Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy is where all the Mystery Series/Seasons stories take place.


From In-game glossary:

"An academic institution established by the Three Mages, who were ordered by the First King to train new wizards. The academy is said to be the most competitive to get enrolled. The headmaster is Randolph, the great wizard. Students, who have potentials to be wizards, are selected from applicants and receive 'provisional' Acceptance Letters to the academy. Within 13 days of trial period, the Scale of Judgement determines if each student is eligible to attend the academy. About 1,000 students in their teens to 20's are attending at this boarding academy."[1]


The academy teach topics such as: Magical Theory, Magic Spells, Magical Creatures, Plants, Magical Tools and about others countries and cities like Gedonelune Kingdom, Hinomoto, etc. Students must obey the academy's rules like curfew, and are forbidden to places like the Dark Forest and Gedonelune Town on lesson days.


The academy staff is composed of a single headmaster, who is also able to give classes, few teachers and prefects who are students elected to help the academy and the others students, sometimes giving classes as well.

Class System

Gedonelune Academy is divided in two forms: the Day Class and the Night Class.

The Day Students are divided in four different classes: Fortitudo, Potestas, Vir Ingeniosus (also called: Will Ingenious) and Serpenteer (also: Sapientia), and students are located in them depending on their magical abilities and powers.

  • Students in Fortitudo: Liz (MC), Elias, Luca, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy, Vincent (visiting student), Cerim and Leon (in his route and Cerim's).
  • Students in Potestas: Amelia and Guy.
  • Students in Vir Ingeniosus (Will Ingenious): Joel and Leon (in Alfonse's route).
  • Students in Serpenteer (Sapientia): Scarlett and Augustus.

The Night Class was a secret until the sixth season when new headmaster Rembrandt decided to make it public for the Academy. It's unknown if the Night Class is also divided like the Day Class.

Buddy System

Academy badge

Academy Badge

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The buddy system is..

From season 6 forward the buddy system was not seen or mentioned again.


Leon full

Original first uniform

The academy is not very strict with how the uniform must be worn.[2]

All students use the academy uniforms, however, not all parts of the uniforms are used by the students. In addition to that, some students also change parts of it, mostly in waistcoat and shoes, yet, there is no confirmation to some of those divergences being variations of the official uniform or just style added by the students themselves.

At the dorms and days without classes, students are shown not using the uniforms.

Bellow, will be presented only the uniforms confirmed as completely official, without possibilities of addition of style by the students. For each variation check the respective character gallery.


Made approximately two thousand years ago, the first uniform was mostly white with details of blue, gold etc, and consist of: coat, jacket, waistcoat, shirt, pants and social shoes. The coat is blue inside and white outside. The jacket is red inside and white outside. There is no girl original/first uniform shown so far.

Now days

Elias fullbody

Common Uniform

Day Class:

Common: Mostly with shades of blue and dark blue with details in gold and red, it consist of: white shirt and waistcoat, blue coat, jacket, boots, and pants (or white skirt).

Liz full body

Prefect and Common uniforms

Prefect: From seasons 1 to 5 the Boys' prefect uniform is similar to the common uniform but with small details in the jacket and a black coat instead of blue. From Season 6 forward the uniform consist of a gray shirt, white jacket and coat, gray skirt/pants and black belt with gold buckle.

In both common and prefect uniforms, is the same design for both girls and boys, the only differences are generally of skirt vs. pants or tie vs. bow.

Night Class: Mostly black with details in blue and silver, it consist of: white shirt and black coat, robe, pants, boots and belt. The coat is blue inside and black outside. So far there is no specification about the Night Class prefect uniform.

Campus and Facilities

The academy stays in Gedonelune Kingdom and is said to be "a towering castle above the trees on the other side of a spring" with three buildings standing out: the main building, the girls' dorm and the boys' dorm, both located in the same area.[3] According to Leon's route, no one but a student or staff member can enter the Academy. It can be presumed that anyone who enters without permission, the headmaster is immediately alerted.



The auditorium was described to be a cavernous huge hall with high domed ceiling, an altar and structure like a cathedral.

Academy events and ceremonies usually take place there, for all students of the academy seem to fit inside.

On top of the altar stay the Scale of Judgement, a magical scale for the ceremony which determines if provisional students are eligible to officially enroll the academy on the final day of their trial period.[3]

Botanical Garden


The botanical garden is located on the east side of the campus of the academy and is the place where students pass through on the way between the dormitories and the main building for classes.

All sorts of plants and flowers are in full bloom throughout the year and seasons and has become a place for relaxation and refreshment for many students.


Tumblr nkzhqnrIhp1updkwqo2 1280

There are two dormitories on Gedonelune Academy. Each dormitory door was imbued magic so that only girls enter at the girls dorm and boys at the boys dorm, with the exception of the dorm mother. Both buildings are quite similar on the outside and inside at the main hall. A copy of the dormitory rules are available at each desk inside the dorms rooms.[3]

At the Girls Dorm, the main hall contains a large pendulum clock, the rooms have red carpet, salmon walls with navy blue curtains at the windows and floral bedspreads. At the Boys Dorm the rooms are more simpler with white blankets and wood floor with no carpet on.

It's revealed in the Sixth Season that the Night Class also have dormitories. But according to Hiro's explanation they seem more like apartments than common dormitories. He describes he has to share a bathroom, living room and kitchen with Zeus, but each has his own bedrooms. And they can have either boys or girls as visitors at any hour, no restricted curfew. Liz however kind of complains of how much different the Day and Night Class are, since she has to share her bedroom with her roomie (not that she minds much because she's her best friend) and the bathroom, lobby, dinning room and kitchen are common rooms. And they have strict curfews and boy's are not allowed in the girl's dorms and vice versa.


Dark Forest - Contains the Crystal Cave.

East Forest - From in-game glossary: "An ocean of foliage under a powerful spell, which confuses the people who enter there." This forest contains the Tower of Sorrow "A tower in the deep East Forest. On the top floor, there is the Dragon of Time, which has been petrified." Containing the mausoleum of the Dragon of Time (which is enshrined in the top floor), students are forbidden to go to this forest.[4] In Randy's main route, when Headmaster Randolph is giving a lecture on History of Magic, he decides to focus in Gedonelune's foundation. He mentions that "The Tower of Sorrow, guarded by the Three Mages, is located deep in the East Forest, [which] has been enchanted by the Three Mages to confuse and misdirect people who have stepped in there. So [no one] can go to the Tower of Sorrow that easily. If [someone] does step in, [they] may be dragged in by the strong magical power."

The Northern Forest Valley - From in-game glossary: "A calm beautiful forest unlike the East Forest."[4]



The academy greenhouse was described to be encased in a transparent crystal glass, with benches and green leaves into every last corner, lesser in the center being brighter there. Humid and warm inside, it grows all sorts of exotic and rare magical plants filling the room in a sweet aroma. At night the strong flowery scent in the air is replaced by a fruity smell of citrus.

The greenhouse magic door was described as "He" and is able to speak and sleep. Under the headmaster’s magic the door is in charge of locking the greenhouse at nightfall and to open again at seven in the morning.[3] In Klaus's main route, Klaus tells the MC about a girl ghost who is said to come into the greenhouse during night time only.

Headmaster's Office/Room

Headmaster office

From in-game Glossary:

"An office room for the headmaster. It is said that a female ghost appears there at night."[4]

This office, room, it's where the Headmasters works. It has a dragon statue in the background, a desk with a glowing lamp and portraits of possibly the previous headmasters as well as plants framed under the portraits. And apparently it also has a fireplace. When Rembrandt becomes the new headmaster he reveals he has a private spiral staircase storage room underneath the office where he keeps a lot of personal items there.


From in-game Glossary:

"Containing a huge collection of books; the chances of meeting Elias here are high."[4]

Main Building

Tumblr nl63u9rPFN1updkwqo1 1280

The main building is where classes take place inside and outside at the front garden. Inside the main building it also stays the Headmaster Office, the Prefect Office, professors and guest rooms and others facilities. The Main Building is directly connected with the academy Auditorium, Botanical Garden and Green House.

Night Cafe


It's revealed in Season 6 that there's a cafe that kind of resembles a pub, where the students of the Night Class tend to hang out. One of the peculiarities that it has it's that it can conjuer up whatever you wanted to drink in your imagination, whether it's alcoholic or not. It's supposed to be a relaxing area for all Night Class students can have a rest, but Liz notes that it's mainly under Zeus' control.

Underground Labyrinth

It's said to be a cursed labyrinth created by the Daylight King to trap Lucious, the prince of his enemy kingdom. It's also mentioned that it resembles the Daylight Kingdom and it was constructed by The House of Baroque Court Wizards. According to Headmaster Rembrandt, the Star Sapphire was used to make the undergound labyrinth. It's said that all who enter the labyrinth are doomed to wander there for all eternity as it's a magic place where time stops and it's a trap built for no one to find the exit ever. The only way to get in and out of there is through special objects that have guiding magic, such as Zeus and Hiro's earrings. The labyrinth is so wide and huge that there are other location within it such as a Graveyard, the Lake of Insanity (where the Armor Breaker was found by Hiro), a train station (the entrance to the labyrinth), a castle (where Lucious spends most of his time), and even some underground caves where apparently sleeps the Raging Wizardess. In Season 6, Zeus' route it's mentioned that it also had a guardian, the Minotaur, and Prince Lucious had to runaway for a very long time until in the same route, the prefects fight and destroy the beast, freeing Lucious, at least of one of the labyrinth's danger.


  • In the academy map given by the Acceptance Letter none of the buildings had their name written on it.[3]
  • In The Performing Festival event spin-off, a play was performed by Gedonelune students and told the tale of how Gedonelune Kingdom was founded.[5]
  • It's mentioned in one of the Spin-offs that the Academy has a sister school in the port town, Woowick.
  • Due to the labyrinth where Lucious was captured is in the Academy and it's mentioned this labyrinth was an exact copy of the Daylight Kingdom, then it can be presumed that the Daylight Kingdom is the land where the Dragon of Time and the First King built the Gedonelune Kingdom.
  • In the game Love Tangle, in an event, its said that buddies are chosen by the headmaster with a glowing orb that stays in the center of the headmaster office.


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