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The Item Shop is were players can buy some of the Consumable Items items and exclusive avatar packs with the game Currency Systems.

This article page will only list fixed items. Special packs and collection items (e.g. Stars, Bonbons, etc) are temporary. For special packs see their respective event's page.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Item Shop, in-game, is divided in 2 areas: "Buy with Coins" and "Buy with Lune." Each sections can be sorted into: All, Story Tickets, Recovery Items, Romance Point, Storage, Magic Grade, Love Meter and Other.

In game, before buying anything, check the temporary promotional packages for price comparison.

List[edit | edit source]

Name/Description Image Pack Price
Magic Key.

Spin-off item used to pass Magic Challenges (Checkpoints).

Item keypoint.png x1 100 Coins or 1,000 Lune
Item keypoint 005.png x5 450 Coins *Save 50 Coins*
Item keypoint 010.png x10 850 Coins *Save 150 Coins*

Increase the Dresser space for more avatar item (Room).

Item dresser.png x1 5,000 Lune
Item dresser 03.png x3 90 Coins
Item dresser 10.png x10 270 Coins *Save 30Coins*
Item dresser 20.png x20 500 Coins *Save 100Coins*
Item dresser 30.png x30 750 Coins *Save 150Coins*
Storage House.

Increase the Storage House space for more avatar items (Garden)

Item storage.png x1 5,000 Lune
Item storage 05.png x5 150 Coins
Item storage 10.png x10 270 Coins *Save 30Coins*
Magic Grade.

Item to increase Magic Grade used in Checkpoints.

Item princess 500.png (+500pt) 200 Coins
Item princess 1000.png (+1000pt) 350 Coins *Save 50Coins*
Item princess 3000.png (+3000pt) 1,000 Coins *Save 200Coins*
Romance Point.

Raise Romance Point, used in Slot Events and Make a Date.

Item gacha 200.png (2000pt) 500 Lune
Item gacha 500.png (500pt) 150 Coins
Item gacha 1000.png (1000pt) 275 Coins *Save 25Coins*
Item gacha 2000.png (2000pt) 550 Coins *Save 50Coins*
Item gacha 3000.png (3000pt) 750 Coins *Save 150Coins*
Item gacha 5000.png (5000pt) 1,200 Coins *Save 300Coins*
Item gacha 10000.png (10000pt) 2,300 Coins *Save 700Coins*

Raise Intimacy Level (IL), used to choose a Mystery Series' route ending.

Aruenaristy.png x1 (Raise 7 IL) 100 Coins
Item lovefeather 05.png x5 (Raise 35 IL) 450 Coins *Save 50Coins*
Elias' Classic Muffin.

Fully Recover Power for Extra Curriculum.

Item goldpo.png x1 150 Coins
Luca's Spicy Macaroon.

Recover Power by 50 for Extra Curriculum.

Item silverpo.png x1 100 Coins
Story Ticket.

Read a episode.

Item storyticket exch.png 1/4 (x4 to make x1) 150 Lune
Item storyticket.png x1 150 Coins
Item storyticket 005.png x5 700 Coins *Save 50Coins*
Item storyticket 010.png x10 1,350 Coins *Save 150Coins*
Item storyticket 020.png x20 2,700 Coins *Save 300Coins*

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the game first started, Gedonelune Medal used to be sold by Lune as well, yet, this was removed some years ago. Now is sold in temporary events, being around 300 coins per Medal (x1).
  • Sometimes, in-game, Special Events with discount run near Black Friday.
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