Gedonelune Kingdom, commonly known as just Gedonelune, is a monarchy with a Ministry of Magic. All Mystery Series from Wizardess Heart happens inside this kingdom and is know to be vast with many neighboring countries and kingdoms.[1]


Gedonelune name is a portmanteau, a blend of words combined into a new word.

Lune derives from the Latin Luna and means "moon".

Gedone is unclear its official derivation. The rōmaji げどう (gedō) derives from the Sanskrit Tīrthika and refers to any doctrine which "treads the outer path" to enlightenment. It could also mean: supernatural, paranormal or extraordinary. While, the Old English gedōn (gidōn in Old Saxon) could mean: to do, to reach etc. "Ne" or "E" are used in used in manifold languages and are generally particles. It can be used for connection (as seen in Latin based languages), question as in to confirm something (as seen in Japanese), etc.

Together some of the translations to "Gedonelune" could be "The Outer Path to Enlightenment of/in the Moon", "Supernatural Moon", "To Reach the Moon", etc.


Gedonelune foundation story was not much expound inside the Mystery Series routes, most of it was revealed in The Performing Festival event spin-off. However in season 7 "The Poetry of Space-Time" Mystery series it's mentioned some of the pre-history of Gedonelune foundation.

Headmaster Rembrandt explains to his prefects: "Long ago, before the First King descended onto this land it was ruled over by the Dragonkins." and apparently there are ruins of this race in the kingdom as a reminiscence of that time. And he mentions that due to being superior in intelligence and magical power, the Dragonkins constructed an advanced civilization born of powerful science and magic. However, the wizards at the time feared the Dragonkins elite and were afraid that they would take over their position and the world would be under the claw of the Dragonkins. Due to this fear, the wizards sealed the Dragonkins deep underground and in the far reaches of the sky. As a result, there were only a few Dragonkins left.

In the spin-off it was introduced the Kingdom foundation anniversary. The whole kingdom celebrates it, from bakers, carpenters, barbers, wizards and many others, all get the day off. The parades and festivals were held everywhere in full celebration mood as the biggest annual event in Gedonelune, men and women of all ages looked forward to it and a play was performed by students from Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, telling the tale of Gedonelune foundation. The tale focused in the First King Siegfried, the Wizardess Claudia and the Dragon of Time Hugo and their love triangle.[2]

"This is a story of the Gedonelune Kingdom's Foundation. It is the story that happened two thousand years ago from now. One day, the Dragon of Time, Hugo, led the First King, Siegfried, to an uncultivated land of Gedonelune. In the preparation to cultivate the new land, Siegfried proposed marriage to a beautiful young wizardess, Claudia.

Claudia, however, couldn't accept Seigfried's proposal because she secretly admired the Dragon of Time, Hugo. But it was forbidden to love one another for dragons and humans crossing their tribes.

In the new land of Gedonelune, which had hidden yet strong magical power, Siegfried declared the foundation of his kingdom. Having seen the kingdom's foundation with his own eyes, Hugo became aware of his presence that would obstruct the bond of love between Siegfried and Claudia. Thus, he petrified himself, leaving a promise to protect Gedonelune forever with his own magic power. Knowing the faithful and royal heart of his best friend, Siegfried was devastated by his sorrow.
Despaired with the sorrow of the King and the petrification of the dragon, who she had secretly admired, Claudia put herself into a deep sleep in despair. What woke Claudia from her despairing slumber was Siegfried's affectionate kiss filled with his true love. In the end, Claudia woke from the eternal sleep to realize the profound love of Siegfried and accepted his marriage proposal."[2]



The first government was conducted by the First King Siegfried, the Dragon of Time Hugo and the Three Mages. Now, from the game timeline, most matters are delivered to the Ministry of Magic and its Knights.

Part of all government members include:

  • Gedonelune royal family: First King Siegfried, First Queen Claudia, Princess Aulelia, her son Luciano Orudeus.
  • Royal Advisor Conrad Schuyler (formerly).
  • Ministry of Magic entities.
  • The Three Mages: For the past 2000 years, three of the mos powerful wizards have been chosen to protect the Tower of Sorrow. Headmaster Randolph and Professor Schyuler are the only Mages known so far.

Foreign relations

According to some routes and spin-offs, there are other kingdoms and countries either close or far away, in conflict with Gedonelune Kingdom be it politically, in sports or others.

  • Hinomoto: Despite Hinomoto and Gedonelune Kingdom connection with exchange students, both have very delicate relationship. As seen in routes, is expound that pursuing anyone inside Hinomoto would cause diplomatic issues.[3] Some citizens from Hinomoto in Gedonelune include Azusa Kuze and Hiro Tachibana ancestors.
  • Queensblade: In the spin-off "Get Physical 2018" it's revealed that Gedonelune and Queensblade have a nice relationship, competing every year in the Joint Sport Event in Queensblade City. As mentioned by Leslie, Queensblade is know to win every archery competition, with some of its other sports being swordsmanship and survival games. However in Caesar's route is revealed that Gedonelune is going to war with this country.


  • Bellflower Ridge - A town with cherry blossoms.
  • Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy - Its a school know to be the most prestigious in the kingdom.[4][1]
  • Gedonelune Town - Stays near the Royal M. Academy.
    • Forgotten City - part of Gedonelune Town, unknown or not acknowledged by it.
  • Gedonelune Train Station - Connects the Royal M. Academy with the Ministry of Magic and others places.
  • Golden Desert Oasis -
  • Forest of Life Town - It is a small town which is located inside a forest.
  • Ministry of Magic - Responsible for most matters in the kingdom.
  • Reitz - A small village to the countryside of Gedonelune.[1]
  • Stiwasta -
  • Ilgatto
  • Lunaria Town - It is a small town it often holds the moon festival.
  • Tolmes Town - This town has a large castle, which is said that a witch built many years ago.
  • Putaran Town - It is a town where magical beasts live, such as chimera, Nue's and many more.
  • Veda Town - This village is small, said that the wizards of old go here.
  • Woowick - A small port town in northern Gedonelune.
  • Queensblade:


  • In-game it was implied that Gedonelune follows a Constitutional monarchy, still, this information has yet to be officially confirmed.
  • There's a newspaper called "The Gedonelune Times" and it's the most well-read paper in all the kingdom. The chief editor is Huey McGregor and he often assigns MC to be a special reporter for the paper, mostly due to her connections with the person of interest he has chosen for his next front page article. MC finds him quite strange and sometimes he bullies her or coerces her to work for him through some kind of bargain, mostly things the MC might want, like an autograph from her favorite writer or sweets from a famous pastry shop.


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