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Extra Curriculum is an activity to raise your "Magical Grade," a metric of points that helps you get past certain Checkpoints in the game. It involves a match-up against a randomly selected player. Whoever has the higher charm level wins.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Upon accessing Extra Curriculum, a player is randomly selected as your rival. Their total accumulated Magic Grade is displayed against yours, but their charm is hidden. The higher your charm, the more likely you are to win against them. As a general rule, you will win against girls with lower charm than yourself, and will be usually be beaten by girls with charm a good deal higher than yourself. 20% of Friend's Charm Level will also be shared to yours helping you win.

Upon winning, you will earn 75 Magical Grade points and 50 Lune. Losing will earn you 15 Magical Grade points, and 10 Lune.

If you win five times in a row, this will trigger an "Amazing Bonus," which will earn you 40 Romance Points, which are used for Make a Date, as well as 150 Magic Grade and 50 Lune.

Extra Curriculum power restore:

Fully in 5 hours.
20 units every 60 minutes.
One unit every 3 minutes.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Magic Grade can be seen as a proxy for how long a player has played the game. Given that 17,000 Magic Grade is required for one route, one can determine that a very high magic grade (400,000+) indicates a very long history with the game, and thus frequently, a higher charm level.
  • If you receive a rival that you believe you are not able to beat, you can simply hit the "Change" icon at the lower right hand corner of the rival's picture. This will replace her with another randomly selected character. Keep doing so until you find someone you believe you can defeat.
  • Another tactic is to keep an eye out for avatar items that were only purchasable by coins, and to avoid going up against rivals who are wearing these items.

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