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For You I Will - top head 01
For You I Will was a Spin-off event that ran from March 19 to 29, of 2018, and was based in Elias Goldstein's birthday.


SWD 556

NTT. Solmare's Facebook announcement:

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #556]
-Event announcement by Yukiya, Elias, Luca-
Yukiya “Elias, what do you want for your birthday?”
Elias “Are you going to celebrate with me?”
Yukiya “Of course. We’re friends.”
Luka “I will celebrate, too. The best present must be an intimate time with your girlfriend, right?!”
Yukiya “Luka makes an effort for Elias. That’s surprising.”
Luca “Count on me! I will bring a sauna, very hot one on that day!”
Elias “I was so stupid to trust your words, even for once.”[1]


Were made for this event:

  • 1 story, with 3 chapters.
  • 1 CG and 1 card
  • 8 new avatar items, being 5 for Early Bird, 2 for Story Completion and 1 exclusive to event shop: "Elias' Birthday Cake 2018."


For You I Will - Avatar Checkpoint

avatar - checkpoints

Magic keys and avatar items were required to pass Checkpoints. The following avatars were required:

  • Simple Blue Long Boots (Room) 250 Coins or 5000 Lune
  • Treat for You (Room) 500 Coins or 10000 Lune
  • Macaron-themed Mini Dress (Room) 750 Coins or 15000 Lune



For you i will - ending reward

"The day before Elias' Birthday, he fails casting link spell, which is to work as a team and increase each other’s magical power. He decides to do some special training to get his link magic work! See what happens on his birthday!"[2]


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