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Fairies are Magical Creatures native from the Fairy World.


Statue of the king of fairies

Statue of the King of Fairies

Fairies make up an essential part in Gedonelune's land watching over all elements. Generally mischievous and curious creatures, they live, quite literally, everywhere within all beings who draw breath in Gedonelune.

There are many types of fairies, all with different traits, behaviors, some being fond of humans and some not.

Life Circle

Fairy garden

Fairy Garden

Each fairy is connected with their own Fairy Flower, in the Fairy Garden, thus if one flower is plucked and dies, its respective fairy will die along, yet if the flower is planted back both lives (the flower and the fairy lives) will be spared.

When "dying" from losing all its magical power, the fairy will be transformed into a seed and can be reborn if the seed is planted in the fairy garden.


Name Details
Gnomes Live inside of caves inside the fairy realm.
Lilith "Peculiar looking fairy with horn like a bull, wings like bat," long curly hair and rosy-cheeks. Can cause mischief by taking over, temporarily, the mind of a quiet girl who is dating, to approximate the couple, and are only repealed when satisfied with their passion.[1]
Pixies Have pointed bluish-white ears and red eyes. Found of humans, they work for the poor and punish the lazy.
Puck Are known to love playing pranks.[2]
Rock Fairy They live inside of meteorites and said to grant one wish.
Spirits Manage, watch and rule over elements.
Undine Elemental, water spirits. (Shares the name with the gem Tears of Undine.)[3]

Known Named Fairies


Av sleeping eff

Sleeping Beauty slot event - fairies.

  • On Magical Beast Ecology page 21 is mentioned to have an image of the Fairy Queen. The image shown, however, is the same of Eress full form, despite her being a princess not a queen.
  • Some fairies may have a reduced form like Eress.
  • In the Sleeping Beauty slot event 3 fairies were seen as a garden effect.
  • As of October 2018, so far 5 avatar items were made with "fairies" wings.


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