembrandt

Season 9
Nox Noir

Rex Blanc


Season 10



Season 11



Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • So far this is the only, closest, way to see when someone played Wizardess Heart for the first time. When checking the first journal acquired, the date revels when a chapter was completed for the first time.
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