Fascinating Discovery was a star collection event that happened between April 8 and 28, 2018.


Fascinating discovery event

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #564]

-Event Announcement by Luca, Vincent, Zeus, Hiro-

Luca “If you were to go on an adventure, you should pick a creative man like me!”

Vincent “I disagree. A man with full of experience and knowledge is what you need.”

Zeus “Nope! All those qualities are unnecessary. Adventure is all about feelings! The excitement!”

Klaus “I’m sure you’re the type of person who get lost at first.”

Zeus “Come to think of it... Hiro and I went on adventure and got lost for a week...”

Alfonse “Zeus, you’re the last person I’d choose as my adventure buddy.”[1]


  • 7 stories were created for this event, one to each character: Hiro, Klaus II, Luca, Mel, Randy, Vincent and Zeus.
  • 19 new avatar items were made for this event.
  • Fitting room was available


Fascinating discovery reward01

In-game summary:

Ronny: “Hey! Did you know they find the ruins of the Dragonskins in the academy?!” “I am beyond excited! Finding the ruins is every man’s dream! I’m gonna take a journey to finding my own adventure now!”

Luca: “No. It uses too much magic. I’m not letting you subject yourself to this.”

Klaus: “I cannot. I must get the two of us out of here.”

Randy: “It’s the Dragonkins' flying island! The Headmaster was right!”

Vincent: “I warned you it isn’t as easy as it looks.”

Mel: “This land used to be controlled by the Dragonkins. They probably date back to that era.”

Zeus: “Don’t just leave me to suffer! Show a little compassion!”

Hiro: “I guaranteed we’d be fine. Remember?”

Ronny: “Nice! It seems like all the guys are enjoying their adventure!” “Chica! Taffy! Hey! Urgent meeting! We gonna go on an adventure to find ruins!”




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