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Day 1: The Memory From a Long Time Ago

[PART 1]

Scene: Train Cabin

MC: "Wow! Hey, Mr. Letter! Is that the academy?!"

Acceptance Letter: "No! That's just somebody's house!"

MC: "Then what about that?! Is that the academy?!"

Acceptance Letter: "That's just a shed..."

MC: "Then, how about--..."

As the scenery whipped by, I couldn't help but check out every single building we past. My heart was pounding so fast, I could hardly breathe. I felt so anxious, I didn't want to sit still any longer.

Acceptance Letter: "Can't you just calm down for a minute?! Geez..."

MC: "But we're headed to the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy! I can't believe they accepted me!"

Acceptance Letter: "Well, you wouldn't be the only one who's got all excited. But I can tell you're really happy about it."

MC: "This has been a dream of mine ever since I was little! It's something I promised my parents I would do..."

Acceptance Letter: "Then I bet they're looking down on you with smiles on their faces."

MC: "I sure hope so... Oh my gosh! I see it! That's gotta be it!"

Acceptance Letter: "Come on, just calm-- Oh, right! That is the academy..."

There was a castle-like building towered over the lands in the distance.

MC: "So, that is the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy!"

(I... I've made it!)

Scene: Downtown Gedonelune

MC: "Wow! This is amazing!"

Acceptance Letter: "This is Gedonelune City, where many wizards live. A lot of graduates from the academy live here as well."

MC: "Really?!"

Acceptance Letter: "You'll probably get a day where they'll let you roam around and check it out on your own."

MC: "Can I have a look around just a little bit right now?"

Acceptance Letter: "Absolutely not! This is no time to horse around! We must make our way straight to the academy!"

MC: "Fine..."

Scenes: Downtown Gedonelune, Forest Path, Front of the Main Building

We passed through a forest and finally arrived in front of the academy.

MC: "Wow!!"

[PART 2]

Towering before my eyes stood the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy I had dreamed about so much.

MC: "I've really made it! This is really happening! Isn't that amazing, Mr. Letter? I've finally done it!"

Acceptance Letter: "Shut up! how many times are you going to say that?!"

MC: "Well... It's just, I still can't believe it!"

(It's still so hard to believe this isn't a dream...) My heart pounded as I imagined my new life, filled with all my hopes and dreams, at the academy.

Acceptance Letter: "Good grief. I should have known you'd be annoying all the way to the very end."

MC: "Aww... Sorry."

Acceptance Letter: "The way you're acting makes doubt whether or not you'll actually be okay here..."

MC: "I'll be just fine! I'm going to be a great wizardess! Just you wait and see!"

Acceptance Letter: "Hmm... Just do your best."

(He's so arrogant, this letter!)

Acceptance Letter: "Well, my job here is done."

MC: "What?"

Acceptance Letter: "It's been a long trip, but at least it wasn't boring with you around."

With that, Mr. Letter waved his hand, rather, one of the edges of his paper body at me. Then, a single piece of paper appeared and floated down into my palms.

MC: "What's this?"

Acceptance Letter: "It's a map of the school grounds. Use it to find you way around."

MC: "All right. Thank you."

Acceptance Letter: "Farewell!"

A puff of smoke rose from the Acceptance Letter and it turned back into a normal piece of paper. Then, it gently fluttered into my hands.

MC: "Mr. Letter..."

(He might have been a bit rude, but it would have been such a lonely trip without him...)

MC: "Thanks for coming all this way with me."

I whispered to the ordinary piece of paper that I carefully placed in my bag.

MC: "So, umm... now what?"

I nervously looked all around me, completely lost. I tried referencing the map, but none of the buildings were labeled.

MC: "S-So, where do I go from here?"

(Mr. Letter... If only you could come back and point me in th right direction... I guess I should try to find my dorm first...)

Scene: Academy Auditorium

MC: "Oh my gosh! This is amazing!"

Upon entering the academy, a huge auditorium spread out before me.

MC: "It's so big..."

My voice echoed throughout the quiet auditorium. In the center of the auditorium stood something like a podium with an object set on top of it.

MC: "Hm... What's this?"

Image: The Scale of Judgment

As I got closer, I noticed it was a scale.

MC: "So pretty..."

It glittered gold and gave off a mysterious light. Without thinking, I reached out my hand to try to touch. But just then...

Scene: Academy Auditorium

???: "I wouldn't touch that if I were you."

[PART 3]

???: "I wouldn't touch that if I were you."

MC: "!"

A voice suddenly came from behind. When I turned around, there stood a man with pink, fluffy hair.

??? [Randy]: "That's pretty valuable, you know."

MC: "Oh! Sorry, I didn't know.!"

??? [Randy]: "Are you a new student here? I haven't seen your face before."

MC: "Yeah. I'm supposed to start tomorrow..."

??? [Randy]: "I see! Well, I'm Randy."

MC: "I'm MC."

Randy: "Nice to meet you, MC."

MC: "Nice to meet you too, Randy. Hey, so what is this thing, anyway?"

Randy: "Oh, this? Well... It's something of very great importance to you."

MC: "To me? What do you mean?"

Randy: "That's... a secret."

["Just tell me."]
["Don't be like that!"]

MC: "Don't be like that!"

Randy: "Haha! Sorry! But if I told you, it wouldn't be any fun. You'll figure it out soon enough. Then you'll see what I mean."

As he spoke, Randy reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of candy.

Randy: "Take this as my apology."

MC: "Thanks..."

Image: Candy

I rolled the cute, plump piece of candy around in my hand.

Scene: Academy Auditorium

(He seems like a nice guy... I'm still curious about this scale, though, but I guess I'll find out about it soon enough.)

??? [Taffy]: "Masterrr! How could you leave meee?!"

[PART 4]

??? [Taffy]: "Masterrr! How could you leave meee?!"

Just then, something looking like a small bear came trotting in.

MC: "Oh my! How adorable!"

Randy: "This is Taffy. He's my teddy bear."

MC: "Huh?! Your teddy bear?!"

Randy: "That's right. He's able to move around thanks to my magic."

MC: "That's awesome!"

(Now I know I came to the right place!)

Taffy: "Beary nice to meet you!"

MC: "Nice to meet you too, Taffy!"

Suddenly, a light came from Taffy's body. He started to flash, and a shrill, siren-like sound rang throughout the room.

Taffy: "Ooh?!"

MC: "Wh-What the?!"

Randy: "It looks like he's picked up on some fairy power."

MC: "What... are you talking about?"

Randy: "I'm actually in the middle of searching for fairies!"

MC: "Fairies...?"

Randy: "Right! I put magic in Taffy that makes a really loud sound whenever he senses fairy power!"

MC: "Oh, I see..."

(Is it just me, or isn't that a little cruel to the poor bear?)

Randy: "Well, I gotta go chase me some fairies! See you around! Come on, Taffy!"

Taffy: "Wa-Wait for me, Master!"

MC: "Um, wait!"

I hastily called out to stop them, but they had already left the auditorium.

MC: "I wanted to ask you where the heck am I..."

(Well that was a strange pair, wasn't it?)

Scene: Academy Courtyard

MC: "Hmm... Just where am I?"

It seemed like I had been walking around in circles and had become lost. Even though classes were supposed to be over, I couldn't find a single student around to ask for directions.

MC: "This isn't good..."

I unraveled my map one more time and glanced at it as I walked. Just then...

MC: "Ack!"

I had walked right into something at full stride and bounced backwards onto my rear.

??? [Azusa]: "Sorry! Are you okay?"

When I looked up past the hand stretched out towards me, I saw a man with hair as dark as charcoal.

[PART 5]

??? [Azusa]: "Sorry! Are you okay?"

When I looked up past the hand stretched out towards me, I saw a man with hair as dark as charcoal.

MC: "I-I'm all right..."

I took his hand, and he kindly helped me back on my feet.

MC: "Thanks."

??? [Azusa]: "Well, that was my fault after all."

MC: "N-No! It's because I was looking at my map while walking!"

??? [Azusa]: "Your map?"

MC: "Uh-huh! I'm supposed to be starting class tomorrow, so..."

??? [Azusa]: "Oh, so you're new here, huh? I'm Azusa."

MC: "Nice to meet you, Azusa. My name's MC."

Azusa: "You too. I'm a new student, just like you."

MC: "Oh, you are?!"

Azusa: "I'm a foreign student from a country called Hinomoto."

MC: "Hinomoto?"

Azusa: "It's an island country far off to the east of here."

MC: "I've never heard of it."

Azusa: "You're not alone. It's really far away from the mainland."

MC: "I see. You've come a long way then, haven't you?"

Azusa: "I guess."

(He's new, just like me... Maybe I should try asking him something?)

["What's it like here?"]
["Aren't you lonely?"]

MC: "What's it like here?"

Azusa: "Everyone's pretty nice. On top of that, the classes are really fun."

MC: "Really? That a relief. I was thinking they might be really hard."

Azusa: "Yeah, well things can be a little tough in the beginning, so good luck!"

MC: "Thanks."

(He seems like a kind person...)

[PART 6]

Azusa: "So, even though you've got that map, you're still lost, huh?"

MC: "Yeah... I wanted to head to the dorm, but..."

Azusa: "Then you're totally heading in the wrong direction. Let me see that map."

MC: "Oh, sure! Here!"

I quickly handed over the map to Azusa.

Azusa: "Right now, we're here."

He pointed to a location on the map with his finger.

Azusa: "And the dorm is here..."

MC: "So I really was going the wrong way... Thanks, I think I got it now."

Azusa: "I'm happy to help."

MC: "I think I can make it to my dorm now! Thanks a lot!"

Azusa: "You're welcome."

MC: "See you later, Azusa."

Azusa: "Hey, MC."

MC: "Yes?"

Azusa: "You shouldn't wander around dark places alone like this."

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "...Never mind. See ya around."

He said and then quickly left.

MC: "...? I wonder what he meant by that..."

(It's not even that dark around here...)

MC: "Ah, whatever. I should get to the dorm."

Scene: The Lake

MC: "Huh? What the? This weird..."

(I was just following the map...)

MC: "Where did all the buildings go? Did I get lost again?"

‘’’[PART 7]’’’

MC: "Huh? What the? This is weird..."

(I was just following the map...)

MC: "Where did all the buildings go? Did I get lost again?"

A sudden weariness crept up on me, and I instinctively sit down for a break. The grass made a comfy seat and a pleasant breeze brushed gently against my cheeks.

Scene: Sky

MC: "Ah... This feels nice!"

Without thinking, I laid flat on my back and looked up at the sky. Clouds drifted slowly across the deep blue sky like pieces of cotton.

MC: "What lovely weather..."

(This reminds me of the fields back at home.) As I stared at the sky, my eyelids grew heavier and heavier.

MC: "I'm so... sleepy... all of a sudden..."

Scene: Forest

Young MC: ".. *Sob* .. *whimper*..."

There I was, a little girl, crying underneath a big tree. It was a memory of a day far in the past.

Joel CG 2

???: "Why are you crying?"

Young MC: "My mom and dad... They went away without me... I'll never see them again..."

???: "That's so sad..."

Young MC: "...Why? Why did they leave me...all alone? *sob*"

???: "It'll be okay, MC. I'm here... I'll never leave you."

Young MC: "...Really?"

???: "Yeah. We'll be together forever."

Young MC: "...Thanks."

???: "Let's make a promise."

Young MC: "A promise..."

Scene: White

???: "Hey, are you all right? She's not dead, is she?"

MC: "...Huh?"

[PART 8]

Joel CG 3

???: "Hey, are you all right? She's not dead, is she?"

MC: "...Huh?"

Joel CG 4

I opened my eyes to see another pair looking straight back at me. One pupil looked like a shard of amber, and the other was colored turquoise... They looked so much like beautiful jewels. For a moment, I was transfixed on those pupils, unable to look away from them. Then suddenly, I came to my sense.

MC: "Huh? Umm! D-Did I fall asleep?!"

Flustered, I hurried to stand up, but then...

MC: "OOF!!"

??? [Joel]: "ACK!!"

Scene: The lake

With a crack, our foreheads smacked into each other.

MC: "Oww..."

??? [Joel]: "Ugh! Oww!"

We both crouched with out foreheads cupped in our hands.

MC: "Oww..."

??? [Joel]: "That hurt!"

MC: "Ugh... I'm sorry..."

??? [Joel]: "Geez..."

MC: "Hey, it's your fault for staring at my face while I was sleeping!"

??? [Joel]: "What were you doing sleeping in a place like this? Here I thought you were dead!"

He let out a sigh as he rubbed his forehead.

MC: "Was I really that sound asleep?"

??? [Joel]: "I called out to you over and over again, but you didn't move at all."

MC: "Oh, sorry."

(That's so embarrassing.)

[PART 9]

??? [Joel]: "So, what were you doing sleeping in a place like this anyway?"

MC: "Actually, I... got lost."

??? [Joel]: "Lost?"

MC: "I just got here today."

??? [Joel]: "Oh, so you're new, huh?"

MC: "Yeah."

??? [Joel]: "I see..."

MC: "I'm MC."

??? [Joel]: ".........MC..."

MC: "Something wrong?"

??? [Joel]: "...No, it's nothing. I'm Joel."

MC: "Nice to meet you, Joel."

(What the... Strange. Why do I feel like I know him from somewhere? What's going on here?)

Joel: "Where were you trying to go?"

MC: "Oh, the dorm!"

Joel: "The dorm? You're heading in the wrong direction."

MC: "What?! I was just following the map..."

Joel: "Can't even read a map, huh? You're not too smart, are you?"

MC: "Hey!"

["That's really mean!"]

MC: "That's really mean!"

Joel: "Oh, sorry. I have a bad habit of saying what's on my mind."

MC: "As if that makes it okay..."

(Now he thinks I'm an idiot... I wonder if he actually meant it though?)

Joel: "Don't let it bother you."

MC: "O-Okay..."

(Yeah right!)

[PART 10]

Joel: "I guess I don't have a choice, do I? I'll walk you to your dorm."

MC: "Really? You'd do that for me?"

Joel: "There's no way I would just abandon you here..."

MC: "Thanks..."

Joel: "Follow me."

MC: "Okay."

I followed behind him as he suggested.

Scene: Botanical Garden, sunset

Joel: "So, you just got here today, huh?"

MC: "Uh... Uh-huh!"

Joel: "Where are you from?"

MC: "Reitz... You wouldn't know it."

Joel: "No, I do. It's a village in the Arbos region, right?"

MC: "You knew it?! But it's just a tiny little village!"

Joel: "Yeah..."

MC: "So this Mr. Letter guy led me to the academy, but disappeared without telling me where to go..."

Joel: "That's because his only job was to drop you off."

MC: "Well I'm only lost because of him..."

Joel: "You're lost because you can't read maps. Don't blame it on another person--err, a piece of paper..."

MC: "Hey! You're really blunt, aren't you?"

Joel: "I can't stop myself from saying what's on my mind."

MC: "Doesn't that get you in trouble with others?"

Joel: "Yeah, I guess sometimes it does."

MC: "I knew it..."

Joel: "It doesn't bother me though. Frankly, I don't care how I come off to other people. If only there was that one person out there who understood me..."

MC: "...Hmm? Is there someone that you care about?"

Joel: "Yeah... Just one, though."

MC: "Oh..."

Joel: "..."

Scene: Exterior of girls' dorm, sunset

Joel: "Here's the girl's dorm."

MC: "Thanks! Who would have thought it was so close to the academy!"

[PART 11]

Joel: "Here's the girls' dorm."

MC: "Thanks! Who would have thought it was so close to the academy!"

Joel: "You're just good at getting lost."

MC: "Hey!"

Joel: "Good thing we got here before curfew."

MC: "Thanks to your help, Joel."

Joel: "..."

Joel stared at me.

MC: "Uh... Do you--"

Without saying a word, he reached his hand over to me.

MC: "J-Joel?!"

Joel: "Hold still."

He put his hand on my hair and then pulled it away.

MC: "Um..."

Joel: "You had some grass on you."

MC: "Oh..."

(Well that's embarrassing...)

MC: "Thanks."

Joel: "Maybe you shouldn't be sleeping in grass."

["But it feels so nice!"]

MC: "But it feels so nice!"

Joel: "I know the feeling..."

MC: "It's just, it reminded me of the grassy fields I used to lie in by my home, so..."

Joel: "Ah, I see. I used to do that too."

MC: "Is your home out in the country, too?"

Joel: "You could say that."

MC: "Isn't the countryside great?! Gedonelune City is pretty amazing, but I'm so glad this academy has lots of nature."

Joel: "Yeah...that's true. It's certainly nice to have so much green around here."

MC: "Hehe, right!"

Joel: "But that doesn't make it safe to sleep out here all alone. Besides, you could catch a cold."

MC: "You're right. I'll be more careful from now on. Thanks for worrying about me."

Joel: "It's just, I doubt you're capable of taking care of yourself, MC."

MC: "Hey!"

(He just had to add that last remark.)

[PART 12]

Joel: "Well, I need to get going."

He said as he turned around and started to walk away.

MC: "Thanks a lot!"

Joel: "No sweat."

Without even looking back, Joel took his leave.

MC: "Joel, huh?"

(He seems really a little rude, but maybe he's actually a nice guy? I don't know why, but... When I saw him, I sort of felt like we had met somewhere before...)

MC: "What a strange feeling."

(I wonder if I'll run into him again...)

Scene: Front door of girls' dormitory

MC: "Ex-Excuse me..."

Scene: Lobby of girls' dormitory, night

I opened the door and entered the dorm. It was completely silent with nobody around. The only sound was that of a wall clock ticking at regular intervals.

MC: "Hello?!"

Dorm Mother: "Coming..."

Then, a door opened in the hallway and a stern looking woman wearing glasses appeared.

Dorm Mother: "Oh? You wouldn't be MC Hart, would you?"

MC: "Yes, that's me! I'm supposed to be staying here from now on!"

Dorm Mother: "You made it just in time. The door would have locked in just five more minutes."

MC: "I'm so sorry! I got lost!"

Dorm Mother: "I see. The academy is pretty big, isn't it? It's not uncommon to get lost around here… Since this is your first day, we'll let it slide. But do try to come back sooner from now on."

MC: "Okay."

Dorm Mother: "This dorm has a strict curfew. Starting from tomorrow, if you're late, you will be severely punished."

MC: "Yes, ma'am!"

(This housemother seems really strict...)

Dorm Mother: "And do at all times observe the dorm rules. A list of them has been placed on the desk in your room. Please read through them carefully."

MC: "I will."

Dorm Mother: "Good. Now hurry off to your room. You're must be tred, right?"

MC: "Very!"

Dorm Mother: "Your roommate is waiting for you inside. Get along with her, you hear?"

MC: "My roommate..."

(I wonder what she's like...)

Dorm Mother: "Well then, good night."

The housemother gave me a soft, gentle smile as if her anger from moments before had vanished. (I bet she's a kind and nice lady... For some reason, she reminds of my mother. It's a bit of a nice feeling...)

Scene: Dormitory Hallway

MC: "Hmm... Room 203..."

As I walked down the corridor I searched for the room number give to me by the housemother.

MC: "Oh! Here we are! Room 203."

I took a deep breath in front of the door to calm myself down.

MC: "Here goes nothing..."

(Gotta make a good first impression!) I tugged at the corners of my lips and forced my mouth into a smile. (Smile and be cheerful!) Smiling as big as I could, I moved my hand to the door and knocked.

MC: "H-Hello..."

???: "Coming!"

I heard a bright, energetic voice come from inside the room. I gulped and headed inside the room.

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

MC: "Sorry to bother you."

I timidly opened the door and half stepped inside the room.

??? [Amelia]: "Come on in!"

[PART 13]

??? [Amelia]: "Come on in!"

Just then, a girl sprung off the bed and ran towards me.

??? [Amelia]: "Are you MC?!"

MC: "I, uh... Yeah."

??? [Amelia]: "My name's Amelia Nile! I'm your roommate! Nice to meet you!"

Amelia said cheerfully and shook my hand up and down wildly.

MC: "Y-You too..."

(My goodness! She's really a ball of energy...)

Amelia: "Please, come in! Come in!"

MC: "All right..."

Amelia: "Your bed and desk are right here. You can put your stuff in that chest over there."

MC: "Thanks."

Amelia: "I thought you were never going to come! I was so worried!"

MC: "This place is so big, I sort of got lost..."

Amelia: "I hear you, girl! I got lost my first time here too!"

MC: "Plus, this map I got wasn't all that helpful..."

Amelia: "I know! I got so lost because of that!"

MC: "Me too!"

Amelia: "Hehe! Haha!"

MC: "Haha!"

Amelia: "I think we're gonna be good friends, MC!"

MC: "Yeah! Me too!"

Amelia: "I'm so glad I got a friendly roommate like you, MC."

MC: "Same here!"

(Amelia is such a nice girl. I'm so glad! I bet my life her eis gonna be so much fun!)

Amelia: "I bet you're pooped. Why don't you go to sleep?"

MC: "Yeah, but I feel wide awake for some reason. It's like I still can't believe that I'm here."

Amelia: "Right. I couldn't sleep on my first day either. Well, why don't we talk until you feel tired?"

MC: "Are you sure?"

Amelia: "It's cool. I'm not tired either."

MC: "Thanks. Hmm, now that I think about it, I've met some new people today."

Amelia: "Like who?"

MC: "A guy with pink hair named Randy... Oh, and a foreign student from Hinomoto called Azusa!"

Amelia: "Randy? I don't think I've heard of him... But I do know Azusa! He's super good looking, right? Plus, he's so kind and friendly."

MC: "Yeah, he helped me find my way when I got lost."

Amelia: "Yep, that must be him!"

MC: "He was so nice..."

Amelia: "Aren't you a lucky girl? Rubbing into a stud like him on your very first day..."

MC: "He's that popular, huh?!"

Amelia: "Everyone's always talking about him! I heard he's even got a fan club!"

MC: "No way! Oh, yeah! There was this other guy too! He had two different colored eyes!"

Amelia: "You mean Joel, right?"

MC: "Yeah! Joel!"

[PART 14]

MC: "Yeah! Joel!"

Amelia: "He's a student in Vir Ingeniosus."

MC: "Vir Ingeniosus?"

Amelia: "This academy is divided into 4 different classes, you know? And those are Sapientia, Potestas, Fortitudo, and Vir Ingeniosus. Out of all of them, his is the one where all the gifted wizards with the rarest magic abilities seem to end up. It's crazy. Hardly anyone is ever admitted into it."

MC: "No way!"

(So Joel must be some amazing wizard...)

Amelia: "Joel gives off a perfectionist vibe, though. He's seems rude and hard to approach."

["Oh yeah?"]
["I know."]

MC: "Oh yeah? I thought he was really nice though. He even walked me to the dorm."

Amelia: "Get out! That Joel?!"

MC: "I thought he was a really nice guy, though sometimes what he says is a little cruel..."

Amelia: "Huh... Seriously?"

MC: "I think you'll find out he's actually pretty nice if you try and talk to him."

Amelia: "Hmm, maybe I'll find a chance to do that sometime then."

MC: "I'm sure you'll get along just fine! They're beautiful, you know... Those mismatched eyes of his... They remind me of jewels. I sort of lost myself in them for a moment..."

Amelia: "Different colored eyes are a common feature on people from the Ilgatto region, you know. I heard that magical power flows through the land there, so children with those eyes are born often. I've also heard that a lot of their children turn out to have really strong magical powers too."

MC: "Ilgatto..."

The name of that land seemed awfully familiar. (The Ilgatto region... I feel like I've heard that before...)

MC: "Ah, I've got it!"

Amelia: "Got what?"

MC: "Oh, uh... I once had a friend from the Ilgatto region! She had pretty, mismatched eyes too!"

(Oh, I get it now. I must be feeling nostalgic about her. That's why I felt like that when I saw Joel...)

Amelia: "Have you kept in touch?"

MC: "No... That was back almost ten years ago. Her name was June. We used to play together all the time."

Amelia: "Sounds like you were pretty good friends."

MC: "Uh-huh. But one day, she had to move away because of her father's job... I haven't spoke to her since..."

Amelia: "I see..."

MC: "...How odd. I can't believe I forgot such a wonderful memory until now."

Amelia: "But it's good that you haven't totally forgot, right?"

MC: "Hehe, yeah."

I felt a warm feeling build up inside of my chest.

MC: "I wonder how she's doing now..."

Amelia: "Well, I hope you can meet her again someday."

MC: "Yeah. Me too..."

That night, I thought about all the days I spent together with June. For some reason, I vividly remembered talking to her, but I couldn't remember her face or voice for the life of me. It was like a black haze surrounded my memories, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't remember. While thinking about her, my weariness finally got the best of me and I drifted off to sleep...


Randy: "Hey hey everybody! It's our super special, first time preview!"

Azusa: "Why do I have to be here?"

Randy: "Cause you appeared today!"

Azusa: "What sort of reason is that?"

Randy: "Next time is the long awaited first day of class! I hope academy life turns out to be lots of fun!"

Azusa: "I don't think it's all fun and games."

Randy: "Say what?! Is something gonna happen?!"

Azusa: "Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see."

Randy: "Shoot! Now I can't wait to know what happens next!"

Azusa: "Next time is 'The Tarot's Hint'."

Day 2: The Tarot's Hint

[PART 1]

Scene: Botanical Gardens, day

MC: "Geez, I'm so nervous..."

(Amelia has morning duty today, so she left the room early... I doubt I'll get lost like yesterday, but still, I feel kind of uneasy walking by myself...)

MC: "Oh?"

Suddenly, I saw Joel walking in front of me.

MC: "Hey!"

I quickly caught up to him and slapped him on the back.

MC: "Hi, Joel!"

Joel: "What the! Oh, just you... You surprised me."

MC: "Hehe, good morning!"

Joel: "Good morning."

MC: "Hey, is it okay if I walk with you to class?"

Joel: "Fine by me."

MC: "Great! I was really worried I wouldn't find my way. Thanks!"

Without thinking, I clasped both my hands around one of his and shook it up and down.

Joel: "What the... You're awfully friendly for someone I just met."

MC: "Ah?! Oh...um..."

I quickly let go of his hand and backed away a bit. (What am I doing?!) My cheeks blushed with embarrassment. (I just grabbed onto him and I barely know the guy! It's crazy, but it's like I feel some sense of affinity with him...) When I glanced over at him, I suddenly remembered yesterday's talk with Amelia. (That's right! It must be because of his eyes!)

MC: "S-Sorry! I don't usually act like this. It's just you look like an old friend of mine..."

Joel: "An old friend?"

MC: "Yeah. There was a girl who lived in my village for a while. You remind me of her."

Joel: "...Really."

MC: "Yeah! She had beautiful, mismatched eyes as well! Aren't you from the Ilgatto region, Joel?"

Joel: "That's right."

(Maybe he knows June!)

MC: "Do you know a girl by the name of June?"

Joel: "June..."

The very instant that name left his lips...

Image: School Emblem

...the school emblem on my chest suddenly began to glow.

[PART 2]

Scene: Botanical Gardens, daylight

MC: "Do you know a girl by the name of June?"

Joel: "June..."

The very instant that name left his lips...

Image: School Emblem

...the school emblem on my chest suddenly began to glow.

MC: "Huh?! Wh-What the?! What is this?!"

Joel: "This..."

Just then, Joel's emblem began to glow at the same time.

MC: "What's going on?!"

A ball of light launched straight out from each of our emblems. They collided with each other and became one.

Scene: Botanical Gardens, daylight

Then, the ball burst with a pop and showered us in sparkling shards of light from above.

MC: "It's beautiful..."

Joel: "..."

MC: "Hey, do you know what just happened?"

Joel: "Well..."

???: "MC Hart."

MC: "Yes?"

I heard a voice suddenly call out to me, and when I turned around, there stood a smart looking man with golden hair. He was handsome and stood tall with good posture. He gave off an imposing impression.

MC: "Uh, um... Can I help you?"

??? [Klaus]: "I am Klaus Goldstein, a prefect of this academy. I've come to pick you up."

MC: "Me? Wait, what's a prefect?"

Joel: "A prefect is a student that is recognized as the best amongst his peers. They represent the student body. He's also in charge of our class sometimes."

MC: "Really?! Cool!"

Klaus: "Joel Crawford, right?"

Joel: "Yes, Prefect Klaus."

Klaus: "You come along too."

Joel: "All right."

MC: "Uh... Where are we going?"

Klaus: "Just be quiet and follow me."

MC: "Uh! O-Okay..."

I cringed at his curtness. (Where in the world is he taking us?)

[PART 3]

Scene: Exterior of castle
Scene: Grand Staircase
Scene: Academy Hallway

Klaus: "We're here."

Prefect Klaus stopped himself in front of a large door.

MC: "Where's here?"

Joel: "..."

Without answering me, he knocked on the door twice.

???: "Please, come in."

I heard a deep male voice mumble from the inside.

Klaus: “Pardon us."

Prefect Klaus turned the doorknob and opened the door. The hinges made a screeching sound as if rusted through.

Scene: Headmaster's Office

We followed Prefect Klaus into the room where a man stood waiting for us inside.

MC: “Y-You must be..."

There, just inside the room stood the headmaster of the academy, the great wizard Randolph.

MC: “Headmaster Randolph!"

Randolph: "Indeed. You've come a long way, haven't you, MC? I see you've brought Joel as well."

Joel: “Hello..."

??? [Schuyler]: "You three come this way, please."

Standing next to the headmaster was a man with dark, black hair and an overly grim expression on his face. He didn't seem like the kind of person that was easily approachable. I stepped out in front of the others to walk over to where he instructed.

MC: "He-Hello! I j-just wanted to th-thank you for accepting me!"

(Oh gosh...I'm stuttering!)

Randolph: "Haha! Well, aren't you a funny little girl?"

MC: "I'm sorry!"

(I'm so embarrassed... Of course I had to screw up like that in front of the headmaster...) My cheeks instantly blushed with embarrassment.

Joel: "Are you all right? Calm down."

MC: “O-Okay..."

Joel's calm voice was mysteriously able to help me settle down.

Randolph: “I would like to formally welcome you into the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. We give you welcome from the bottom of our hearts."

MC: “Thank you."

I bowed deeply.

Randolph: “I am the headmaster, Randolph. This man at my side is..."

Schuyler: “Conrad Schuyler. I am one of the many professors here."

MC: “A-A pleasure to meet you both!"

I once again dipped my head into a deep bow.

Randolph: “I see you've already met Klaus."

MC: “Yes..."

Randolph: “I had him bring you here because I wanted to talk to you, MC. There's much for you to know before you start your new life here."

MC: “Okay..."

Randolph: “First, there's the Buddy system."

MC: “Buddy system?"

Randolph: “Indeed. A Buddy is a student chosen at random among all the students to pair up with you. They are, in other words, your partner."

MC: “I see..."

Schuyler: “When there's a possibility that two students will have a good influence on each other, the school emblem will react and select them."

MC: “The emblem will react? But we just--"

[PART 4]

Schuyler: "When there's a possibility that two students will have a good influence on each other, the school emblem will react and select them."

MC: "The emblem will react? But we just--"

Randolph: "Your emblem was glowing earlier, wasn't it?"

MC: "It did! When I was talking with Joel!"

When I glanced over toward Joel, I noticed his expression hadn't changed at all, but his eyes were fixed on the headmaster.

MC: "So that means Joel is my Buddy?"

Randolph: "It would seem so. The two students who are selected as Buddies will share each other's fate."

Schuyler: "If one's grades or reputation suffers, the other's will suffer as well."

MC: "What?"

Schuyler: "Therefore, we strongly urge you to work together and study diligently."

MC: "B-But! I'm just..."

I looked over at Joel again. Just as I expected, there was no change in his expression at all. (Joel? Doesn't this faze you one bit?)

Randolph: "You're lucky, you know. It's no simple task to find your Buddy. There are students who've made it all the way to graduation without finding theirs."

MC: "Really?!"

Schuyler: "And yet, for it to glow on your very first day like this... Once you have a Buddy, there is no undoing it. See that you support each other by all means."

MC: "U-Understood, Headmaster!"

Joel: "Fine..."

Randolph: "That's it for the Buddy system. Any questions?"

MC: "Um, Headmaster? It's not about the Buddy system, but there's something that I've been wondering..."

Randolph: "What is that?"

MC: "Why was the Acceptance Letter sent to a clumsy wizardess like me?

Randolph: "Hmm..."

Headmaster Randolph smiled sweetly and patted me on the head.

Randolph: "Listen here, MC. You mustn't judge a book by its cover."

MC: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Randolph: "Some things are better explained if you discover the answer yourself."

MC: "...Got it. I'll work real hard and do whatever it takes to graduate."

Schuyler: "Graduate, you say?"

Klaus: "Are you kidding me?"

MC: "Why? What's the problem?"

Joel: "Don't you know anything?"

MC: "What?"

Randolph: "Take a look at your Acceptance Letter one more time, Icy."

MC: "Huh?"

I rummaged through my bag and hurriedly pulled out the letter.

MC: "What the?!"

When I looked over it carefully, I noticed the word 'provisional' written on it.

MC: "P-Provisional?!"

[PART 5]

MC: "P-Provisional?!"

Randolph: "You've been given a thirteen day provisional grace period at this academy. In other words, a trial period After thirteen days, your Judgement will decide whether you are suitable to be admitted as a student or not."

MC: "Judgement?"

Randolph: "That's correct. A magical tool known as the Scale of Judgement will determine your fate. Only if you pass the Judgement will you be officially admitted as a student."

MC: "So, that means I'm not an official student yet?"

Randolph: "Precisely. Your fate will be determined in thirteen days."

MC: "Thirteen days..."

I wonder if I'll be able to do this..."

Randolph: "Listen, MC, You will be fine as long as you follow your heart."

MC: "As long as I follow my heart..."

Klaus: "Well, try your best, at least."

MC: "Ugh..."

('At least' he says...)

Schuyler: "Next, moving on to the list of prohibitions... Going out at night is strictly prohibited. Also, you are never to to enter the East Forest surrounding the Tower of Sorrow."

MC: "The Tower of Sorrow?! You mean that thing in the fairy-tale about the Dragon of Time and the First King?"

Schuyler: "Fairy-tale, you say?"

MC: "Yeah? ...Why?"

Randolph: "MC. That is no fairy-tale -- it's a true story."

MC: "What?! A true story?! That really happened?!"

Randolph: "Haha! I guess depending on where you grew up, the story might be told as a fairy-tale."

Schuyler: "The headmaster is one of the Three Mages who has been decreed to guard the tower."

MC: "The headmaster is one of the Three Mages?!"

I was so surprised that my jaw literally dropped.

Randolph: "That much is true."

The headmaster winked at me and laughed. (He makes it seem like such a trivial matter...)

Schuyler: "In addition, any activities related to dark magic is strictly prohibited. You may not research nor study the dark magic in the academy."

MC: "Dark magic..."

Schuyler: "That is a law which extends throughout the entire kingdom. Do I need to explain more?"

MC: "No, of course not."

Randolph: "Well, that it all in regard to the academy. Now..."

When he said that, the headmaster looked over towards Prefect Klaus.

Randolph: "Klaus, thank you for your help. You may return to your normal duties."

Klaus: "Understood. I shall excuse myself."

Prefect Klaus said with a bow and then left the room.

Randolph: "Now, I must have a word with you, Joel."

[PART 6]

Randolph: "Now, I must have a word with you, Joel."

MC: "Uh, um... Should I still be here?"

Randolph: "Of course. I thought I just informed you about how Buddies are to be of one mind and body."

MC: "Okay."

Randolph: "Now, Joel..."

Joel: "Yes?"

Randolph: "Have there been any changes with your lost magic?"

MC: "Lost magic?!"

I said spontaneously in a loud voice, quickly covering my mouth with my hands.

Joel: "Nothing. No matter what I do, there's no change."

Schuyler: "Hmm... So we still don't know what's causing this."

Randolph: "At any rate, this is beginning to seem like no temporary problem."

Joel: "Yes."

MC: "What does this mean? He's lost his magic?"

Randolph: "For about two weeks now, Joel has been unable to use his magic."

Joel: "Or more likely I've run out of magical power."

MC: "Impossible! How did that happen?!"

Joel: "I don't know."

Randolph: "We're hiding this from the other students for now to prevent any sort of commotion."

Schuyler: "However, since classes are in session, it's only a matter of time before someone finds out."

Randolph: "According to academy regulations, any student who loses his magical abilities for more than a brief period of time must leave the academy."

MC: "Really?!"

Schuyler: "The period will end preciously twelve days from today."

MC: "That's... the same day as my Judgement."

Randolph: "That is why I start believing you two becoming Buddies is no mere coincedence. This may very well be Joel's chance to regain his magic."

MC: "Joel's magic..."

Randolph: "Perhaps there is even a link between Joel regaining his magic and your official admission to the academy."

Joel: "..."

["How is that possible?"]
["I'll do my best."]

MC: "I'll do my best!"

Randolph: "Good. That's the sort of spirit I was looking for. I expect much from you, MC."

MC: "I won't let you down!"

Joel: "Geez..."

MC: "Huh? What is it, Joel?"

Joel: "Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if you always act this carefree about everything."

MC: "Hey!"

(Even when he says it's nothing, it's something that hurts!)

Randolph: "I have one last question for you, MC. What is magic to you?"

[PART 7]

Randolph: "I have one last question for you, MC. What is magic to you?"

MC: "Uh..."

(I haven't ever thought about that. Just what is magic to me anyways?) I stood in silence as no answers came to mind.

Randolph: "No answer?"

MC: "...I'm sorry."

Randolph: "You needn't worry about it now. The answer will surely come to you in time. Search for the answer within your own heart."

MC: "I will."

Scene: Academy Hallway

MC: "*Sigh* I was so nervous."

Joel: "Too nervous."

MC: "Yeah, but I can't help it! Everything has been happening so quickly!"

Joel: "Sorry..."

MC: "Huh? For what?"

Joel: "I got you all caught up in my own magic problems."

MC: "Oh, that? No, it's okay!"

Joel: "It has nothing to do with you. I know what the headmaster said that about working together, but I want you to forget that and just focus on your trial."

MC: "But..."

Joel: "It's my problem anyway. Don't let it drag you down."

MC: "Joel..."

Joel: "Anyway, my class is that way."

MC: "Oh, okay."

Joel: "Good luck with class. If there's anything you don't understand, I'll help you out. You're my Buddy, after all."

MC: "Thanks."

Joel: "See you later."

He said and walked away. (He lost his magic? I know he doesn't want me to get involved, but from what I heard, I can't just abandon him! I just hope there's something I can do for him... But what could I possibly do?)

[PART 8]

Scene: Fortitudo Homeroom

MC: "So this is my class, huh?"

Inside the classroom, students were chatting lively with one another. Everyone was so busy in conversation, no one even noticed me come in.

MC: "Hmm... Where is a good place to sit?"

Just as I looked around the classroom...

???: "Hey, you are the new student, aren't you?"

MC: "Uh, yes, I am!"

A voice suddenly called out to me. I turned around in surprise to see the owner of that voice was...

MC: "Prefect Klaus?!"

??? [Elias]: "..."

MC: "What are you doing here? I thought you were..."

??? [Luca]: "Pff... Haha! She confused you with the Emperor!"

To my side was a boy with green hair and a handsome feature. He was laughing so hard, he was holding his stomach.

??? [Elias]: "Shut your face, Luca!"

??? [Luca]: "B-But! Haha! It can't get any better than this!"

MC: "Uh... Um... Excuse me?"

Luca: "Oh, sorry! Sorry! I'm Luca. Nice to meet you, MC."

MC: "N-Nice to me-- ... Huh?! How do you know my name?"

Luca: "I'm just well-informed. If there's anything going on at the academy, I know about it."

??? [Elias]: "Just how do you find out about everything anyhow?"

Luca: "That's a trade secret."

??? [Elias]: "Sounds fishy to me. Well, I'm Elias, by the way."

MC: "Elias?"

Elias: "And, Klaus is my older brother."

MC: "Oh! I thought you seemed a little different! Prefect Klaus seems a little more intimidating and proud."

Luca: "Haha! Bull's eye!"

Elias: "So you don't think I'm proud?"

MC: "Ah, wait! That's not what I--"

???: "...Excuse me. That's my seat."

[PART 9]

Elias: "So you don't think I'm proud?"

MC: "Ah, wait! That's not what I--"

???: "...Excuse me. That's my seat."

Just then, a boy with navy blue hair and an eye patch on his face butt in between us.

Elias: "Good morning, Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Morning..."

Luca: "I don't see your name written on this seat, you know."

Yukiya: "...But, I always sit here."

MC: "Oh, I'm sorry!"

I quickly stood from the chair.

Yukiya: "...Who are you?"

MC: "Oh, I'm MC. Today's my first day here. Nice to meet you, uh... Yukiya."

Yukiya: "You too."

Yukiya replied curtly. He then sat at his desk and stared out the window. (Huh... I guess he's not interested in talking.)

Luca: "Don't worry about him. Yukiya's always just like that."

MC: "Oh, okay."

Luca: "Hey, by the way... I heard you lit up when you met Joel from Vir Ingeniosus. Is that for real?"

MC: "Uh... By lit up, do you mean my emblem?"

Elias: "What?! You lit up on the first day?!"

MC: "Yeah, I guess so..."

Elias: "How incredibly lucky..."

MC: "Is it that amazing?"

Luca: "I'd say so. There are lots of people here who've never lit up at all."

MC: "Wow..."

Luca: "Joel started here last year. He's a genius magic spellsinger in the making."

MC: "Magic spellsinger?"

Elias: "Are you kidding? You don't even know what that is?"

MC: "Well..."

Elias: "*Sigh* Listen up. A magic spellsinger is a wizard who casts t heir spells with song melodies. It's something that requires a special gift and isn't something you can just pick up in a day."

Luca: "You're lucky to see one every few decades."

MC: "It's that rare?!"

Elias: "Because you can't just be talented in magic, you also have to possess musical ability as well."

MC: "Amazing!"

Luca: "But now that you mention it, I haven't been seeing him singing around here lately."

Elias: "Really?"

Luca: "I wonder if something happened. You're his Buddy. You must know something, right?"

[PART 10]

Luca: "But now that you mention it, I haven't been seeing him singing around here lately."

Elias: "Really?"

Luca: "I wonder if something happened. You're his Buddy. You must know something, right?"

MC: "Uh...well... I know nothing!"

Luca: "Hmm, I see. Maybe I'm mistaken."

MC: "Maybe..."

(I have to help keep Joel's lost magic a secret from other students! I wasn't expecting people to ask about it this face though!) Just then, the bell signaling the start of class rang.

MC: "Oh..."

Elias: "There's no assigned seats. Just sit anywhere."

MC: "Okay."

Luca: "I guess I better get going."

As Luca spoke, he turned towards the door to head out of the classroom.

MC: "What? This isn't your class?"

Luca: "No, it is."

MC: "Then why are you--"

Elias: "You're planning on skipping again?!"

Luca: "I really better get going! See you soon, MC!"

He said with a wink and then ran as if escaping from the room.

MC: "Umm..."

Elias: "He always does that. Don't worry about him."

MC: "He does?"

Elias: "...I better take my seat too."

MC: "Oh, okay!"

Elias returned to his own seat. (Luca and Elias are both peculiar, but they seem pretty nice! I hope we get to be good friends!)

MC: "Now where was I?"

I took the seat closest to me and pulled out my notebook. Sitting behind me was Yukiya.

MC: "So, Yukiya. Nice to meet you."

Yukiya: "...Yeah."

MC: "..."

Yukiya: "..."

Yukiya continued to stare out the window without giving me a single glance. (Just as I suspected, he doesn't want to talk at all. I hope we can somehow get along though.) The classroom door opened and a kind-looking, smiling man entered the room.

??? [Merkulova]: "All right. Are we all ready for class today?"

(He looks like a nice guy! Thank goodness! Professor Schuyler looked so scary...)

??? [Merkulova]: "Now, there should be a new student that got here yesterday..."

After he looked around the classroom, he spotted me and grinned.

??? [Merkulova]: "Is it you, perhaps?"

MC: "Y-Yes!"

[PART 11]

??? [Merkulova]: "Now, there should be a new student that got here yesterday..."

After he looked around the classroom, he spotted me and grinned.

??? [Merkulova]: "Is it you, perhaps?"

MC: "Y-Yes!"

I rushed to stand from my chair and bowed to him.

MC: "I'm MC!"

??? [Merkulova]: "Hello, MC. I am Loran Merkulova. I'm in charge of Astronomy, the History of Wizardry, Reading, and Magic Potion Pharmaceuticals."

MC: "Nice to meet you, Professor Merkulova!"

Merkulova: "Glad to see you're full of energy. Please, have a seat."

MC: "Thank you!"

Merkulova: "Okay, today's class is about tarot cards. Everyone, please take out your cards. Hmm, MC."

MC: "Yes?"

Merkulova: "You don't have your own tarot cards yet, do you? Come up here, please."

MC: "Okay."

I went up front as he asked, and when I got there, he placed a jewel-covered, golden box on top of his podium.

MC: "What a pretty box..."

Merkulova: "This box is completely empty right now. Go ahead. Open it and have a look."

When I looked inside, it was empty just like he said. The bottom was lined with crimson-colored velvet.

Merkulova: "Now, please put back the lid."

MC: "Okay."

Merkulova: "And now, place your hand on top of the box and close your eyes."

MC: "...Like this?"

When I did as directed, I began to feel the palm of my hand turn gradually warmer.

Merkulova: "Electio."

When the professor muttered that word, a strong energy flowed from my palm and my hair started to rise.

MC: "What's going on?!"

Merkulova: "Okay, you can open your eyes now. Please take a look inside the box."

MC: "All right..."

I opened the box once again, this time finding a set of pink tarot cards inside.

Merkulova: "These are the tarot cards you have chosen."

MC: "...I chose them?"

Merkulova: "That's right. Using tarot cards just given to you by someone else has no significance at all. This box is called the Courteous Box. It summons a deck of tarot cards specifically for you."

MC: "Whoa!"

Merkulova: "Now that you have your tarot cards, please take a seat."

MC: "Okay."

Merkulova: "All right. Let's resume class. Did you know that tarot cards contain both Major and Minor Arcana?"

MC: "Ma-Major Arcana?"

(Oh no... What in the world is he talking about?)

Merkulova: "Now here's the question. How many Major Arcana cards are there in total? MC. Why don't you try and answer this one?"

MC: "Uh, okay..."

(Oh gosh, what should I do?!)


MC: "There are ...22 cards!"

Merkulova: "Yes, you're right! Good answer!"

MC: "I am?!"

(Yay! I got it right!)

Merkulova: "Keep up the good work."

MC: "Yes, sir!"

[PART 12]

Merkulova: "So you see, a set of tart cards are comprised of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. They are mainly used for Reading. The art known as Reading uses magical power to predict the future. Tarot cards help us draw out that power of prediction. Even those weak in magic can easily draw upon that power. Now today, everyone will learn the simplest Reading technique -- The one card tarot reading. One card tarot reading is mainly used to predict the near future. Perhaps in it, you will find today's fortune or the answers to your troubles. First, shuffle your cards well. Then, imagine in your head what you seek to know, and draw a single card. For those of you who haven't completely memorized the Arcana meanings, you may reference your textbooks. All right, everyone begin!"

MC: "Hmm... What do I want to know? Today's fortune might be a good place to start..."

I mixed the cards up and turned one over.

MC: "This is..."

I checked the pattern on the card with my book.

Image: The Fool tarot card, upside down

MC: "The Fool card? It symbolizes a new beginning..."

Scene: Fortitudo Homeroom

MC "Makes sense, since today is my first day."

(I pretty much hit the mark, didn't I? Maybe I have some talent with these cards!) The bell signaling the end of the last class rang.

MC: "Phew. Done at last..."

I sprawled out on my desk with exhaustion. (Man, these classes sure are tough... Am I going to be able to keep up at this pace?)

MC: "Get a hold of yourself, girl! You can't admit defeat yet!"

I lifted myself up and shook my head. Somehow, I was able to cheer myself up. (I gotta keep trying! If I don't, it'll only make things worse for Joel too!)

Girl Student: "Um, MC?"

MC: "Yeah?!"

Girl Student: "Joel's out in the hall waiting for you."

MC: "He is?"

(I wonder what he wants?)

Scene: Academy Hallway

MC: "Hey, Joel!"

Joel: "MC."

MC: "What's up?"

Joel: "There's probably a lot you still don't know about the academy. I was thinking I'd show you around."

MC: "Great! But, are you sure you have the time for that?"

Joel: "Of course. Since you can't even read a map, you'll just get lost again if I don't do something to help."

MC: "Hey!"

(Geez! Did he have to bring that up?)

Joel: "Something wrong?"

["No, nothing."]
["You're kinda mean sometimes."]

MC: "You're kinda mean sometimes."

Joel: "What are you talking about?"

MC: "You just said I can't even read a map."

Joel: "Oh, sorry. I guess I let my mouth get the best of me again. I didn't mean anything by it."

MC: "Never mind... It's fine."

Joel: "It's just, it bothers me if I don't tell the truth."

MC: "The truth..."

(But you shouldn't say the truth when it hurts!)

Joel: "I'll try to hold back from now on."

MC: "Don't worry. I'm getting used to it."

Joel: "Sorry, I'll do what I can. If I say something bad, remind me."

MC: "All right."

(Maybe he's just a bit awkward around people?)

Joel: "So, where should I show you first?"

MC: "Let's see..."


MC: "How about the library?"

Joel: "You got it. Let's go."

Scene: Academy Library

MC: "Whoa! This place is amazing!"

Everywhere I turned there were books, books, and more books. Every wall was completely covered from top to bottom with books.

MC: "I've never seen so many books in my life!"

Joel: "The academy's library is world famous. They even say that if a book isn't here, it doesn't exist."

MC: "Wow! So Joel, do you like books?"

Joel: "I don't love them or hate them. I guess I'm just not curious enough to actually take anything out. I generally don't read novels, because I can always figure out how the story will end from the beginning, so I get bored."

MC: "I see..."

Joel: "And you? I bet you don't read much."

MC: "Hey! Are you trying to say I'm stupid again?!"

Joel: "So, do you?"

MC: "Well, uh... I only read love stories."

Joel: "Figures."

MC: "What was that about?"

Joel: "Let's keep moving. I doubt you'll spend any time in here at all."

MC: "Hey, wait up!"


MC: "Take me to the greenhouse!"

Joel: "I'll lead the way."

Scene: Academy Greenhouse

MC: "Wow!"

Inside a crystalline building covered in glass grew an assortment of flowers and other plants that I had never seen before.

Joel: "Here we grow flowers and vegetation from all over the world. There's even flowers from the islands way in the south."

MC: "Wow! That's amazing!"

Joel: "So you like flowers, huh?"

MC: "Yeah, I used to grow some at home. Well, I mean at my old place."

Joel: "They're sure a pain to take care of sometimes, aren't they?"

MC: "Oh? You think so?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "That's the first time I've ever heard someone say that! But it's true, I guess. Sometimes it was frustrating to take care of t hem, but I never gave up!"

Joel: "You're so stubborn."

MC: "Hey! That wasn't called for!"

Joel: "Is it bad to be stubborn? I thought it was a good thing."

MC: "You mean, you were praising me?"

Joel: "That was my intention."

MC: "Hehe. Thanks!"

Joel: "...Well, let's move on."

MC: "Yup!"


MC: "Can you take me to the courtyard?"

Joel: "You got it."

Scene: Courtyard in front of the main building

MC: "Ahh... It feels so nice out here!"

The sky was clear, and the grass made a soft rustling sound as the wind gently blew through it.

Joel: "The courtyard is a place for students to rest during break, and sometimes classes are held out here to practice magic."

MC: "It feels so good. Can we stop here for a bit?"

Joel: "You're planning to take another nap in the grass, aren't you?"

MC: "Saw right through me, huh?"

Joel: "You really need to stop that habit of yours. This isn't the countryside, you know."

MC: "But it feels so good!"

Joel: "I know it does, but that doesn't mean it's safe. Be more careful, would you?"

MC: "Sure, sure!"

Joel: "All right, moving on..."


Scene: Academy Auditorium

MC: "I was just here yesterday!"

Joel: "This is the auditorium. It's used for events and the Judgement."

MC: "The Judgement?!"

Joel: "You see that scale on the podium?"

MC: "Yeah! That's the thing Randy told me not to touch."

Joel: "Randy? I haven't heard anyone with that name before."

MC: "No? Maybe you don't know everyone because the academy is so big!"

Joel: "Could be."

MC: "So, what's the scale all about?"

Joel: "This is the Scale of Judgement that's used for the Judgement ceremony. The scale determines whether or not you are worthy of staying in this academy."

MC: "It does?"

Joel: "The outcome is determined when it leans one way or the other."

MC: "So it must be important, huh?"

(Randy did mention that it would be important to me...)

Joel: "Well, on to the next place."

MC: "Okay!"

[PART 13]

Scene: Exterior of castle, daylight.
Scene: Lake, daylight.

Joel: "Looks like we've seen everything important."

MC: "Thanks a lot! It was a lot of fun!"

Joel: "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

MC: "You know, for some odd reason, it feels like we've met before."

Joel: "Really?"

MC: "Yeah! Some sort of strange, familiar feeling bubbles up inside of me when you're around! Like, I'm really excited to be around..."

Joel: "..."

MC: "Oops, sorry! I bet it's weird to be hearing that from someone you just met!"

Joel: "Not really. It's fun for me too."

MC: "What! Really?"

Joel: "Yeah. I don't like to lie, remember?"

MC: "That's wonderful! I think we'll make real good friends!"

Joel: "Yeah..."

MC: "Oh! Hey, I heard you're a magic spellsinger. Is that true?"

Joel: "I'm still learning."

MC: "But I heard you've got to have some kind of amazing ability to do that!"

Joel: "I was just lucky to be born with a knack for it. There's nothing particularly special about me."

MC: "Yeah right. You're just being humble!"

Joel: "Not at all. For me at least, I think it's hard just to use regular magic."

MC: "For real?!"

Joel: "For real."

MC: "A magic spellsinger casts spells by singing, right?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "So, that must mean you're good at singing too!"

Joel: "I guess so."

MC: "Oh, let me hear you sing something!"

Joel: "You're pretty insensitive you know."

["That's not true at all."]

MC: "Ack! I-I'm sorry..."

(That's right. He's lost his magic, so I can't be asking him to sing something...)

Joel: "But, you know... I can't say that I hate that part of you."

MC: "Huh?"

Joel: "Just one song."

MC: "Are you sure?!"

Joel: "Why not. I'll make an exception for you."

MC: "Thanks!"


Joel: "So, normally, this incantation would make it rain..."

Joel spoke and then took a deep breath.

Joel: "Irven menruf suriu muekal ruheba suro..."

As Joel began to sing, I felt a big thump inside my chest. His voice sounded so crisp and clean, his song soothed my ears. A beautiful melody wrapped itself around me and melted all my troubles away. (He's so amazing...) Just as I felt enthralled by his voice, his song came to a sudden halt.

Joel: "So, there you have it."

MC: "Awesome! You're too cool!"

I started clapping without even realizing it.

Joel: "You're just saying that."

MC: "No way! I've never heard such a lovely voice before in my life!"

Joel: "...Well, next time just say thanks and been done with it."

MC: "Got it!"

Joel: "So, that was a normal song since my magic is gone."

MC: "I wonder what could have happened to make your magic disappear like that..."

Joel: "If I could figure that out, I wouldn't be in this mess."

MC: "So you don't even have a clue?"

Joel: "Nope. It just happened one day, you know?"

MC: "Isn't there something you can do to get your magic back?"

Joel: "I tried everything, but in the end, it was all for nothing."

MC: "That's awful..."

Joel: "I guess it's not unheard of for wizards to completely lose their magic all of a sudden... It must have happened to me too. If that's the case, then I probably have no chance of ever getting it back again. I've done all I can, so I'm ready to just call it quits."

MC: "Don't do that!"

Joel: "..."

MC: "You can't give up yet! Absolutely not!"

Joel: "But there's nothing left to try."

MC: "You'll find something! Listen, even the headmaster said you might! Maybe this is your chance! Maybe he's right! I'll prove it to you! I'm gonna get your magic back, no matter what!"

Joel: "...MC... ...Pfft! Haha!"

MC: "What?! What?! Did I say something funny?"

Joel: "Naw, it's just... You're the same as always."

He said and smiled sweetly. It made me feel suddenly warm on the inside. (This is the first time I've seen him smile... So he can smile when the time is right.)

MC: "...Hmm?"

(Wait, what was that just now?)

MC: "Hey Joel? What did you just--"


[PART 15]


MC: "What the?"

Joel: "Did you just say something?"

MC: "No! It wasn't me, but I think I heard it too!"

Joel: "I wonder who said that?"

Joel looked around and then tilted his head to the side.

???: "Here! Down here! Look down! Down at your feet!"

MC: "Huh? Down?"

We bother looked down towards the direction of the voice. There was a small girl with wings growing out of her back. She somehow got herself surrounded by a bunch of frogs.

Frog A: "Ribbit! (She's my wife!)"

MC: "Uh..."

(I can understand what they're saying!)

Frog B: "Ribbit! Ribbit! (No! She's mine!)"

Frog C: "Ribbit! Ribbit! (You're both wrong! She's mine!)"

??? (Eress): "Don't get close to me!! I think they're deciding who's going to ear me first!"

Frog A: "Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit! (No! No! No!)"

??? (Eress): "What the heck is going on?! Help me! I don't want to get eaten!"

MC: "Uh, you guys? I think you're bothering her, so..."

Frog B: "Ribbit! Ribbit! (She's my wife!)"

MC: "Wife? Are you kidding? She's not even a frog."

Frog C: "Ribbit? (Really?)"

MC: "Yup, really."

Frog D: "Ribbit! Ribbit! (Then, where did my wife go?!)"

MC: "Maybe she's over there?"

Frog B: "Ribbit! Ribbit! (I gotta go!)"

The frogs all hopped away in unison in the direction I pointed towards.

??? (Eress): "*Pant* You're a life a saver!"

MC: "So, uh... Are you okay?"

??? (Eress): "Yup! Thanks for saving me!"

MC: "Who are you?"

??? (Eress): "I-I'm, uh...I'm..."

[PART 16]

MC: "Who are you?"

??? (Eress): "I-I'm, uh...I'm..."

MC: "What's wrong?"

??? (Eress): "!!"

Just then, then winged girl leaped up and flew away.

MC: "Oh... There she goes."

Joel: "Just what was that? A talking animal? A dignified magical creature, maybe?"

MC: "I have no idea."

Joel: "At any rate...MC."

MC: "Yes?"

Joel: "You were just talking to frogs... You're kind of crazy, aren't you?"

MC: "What, no! I'm not crazy!"

Joel: "Then care to explain what I just saw?"

MC: "Apparently I can use magic to understand animals and magical creatures. It's something I was born with I guess..."

Joel: "What a strange skill."

MC: "It's the only ability I'm any good at. Other than that, I'm pretty useless, actually."

Joel: "Oh... So that's explains why you were so nervous back in the headmaster's office."

MC: "Yeah..."

Joel: "Well, at least you don't have to worry about ruining my grades. I can't use magic, so I won't be around in the academy much longer anyways."

MC: "Ugh..."

(I like how he just assumes I'd ruin his grades...)

Joel: "So don't stress yourself out over it. You're free to do whatever."

MC: "Whatever, huh..."

Joel: "So if you're going to try hard, do it for yourself. I'll help you out if there's anything you don't understand."

MC: "Thanks."

Joel: "Well, I should go..."

MC: "Wait!"

Joel: "What?"

MC: "I was serious about what I said earlier! I'm going to help you get your magic back!"

Joel: "You sure are stubborn when you get started on something."

MC: "Hey! So what if I am? Just, you better not give up!"

Joel: "All right, already! Get back to your dorm. The housemother will wring your neck if you miss curfew."

MC: "Ah! That's right, the curfew!"

Joel: "Hurry up, okay?"

MC: "I will!"

Scene: Exterior of girls' dorm, daylight.
Scene: Exterior of girls' dorm, sunset.
Scene: Exterior of girls' dorm, night.
Scene: Amelia and MC's dorm room, night.

That night after getting into bed, I remembered all that happened on my first day of class. (Just what in the world was that little girl with the wings? Even though I tried talking to her, she just flew away... I can't get her out of my head.) I gently closed my eyes and turned over on my side. As my consciousness drifted away, Joel's song replayed in my head. (Joel's song was so beautiful...) As his mesmerizing voice replayed in my mind, I drifted off into sleep. And so, my first day at the academy came to an end.


Klaus: "Hmm... Is it just me today? Don't we usually have two people here for the preview? Hey! Anybody here?! Hey! ... What's going on here? Well, whatever. If I have to do it alone, so be it. A mysterious young girl with wings suddenly appeared. Can Joel recover his lost magic? Look forward to the next episode, 'Cappera's Song'."

Luca: "Heeeeey, sorry I'm late! Wait, are you done with the preview alread-- Uh-oh."

Klaus: "Luca! You little--"

Luca: "Yikes! The Emperor's here?! Run away!"

Klaus: "You think I'd let you escape?! GET BACK HERE!"

Day 3: Cappera's Song

[PART 1]

Scene: MC's Home

Young MC: "Mommy! Please teach June that song too!"

MC's Mother: "Sure. June, come sit over here."

Joel CG 2

June: "Okay..."

MC's Mother: "This one is called Cappera's Song."

June: "Cappera?"

Scene: MC's Home

MC's Mother: "That's right. It's about a cute, baby goat."

Young MC: "You'll love it, June! It's a song my Mommy made up!"

MC's Mother: "Are you ready? --A baby goat stands on a small rock♪ If the sun goes down, the goat goes to sleep♪"

Young MC: "--If the goat goes to sleep, he falls off the rock♪ Sing with us, June!"

June: "Okay..."

Joel CG 2

June: "A baby goat stands on a small rock♪"

Young MC: "Wow! You're such a good singer!"

MC's Mother: "She sure is! Very good!"

June: "Th-Thanks..."

Was it a dream? No, it wasn't a dream. It was just a distant memory of mine... (That reminds me... June was really good at singing, wasn't she?)

Scene: MC's Home

MC's Mother: "I'm going to teach you the next part. Okay?"

Young MC: "Do it! I wanna hear more!"

MC's Mother: "Okay, the next part is..."

Scene: Black

???: "Wake up! I said wake up, lazy bones! Come on already!"

MC: "Hmmmm?"

Scene: Amelia and MC's dorm room, day

I felt something lightly smacking me on the cheek so I squinted open my eyes slightly.

[PART 2]

Scene: Black

???: "Wake up! I said wake up, lazy bones! Come on already!"

MC: "Hmmmm?"

Scene: Amelia and MC's dorm room, day

I felt something lightly smacking me on the cheek so I squinted open my eyes slightly.

MC: "*Yawn* Huh?"

??? (Eress): "You're finally awake!"

In the center of my foggy vision, I faintly saw a girl with wings.

MC: ".......?!"

Flustered and surprised, I leaped out of bed. The girl nimbly flew out of the way.

??? (Eress): "Watch out! I'm a lot smaller than you! Be careful!"

MC: "Oh! Sorry!"

??? (Eress): "Good grief!"

MC: "...Hey. What are you doing here anyway?"

??? (Eress): "I'm here to repay you! You saved me yesterday, remember?!"

MC: "Repay me?"

(Getting smacked in the face seems like the wrong way to start to me...)

MC: "But you flew away so suddenly yesterday..."

??? (Eress): "I was a little confused! Plus, something happened..."

MC: "Something?"

??? (Eress): "You asked me my name yesterday, right?"

MC: "Yeah."

??? (Eress): "Well, I can't remember it!"

MC: "What?"

??? (Eress): "I said, I can't remember my name!"

MC: "So... You lost your memory?"

??? (Eress): "It seems like it. The last thing I can remember is being surrounded by frogs yesterday. About all I know is that I'm a fairy."

MC: "... A fairy?"

(This is a fairy? She seems a bit different from what I imagined...)

??? (Eress): "What's with that face?!"

MC: "Huh?! What do you mean?"

??? (Eress): "The face that looks like you were expecting something different!"

MC: "W-W-Well... Th-That's not was I was doing!"

??? (Eress): "Liar! I was right on the money!"

MC: "Give me a break!"

??? (Eress): "I'm not stupid, you know! I could feel you cringe!"

MC: "Cringe?"

??? (Eress): "I used to be pretty with slender legs and arms and had exceptional taste in fashion! I'm sure of it!"

MC: "What makes you so sure..."

(Didn't she lose her memory anyhow?)

??? (Eress): "That's beside the point! I can't remember what happened to me!"

MC: "So you're going to repay me with this attitude?"

??? (Eress): "Shut up! I'm going to repay you and I mean it!"

(Acting like this? No thanks...)

MC: "I bet you just had nowhere else to go so you came to me."

[PART 3]

MC: "I bet you just had nowhere else to go so you came to me."

??? (Eress): "Ugh!"

MC: "..."

??? (Eress): "N-No, you're wrong! I came here to thank you!"

MC: "Sounds suspicious."

??? (Eress): "What! What's with that skeptical look? That does it! In appreciation for saving me, I'll grant you one wish!"

MC: "Any wish?!"

??? (Eress): "Yeah, anything!"

MC: "Then, I think I got one!"

Before anything else, that person's face popped into my head.

??? (Eress): "Just name it! Granting your wish should be easy peasy!"

MC: "Really?"

??? (Eress): "Yeah! You heard it here! Anyway, nice to meet you!"

MC: "You too, Miss Fairy! I'm MC."

??? (Eress): "You know, something about being called a fairy rubs me the wrong way. Hey, give me a better name!"

MC: "Huh? A better name?"

??? (Eress): "Try to make it super cute!"

MC: “..."

(That's a tall order for such a short fairy...)

MC: “What should I call you? Ah! I know…”

Image of tarot card

I reached inside my bag and pulled out my tarot cards.

Eress: “Tarot cards?

MC: “Yep! I've been learning about them in class recently.”

Eress: “Yeah?”

MC: “So just wait a second…”

(Let's try one tarot card reading.) I shuffled the cards and turned one over.

MC: “This is The Empress card. But empress is a little weird for a name. Empress... Eress... How about Eress?”

Eress: “Yeah, that's good! I guess we'll go with that!”

MC: “Then it's official! Nice to meet you, Eress!”

Eress: “Thanks, MC.”

[PART 4]

Scene: Botanical Garden

MC: “Hehe!”

Eress: “You're too happy for your own good.”

With Eress in tow, I headed toward the boys’ dorm. She bobbed gently in the air next to my side.

MC: “I'll tell you why I'm happy. Thanks to you, I'll be able to solve a problem of mine.”

Eress: “Thanks to me?”

MC: “Yup!”

Just then, the person I was searching for appeared right in front of me.

MC: “Oh! Hey, Joel!”

I called out his name and ran to him like it was second nature.

Joel: ”Would you please stop shouting my name like that? It's kinda embarrassing.”

MC: “Oh! Okay…”

Eress: “Aw, that's the one? He was with you when you saved me, right?”

MC: “Yeah! That's Joel!”

Joel: “...Hm? Haven’t I seen it before?”

MC: “We saved her yesterday, remember? From the frogs?”

Joel: “... Oh yeah. That strange creature that looked like a bug…”

Eress: “Whaaaatt?! I dare you to say that again!”

MC: “Uh-oh…”

(His bad habit of speaking his mind strikes yet again... Eress the hot head and Joel... I think these two might have trouble getting along...)

Joel: “But you're a bug, aren't you?”

Eress: “No, you jerk! I'm clearly a fairy! F-A-I-R-Y!”

Joel: “I thought fairies were a lot more prettier…”

Eress: “Wh-WHA--?!”

MC: “J-Joel…”

[“You’ve said too much.”]
[Just leave them be.]

MC: “Joel, stop! You've said too much.”

Joel: “I did? Was that bad?”

MC: “Yes! It was!”

Joel: “But I was just saying the truth.”

Eress: “Gaaaah!I hate you! I'll never forgive you!”

MC: “Uh-oh…”

(Looks like I only add fuel to the fire... )

[PART 5]

Eress gritted her teeth and glared over at Joel. But Joel returned her look with calm expression on his face.

Eress: “What's with this guy?! His face never changes! MC!”

MC: “Y-Yes?!”

Eress: “How could you possibly like this boy?! You have awful taste! He's a mean and rude and has a bad mouth!”

MC: “Hey, wait! What are you talking about?”

Eress: “I'm telling you this for your own good! The world is full of guys better than him!”

MC: “What?! I think you've got it all wrong. Joel and I aren't like that!”

Joel: “...”

Eress: “Oh, really?”

MC: “Yeah! He's just my Buddy while I'm here at the academy.”

Eress: “Ooh. I see…”

Eress muttered as she looked Joel up and down.

Eress: “He looks pretty good from the outside, but he's rotten on the inside, don't you think?

Joel: “That really stings coming from an ugly little bug with a short temper.”

Eress: “Bug! You're the jerk! I've had it up to here with you!”

MC: “Calm down, Eress!”

I quickly pinched Eress by the wing and pulled her back.

Eress: “Ow! Don't pull me like that!”

MC: “Sorry! But please, just calm down.”

Eress: “Why?! What do you want?!”

MC: “Actually, it's about my wish…”

Eress: “What about it?”

MC: “You see, Joel lost his magic. So I want you to help him get it back.”

Eress: “What?! That's your wish?!”

MC: “It is!”

Joel: “MC…”

Eress: “You wouldn't rather use it for yourself? You’re generous to a fault!”

MC: “Well, my wishes would be totally stupid anyway. Like being able to eat cake until I explode... Or swim in a sea of jelly… That's why it's better if I use my wish for Joel.”

Joel: “…”

Eress: “... Fine. Just give me a moment.”

MC: “Okay!”

Eress: “Ooh…”

[PART 6]

Eress: "...Fine Just give me a moment."

MC: "Okay!"

Eress: "Ooh..."

MC: "..."

Eress: "Oooooh..."

MC: "...”

Eress: "Oooooooooooooooooooh..."

MC: "...”

Joel: “...”

Eress: "Umm..."

MC: "Did it work?"

Eress: "I can't do it! It's impossible!"

Joel: “... Come on. We'll be late if we stick around."

MC: "Right."

Eress: "Ah! Don't leave! Why are you ignoring me?!"

MC: "You said you'd grant me anything..."

Eress: "There are things that even I can't do!"

MC: "So you're use--"

I gasped and stopped mid-sentence. (That would be saying too much.)

Joel: “Useless."

MC: "!!"

(He said it! Joel actually said it!)

Eress: "What was that?! Is that how it is?! You think I'm a useless stupid smelly bug?! Well listen here! My real power just hasn't come back to me yet! When I get better, it'll be a piece of cake!"

MC: "Seriously?!"

Eress: "Y-Yeah! ...I-i'm sure of it!"

MC: "Then I'll help you get back your power."

Eress: "You will?"

MC: "You bet! Besides, I can't just leave you hanging when you need help."

Eress: "..."

MC: "Eress?"

Eress: "You... You're a good girl."

MC: "Thanks..."

Joel: “C'mon. We'll be late."

Eress: "Everything is always about you, isn't it?!"

(Oh gosh... These two are never going to get along.)

[PART 7]

Scene: exterior of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, daylight.
Scene: Main staircase.
Scene: Staircase.
Scene: Classroom.

MC: "I'm sorry, I know my bag's small, but please stay inside it."

Eress: "Why do I have to be stuck in this dark hole?!"

MC: "We can't let someone see you! We're not allowed to have magical creatures or pets that aren't familiars."

Eress: "Excuse me?! Don't put me in the same category as pets!"

MC: "Oh, sorry. But fairies are such a rare sight I don't want to cause trouble."

Eress: "*Sigh* I guess I can't deny that. Plus, I bet there are people here who would want to catch me."

MC: "That's why you've got to put up with it for now."

Eress: "Yeah, yeah. So where did that inconsiderate boy run off to?"

MC: "If you're talking about Joel, he's in another class."

Eress: "Oh yeah?"

MC: "His class is for gifted students only."

Eress: "Oh, I see. I guess he's smart, huh? That makes him all the more annoying."

MC: "Try to be nicer to him."

Eress: "Ha! Over my dead body!"

MC: "...Not gonna happen, huh?"

The bell signaling the beginning of class rang.

MC: "Oh! Class is starting! Please be quiet, okay?"

Eress: "I know already!"

Professor Schuyler, who I had seen in the headmaster's office yesterday, entered the classroom.

Schuyler: "Sit, now. Class is in session."

MC: "You've got to be kidding me."

(I don't like this professor. He's so scary...)

Schuyler: "Where is Icy?"

MC: "H-Here!"

Schuyler: "Once again, I am Conrad Schuyler. I am the professor in charge of Magical Items, Magic Incantations, and Curses."

MC: "A pleasure to meet you..."

Schuyler: "I must warn you, my class is no walk int he park like so many others. So prepare yourself accordingly."

MC: "Y-Yes, Professor!"

Schuyler: "Now, take your seat."

(Gosh, he seems so intimidating...)

Schuyler: "Today's lesson is regarding magical incantations."

MC: "Magical incantations?"

(I wonder if they have any connection with Joel's magic?)

Schuyler: "Originally, magical incantations referred to spells recited before using one's magic. However, for a magic spellsinger, the situation is different. A magic spellsinger has the special ability to convert songs into magic. It is said that one must be born a gifted singer, and natural, with magical ability as well. Spellsinging is extremely difficult to learn through practice alone, and even if you are able to do it, it is accepted that one will never realize its full potential."

MC: "Whoa..."

(Just as I thought, Joel is really amazing.)

Schuyler: "So, my question to you... When an elaborate melody is sung by one person, what is it called? MC?"

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

Schuyler: "Your answer?"

MC: "Uh..."


MC: “It’s called an aria!”

Schuyler: "That is correct."

MC: "I got it!"

Schuyler: "I am surprised you knew. You will be credited points for answering correctly. See that you always do this well."

MC: "Yes, Professor!"

(He praised me!)

[PART 8]

Schuyler: "Now, you shall practice your own spells. Not through a proper song, but through a type of primitive magic. Magical power can be embedded in words, in a similar fashion to an incantation. It only uses relatively weak magic, however, so all of you should be able to use it."

Upon finishing his sentence, Professor Schuyler took out a magical wand.

Schuyler: "Aperio!"

With the saying of a word and the wave of a wand, a single, lit candle appeared on his podium.

Schuyler: "Now, I'd like for someone to put out this candle on my podium using primitive magic. Let's see... Elias."

Elias: "Yes?"

Schuyler: "The way to do it is simple enough. Just weave your magic and release it how you would a similar, normal spell."

Elias: "Okay."

Schuyler: "Go ahead and try it."

Elias closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Elias: "Vanish!"

Then, together with his command, an invisible wave rushed through the class and blew everyone's hair back. And then, the candle's flame was miraculously extinguished.

MC: "Amazing!"

The classroom erupted in applause.

Schuyler: "Good. Next we shall have Icy."

MC: "What? Uh, me?!"

Schuyler: "Now you try."

MC: "Okay!"

(There's no way I can do this!)

Schuyler: "Just try to copy what Elias did a minute ago."

MC: "Okay..."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

(It's okay... I can do this!)

MC: "Vanish!"

[PART 9]

(It's okay... I can do this!)

MC: "Vanish!"

The very moment I spoke that word, my desk toppled over the chair in front of me and caused papers and books to fly about the classroom. The windows shook, making violent rattling sounds, and a wave swept over the class, ruffling everyone's hair.

MC: "EEK!"

Schuyler: "Wh-What power!"

After a while, the wave settled down, but then...

Schuyler: "MC."

MC: "Um, yes?"

Schuyler: "Why didn't you control your magic?!"

MC: "Eek! I'm sorry!"

Schuyler: "Look at the mess you've made!"

MC: "Um, but at least the candle--"

Schuyler: "There's no candle left!"

MC: "Ugh! Yeah..."

Schuyler: "You will stay after class to clean up this mess."

MC: "Fine..."

Schuyler: "Though, I'm impressed you were able to focus so much magical power into a primitive spell... It would be quite formidable if you had the sense to control it."

MC: "Th-Thank you!"

Schuyler: "That wasn't meant as praise."

MC: "Oh..."

(I've gotta do better than this.)

Scene: Courtyard in front of the Academy

MC: "*Sigh* Today was so tiring..."

Eress popped her head out from my bag.

Eress: "Hey, so like... You're not so good at this academy thing, are you?"

MC: "Be quiet! I don't want to hear it from you too!"

Joel: "MC."

Joel walked over to me.

MC: "Oh, Joel?"

Joel: "I was looking for you. Let's walk back to the dorms together."

MC: "Okay!"

Eress: "What?! NO, NO, NO!!"

Joel: "Just great... You brought the bug with you?"

Eress: "I told you, I'm not a bug!"

Joel: "We need to get you a nice bug house."

Eress: "MC! Make him shut up!"

(What should I do?)

[Stop Eress.]
[Stop Joel.]

MC: "Joel, please just let it go."

Joel: "I didn't come here just to pick a fight. I'm just standing up for myself like I should."

MC: "Well, do you always have to?"

Joel: "First of all, I only came because I wanted to walk you to the dorms, MC."

MC: "You do?"

Joel: "Why would I have asked if that wasn't my plan?"

MC: "Joel..."

Eress: "What the heck is this?! Why are you getting all mushy around him?! Don't let him fool you!"

[PART 10]

Eress: "I know your type! You're a creep! You have no tact!"

Joel: "I only act like this, because I think it's rude to put up a front."

Eress: "I bet that's why you can't make any friends!"

Joel: "You're one to talk, aren't you?"

Eress: "Whaaat?! I have friends! Lots of them, from before I lost my memory! Probably!"

Joel: "You can't fool me. No one wants to be friends with someone like you."

Eress: "Arrrrrrrrgh!"

Joel: "You're selfish, ill-tempered, and arrogant. Isn't that right?"

Eress: "THAT DOES IT!!"

Just then, the area around us started to flash as if lightning had struck.

MC: "Wh-What's going on?!"

Eress: "I'll make you pay for that!"

Eress' head poked out from my bag, and her body began to glow.

MC: "Eress?!"

Eress: "This'll teach you to keep your mouth shut!"

Eress shouted, sending students' books and bags soaring into the air.

Joel: "What the heck?!"

Boy Student: "Hey! What's happening?!"

Girl Student: "My books!"

Suddenly, the area around us erupted into chaos and confusion. All the objects in the air began darting around violently.

MC: "No way! Is Eress doing this?!"

Joel: "Watch out!"

MC: "Huh?!"

Before I knew it, a book was flying straight for my face.

MC: "!!"

Joel: "MC!"

[PART 11]

Joel: "Watch out!"

MC: "Huh?!"

Before I knew it, a book was flying straight for my face.

MC: "!!"

Joel: "MC!"

Joel CG 5

Just then, Joel pulled me by the hand and shielded me with his body.

MC: "!"

At that moment, my heart beat furiously inside my chest.

MC: "Joel?!"

Joel: "..."

Joel CG 6

After some time, the area us went quiet and all the projectiles fell harmlessly to the ground.

Joel: "Are you okay?"

MC: "Ah, yeah... And you?"

Joel: "I'm okay..."

We looked at each other, face-to-face. My face began to blush suddenly.

MC: "Umm..."

(What is this feeling?)

Scene: Courtyard in front of the Academy

Boy Student: "What just happened?!"

Girl Student: "Wasn't there a light coming from that direction?"

Joel: "This isn't good..."

MC: "!"

Eress: "*Pant pant* ..."

I could hear Eress breathing heavily from inside my bag.

MC: "We better get out of here at any rate!"

Joel: "But where to?"

[PART 12 - NORMAL OPTION] MC: "*Pant pant*"

Joel: "...I think we'll be fine here."

MC: "What was that?"

Joel: "My guess is that bug's power went wild."

Eress: "I told you, I'm not a bug!"

Eress said exhausted from inside my bag, perhaps due to having spent all her energy.

Joel: "Don't strain yourself, just rest. You used up a lot of your power."

Eress: "Ugh..."

MC: "Yeah, what he said. Just rest for a while, Eress."

Eress: "Fine..."

Joel: "You're not hurt, are you, MC?"

MC: "No, I'm fine."

Joel: "That's good to know."

MC: "What about you? Didn't you get hit by a book?"

Joel: "It just got me in the back. Nothing to worry about. If I got nailed by the corner, it might have hurt, though."

MC: "Thank goodness."

Joel: "Hey, bug."

Eress: "I told you, I'm not..."

Joel: "Sorry. I guess I was a little out of line back there."

Eress: "Yeah, sure... Whatever..."

Joel: "I'm sure it must be hard on you not having any friends."

Eress: Ugh! You always say one thing too many! I hate that about you!"

MC: "Hey, calm down. It's okay, Eress. I'll be your friend."

Eress: "MC..."

MC: "So, don't worry."

Eress: "You're a bit flaky for a friend, but you'll do."

MC: "Hehe. Good."

Joel: "... Well, shall we head home now?"

MC: "Yeah."

[PART 13]

Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm Room, Darkness

It was 30 minutes after lights out. Amelia was already deep inside dreamland.

MC: "*Sigh* I can't sleep."

When I closed my eyes, thoughts of my time with Joel ran through my head. As I remembered our time together, a feeling deep inside my chest grew hotter and hotter until I was in agony.

MC: "Ah! What's with me? What is this feeling?!"

I couldn't stop myself from tossing and turning in my bed.

MC: "Ugh... I feel so weird."

Eress: "You really do have bad taste, don't you?"

MC: "Eress? Are you awake?"

Eress: "You think I can sleep well trapped inside this bag?"

MC: "I'm so sorry, but other than familiars--"

Eress: "Ugh! Enough! I know it already! Could you at least put a fluffier handkerchief in here?"

MC: "All right. I'll see what I have..."

Reluctantly, I crawled out of bed and pulled a handkerchief out of the drawer in my night table to give to her.

Eress: "Hmm... This might actually work."

MC: "Just hold tight. I'll go see if I've got anything better."

Eress: "Thanks."

(Wait. Isn't she just using me for a free place to live?)

MC: "So... What were you saying about my bad taste?"

Eress: "It's because you like that bonehead boy."

MC: "What?! You think I like him?!"

["No way!"]

MC: "Maybe I do... Wait! What am I saying?! We only just met, but it's true I do have fun when we're together. But I doubt it's--"

Eress: "Buzz! Wrong! I can sense it!"

MC: "Well maybe your senses are wrong."

Eress: "Look, you! I have lots of experiences with this stuff!"

MC: "Even though you lost your memory?"

Eress: "H-Hey! I've just got a feeling, all right?!"

MC: "Just a feeling..."

Eress: "So anyway, why don't you try a Reading with those tarot cards you have?"

MC: "Oh! The tarot! I forgot I even had those!"

[PART 14]

Eress: "Here you go!"

Image: Messy pile of tarot cards

Eress pulled the desk of tarot cards out from my bag.

MC: "Thanks."

Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm Room, Darkness

I took them from her and spread them out over my bed. Then, as I thought about Joel and me, I drew a card.

Eress: "You only know how to do a one card tarot reading, don't you?"

MC: "Yeah! So?!"

Eress: "I guess I shouldn't have expected more after seeing you in class."

MC: "You're getting to be a real pain!"

Eress: "Hush! Just hurry up and turn it over!"

MC: "Geez..."

I turned it over to reveal the Judgement card.

Eress: "The Judgement card is in its normal position."

MC: "Normal position?"

Eress: "Huh? Even though you've got tarot cards, you don't know normal and inverted positions?"

MC: "I don't."

Eress: "The meaning changes depending on the position!"

MC: "What? It does?!"

(Is she serious? I wonder if mine was inverted the last time I did a Reading...)

Eress: "The Judgement card in the regular position mean reunion, rebirth, and revival..."

MC: "Um, reunion?"

Eress: "I bet you've met that guy somewhere else before, haven't you?"

MC: "Joel?"

(I can't remember anything like that.) Suddenly, June's face popped into my head.

MC: "Ah! That's it!"

Eress: "What?"

MC: "A long time ago, there was a girl in my village named June. She was from the same place that Joel is from. So, maybe he's her older brother or relative or something? I was just a child back then, so my memory is a little vague. So I guess it could have happened a long time ago."

Eress: "Hey, it's always possible!"

MC: "I forgot to ask before, but maybe I'll try asking him about it next time!"

Eress: "Well, good luck. I still don't get what you see in him though."

["He's a good guy."]
["I know, but..."]

MC: "Joel's a good guy, you know. He just has a little problem when he opens his mouth. But, really... He's nice."

Eress: "Baloney! When I get my power back, I'm gonna turn him into A LITTLE BUG!"

MC: "S-Stop saying that."

(She really doesn't like him.)

Eress: "I'm tired now, so I'm going to sleep."

MC: "Okay. Good night."

Eress: "*Yawn* Good night."

Eress went back inside my bag.

MC: "I should sleep too..."

I lay back down and closed my eyes. (Reunion, huh... I wonder where we saw each other before?) I felt my chest tighten up as I began thinking about Joel again.

MC: "Ugh..."

(It's happening again! I'm thinking about him!) I tossed and turned in agony, rolling around in bed once again. (It's no use! I can't sleep!)


Eress: "Hello, people of the world! I'm the lovable, cute, and intelligent to boot, Eress! I'll be taking over previews from now on! Seeing the cute little me in both the story and preview is just the best, don't you think? I know everyone's super excited about it!"

Joel: "Just how far lost in your own fantasy are you?"

Eress: "Huh?! Oh, it's the bonehead!"

Joel: "Bug."

Eress: "I already told you, I'm not a bug! Tsk! Even though you have your own story, you still have to come here and crash the preview, don't you?"

Joel: "Next time, 'Budding Feelings'."

Eress: "Don't miss out!'

Day 4: Budding Feelings

[PART 1]

Joel CG 2

June: "You shouldn't sleep in a place like this, MC!"

Young MC: "Lie down and try it! It feels really nice!"

June: "I'm sure it does, but..."

Young MC: "Do it! Do it!"

Scene: A green, grassy field on a sunny day.

A childhood memory... I took June by the hand and had her lie on the grass.

Young MC: "How is it? Nice, right?"

Joel CG 2

June: "It really is... It's so nice and soft..."

Young MC: "See! I told you! It's just like a bed!"

June: "Uh-huh..."

Scene: Blue Sky

Young MC: "Hey! Look! That cloud looks like a cat!"

June: "You think? But I only see a mouse..."

Young MC: "No way! It's totally a cat!"

June: "Mouse!"

Young MC: "Cat!"

Scene: White

Amelia: "MC! C'mon, MC!"

MC: "Huh?"

Amelia: "MC! Get up already!"

MC: "?!"

Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm Room, Daylight

Hearing my name being called, I jumped out of bed, flustered. Standing at the side of my bed was Amelia.

Amelia: "I can't believe you're still sleeping! I had meal duty today, so I went ahead without you. When I didn't see you come down for breakfast, I started to get worried."

MC: "What?! It's that late already?!" I looked at the clock, and my blood went cold.

Amelia: "If you don't hurry up, you'll be late!"

MC: "Ah, shoot! What to do?! Amelia, you'll have to go without me!"

Amelia: "You got it, girl. You'll need some sort of miracle to make it on time!"

MC: "Yeah..."

(It's gonna be really bad if I don't get moving!)

[PART 2]

Scene: Grand Staircase

MC: "*Pant* ...I made it!"

Somehow, by sprinting with all my might, I was able to slip into the academy before the warning bell rang. (I can't believe I made it...)

???: "You ran all the way here?"

I turned around to find Joel standing there.

MC: "Oh, good morning, Joel."

Joel: "Morning. Why are you in such a hurry?"

MC: "I overslept this morning..."

Joel: "Figures. You look like someone who had trouble getting out of bed."

MC: "D-Don't say that!"

Joel: "Hmm? Your hair is sticking up."

He reached over with his hand and touched my hair as he spoke.

MC: "!"

Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm Room, darkness

Eress: "It's because you like that bonehead boy."

Scene: Grand Staircase

MC: "Ah! Ahhh!"

The color of my cheeks grew redder and redder. (I'm really getting self-conscious, because Eress keeps saying all these crazy things!)

Joel: "It's no use. I can't fix your hair."

MC: "Oh, um, it's probably just bed head..."

I hurriedly pushed my hair down with my own hand.

Joel: "At least come to class with your hair combed. Maybe try acting like a girl for once."

["What do you mean by that?!"]

MC: "Okay..."

Joel: "What's wrong? Your face is all red... Do you have a fever?"

This time he placed his hand on my forehead.

MC: "!"

(I can't take any more of this!)

I pulled my head away from him to avoid his hand.

MC: "I-I'm fine! I'm totally great!"

Joel: "You sure?"

MC: "Yup!"

Joel: "If you say so..."

[PART 3]

Joel: "Have you always been this bad in the morning?"

MC: "Well, I guess you could say that... But lately, I've been having trouble sleeping because of these crazy dreams."

Joel: "Dreams?"

MC: "Well, it's like a dream, but weirder. Memories of the past I thought I'd forgotten just keep popping up. And it's like they're really special memories to me, so I can't believe I forgot about them until now... Every time I have one of those dreams, it's like I'm solving some pieces of a big puzzle. And they're always memories with this specific person..."

Joel: "They are?"

Suddenly, the warning bell started to ring.

Joel: "There's the bell."

MC: "Oh no!"

Joel: "Your class is upstairs, right?"

MC: "I-I gotta run! See ya later, Joel!"

Joel: "Bye."

After waving goodbye to Joel, I started to dash towards my class.

Scene: Fortitudo Homeroom

MC: "Just made it..."

I was somehow able to slide into the classroom just before the class bell rang.

MC: "Just in the nick of time..."

I took my seat, but when I reached inside my bag for a book, I felt something was different.

MC: "Oh, just Eress..."

Inside my bag was Eress, still sound asleep.

MC: "... I wish I could still be sleeping too..."

Elias: "Hart."

MC: "!!"

Suddenly, someone called me from behind. In a panic, I hid my bag behind my back.

Eress: "Gah!"

Elias: "... Did you hear something?"

MC: "Huh?"

(Oh no... I panicked and accidentally crushed my bag! Sorry Eress!)

MC: "No? What did you hear?"

Elias: "It sounded like a frog..."

MC: "Oh, really?"

Elias: "Forget it. By the way, how have classes been for you?"

MC: "I'm struggling, but doing the best I can."

Elias: "You're new here, so it must be tough. But if there's something you need help with, feel free to ask me anything."

MC: "Thanks."

Elias: "Talk to you later."

Elias left it at that and then returned to his seat.

MC: "Whew..."

Eress: "...Wha do you mean 'whew'?!"

MC: "Oh gosh! I'm so sorry, Eress!"

I quickly opened the bag to find a furious Eress with her hand on her back.

Eress: "Do you always crush people having a good nap? There are better ways to wake someone, missy!"

MC: "I said I'm sorry! Elias suddenly came up from behind!"

Eress: "Oh geez! My wings are all wrinkled now!"

She rubbed her wings and tried to stretch them out. (Her wings can get wrinkles?) Then, the bell rang signaling the beginning of class.

[PART 4]

(Her wings can get wrinkles?) Then, the bell rang signaling the beginning of class. As the bell was ringing, Professor Schuyler entered the room.

Schuyler: "Class will begin immediately."

Eress: ".......How handsome!"

MC: "Huh?"

Eress: "That sharp look in his eyes and that bad boy aura... He's so cool! He's completely my type!"

MC: "H-Hey, Eress? Professor Schuyler is your type?"

Eress: "Heck yeah! Oh? He's called Schuyler, is he?!"

MC: "He was teaching our class yesterday too, you know."

Eress: "I was suck in your bag all day, so how could I have known!"

MC: "Hey! Get back in the bag! Someone will see you! Settle down!"

Eress: "Just a little look won't hurt anyone, you prude!"

MC: "What is there to look at? So scary..."

Schuyler: "What was that about scary?"

MC: "?! Oh, ah, no! I'm just hungry! I was just thinking the sounds my stomach are making are scary!"

Schuyler: "It's still a long way from lunch."

MC: "S-Sorry..."

Schuyler: "Forget it. Let us begin. Today, I shall teach you a new spell. To use this magic, you'll need to speak an incantation. You must focus your magic while you wave the wand or your power will disperse. Now, I've heard you've been learning about tarot cards during Professor Merkulova's class. So here's my question... Among the Minor Arcana tarot cards, which one represent the tool you use for spell casting?"


MC: "Is it the wand?"

Schuyler: "You seem to have no confidence in your answer."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Does that mean I'm wrong?)

Schuyler: "However, you are correct. Next time, try to answer with authority."

MC: "Yes, Professor!"

(Thank goodness...)

[PART 5]

Schuyler: "Now, let's get back to business. The new spell you will learn can be used to multiply objects. This spell is not effective with living beings. Only inorganic objects can be multiplied with this spell. Aperio!"

A single apple appeared on everyone's desk at the wave of his wand.

Schuyler: "I will now multiply one apple into two. The spell goes like this... With the power residing in my hands, make one into two. Copia Malum. Now it's your turn to try."

MC: "*Sigh* I'm not good at practical magic."

Eress: "Leave it to me! I'll help you!"

MC: "You will?!"

Eress: "Here's where you gotta show off how good you are to that dreamy professor!"

MC: "So, uh... How do you expect me to do that?"

Eress: "It's easy! If you show him you can master practical magic, I bet he'll be real happy!"

MC: "I'm sure that's true, but..."

Eress: "Or would you rather I cry out and make a fuss?"

MC: "Hey..."

(Is she blackmailing me?)

Eress: "Yeah, so you just say the words and wave your wand! I'll let my magical power flow through you!"

MC: "Got it."

(I don't really want to do this, but...) I readied my wand and took a deep breath.

MC: "With the power residing in my hands, make one into two! Copia Malum!"

Eress: "Yeah!"

As soon as I waved my wand, Eress flapped her wings. Then, little flecks of light began sprinkling from her wings. The flecks of light rained onto the apple...

Scene: White

Then, the apple began to shine, strong and bright.

MC: "It's so bright!"

Scene: Fortitudo Homeroom

The light disappeared, and I regained my vision.

MC: "What the?!"

[PART 6]

The light disappeared, and I regained my vision.

MC: "What the?!"

The next scene that struck my eyes was a classroom full of apples.

MC: "N-No way! There's so many!"

Eress: "Heh! What do you think of my power now?"

MC: "Wipe that smug look off your face! This is terrible!"

Eress: "What?"

Schuyler: "MC!"

MC: "Eek!"

Schuyler: "How many apples did I tell you to make?!"

MC: "Um, uh... Just one. Heh..."

Schuyler: "What am I supposed to do with all these apples?"

MC: "Yikes!"

Eress: "Ah... It's so nice to see him up this close..."

MC: "..."


Scene: Academy Hallway

MC: "*Sigh* I'm pooped..."

After class, I ended up cooking all the apples into pie and jam and giving them out to everyone.

Eress: "You really made some nice looking pies there! Hey. You're no good at magic, but at least you can cook!"

MC: "Whose fault do you think this is?"

Eress: "Hey, no worries. It was fun!"

MC: "You know what--"

Eress: "Anyway, where are we headed?"

MC: "Huh? Oh... I'm looking for Joel."

Eress: "So you do like him! I knew it!"

MC: "I already told you that it's not like that!"

Eress: "Then what are you two, exactly?"

MC: "I told you, he's just my Buddy! Nothing more, nothing less... Besides, I made a promise that I'd do anything to help get his magic back. And I'm not goofing around... What do you think I should do?"

Eress: "Hmm..."

Just then, Joel came out of his classroom.

MC: "Joel!"

Joel: "MC?"

MC: "Perfect timing! I came to see you."

Joel: "See me?"

MC: "Yeah, let's go find a way to get your magic back!"

Joel: "Huh?"

MC: "I'm just saying, we're never going to find out anything by doing nothing. Right? So, let's get going!"

Joel: "I told you, I've already..."

MC: "Nope! Don't say that!"

[PART 7]

Joel: "I told you, I've already..."

MC: "Nope! Don't say that!"

Joel: "MC..."

MC: "I won't hear it! Don't give up! As long as we keep trying, we're bound to find something!"

Eress: "You're too kind for your own good."

MC: "Come on, let's get a move on!"

Joel: "But..."

MC: "Come on!"

With that said, I grabbed him by the hand and started walking.

Joel: "H-Hey! Just where are you planning on taking me anyway?"

MC: "Uh, um..."

(I never gave it that much thought. What should I do now?)

[Talk to the professors]
[Talk to other students]
[Research at the library]
[Ask Prefect Klaus]

MC: "The professors seem to know everything, right?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "Well, let's try getting advice from someone we haven't asked yet!"

Joel: "I guess the most obvious choice would be Professor Merkulova."

MC: "Yeah! He's a real nice professor! Well, let's go find him!"

Scene: Professor Merkulova's Office

MC: "Hello..."

Joel: "Pardon us."

Merkulova: "Come in. What can I help you with?"

MC: "Actually, we've come to get some advice."

Merkulova: "Advice?"

MC: "You know about Joel, right? How he's lost his magic..."

Merkulova: "Oh yes, of course. I've heard of that. What a tragedy."

Joel: "Yeah..."

MC: "So, we were just wondering if you might know of a way he could get it back..."

Merkulova: "I see. So that's what you've come for. There's nothing more I'd like to do than be able to help you, but..."

Merkulova: "As I'm sure Joel already knows, losing your magic is a difficult problem to solve. I've heard you've already tried various methods to regain it."

Joel: "Yes. I've tried everything I could think of."

Merkulova: "If this isn't something that'll pass over soon, it could be very troubling indeed."

Joel: "Tell me about it..."

Merkulova: "To be frank, I really don't know how you can get your magic back. However, one thing I can say is that there must be a reason that you've lost it. If you can just find out what it is, I feel like there may be something that can be done."

MC: "What could be the reason?"

Joel: "I don't even have a clue what it could be."

Merkulova: "There's a possibility that the cause is so trivial that you're just overlooking it. Try thinking it over one more time."

Joel: "Okay..."

MC: "Thank you."

Scene: Academy Hallway

(Something caused this, huh? If only we can figure out what it is...)

[Talk to other students]
[Research at the library]
[Ask Prefect Klaus]

MC: "How about we try asking the other students if they know?!"

Joel: "Even though we're keeping it a secret from them?"

MC: "Oh..."

Eress: "Bad idea!"

MC: "Wait! I'll just make up a cover story, and then start asking around!"

Joel: "You think you could pull of something believable?"

MC: "Leave it to me!"

Scene: Grand Staircase

MC: "Excuse me. Do you have a minute?"

I stopped a student as he was walking back to his dorm from class.

Boy Student: "What?"

MC: "Um, well, I'm doing a report and the topic is about losing one's magical abilities..."

Boy Student: "Sounds like a tough subject."

MC: "Yeah, right? So I was wondering, is there any way to go about getting your magic back after it's lost?"

Boy Student: "A way to get your magic back? I've never heard of anything..."

MC: "I see..."

Boy Student: "Sorry, but I think you're asking a really tough question. Maybe you should try asking one of the professors?"

MC: "Oh, okay..."

Boy Student: "See ya!"

MC: "No good, huh..."

[Research at the library]
[Ask Prefect Klaus]

MC: "Let's try going to the library!"

Joel: "I've already tried that, like a million times."

MC: "But maybe we'll discover something new!"

Joel: "You think?"

MC: "I do! Let's go!"

Scene: Academy Library

MC: "Now, if we could just what we're looking for in this massive collection..."

Joel: "Over here."

Joel instructed me as he walked towards a pedestal placed in the center of the library. A large book was placed on top of the pedestal.

MC: "What's this?"

Joel: "This is called the Eye of the Library."

MC: "The Eye of the Library?"

Joel: "Inside is written the title of every book inside this building. The Eye of the Library uses magic to find the appropriate book to answer your question."

MC: "Whoa! That's amazing!"

When Joel placed his hand on the book, it glowed faintly and opened itself.

Eye of the Library: "Please state your name in order to confirm registration."

Joel: "Joel Crawford."

Eye of the Library: "Confirmation completed. What type of book are you searching for today?"

Joel: "Books related to losing one's magic."

Eye of the Library: "Books related to losing one's magic... There are ten books related to your query."

MC: "Ten? Is that all?"

Eye of the Library: "Would you like to try to refine your search?"

Joel: "No, that's fine."

Joel backed away from the book.

MC: "What's wrong?"

Joel: "I've already read those ten books."

MC: "Oh..."

Joel: "It's no use. Let's get out of here."

MC: "Okay..."

(No good, huh...)

[Ask Prefect Klaus]

MC: "I bet if we ask Prefect Klaus, he might know something!"

Joel: "But my condition is a secret from the other students."

MC: "Oh. That's right... Wait! I'll make something up! Just leave it to me!"

Joel: "If we go together, he'll probably suspect something."

MC: "Then I'll go alone."

Joel: "Are you sure about this?"

MC: "Yeah! Just trust me!"

Scene: Prefect's Office

MC: "Excuse me..."

Klaus: "Who is it?"

MC: "Oh, uh. It's me, MC."

Klaus: "The new provisional student?"

MC: "Yeah..."

Klaus: "What is it? I'm busy."

MC: "Uh, well... It's just..."

Klaus: "Hurry up and say it. I haven't the time to spare for this."

MC: "Eek!"

(He's scary!)

Klaus: "Do you really come here something?"

MC: "W-Well actually, I..."

When I looked into his eyes, I could tell any tricks or lies I might try wouldn't work on him.

MC: "I just wanted to formally say hello..."

Klaus: "Is that it?"

MC: "Yes..."

Klaus: "Hmm... Well, hello."

MC: "H-Hello. Yes, nice to meet you..."

Scene: Academy Hallway

(Oh no... I'm not going to be able to go through with this... Sorry Joel...)

[PART 8]

MC: "It's not good... It doesn't seem like we're going to be able to learn anything..."

Joel: "I told you, didn't I? Just give it up already."

MC: "No. No way. I can't."

Joel: "MC..."

MC: "You have a great gift inside you, right? That's why we absolutely cannot let it go to waste."

Joel: "..."

MC: "You came to this academy because you wanted to become a magic spellsinger, right? So please don't give up yet."

Eress: "You really are too nice for your own good. You look stupid wasting your time for this bonehead."

Joel: "You're here too, bug?"

Eress: "I've been here for the whole time! And I told you, for the last time, I'm not a bug! And even though I just remembered something good, I'm not telling you!"

MC: "Hmm? What did you remember?"

Eress: "This inconsiderate boy makes me sick, so I'm not telling."

Joel: "Please, tell me."

Eress: "What the? You're suddenly acting honest, are you?"

Joel: "I'm always honest."

MC: "Too honest."

Eress: "Well, I guess it concerns me too, so I'll tell you."

MC: "You mean, it has something to do with getting your power back too?"

Eress: "I think it might."

Joel: "So, what is it?"

Eress: "Hold up. I'll tell you, but you've got to promise to give me your help."

Joel: "Got it. I'm all out of options anyway."

Eress: "Wh-What does that mean?!"

[PART 9]

MC: "Whoa, you two! So anyway, what did you remember?"

Eress: "...In the south of Gedonelune, there's a large tree called the Tree of Knowledge. They say it's been here since the foundling of the kingdom. Since its roots spread throughout the entire land, it's seen everything. Maybe it knows something, you know?"

MC: "Do you know how to get to it?"

Eress: "Yeah, I think so. I'm not sure why, but for some reason it seems like I remember the Tree of Knowledge well."

Joel: "But it's no use. We need permission from the academy to leave the school grounds. And even if we do get permission, we can only go so far as the main city."

MC: "Is this Tree of Knowledge that far away?"

Eress: "It'll probably take a half a day just to get there walking."

MC: "H-Half a day?! It's that far?!"

Eress: "You guys are wizards aren't you? Can't you just fly down there?"

MC: "Uh..."

Joel: "..."

Eress: "What? Did I say something stupid?"

MC: "Um, I don't know how to fly a broom..."

Joel: "And I can't use magic in the first place."

Eress: "..."

MC: "I guess we'll just have to walk..."

Joel: "We have a day off in two days. We can make use of that and leave tomorrow evening."

MC: "Good idea! I think that might just work."

Eress: "But didn't you just say you need permission?"

Joel: "We do. This academy is surrounded by a fence. There are three gates, but they can only be opened by the professors or the prefect."

MC: "Darn! So how are we going to get past?"

Eress: "There's a gap in that fence, you know."

MC: "Seriously?!"

Eress: "That's how I sneaked in here before the stupid frogs started chasing me. It's about big enough for a single person to pass through."

Joel: "Do you remember where it is?"

Eress: "If I remember correctly, it was right past that forest to the north."

Joel: "Then I think we could pull it off. We can slip out during the night and come back before curfew the next day."

MC: "Then it's settled! But what about your roommate?"

Joel: "I live alone, so I can do whatever I want."

MC: "I'll try asking Amelia to cover for me."

Joel: "Hey, wait a minute! You think you're coming with me?"

["Of course!"]
["You don't want me to?"]

MC: "What? Of course!"

Joel: "No way."

MC: "Why not?"

Joel: "It's too dangerous, and you have your Judgement to worry about."

MC: "I know that!"

Joel: "So you just stay back and wait for me."

MC: "You can't make me!"

Joel: "What are you, a child?"

MC: "But you're my Buddy, right? We have to stick together, not matter what! I'm going and you can't stop me! Even if you say no, I'll just follow right behind you!"

Joel: "Geez... What's the matter with you..."

He smacked himself on the forehead as if admitting defeat.

[PART 10]

Joel: "I'm only letting you come because you'll start trouble if I leave you alone."

MC: "So you mean it? I can come too?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "Thanks, Joel!"

I got so happy that I hugged him without even giving it a second thought.

Joel: "...Hey. What are you doing?"

MC: "Huh?"

Finally realizing the boldness of my own actions, I backed away.

MC: "S-S-Sorry! Um, I just--"

Joel: "Do you always hug guys like this?"

MC: "What--?! No! Never! No! You've got it all wrong! It just feels okay to hug you, for some reason..."

Joel: "..."

MC: "You remind me so much of that girl I used to play with. That's probably why..."

Joel: "I remind you of a girl, huh?"

MC: "Ah! No! That's not to say you're like a girl!"

Joel: "I know I'm not."

MC: "It's just, you remind me so much of her that I couldn't help it..."

Joel: "You're free to remember whoever you want, but I'm clearly a man. By the way, there's no knowing what will happen out there..."

He said and then plopped his hand on my head.

MC: "Hmm..."

For some reason, my heart seemed to leap into my throat. (Strange how I didn't have this sort of feeling when I hugged him...)

Joel: "So just be careful."

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Joel: "All right. Tomorrow night after lights out, we'l sneak out of our dorms and meet up on the road towards the Northern Valley."

MC: "Got it!"

(Hmm... Speaking of which, just how am I going to sneak out anyway?)

Scene: Exterior of Girl's Dormitory, daylight
Scene: Exterior of Girl's Dormitory, sunset
Scene: Exterior of Girl's Dormitory, nighttime
Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm room, night

That night...

MC: "Hey, Amelia?"

Amelia: "Hmm? What's up?"

MC: "About tomorrow..."

Amelia: "Yeah?"

MC: "I need to sneak out tomorrow night. Would you be able to cover for me until curfew?"

Amelia: "You do?! Tomorrow night?!"

MC: "Yeah..."

Amelia: "Well, I can probably pull it off, but... What for?"

MC: "Well, it has to do with Joel and I..."

(Now I'm stuck. I can't tell her Joel lost his magic...)

Amelia: "Oh, MC! Don't tell me!"

[PART 11]

(Now I'm stuck. I can't tell her Joel lost his magic...)

Amelia: "Oh, MC! Don't tell me!"

MC: "Uh, what?!"

Amelia: "You and Joel are dating!"

MC: "What?!"

Amelia: "So that's how it is, huh? You've been seeing a lot of each other lately! You're pretty bold!"

MC: "Uh, err... I mean..."

Just then, I felt a pain in my head as if someone suddenly pulled me by the hair.

MC: "Ow..."

Flustered, I turned around to see Eress, hiding in my shadow and staring daggers at me.

Eress: "The situation is too complicated, so just agree with her!"

MC: "Okay..."

Amelia: "MC?"

MC: "Oh, uh... Yeah! That's totally it! So, can I count on you?"

Amelia: "You bet! If it's for love, I've got your back! I'm like, totally jealous of you now, MC! You just got here, and you've already got a hot boyfriend!"

MC: "Hot..."

All of a sudden, Joel's face popped in my head. (Come ot think of it, maybe he is really hot...) I lost myself in my thoughts for a moment. (I didn't realize it until just now, but Joel is pretty darn handsome, isn't he?)

Amelia: "MC? You there? Your face is glowing red, you know?"

MC: "What?! Oh, uh, it's nothing! So Amelia, I'm counting on you!"

Amelia: "No problem! Relax, and have a good time!"

MC: "But there's one problem. I don't know how to sneak away from the dorm..."

Amelia: "If that's what you're worried about, don't be. There's a secret exit."

MC: "A secret exit?"

Amelia: "In the back of the dorm, there's a window all the way to the right where some thick ivy is growing. Everyone who sneaks out just climbs down that. If you use that way, you can make it outside without using the door."

MC: "Really?! That's a big help!"

Amelia: "So go out and have a blast!"

MC: "Thanks a lot, Amelia!"

(Thank goodness! It looks like I'll be bale to sneak out after all! I just hope we're able to get Joel's magic back...)


Eress: "Hello, people of the world! I'm the lovable, cute, and intelligent to boot, Eress! Hehe! Today was another awesome day, don'tcha think? We're finally off to find the Tree of Knowledge, but it's not gonna be easy!"

Randy: "According to Taffy's Radar, it should be around here..."

Eress: "Huh? Who are you?"

Randy: "What was that sound? Weird, I don't even see a single fairy around here..."

Eress: "Hey! I'm over here!"

Randy: "Oh? A magical bug! How rare!"

Eress: "What?!"

Randy: "I've never seen this species! I should catch it and do some research on it!"

Eress: "What?! No way! Get away from meeee!"

Randy: "Hey! Wait up!"

Eress: "Oops, I forgot! Next time, 'To the Tree of Knowledge'!"

Randy: "Get back here!"

Eress: "Ack! Someone help meeeeeee!!"

Day 5: To the Tree of Knowledge

[PART 1]

Scene: Black

It was a distant, far off memory... One day while roaming in the forest, June and I encountered a wolf.

Scene: Forest

Young MC: "Ack! A wolf!"

June: "What should we do?"

Young MC: "W-We gotta run!"

June: "Wait! If we start running away, it will--"

Wolf: "Graaaah!!"

The wolf lunged at me when I tried to dash away.

Young MC: "Ahh!!"

June: "MC!"

On impulse, June picked up a stick off the ground. Then, she stood up to the wolf, trying to keep it at bay.

Young MC: "June!"

June: "I'll protect you no matter what, MC!"

June swung her stick at the wolf with all her might.

Wolf: "*Whimper*"

She whacked the wolf right in the nose and sent it scampering back into the forest.

Young MC: "June! Are you okay?"

Joel CG 2

June: "I'm fine."

Young MC: "But your leg's bleeding!"

June: "It's just a scratch..."

Young MC: "This is all my fault..."

June: "Don't cry. The only thing that matters is that you're not hurt."

As she spoke, she wiped the tears off my face.

Young MC: "June..."

Scene: Amelia and MC's Dorm Room, Daylight

MC: "Mmm..."

When I opened my eyes, it was completely bright outside.

MC: "It's morning?"

I lifted myself up and thought about the dream I just had.

MC: "June..."

(That's right. June was always protecting me like that. I feel awful. How could I forget such an important memory?)

[PART 2]

MC: "*Sigh* I'm so nervous."

Eress: "You're such a wimp. What are you so anxious for? You aren't leaving for a while, you know?"

MC: "Because I'm going to be breaking the rules! Of course I'm on edge!"

Eress: "Then maybe you shouldn't go!"

MC: "That's not an option!"

Eress: "My goodness! Why do you go to such lengths for that bonehead boy?"

MC: "Because he's my Buddy!"

(Yeah. It's just because he's my Buddy...)

Eress: "Speak of the devil!"

MC: "Huh?"

When I looked up ahead, I saw Joel standing with his back facing me.

MC: "Good morning, Joel!"

Joel: "Morning..."

MC: "We've been seeing a lot of each other in the morning, haven't we?"

Joel: "I guess..."

MC: "So, about tonight..."

Joel: "Will you be ready for it?"

MC: "Yeah. Amelia said she'll cover for me. Don't worry. I didn't tell her that you've lost your magic."

Joel: "Sorry for the trouble."

MC: "Not at all! Besides, I'm the one who wanted to tag along! And I found out a way to sneak out of the dorm too!"

Joel: "Oh, nice. Me too."

["I wonder if this is really okay."]
["We're definitely going to pull this off!"]

MC: "We're definitely going to pull this off!"

Joel: "Hearing you say that really gives me confidence."

MC: "It's not just a hunch either! We're definitely going to pull this off!"

Joel: "You know, usually I dislike the word 'definitely', but maybe it's not so bad after all. We're definitely going to pull this off..."

MC: "That's right! Definitely!"

[PART 3]

Scene: Fortitudo Home Room

Eress: "Hmm, I wonder if I'll get to see my dear Schuyler today as well?"

MC: "I'm pretty sure we'll have a different professor today."

Eress: "Too bad! His class is the best!"

MC: "I'm scared that you're going to do something horrible again..."

Eress: "Hey now, you're the one who always fails at magic."

MC: "Hey! Shut up!"

Then, the bell rang signaling the beginning of class.

MC: "Quick, hide!"

Eress: "Yeah, yeah..."

(I wonder who's going to teach our lesson today?) The door to the classroom opened and a familiar face walked into the room.

MC: "Huh?! The headmaster?!"

Surprisingly, it was Headmaster Randolph who entered the room. (What's the headmaster doing here?)

Randolph: "All right, class is about to begin."

He then scanned the classroom, and when he found me, he smiled sweetly.

Randolph: "Oh, it's our new student. How's it going? Have you gotten used to it here yet?"

MC: "Y-Yes! Thanks!"

Randolph: "Why the puzzled look?"

MC: "No, it's just... I was wondering why you're here?"

Randolph: "Oh, you don't know? At the academy, even the headmaster is in charge of certain classes. I teach the History of Wizardry, Contracting Magic, Barrier Magic, and Magical Creature Ecology."

MC: "Wow... I had no idea!"

(That's crazy! Even the headmaster teaches classes here! I always thought headmasters just sat in their chair and signed papers all day...)

Randolph: "We will continue our lecture on Magical Creature Ecology. Today, we will be learning about fairies."

MC: "Fairies..."

Eress: "What? Is it my turn to shine?"

MC: "Shh! Just stay in the bag!"

Eress: "Hey, don't shove me in!"

Randolph: "Fairies inhabit in every region of Gedonelune. Fundamentally, they are intelligent, social, and have even created their own unique society. They are the magical creatures most similar to humans. However, when it comes to intelligence, it can be said that they excel over humans. The fairies that control the four elements, the Four Spirits, are typically solitary beings and are closest to the general concept of fairies. Now, among the Four Spirits, which ones are the water spirits? MC?"

MC: "Uh..."


MC: "The answer is Undines."

Randolph: "Correct! It seems like you have been studying diligently. Keep up the good work."

MC: "I will!"

(Hurray! I was right!)

[PART 4]

Randolph: "Today, I would like to talk about these Undines."

MC: "Hey, Eress?"

Eress: "What?"

MC: "You know anything about Undines? Like, have you ever met one before?"

Eress: "Um, I can't remember at all... But for some reason, hearing that name makes me feel sick to the stomach. I wonder why that is..."

Randolph: "Undines live around rivers and springs. They have no gender, but they are said to take the form of beautiful women. They are believed to be very curious and have an affinity towards humans. In general, many fairies hate humans and will not reveal themselves. However, there are numerous tales written in which an Undine falls in love with a human. Undines are kind-hearted and pure, it is said..."

Eress: "What do you mean kind-hearted and pure! They're arrogant and phony!"

MC: "Huh?"

Eress: "...Ah!"

MC: "Eress?"

Eress: "That was weird! It's like I just had this sort of gut feeling..."

MC: "So maybe you have met an Undine before..."

Eress: "I don't know, but for some reason they really tick me off!"

MC: "Oh..."

(She's really riled up. I better say nothing that might provoke her even further.)

Scene: Exterior of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, daylight
Scene: Exterior of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, sunset
Scene: Exterior of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, nighttime
Scene: Path to the forest, nighttime

And then came nightfall...

MC: "Whew! I somehow made down in one piece!"

(I thought I might bite it when I lost my footing halfway down the vine though...)

Eress: "He's late. You don't think he ran way, do you?"

MC: "Come on. There's no way he'd do that."

???: "That's right. I'd never run away."

[PART 5]

MC: "Come on. There's no way he'd do that."

???: "That's right. I'd never run away."

MC: "Oh! Joel!"

Joel: "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Eress: "You're late!"

Joel: "There was nothing I could do. The housemother was making her rounds."

MC: "I'm just glad you came. Anyway, we better hurry."

Joel: "Right."

Scene: Forest at night

Afterward, we safely made it through the gap in the wall and reached the grounds outside the academy.

MC: "So far, so good."

Joel: "Yeah. No problem."

MC: "So, where to now?"

Eress: "Umm..."

Eress anxiously flew to and fro.

MC: "Eress?"

Eress: "..."

MC: "Eress, what is it?"

Eress: "Ohh..."

Joel: "Don't tell me she's lost..."

Eress: "Ohhhhh!"

MC: "You weren't lying when you said you knew the way, right?"

Eress: "Ohhhhhhhhhh..."

Joel: "I'll rip her wings right off."

MC: "Joel, wait!"

Eress: "I'm thinking! Shut up!"

Eress demanded and fluttered her wings.

Just then, Eress' wings started to glow faintly, and glowing fragments of light showered the air.

MC: "It's so pretty!"

Then, the bits all settled into place, and something resembling a gateway of light appeared.

MC: "What's this?"

Eress: "Ah!"

Joel: "Did you remember something?"

Eress: "It's Fairy Road!"

[PART 6]

MC: "Fairy Road?"

Eress: "Yeah! It's a path that takes you to the worlds of fairies! I remember now! We can use this as a shortcut to the Tree of Knowledge!"

MC: "So we have to pass through the worlds of fairies?"

Eress: "Yep! But, they always connect to somewhere in this world. Though the location and even the time axis are completely random, unless you know how to navigate it! That's why you need me, your fairy guide!"

MC: "So when you said it would take half a day to reach the Tree of Knowledge, did you mean through this Fairy Road?"

Eress: "I guess so... Think of it like a shortcut!"

MC: "So how long would it take someone to walk to the Tree of Knowledge without it?"

Eress: "Beats me..."

MC: "Well gee... I bet it's so far away we'd starve before we got there..."

(Good thing she remembered the Fairy Road for us.)

Joel: "You know, your vague memory is going to land us in trouble someday."

Eress: "Hey! I've done just fine so far! Look, I found the Fairy Road, didn't I? If you're going to complain, then don't use it!"

MC: "Sorry!"

Joel: "Hurry up and lead the way."

Eress: "Seriously?! Is that how you ask a favor?!"

MC: "Now, now!"

Eress: "Good grief! You are truly are despicable!"

Joel: "Maybe I'll just go on my own then. See if you can find it by yourself."

(Oh no! They're at each other's throats again!)

Eress: "Grr! Fine! Follow me!"

Eress abruptly turned away and headed into the glittering gate. (I wonder if there will ever be a day where they actually get along...)

Joel: "Come on. Let's go."

MC: "Oh, okay!"

Scene: White

We followed Eress inside and found ourselves deep inside a glittering tunnel. Then, I saw some black hole that looked like it might be an exit.

MC: "It that our way out?"

Eress: "That leads to the worlds of fairies. We have to get off this road and go through."

MC: "Neat!"

Joel: "Wait a minute..."

MC: "What is it?"

Joel: "Don't fairies hate humans? Are we going to be fine if we just come walking in?"

Eress: "It'll be fine! Probably!"

MC: "Uh, I'm not sharing your confidence here..."

Eress: "If they have a problem with it, then they'll have to deal with me!"

MC: "..."

(I have a really bad feeling about this...)

[PART 7]

Scene: Underground Cavern

We passed through the exit and entered a dark cave.

MC: "Where are we? A cave?"

Eress: "This is..."

Joel: "Do you know where we are?"

Eress: "Hmm, what could it be? I get the feeling like were some stupid little thing that lived here..."

MC: "...Stupid?"

???: "Humans! Humans! Go home! Get out!"

Just then, I heard a voice that sounded like it came from my feet.

MC: "Eh?"

When I looked down, I saw a bunch of little people running around on the ground. They couldn't have been more than four inches tall. They all had big noses and wore three-cornered hats on their heads.

MC: "Yikes!"

Joel: "What are these guys?"

Eress: "Oh, I remember now! Gnomes! This is a Gnomes den!"

MC: "Gnomes?"

Joel: "Earth spirits."

MC: "Why earth?"

Gnomes B: "Attack!"

Gnome C: "Aye-aye, sir!"

Before I knew it, water started sprinkling on our heads from the ceiling.

MC: "Ack!"

Eress: "Eek!"

Joel: "Whoa..."

Eress and I ended up getting soaked... ...while Joel somehow managed to avoid getting drenched.

Joel: "Let's get out of here! Run!"

MC: "Right!"

Gnome C: "After them!"

With all the energy we could muster, we dashed out of the cave.

MC: "There it is! The exit! I see it!"

Scene: Forest, nighttime

MC: "Phew... We're safe."

Joel: "Is it just them, or do all fairies act like jerks?"

Eress: "Probably all of 'em..."

MC: "That's not comforting at all... Achoo! *Shivers* I'm cold!"

Eress: "Achoo! *Shivers* My wings are freezing!"

Joel: "You're over-exaggerating."

Eress: "N-No I'm not! I'm tiny, so I freeze easily!"

Joel: "Fine..."

Joel removed his necktie and wrapped it around Eress.

Eress: "Ah... So warm..."

Joel: "And this is for you..."

Joel said as he placed his cloak over me.

["I'm fine!"]

MC: "Wait! I'm fine! Your cloak will get soaked!"

Joel: "I'm not worried about it."

MC: "But..."

Joel: "It's okay. Don't worry about it. Let's go."

He patted me on the head and started walking forward.

MC: "Joel."

Eress: "What's going on?! It's almost like he's a good person or something!"

MC: "Why won't you admit it already?"

Eress: "Oh, shut up you!"

[PART 8]

We had been walking in the woods for a while.

MC: "Are we even getting anywhere? I feel like we've seen this place before."

Eress: "Hold on. Maybe there's a Fairy Road around here somewhere..."

Eress fluttered her wings once again.

Eress: "Ugh. No luck this time!"

Joel: "You're so useless."

Eress: "Take that back! Finding the Fairy Road isn't an easy task, you know! I feel like there should be more fairies up ahead for some reason... At any rate, I can at least sense an increase in fairy power... But, argh! My memory is so foggy, I can't remember a thing! ...Oh!"

Just then, Eress' wings had a sudden reaction.

Eress: "I felt it! The presence of fairies! I think I can do it now!"

Eress fluttered her wings once again. Then, just like before, little particles of light gathered together to make a glittering gateway.

Eress: "There it is again! Fairy Road!"

MC: "Thank goodness!"

Eress: "Let's go!"

Scene: White

MC: "This one is really long... I wonder where the exit is?"

Joel: "Maybe it's just a little further ahead? Look."

I looked in the direction that Joel was pointing towards and saw the exit.

MC: "Could that be where the Tree of Knowledge is?"

Eress: "No way! We've only just started walking!"

MC: "I guess you're right..."

Joel: "Let's go check it out."

MC: "Okay!"

Scene: Briar Forest

MC: "Where are we?"

The place we had entered was a forest surrounded in thorny bushes.

Eress: "Briar Forest!"

Eress' wings suddenly stood up as if she had remembered something.

MC: "What's up?"

Eress: "I just remembered something! It's about the fairies here..."

MC: "Huh?"

[PART 9]

Eress: "I just remembered something! It's about the fairies here..."

MC: "Huh?"

Briar Fairy A: "Humans!"

Briar Fairy B: "And a female of all things!"

Briar Fairy C: "We hate girls! You shall not pass!"

Fairies wearing dresses of crimson red rose pedals appeared out of nowhere and started yelling at me at all once.

MC: "Wh-What's going?"

Eress: "These fairies really hate humans! Especially girls!"

MC: "Seriously?!"

The very next second... The surrounding thorny thicket closed in on me, and before I knew what had happened, I was trapped in something that resembled a bird cage.

MC: "What's happening?!"

Briar Fairy A: "We got her! We captured her!"

Briar Fairy B: "Let's leave her here to rot!"

Briar Fairy C: "Haha!"

The fairies ridiculed me before flying off somewhere.

MC: "Help! I'm trapped!"

Eress: "MC! Can you still use your magic?"

MC: "Oh! Good idea!"

I quickly readied my wand.

MC: "I'm trapped by thorny vines, so the only way out is with fire magic! All right, fire magic. Calm down and think... That's right! O, flames! Turn everything to ash! Globus Flau!"

The instant I waved my wand, a flame shot forth from the tip.

MC: "I did it!"

But then, the flames disappeared as if it had been absorbed by the vine.

MC: "No way! It failed? I'll try it again!"

Joel: "Wait, that's not the problem. This cage has a neutralize magic barrier around it."

MC: "Are you kidding me?!"

Eress: "Now what?! We gotta do something! Maybe there's something we can do from the outside!"

Eress fluttered her wings. A ball of glowing light formed and shot towards me like a bullet. I instinctively closed my eyes and braced myself. However, when it hit the briar cage, it simply bounced away.

Eress: "Darn! I guess that's not gonna work! What to do? Joel can't use any magic..."

Joel: "..."

Joel looked up at the cage without saying a word.

MC: "Joel?! What are you thinking?!"

Joel: "I'm going to save you."

MC: "But how?!"

Joel stood in front of the thorny cage and grabbed at it with his hands.

[PART 10]

Joel: "I'm going to save you."

MC: "But how?!"

Joel stood in front of the thorny cage and grabbed at it with his hands.

Joel: "...!"

MC: "Joel?!"

Joel: "Ugh!"

With all his might, he started tearing the vines apart. Due to all the thorns, blood dripped from his hands and onto the ground.

MC: "Stop it! You're bleeding!"

Joel: "Don't worry about it."

MC: "Are you crazy! Stop already!"

Joel: "Be quiet!"

He continued to rip away at the vines, ignoring my pleas for him to stop.

MC: "Stop it! That's enough!"

Joel: "Argh!"

Eress: "Joel!"

The blood continued to trickle down, forming a pool on the ground.

MC: "Stop!"

I was on the verge of tears.

Joel: "Ahh!!"

Finally, he tore open a gap large enough for me to fit enough.

Joel: "Now!"

MC: "Okay!"

Through the gap that he made, I was able to slide through and escape the thorny cage.

Joel: "Are you okay?"

MC: "I'm fine! But look at you..."

I grabbed his hands and saw the large gashes and blood that covered them.

MC: "I'm so sorry..."

Joel: "Don't cry. As long as you're safe. I'm happy."

He told me as he wiped the tears from my face.

MC: "!"

A thought shot through my mind like a bolt of lightning.

Joel CG 2

It was like June and Joel were the same person.

MC: "..."

Scene: Briar Forest

Joel: "Something wrong?"

MC: "N-No... It's nothing."

(It couldn't be. Could it?)

[PART 11]

Joel CG 2

It was like June and Joel were the same person.

MC: "..."

Scene: Briar Forest

Joel: "Something wrong?"

MC: "N-No... It's nothing."

(It couldn't be. Could it?)

MC: "More importantly, your hands..."

I quickly pulled out a handkerchief, ripped it into two, and wrapped the pieces around his hands.

Joel: "Thanks."

MC: "That's just for now. Once we get out of here, I'll heal you with magic."

Eress: "She's right. We've got to keep moving. Who knows when those evil things will come back."

MC: "Let's go."

Just as I was about walking forward, the strength left my legs and I collapsed to the ground.

Joel: "What happened?!"

MC: "I don't know... I guess I'm just exhausted..."

Joel: "So be it. We've got no other choice..."

He said to himself, and then abruptly picked me up in his arms.

MC: "J-Joel?! Put me down!"

Joel: "We need to get out of here. Stop squirming."


MC: "B-But! Your hands are hurt, and I'm heavy!"

Joel: "Don't worry, you're not as heavy as I thought."

MC: "Hey! What is that supposed to me?!"

Joel started walking while ignoring my protests.

MC: "Joel!"

Joel: "It's all right, just relax. I'll drop you by accident if you keep moving like that."

MC: "Ugh..."

My ear was right next to his chest. I could hear the sound of his beating heart. My cheeks blushed as my face was pushed against his chest. But despite it all, for some reason, it was such a relief to be held in his arms... Without another thought, I put my ear against his chest and let myself relax. (Dear me. I can't stop thinking about Joel...)

Scene: Forest and lake

After walking for a bit, we came upon a serene lake. The stars reflected so brightly off the lake that it was nearly impossible to separate the water from the sky.

MC: "It's beautiful..."

Joel: "It sure is something..."

Eress: "It's because the worlds of the fairies are so close to the stars."

MC: "Um, so... Could you let me down now?"

Joel: "Oh. Sorry..."

Joel gently placed me down.

MC: "Thanks."

Joel: "Sure thing."

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I instinctively turned my face away from him.

Eress: "...Ugh, it's gettin' too hot here. I'm going to go look around for the Fairy Road."

MC: "Huh? Will you be okay all by yourself?"

Eress: "I'll be fine. I am a fairy after all. You two stay here. Wouldn't want to run into more evil fairies!"

MC: "Okay..."

After she was done talking, Eress flew off.

MC: "..."

Joel: "..."

Then it became just the two of us, all alone. An uneasy silence crept over us.

MC: "Um, thanks for saving me earlier..."

Joel: "Don't mention it. I did it because I wanted to."

MC: "Yeah, but still... You hurt yourself just to help me."

Joel: "..."

Joel CG 2

Once again, I saw June's face when I glanced over at Joel. It ignited my suspicions all over again.

Scene: Forest and lake

(Could Joel be June? But June was a girl... But they seem so alike, as if they're both the same person... Maybe I should ask him? Then again...)

MC: "!"

(Oh yeah! That song!)

MC: "A baby goat stands on a small rock. If the sun goes down, the goes to sleep."

Joel: "If the goat goes to sleep, he falls off the rock."

MC: "!"

(That was a song my mom made up! How in the world could he know it?! It must be! But is that even possible?!)

MC: "Joel? Are you... June?"


Eress: "Hello, people of the world! I'm the lovable, cute, and intelligent to boot, Eress--"

Joel: "You sure are full of yourself."

Eress: "What was that?! You're here again?!"

Joel: "What's it matter to you? I was asked to help with the next preview. Next time, 'End of a Journey'."

Eress: "Hey you! Too fast! You're not allowed to say the title yet!"

Joel: "Sorry. I guess I just have bad timing."

Eress: "You did it on purpose, you jerk!"

Joel: "I hate beating around the bush."

Eress: "Well, excuse me! Aren't you going to give them a taste of the upcoming story?!"

Joel: "Nope. My job is done. Bye."

Eress: "What?! Hey! Hold on! Huh? We're all out of time?! We're gonna just leave everyone hanging like this?!"

Day 6: End of a Journey

[PART 1]

MC: "Are you... June?"

Joel: "..."

MC: "My mom made up that song, so no one else besides June should know it."

Joel: "Geez..."

He said with a sigh and then patted me on the head.

Joel: "Sure took you long enough."

MC: "What?"

Joel: "It took you so long to realize it."

MC: "Th-Then, you really are June?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "B-But! June was a girl!"

Joel: "I know."

["Don't tell me you're a girl?"]
["Did you lie to me?"]

MC: "Don't tell me you lied about being a girl?"

Joel: "I guess that's what it boils down to."

MC: "No way! Why would you lie like that?"

Joel: "Calm down."

He patted me on the head as he spoke.

Joel: "I never meant to deceive you."

MC: "Joel..."

Joel: "I'll tell you everything, so just listen, okay?"

MC: "Okay."

Joel: "Do you remember my father?"

MC: "Uh-huh. He had those beautiful multi-colored eyes and was always so kind to me..."

Joel: "Well, he was a spellsinger that traveled all over exterminating magical beasts that caused hard to humans. We had traveled to your village because there was a large outbreak of evil magical beasts in the area."

MC: "So that's why you lived in our village for a while?"

Joel: "Right. Our family lineage of magic spellsingers runs back many generations. It's strange. Those born in our family always seem to possess a talent for spellsinging."

[PART 2]

Joel: "Our family lineage of magic spellsingers runs back many generations. It's strange. Those born in our family always seem to possess a talent for spellsinging. So, in order to protect the male heirs which will pass on this trait from being kidnapped by Leanan-Sidhe..."

MC: "Leanan-Sidhe?"

Joel: "Yeah. A fairy with the form of a beautiful woman that bewitches men and gives them artistic talent in exchange for their magical powers. In order to protect us from the Leanan-Sidhe, it's a custom to raise our boys as girls until the age of eight."

MC: "So you mean, wear girls' clothes and stuff?"

Joel: "Yeah, things like that. The name they gave me was June."

MC: "June..."

Joel: "Thanks to that guise, I grew up without being targeted by Leanan-Sidhe. Of course I'm thankful for that, but there were some embarrassing memories too."

MC: "Why didn't you ever tell me you were a boy?"

Joel: "We had to keep it a secret from everyone."

MC: "I understand, but..."

Joel: "Besides, I did tell you, you know..."

MC: "Really?"

Joel: "Forgot, huh?"

MC: "Um, I guess so..."

(I just don't remember at all.)

Joel: "So you always thought that I was a girl, huh?"

MC: "Yup. I thought you resembled her from the moment I met you, but I didn't know you were actually June."

Joel: "Well, I knew who you were right away, from the very first day you came."

MC: "Really?"

Joel: "You're exactly the same as I remembered."

["I still look like a child?"]
["You've changed."]

MC: "So you mean, I still look like a child?"

Joel: "No, I didn't mean it like that. But the feeling I got around you was the same as before. Warm and pleasant like the sun..."

He reached over and gently touched my hair as he spoke. I felt my heart leap in my throat.

[PART 3]

MC: "But why did I forget everything about you? Even though we were such good friends, until I had those dreams, I totally didn't remember you."

Joel: "... Do you remember our promise?"

MC: "Our promise?"

Joel: "That one day, we'd go to the academy together."

MC: "Oh..."

Joel CG 2, sepia-tone

It was like a spark of light suddenly lit up and revived my memories.

Joel CG 2, full color

Young MC: "June, you're going to be a magic spellsinger when you grow up, aren't you?"

Joel CG 1

June: "Uh-huh."

Young MC: "Well then, I'm going to be a wizardess!"

June: "You are?"

Young MC: "Uh-huh! So, we can go to the academy and study together!"

June: "That'd be neat! I'd love to go to the academy with you, MC."

Young MC: "Let's go, together! It's a promise!"

June: "Promise..."

Scene: Forest and lake

MC: "So that's what you meant..."

Joel: "I've been waiting for you this whole time I've been at the academy. I thought it was my only hope of ever seeing you again. But when I suddenly lost my magic, I knew I'd get kicked out sooner or later. Then you finally came to me when I needed help the most."

MC: "Wow... How could I forget something so important?

Joel: "I guess you don't remember the other promise we made, do you?"

MC: "There was another?"

["I don't remember..."]
["I do remember!"]

MC: "Sorry.... I don't remember."

Joel: "It's all right. It's not your fault."

MC: "Was it an important one?"

Joel: "Well, I guess you could say yes and no... But, we'll leave it at that until you remember."

MC: "But..."

Joel: "Don't worry about it."

MC: "Okay..."

(I know he told me not to worry, but now I can't help it.)

[PART 4]

Joel: "More importantly, the tiny one's late."

MC: "Eress?"

Joel: "Yeah."

MC: "Could you start calling Eress by her name, if only for me?"

Joel: "I'll think about it."

MC: "She has a rotten mouth sometimes, but I think she sees that you're a really nice guy."

Joel: "I'm not though."

MC: "Hehe. That part of you hasn't changed a bit."

Joel: "Oh yeah?"

(Now that I think about it, June and Joel are exactly the same. That's how I've felt ever since the firsts time I've met him.)

Joel: "What? Is there something on my face?"

MC: "Huh?! Uh, no! It's nothing!"

Joel stared over at me and my heart thumped inside my ribcage. (Ack! Now I can't stop thinking about him!)

Eress: "I'm back!"

Eress returned to us.

MC: "Welcome back!"

Joel: "What happened?"

Eress: "It seems like my powers have grown weak again. The road could be hard to find, but if we've made it this far, we're already halfway there. So I think we should make camp here. This area seems to be safe enough."

MC: "Yeah, maybe you're right. Good. That means I can take a look at Joel's wounded hands."

Eress: "Then it's settled."

Joel: "I'll get started on a fire."

MC: "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Joel: "Yeah."

Joel started to pick up some firewood off the ground around us.

[PART 5]

Joel: "I'll get started on a fire."

MC: "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Joel: "Yeah."

Joel started to pick up some firewood off the ground around us.

MC: "But your hands! Let me take care of them first!"

Joel: "I'm fine. It's better to get the fire going first."

MC: "Then let me help!"

Joel: "Fine. See if you can collect some dry sticks."

Eress: "Guess I should help too."

And so Eress joined us picking up sticks off the ground. Due to her small size, holding a few in her arms made her wobble back and forth as she flew.

Joel: "I think this'll be enough."

Joel lit a match and ignited a bundle of tinder whose flames quickly grew.

MC: "Awesome! You're like an expert at this!"

Joel: "It's because I traveled so long with my father. I've camped so many times I lost count."

MC: "Then I guess you'd pick it up pretty quick."

Joel: "Yeah."

Eress: "*Yawn* I'm sleepy..."

MC: "Eress, you can go to sleep if you want."

Eress: "Yeah. I think I will."

After she said that, she crawled into my bag.

MC: "Hehe. I think she likes it in there. All right, let's have a look at those hands."

Joel: "Okay."

MC: "First, we need to get that bandage off you."

Joel removed the makeshift handkerchief bandage and held out his hands.

MC: "Looks painful."

Seeing his hands covered in wounds and dried blood made my heart ache.

MC: "I'm sorry. It was all my fault..."

Joel: "It's not. This happened because of my own choices."

MC: "Let's see if I can heal that for you. ..."

(Then again, I've never successfully casted a spell on a person before.)

[PART 6]

MC: "Let's see if I can heal that for you. ..."

(Then again, I've never successfully casted a spell on a person before.)

Joel: "Something wrong?"

MC: "Err, uh... I haven't actually casted a spell on a person before."

Joel: "Then forget it. It'll heal fine on its own."

MC: "Hey, wait! I still want to try!"

Joel: "..."

MC: "Don't look at me like that!"

Joel: "Please, just don't screw up."

MC: "I won't!"

(It'll be fine! If I just relax, I can do it! Probably...) I readied my wand and took a deep breath.

MC: "O scared wind, grant us a breeze and mend this wound. Sanatio Aura!"

As I waved my wand, a gentle wind stirred and wrapped around Joel's hands.

MC: "Oh!"

Then, his wounds disappeared right before my eyes.

MC: "I did it!"

Joel: "Looks like it."

MC: "Hurray!"

Without even thinking, I squeezed his hand.

MC: "You're all better!"

Joel: "... I guess you're just a touchy person by nature."

MC: "Huh?"

I looked down at our hands and quickly tried to pull mine away in embarrassment.

Joel: "Wait."

He demanded and grabbed my hands as if preventing my escape.

MC: "?!"

Joel: "Do you still think of me as a little girl that you used to know?"

["I don't!"]
["Well, I..."]

MC: "I don't! It's just, I remember you as my old friend June. So that's why I..."

Joel: "Well stop it."

MC: "That's easier said than done."

Joel: "Get it into your head that I'm no longer a little girl that you used to be with."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Of course, I am aware that you're not a little girl anymore. Plenty aware.) The fire snapped and crackled, throwing up sparks that disappeared into the night sky.

[PART 7]

The fire snapped and crackled, throwing up sparks that disappeared into the night sky.

Joel: "You must be tired. Why not try to sleep?"

MC: "Yeah..."

I lay next to Joel.

MC: "This ground is a little hard, don't you think?"

Joel: "Well, this isn't some grassy field, you know."

He laid his body next to mine.

MC: "Ugh... *Shiver*"

(The ground is so chilly, I'm getting a little cold here...)

Joel: "Are you cold?"

MC: "A little..."

Joel: "Cover yourself with my cloak."

He took off his cloak and threw it over me.

MC: "You can't! You must be cold too!"

Joel: "Don't worry about me, just take it."

MC: "Well, let's do this!"

I slid closer to Joel, taking off my own cloak to combine it with his and cover us both.

Joel CG 7

MC: "This way, we can both stay warm, right?"

Joel: "You..."

MC: "Huh?"

Joel CG 8

Just then, I noticed how close his face was to mine. My face turned bright red.

Joel: "You're never going to think of me as a matured man, are you?"

MC: "That's not true! It's just I--"

Joel: "I'm warning you, I can only control myself so far..."

MC: "What?!"

Joel CG 9

Just when he said those words, he wrapped his arms around me.

MC: "J-Joel?!"

Joel: "You really let your guard down this time."

MC: "Joel..."

My heart raced inside my chest. My body became warmer and warmer.

Joel: "Sorry."

Joel gently let go of me.

Joel: "I'll face the other way and sleep."

[PART 8] Joel: "I'll face the other way and sleep."

Joel CG 10

He said and turned his back towards me.

MC: "Oh, okay..."

(What is this? I feel lonely all of sudden...) My heart still pounding in my chest, I held the cloak tight. There was a period of silence in which the only thing I heard were the crackled of the burning fire.

Joel: "Still awake?"

MC: "Yeah."

Joel: "If I could have used my magic when you were trapped in that thorn cage, you would have been out in no time. But now, I'm pathetic."

MC: "Don't say that! You rescued me even though it hurt you, right?! You saved me without even using magic! So please, don't talk like that."

Joel: "It's just frustrating to not be able to use it like I always have. I want it back..."

MC: "I hope you get it back too. I bet you're a wonderful magic spellsinger."

Joel: "You know, MC... You're the reason I decided to become a magic spellsinger."

MC: "Really?"

Joel: "Becoming a magic spellsinger is part of my family heritage from ages ago. It was only natural for me to take it up as the next in line. But inside, I never felt like that was good enough of a reason... When I saw you crying that day, I made a promise to myself. I would become a powerful magic spellsinger so I could protect you. I'd become one so you'd never have to cry again, MC..."

MC: "I cried..."

[PART 9]

Scene: White

I recalled a distant memory. When I lost my parents , stricken with grief, I spent my days crying all the time. June, the one who stood with me through that difficult time, was actually Joel.

Joel CG 2

MC: "*Sob* ... *Whimper*..."

I was a child, crying under a large tree.

Joel: "Why are you crying?"

MC: "My mom and dad... I'll never see them again... They went away without me..."

Joel: "That's so sad..."

MC: "Why did they leave me all alone?"

Joel CG 1

Joel: "It'll be okay, MC. I'm here... I won't leave you."

MC: "Really?"

Joel: "Yeah. We'll be together forever."

MC: "...Thanks."

Joel: "Let's make a promise."

MC: "A promise..."

Scene: Briar Forest

MC: "That's right... She stayed with me the whole time when I lost my mother and father..."

(How could I forget something so important?)

Joel: "The memory of that day became the foundation of who I am today. I had no idea I meant so much to you."

My heart swelled with happiness. Tears started to form in the corners of my eyes.

MC: "Thank you, Joel."

Joel: "Hey, MC."

MC: "Yeah?"

Joel: "When I get my magic back and you get admitted into the academy... ...I want to talk about that promise you forgot. So just wait until then."

MC: "Okay?"

(My forgotten promise... What in the world could it be?)

[PART 10]

Scene: Forest, daylight

The next day...

MC: "How far do we have to walk?"

Eress: "Stop complaining and move your feet!"

MC: "You're one to talk. You can fly, Eress."

Eress: "Excuse me! Flapping these wings is super tiring!"

Joel: "Oh? It's not easy?"

Eress: "It's just as hard as your walking?"

Joel: "You're a tough cookie, surprisingly."

Eress: "What do you mean by that?!"

MC: "Come on now! Don't fight!"

Joel: "How about giving it another shot, Miss Bug?"

Eress: "I told you already, I'm not a bug! Geez! ...I hope Fairy Road is near this time. Just give me a second!"

Eress fluttered her wings. Then, particles of light gathered together in the form of a gate.

Eress: "I did it! And I'm certain this is the last Fairy Road!"

MC: "Finally!"

Joel: "Let's go."

MC: "All right!"

Scene: Tree of Knowledge

After passing through Fairy Road, we found ourselves at the base of an overwhelmingly large tree. It was so large that I had never seen anything like it. I even had to tkae a step back in order to see the whole thing.

MC: "Awesome! We made it to the Tree of Knowledge!"

Joel: "So, how do we ask it a question?"

Eress: "Well, it's sleeping if I'm not mistaken. Let me try something!"

Eress flew off towards the tree and entered a tiny crevice. Then...


MC: "What the?! That's not exactly polite now is it!"

Joel: "Well, what did you expect from a bug?"

Then, the ground started to shake.

MC: "What's happening?!"


MC: "What the?! That's not exactly polite now is it!"

Joel: "Well, what did you expect from a bug?"

Then, the ground started to shake.

MC: "What's happening?!"

???: "Who has awoken me?"

The voice was so deep and loud that it made the ground tremble.

MC: "So... it really was asleep after all."

Joel: "I guess she pulled it off then."

Eress: "Tree of Knowledge, we have come because we need your guidance."

Tree of Knowledge: "Regarding what?"

MC: "Um! My friend Joel here has lost his magic!"

Tree of Knowledge: "Oh, this young man?"

Joel: "Yes."

MC: "Do you know how he can get it back?"

Tree of Knowledge: "Hmm... His magic was not lost by natural means. Someone has taken it from him."

Joel: "So, someone stole it?"

Tree of Knowledge: "The quickest way to recover your magic is to confront the being who has taken it."

Joel: "But, who would have stolen it from me?"

Tree of Knowledge: "The answer is within your heart. *Yawn* I have listened to your question. Now, I shall go back to sleep..."

Eress: "W-Wait a minute! What about me?! I've completely lost my memory!"

Tree of Knowledge: "If you stick with your friends, you shall find your answer... *Yawn*"

Eress: "What kind of help is that?! Hey!"

Tree of Knowledge: "..."

MC: "Did he fall asleep again?"

Eress: "It's no use now. If he's gone to sleep, he'll be out of it until tomorrow... He only wakes up once a day."

Joel: "Hey! You should have told us that beforehand!"

Eress: "Don't blame me! I've lost my memory, you know!"

MC: "Well, I guess he'll be no more help today."

Joel: "But, at least we've made progress. Now we know there's someone out there that stole my magic."

MC: "Yeah. He said it didn't happen by natural causes."

Joel: "If I can just find who did it and demand they give it back..."

MC: "Your magic will return to normal! Hope is in sight!"

Joel: "Yeah, thanks to you, MC."

["I didn't do anything."]

MC: "Right?!"

Joel: "But don't let it go to your head."

He gave me a soft bump on the head as he said so.

MC: "Hehe."

Joel: "I can't believe you."

Joel shook his head in wonder and smiled as well.

Eress: "Are you sure you two aren't flirting?"

[PART 12] MC: "I'm just glad Eress got some help too."

Joel: "If you stick with us, you'll find your answer, huh?"

Eress: "I guess I'm stuck with you guys for a little longer... Not that I want to, but what choice do I really have?"

MC: "Gee, maybe a little too honest?"

Joel: "That's just how she is."

Eress: "What do you mean by that?!"

MC: "Hey, Joel. What about you? Do you have some kind of an idea who the thief could be?"

Joel: "If I knew, this wouldn't be so tough."

Eress: "Oh! That's right!"

MC: "What?"

Eress: "Wait a second!"

Image: Tarot cards

Eress pulled out my tarot cards from my bag.

Scene: Tree of Knowledge

MC: "You brought those with you?"

Eress: "They make a good base for my bed!"

MC: "Don't make a bed with my tarot cards!"

Eress: "Listen! Why don't you try a one card tarot reading?"

MC: "Should I?"

Joel: "Why not?"

MC: "I placed the cards on top of a nearby stump.

I then mixed the cards around and after asking who stole Joel's magic in my head, I flipped over a card.

MC: "There. What does this card mean?"

Joel: "It's the Magician card."

MC: "Oh, yeah! The Magician!"

Eress: "Didn't know, did you?"

MC: "Ugh..."

Eress: "Anyway, what does the Magician card mean?"

Joel: "In the regular position, it means creativity and concentration."

MC: "Hmm?"

Joel: "Try it again."

MC: "What? Once more? Am I allowed to do that?"

Joel: "You can when the Reading target changes. Look, just try it again."

MC: "Here goes nothing..."

Just as he asked, I shuffled the cards one more time and drew one.

MC: "This is..."

Joel: "It's the Sun."

Eress: "In the regular position, huh."

Joel: "It means life, glory, and those kinds of meanings. I don't get it... Do it again."

MC: "O-Okay..."

[PART 13]

At his request, I shuffled the cards one more time and picked.

MC: "Next is..."

Joel: "...The Fool."

MC: "Oh! I saw this one before so I knew what it means!"

Eress: "Weird. Even thought we're Reading for the same thing, we keep getting different cards."

Joel: "You noticed?"

MC: "What?"

Eress: "If you're using tarot cards to make predictions about the same thing, the result should be the same every time."

MC: "Then why?"

Joel: "Let's line up the cards you picked and look at them."

MC: "Got it."

I lined up the drawn cards side-by-side.

Joel: "So what do these cards have in common?"

Eress: "There should be something."

MC: "Hmm..."

Joel: "But, even the meanings are completely different..."

(What could it be? What could link all these cards to be the thief?)

[The Sun]
[No Relation]

MC: "Oh..."

Eress: "What? Did you notice something?"

MC: "Flowers!"

Joel: "What about flowers?"

MC: "Here, look! The Magician card has roses, right? And then, the Sun card has sunflowers. And finally, the Fool has flowers in his hand!"

Eress: "But, how does that pattern even help us find whoever took his magic?!"

MC: "I don't know. I don't even know what the cards mean."

Joel: "Wait, hold on."

Eress: "What is it?"

Joel: "Flowers... If I remember right, the day before I lost my magic, I picked up a strange, wilted flower..."

[PART 14]

Joel: "Flowers... If I remember right, the day before I lost my magic, I picked up a strange, wilted flower..."

MC: "A wilted flower?"

Joel: "It was a strange find that I never saw in that area before."

Eress: "You think your magic has some sort of connection with that flower?"

Joel: "Well, I don't know. But that's all I can think of that has to do with flowers..."

MC: "Then it probably has some sort of significance."

Joel: "Yeah."

Eress: "Well, I bet MC just screwed up the Reading."

MC: "Hey! Though, that's a definite possibility..."

Joel: "Anyway, I don't think there's anything left for us here. Let's head back to the academy."

MC: "Right."

Joel: "Then again, we have to use that road again, don't we?"

Eress: "There's no way around it! If we don't you'll miss curfew!"

MC: "Whew..."

Scene: Forest, daylight.
Scene: Forest, sunset.
Scene: Path to the forest, sunset.

MC: "We made it back... Somehow..."

Joel: "That was cutting it close."

???: "Not close enough."

MC: "?!"

Joel: "?!"

Suddenly, we head a voice come from behind us. When we turned around... ...standing there was Prefect Klaus and Professor Schuyler.

Klaus: "Stay out overnight without permission is a grievous breach of the rules."

Schuyler: "Let's hear your explanation."

MC: "Uh oh..."


Klaus: "I will be in charge of the preview as Joel can't make it today. Why not, you ask? His outrageous breach of the academy rules! This is something that cannot be overlooked. He must carefully reflect on his actions."

Elias: "Um, excuse me, brother."

Klaus: "Elias? What are you doing here?"

Elias: "I heard you couldn't handle the preview all by yourself."

Klaus: "What?! Preposterous! Just who in the world told you that?"

Elias: "I don't know, but they had a big presence."

Klaus: "A big presence?"

Elias: "They said to hurry up and get on with the preview or else."

Klaus: "I get the feeling I better listen to them... Next time, it's 'The Plucked Flower'."

Day 7: The Plucked Flower

[PART 1]

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