The same spells can be used with various ways of saying the incantations, for example, more advanced wizards would not need to say, "O great wind, become a blade! 'Acies Ventos'!" instead, they can use the shortened form: "Acies Ventos".

The following list was classified from A to Z with their names/short version.

Acies VentosEdit

Full Incantation: "O great wind, become a blade! 'Acies Ventos'!"

Aperio PortalEdit

Full Incantation: "Door before me, I command thee to open! 'Aperio Portal'!"

Apareo SpeculumEdit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Summons a large mirror.

Apareo UmbraEdit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Used to summon umbras, a type of humanoid shadows which personality varies depending of the user.

(_) CleskoEdit

Full Incantation: "O ____, I command you to grow! '____ Clesko'!"
Description: Causes an item to grow in size. In order for the spell to be used correctly, you must use the name of the object then add 'Clesko'.

Flama FlamioEdit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Can light candles, and is a type of fire spell that doesn't burn.

Funus CaptisEdit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Creates chains of light that wraps and entangles the target.


Full Incantation: ?
Description: Create fangs off ice to grab hold of the target feet. It spreads life-like across the floor, the target legs get frozen in place, making it unable to move.[1]

Gratia CitiusEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description:Make objects move faster and on its "own" (according to the wizard wish).[2]

Globus AquaEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description: Creates water balls.

Globus FlauEdit

Full Incantation: "O flames, invoke an inferno and engulf my enemies! Globus Flau!"
Description: Throws fire balls.

Globus LumenEdit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Creates rays of light, which can form whips and attack.

Inn manus taos commend spiritum memeEdit

Full Incantation: "I entrust my soul into your hands. Inn manus taos commend spiritum meme."
Description: Send Alter Ego back to the World of Mirror. First the alter ego and the real one must stand inside a magic circle, then another person must cast the spell and and give the real one a big hug. If the one who cast the spell made the right choice the alter ego will disappear, however, if the wrong choice is made, the real one will disappear and the alter ego will take their place.[3]

Invocation! (_)!Edit

Full Incantation: ?
Description: Invoke Magical Creatures. The wizard must draw a magical circle, recite the incantation and afterwards the creature's name that will be invoked, e.g. "Invocation! Carbuncle!". The Magical Circle can be done beforehand in a paper or in a magical tool.[1]

Ira TonitrusEdit

Full Incantation: "Oh lightning, I command thee to smite my foe! 'Ira Tonitrus'!"
Description: Creates a streak of lightning.

Lana PuruitEdit

An klausbd3 he Lana Puruit Frog

Lana Puruit Frog

Full Incantation: "Flood thy heart with kindness! 'Lana Puruit'!"
Description: This spell is a prank, instead of making the target kinder to you it summons a frog.[4]
Etymology: From Latin, "Puruit" comes from "purus" that means pure, while depending on the derivation, "Lāna" can mean either wool or frog ("rāna").[5][6]

Levis PullmaEdit

Full Incantation: "O power that resides within, lift that ____ and bring it to me! 'Levis Pullma!'" For Magical Cooking it was used: "O unseen wings, take me to the skies! 'Levis Pullma'!"[2]
Description: Lift subjects.[7]

Liber DucereEdit

Full Incantation: "Guide us into the writen world! 'Liber Ducere'!"
Description: Used to enter a book world.[8]

Lunae Papillio - Videre/WaraeEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description:It shows the Moonlight butterflies for those who can't see them. As an exhausting spell it can only be done briefly. Once casting "Lunae Papillio", from the wand thin threads of light appear and gradually grow thicker, afterwards the wizard must approach near the person's eyes to say "Videre" to finish the spell. Saying “Warae” near the same person's eyes, a fain burst of light follows the words removing the spell.
Etymology: From Latin derivations: lūna (moon), palilio (butterfly), videō (to see, i see). From Japanese: Warae is a conjugation from Warau (to laugh), Warau itself derives from the verb Waru (to split, to break, to crack).[9][10]
Note: Some people are able to see the Moonlight Butterflies without any help, while with others it takes some training.[11]

Magia FlauEdit

Full Incantation: "O great power, dwell within mine hand and form a shield! 'Magia Flau'!"
Description: Creates a shield of howling flames.

Magia KeraEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description: Seals the magical power of the target.

Magia RepperoEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description: Reflects the magical spell towards its user

Memoria Armitt-Edit

Full Incantation:?
Description:Is a memory erasing spell.
Seen/Mentioned: It was used by Glenn Qing.

Merum TerraEdit

Full Incantation: "O earth, rumble in fury! 'Merum Terra'!"

Quines VentosEdit

Full Incantation: "O healing winds, carry my friend to safe harbor! Quine Ventos!"
Description: "Hold the patients firmly in place using Wind Magic while repositioning them to a safer place."[12]

Quies VentosEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description: Used to end wind spells.

Ree HoraEdit

Full Incantation: "Grant this water the power to turn back time! 'Ree Hora'!"


Full Incantation:?
Description: It undo/redirect subjects from invocation magic.[1]

Sabo AquaEdit

Full Incantation: "O water, turn spherical in accordance with my command! Sabo Aqua!"
Description: Can make bubbles by using a water spell. A translucent bubble float of the wand and glide into the air, it can be moved around, but as soon as the wizard concentration ends the bubble will pop.[13]

Sagitta LumenEdit

Full Incantation: "O sacred light, become a piercing arrow! 'Sagitta Lumen'!"
Description: Offensive magic that projects an arrow in the direction it's cast.

Sanatio AquaEdit

Full Incantation: "O sacred water, mend this wound with thy cleansing power. 'Sanatio Aqua'!"
Description: Uses the element of water to heal wounds. This magic prevents wounds infections, for it cleans the wound internally then it heals it.

Sanatio AuraEdit

Full Incantation: "O sacred wind, grant us a breeze and mend this wound! 'Sanatio Aura'!"
Description: Uses wind to heal superficial wounds. This healing spell do not prevent infections.

Scuntum AquaEdit

Full Incantation:?
Description: Creates a water barrier.

Scuntum VentosEdit

Full Incantation: "O wind, form a wall and become a shield! 'Scutum Ventos'!"
Description: This spell creates a wind barrier that acts as a shield.

Supesman MundiEdit

Full Incantation: "I command thee to return to thine true form! 'Supesman Mundi'!"
Description: Its a dispelling to return subjects summoned from a magical book. The subject glows brightly, then slowly fades until it vanish from sight.[11]

Transeo HoraEdit

Full Incantation: "Grant this water the power to advance time! 'Transeo Hora'!"
Description: ?

Turbo VentosEdit

Full Incantation: "Rise, O winds of fury, and unleash a vortex. Turbo Ventos"
Description: Creates a tiny tornado with wind magic.[4]

Wideo ProcleEdit

Full Incantation: "I command thee, reveal lands far away! 'Wideo Procle'!"
Description: ?

Whirlus AquaEdit

Full Incantation: "Become a blade and slice my enemy! Whirlus Aqua!"[12]


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