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Events are special promotional periods when Wizardess Heart makes available either limited stories or Avatar items for players to earn or purchase. There are several different types of events.

All event stories can be read without affecting your progress of the Mystery Series, some, however, after the event ends, no longer become available to read. The following Consumable Items become available only during events: stars, bonbons, flowers and sweet perfume.

Type[edit | edit source]


  • Collection: focus in collecting "stars" (sometimes called gelato, flowers, or bonbons), through regular actions that the player will take in the game. By accumulating enough stars in the given time period, rewards will be unlocked such as: Lune, Consumable Items, special avatar items, CGs, and event side stories. Sometimes the amount of "stars" collectible can be raised in "boosting" periods, allowing the player to gain double or triple of it.

Magic Key

  • Spin-off: focus in the side stories and requires x1 Story Ticket per episode. For checkpoints it demand Magic Keys and/or specific Avatar items to progress.

Sweet Perfume

  • Ticket-Free: are similar to "Spin-off" events but without consuming Story Tickets. For checkpoints it demand the above mentions plus "Sweet Point" to progress. To raise the player's own Sweet Points the following mechanisms become available: "Event Curricular" (alternative to the Extra Curriculum) and the consumable item "Sweet Perfume". Players can also make "Event Friends" that only last till the event expiring date. For each Event Friend that a player makes, the player receives 20% of the friend's total added to their own Sweet Point total, however, the game requires a certain amount of the player's own Sweet Points in order to unlock endings (and consequently, rewards).

G. gold medal

  • Slot: allow players to exchange Gedonelune Medals or Romance Points for a chance to win either Consumable Items, special avatar items, or event side stories.
  • Story Slot: similar to "Slot" events, they allow players to change medals for "items", however, only Gold Medals are required for this event and the rewards are solely side stories.
  • Special/Others: those are different events, released by Solmare, that do not follow any of the above types. Most of them being "coin" only events.

List[edit | edit source]

Most dates by NTT Solmare's Facebook announcements. Special Login Bonus not include below.

Fixed[edit source]

Fixed spin-off events can be accessed in-game in: Main Page > Spin-offs > See All.

Image Release Date
Name Type
SWD 943.png 2020/05/14 Melody of Awakening Spin-off
Sugar fb.png 2020/03/29 Sugar Slot Slot
Fangtastic seduction - ea.png 2018/09/02 Fangtastic Seduction Slot
SWD 230.png 2016/07/05 Happy Birthdays!!
(Collection of 5 birthday events)
Spin-off Birthday
SWD 20.jpg 2015/02/05 The Magic Competition Spin-off
SWD 14.jpg 2014/12/22 Carbuncle Bungle Spin-off
Gedonelune packages - preview.png 2014/12/16 Gedonelune Packages
(last 9 days after first playing)
Special (Coins)

Temporary[edit source]

Image First Release Date
Name Type
DayoftheQueen.png 2020/04/10 Day of the Queen Collection
Popular fb.png 2020/03/20 Popular Boys Spin-off (Poll Result)
Shine fb.png 2020/03/03 You Can Shine Collection
Prefect fb.png 2020/02/20 The Work of a Prefect Spin-off
Gedonelune2 fb.png 2020/02/10 Mr. Gedonelune 2 Slot
2020 fb.png 2020/02/06 My Only One 2020 Collection
Surprise fb.png 2020/01/25 Surprises Await Slot (Romance points x1000)
Swap2 fb.png 2020/01/20 Swapped! II Collection
Daynight fb.png 2020/01/17 Day and Night, Students Fight Spin-off
New-year fb.png 2020/01/10 It's a New Year Slot
Decision fb.png 2020/01/07 Decisions, Decisions Spin-off
Snow fb.png 2020/01/02 Snow White Collection
Bubbly fb.png 2019/12/23 Bubbly Love Spin-off
Cheer2 fb.png 2019/12/15 Cheer & Joy II (5th Anniversary) Slot
Cheer fb.png 2019/12/11 Cheer & Joy (5th Anniversary) Collection
Provi2 fb.png 2019/12/02 Sweet Providence 2 Slot
Trouble fb.png 2019/11/24 What's Troubling You? Collection
Trust-no1 fb.png 2019/11/18 Trust No One Spin-off
Greatest fb.png 2019/11/14 The Greatest Gift Slot Birthday
5y-wh-poll.png 2019/11/07 Wizardess Heart+ Character Poll Special (Poll)
Aki fb.png 2019/11/05 Fall Festival Collection
SWD 871.jpg 2019/11/02 Read Their Stories Again Special (Coins)
Bronemy2 fb.png 2019/10/26 My Brother, My Enemy 2 Spin-off
Labyrinth fb.png 2019/10/18 Labyrinth Odyssey Collection
Randy-rush-photos fb.png 2019/10/10 Randy & Mascots Rush -Photos- Slot (Romance points x500)
Randy-rush fb.png 2019/09/30 Randy & Mascots Rush -Stories- Slot (Romance points x500)
Spooky fb.png 2019/09/29 BeWitchingly Spooky Collection
Trust2 fb.png 2019/09/25 The Trust 2 Spin-off
Off fb.png 2019/09/14 Off to Work Slot
King fb.png 2019/09/12 Who's King? Collection
Venom3 fb.png 2019/09/03 Alluring Venom -Part 3- Spin-off
SWD 803.png 2019/09/02 A Peek into Caesar's Feelings Slot
Great fb.png 2019/08/26 Great Magician's Apprentice Collection
Eliluca fb.png 2019/08/13 Love Love Elias & Luca Slot (Romance points x500)
Express fb.png 2019/08/12 All Aboard The Mystery Express Collection
Curious fb.png 2019/07/24 The Pit of Curiosities Collection
Stay fb.png 2019/07/21 Stay with Me Slot
Stars fb.png 2019/07/07 Touch the Stars Collection
Slot-secret fb.png 2019/07/01 Where the Secret Lies Slot
Noble fb.png 2019/06/24 The Nobility Spin-off
Rain fb.png 2019/06/18 A Kiss in the Rain Collection
Photoyuki fb.png 2019/06/13 YukiyAmore -Photos- Slot (Romance points x500)
Yukiyafb.png 2019/05/30 YukiyAmore -Stories- Slot (Romance points x500)
Randyfb.png 2019/05/29 The Greatest Surprise -Randy's Birthday- Collection Birthday
Lovefb.png 2019/05/23 Love that Grows -Amelia- Spin-off
Secretfb.png 2019/05/13 A Secret Room Slot
Spicefb.png 2019/05/09 Spice It Up Collection
Venom2fb.png 2019/05/06 Alluring Venom -Part 2- Spin-off
SWD 743.png 2019/04/21 Nightmare - The Phantom Thief Collection
Photoklausfb.png 2019/04/14 Klaus! Klaus! Klaus! -Photos- Slot (Romance points x500)
Klaus fb.png 2019/04/07 Klaus! Klaus! Klaus! -Stories- Slot (Romance points x500)
Colorsfb.png 2019/04/01 Colors of You Spin-off Birthday
Felinefb.png 2019/03/31 My Feline Princess Collection
Provifb.png 2019/03/24 Sweet Providence Slot
Menyoufb.png 2019/03/14 Me & You Collection
Girlsclubfb.png 2019/03/11 Amelia Girls' Club Slot
AlluringVenom1.png 2019/03/07 Alluring Venom -Part 1- Spin-off
Afterschoolfb.png 2019/02/27 After School Romance Collection
Tracesnowfb.png 2019/02/25 Traces of Snow -Winter 2019- Slot (Romance points x1000)
Myonlyonefb.png 2019/02/11 My Only One Collection
Boys night.png 2019/02/05 Boys Night Spin-off
Phantom rosefb.png 2019/01/30 Phantom Rose Spin-off Birthday (Klaus II)
Bizarre inventionfb.png 2019/01/18 Bizarre Invention Collection
Love tips101.png 2019/01/21 Love Tips 101 Slot
Joint trip.png 2019/01/03 Joint Trip! Spin-off
SWD 684.png 2018/12/27 Have a Blast Slot (Gold Medal)
SWD 682.png 2018/12/27 Dear My Love Spin-off Birthday
New year's eve with youfb.png 2018/12/25 New Year's Eve with You Collection
SWD 671.png 2018/12/03 Let it Snow (4th Anniversary) Collection
SWD 668.png 2018/11/25 The Sword of the Queen Slot
SWD 665.png 2018/11/18 Alchemy of Love Spin-off Birthday (Zeus)
SWD 663.png 2018/11/13 Crazy About You ❤ Collection
SWD 662.png 2018/11/13 Amelia Finds Love Spin-off
SWD 658.png 2018/11/05 My Favorite Cuisine Slot
SWD 655.png 2018/10/28 Surprise! - Happy Birthday, Amelia Collection Birthday
SWD 653.png 2018/10/22 Ridiculously Fun! Spin-off
SWD 650.png 2018/10/22 Shine, Girls - Sweet Lovers Slot (Romance points x500)
SWD 649.png 2018/10/14 Mulier Quam Amo Spin-off Birthday (Joel)
SWD 646.png 2018/10/08 Sweetly Haunted Collection
SWD 641.png 2018/10/02 His Passion Slot
SWD 639.png 2018/09/27 The Meadow of Oblivion Spin-off
SWD 636.png 2018/09/21 We Rock! - Tea Party Slot (Romance points x1000)
Uncontrollable - ea.png 2018/09/19 Uncontrollable Collection
Dweller of darkness.jpg 2018/09/11 Dwellers of Darkness Spin-off
The trust - ea.png 2018/09/06 The Trust Spin-off
SWD 627.png 2018/08/31 Ghoul's Night Out Collection
SWD 619.png 2018/08/13 We Rock! - Fall 2018 Slot (Romance points x1000)
SWD 616.png 2018/08/07 Ocean Battle Collection
BCR Main.png 2018/08/05 Bubbly Candy Randy Slot (Gold Medal)
SWD 612.png 2018/07/29 Beach Romance Spin-off
SWD 607.png 2018/07/17 Interesting Discovery Collection
SWD 606.png 2018/07/16 Light up the Sky Spin-off
Shine girls summer 2018 - ea.png 2018/07/13 Shine, Girls - Summer 2018 Slot (Romance points x500)
Caesar the piggy - ea.png 2018/06/28 Caesar the Piggy Collection
New friends of amelia - ea.png 2018/06/25 New Friends of Amelia Spin-off
The vow - ea.png 2018/06/21 The Vow Slot
Get physical 2018 - ea 590.png 2018/06/15 Get Physical 2018 Spin-off
Swapped - ea.png 2018/06/07 Swapped! Collection
We rock summer 2018 - ea.png 2018/06/03 We Rock! - Summer 2018 Slot (Romance points x1000)
SWD 585.png 2018/06/01 Students Wanted! Special
A day in the night class - event announcement.png 2018/05/30 A Day in the Night Class Spin-off
Sweeter than chocolate event announcement.png 2018/05/21 Sweeter than Chocolate! Spin-off Birthday (Yukiya)
The seven wonders - event announcement.png 2018/05/20 The Seven Wonders Collection
Shine girls - spring 2018.png 2018/05/01 Shine, Girls - Spring 2018 Slot (Romance points x500)
Mission complete - collection event.png 2018/04/30 Mission Complete Collection
SWD 569.png 2018/04/23 Strange Taffy & the Bewitched Sword Slot (Gold Medal)
Steam fb.png 2018/04/15 Steaming Love Spin-off
Fascinating discovery event.png 2018/04/08 Fascinating Discovery Collection
Lively little friends event.png 2018/04/02 Lively Little Friends Slot
SWD 556.png 2018/03/18 For You I Will Spin-off Birthday (Elias)
SWD 555.png 2018/03/16 Mr. Gedonelune Contest Slot
SWD 554.png 2018/03/15 Sweet Medicine Collection
We rock - spring 2018.png 2018/03/01 We Rock! - Spring 2018 Slot (Romance points x1000)
Love holiday - 2018.png 2018/02/20 Love Holiday 2018 Collection
Apple of my eye 1 event announcement.png 2018/01/31 Apple of My Eye Collection
SWD 535.png 2018/01/26 Love Sparkle in Skies Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
Shine girls - winter 2018.png 2018/01/05 Shine, Girls - Winter 2018 Slot (Romance points x500)
SWD 526.png 2018/01/04 Join the Holiday Discount Event! Special (Coins)
The night class - ea.png 2017/12/28 The Night Class Collection
SWD 516.png 2017/12/18 Holly Jolly Taffy Slot (Gold Medal)
Wh event - 3dr year anniversary.png 2017/12/04 3rd Year Anniversary Collection, Birthday
SWD 502.png 2017/11/27 Cyber Monday Sale Special (Coins)
SWD 660.png 2017/11/20 Decision Making Spin-off
We rock - winter 2017.png 2017/11/17 We Rock! - Winter 2017 Slot (Romance points x1000)
SWD 487.png 2017/11/01 Girls Talk Slot
SWD 484.png 2017/10/27 My Girl Collection
SWD 483.png 2017/10/27 My Brother My Enemy Spin-off
Shine girls - autumn 2017.png 2017/10/17 Shine, Girls - Autumn 2017 Slot (Romance points x500)
SWD 467.png 2017/10/01 Treat or Treat? Collection
Gedonelune Academy’s Journal 464 - Amelia the Roomie Event.png 2017/09/27 Amelia the Roomie Slot
Deep as the ocean - ea.png 2017/09/08 Deep as the Ocean Collection
SWD 441.png 2017/08/21 Gedonelune Music Festival Spin-off
Luca and azusa - ea.png 2017/08/01 Luca & Azusa Special Thanks! Special
SWD 424.png 2017/07/21 Splashed! Collection
SWD 417.png 2017/07/09 Melody of Love Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
SWD 414.png 2017/07/04 Summer Sale 2017 Special (Coins)
SWD 413.png 2017/07/02 Lights Down Slot (Gold Medal)
SWD 408.png 2017/06/22 Gedonelune Fashion Show (Gothic & Sporty), (Steampunk & Modern) Collection, Spin-off
Our little secret 2 - fb ea.png 2017/06/12 Our Little Secret Slot (Gold Medal) (Poll Result)
Travel into the storybook - event announcement.png 2017/06/01 Travel into the Storybook Spin-off Birthday (Cerim and Guy)
We rock - spring 2017.png 2017/05/24 We Rock! - Spring 2017 Slot (Romance points x1000)
SWD 384.png 2017/05/12 My Kitty Cat Collection
SWD 377.png 2017/05/01 Case: Acorn M.I.A Slot
Shine girls - spring 2017.png 2017/04/16 Shine, Girls - Spring 2017 Slot (Romance points x500)
SWD 360.png 2017/04/03 ♡ Love in the Air ♡ Collection
Oh my hero event announcement.png 2017/04/02 Oh! My Hero! Spin-off
SWD 352.png 2017/03/21 The Seasonal Slot - Cherry Blossoms Slot (Romance points)
SWD 343.png 2017/03/08 My Knight in Shining Armor Spin-off Birthday (Vincent)
SWD 335.png 2017/02/20 A Fun Bunch Slot (Gold Medal)
SWD 333.png 2017/02/16 I Found You ♡ Collection
SWD 324.png 2017/01/27 Honey Trap Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 320.png 2017/01/19 Be My Personal Assistant Spin-off Birthday (Klaus)
SWD 314.png 2017/01/06 Cuddle Me Collection
SWD 534.png 2016/12/19 My Sleeping Beauty Slot
SWD 333 x.png 2016/12/19 Who's the Mr. SWD Spin-off, Special (Poll and Result)
Wizardess heart 2016 anniversary.png 2016/12/08 2nd Year Anniversary Collection, Birthday
SWD 286.png 2016/11/15 Enchanted in Dream Collection
SWD 282.png 2016/02/11 The Seasonal Slot - Snow Flakes Slot (Romance points)
SWD 509.png 2016/10/24 Shall We Dance? - Gedonelune Homecoming Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 270.png 2016/10/12 Love Note on My Lips Spin-off Birthday (Joel)
SWD 457.png 2016/10/02 Fluttered by Fruity Sweetness Slot
SWD 261.png 2016/09/19 Gedonelune Costume Party Collection
SWD 255.png 2016/09/04 Mr. Gedonelunes' Slot Slot (Gold Medal) (Poll Result)
SWD 443.png 2016/08/08 Thrilling Date Collection
SWD 239.jpg 2016/07/27 Who's the Mr. Gedonelune Special (Coins) (Poll)
23472348 1545335175524905 4996504855981168292 n.png 2016/07/27 Magical Love Ride Collection
Get physical 2016 - ea 236.png 2016/07/19 Get Physical 2016 Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 437.png 2016/05/25 Seductive Portion & Melting Kiss Collection
SWD 204.png 2016/05/12 My Sweet Personal Tutor Slot
Swd 434.png 2016/04/21 Love Scramble - Overnight Field Trip - Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 371.png 2016/04/07 My Prince's Birthday - Moonlight/Sunshine Prince Spin-off Birthday (Elias and Yukiya)
SWD 187.png 2016/03/29 Sweet Tornado Collection
Love holiday - 2016.png 2016/03/03 The Love Holiday (2016-17) Slot
SWD 533.png 2016/02/25 Magic of Love Collection
SWD 456.png 2016/02/04 Gedoneferia Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 745.png 2015/12/24 Sweet Night Slot
SWD 142.png 2015/12/14 Happy_Winter_Holidays! (1st Anniversary) Collection, Birthday
SWD 132.png 2015/11/19 Steal a Kiss Collection
SWD 126.png 2015/11/09 Autumn Spiced Honey Slot
SWD 121.png 2015/10/26 Battle Mode in Love Sandwich Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 112.png 2015/09/29 Magic Trick or Treat! Collection
SWD 98.png 2015/08/24 Our Hands Stuck! Collection
11885095 906567089401720 3014730030215950860 n.png 2015/08/12 The Performing Festival Spin-off
SWD 214.png 2015/07/30 Summer Vacation Slot
SWD 83.png 2015/07/21 His Devilishly Sugary Kiss Collection
SWD 788.png 2015/07/x The Seasonal Slot - Blue Ocean Slot (Romance points x 1000)
SWD 470.png 2015/06/29 Sweet'n Delightful Date Spin-off (Ticket Free)
SWD 68.png 2015/06/11 His Sweet n' Spicy Special Lesson Collection
SWD 397.png 2015/05/25 Heart-Pounding Moment in Bed Collection
SWD 167.png 2015/04/20 Sweets Slot Slot
SWD 37.png 2015/03/30 Flirting Time with Him (and after) Collection
Love Holiday 2015.png 2015/02/25 First Love Holiday Collection, Special (Coins)
Love holiday 2015 slot.jpg 2015/02/16 The Love Holiday Preparation Slot
SWD 17.jpg 2015/01/27 An Invitation to the Magic Competition Collection
SWD 152.png 2015/01/19 New Year Slot Slot

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • So far 15 birthday events were made, but only 10 characters gained a birthday event.
  • Elias, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy, Vincent, Cerim, Zeus, Hiro, Alfonse, Caesar, and Lucious are the only romanceable characters that are shown shirtless, wearing a towel or swimsuit in their Sprite or CG:
    • Sequels: Vincent, Elias, and Yukiya
    • "Swapped" in Luca's Event Story: Elias, Yukiya, Vincent
    • "Sweet Medicine" in Cerim's Event Story
    • "The Seven Wonders" in Zeus' Event Story
    • Spin-off: "Steaming Love": Zeus and Klaus, Hiro and Vincent, Elias and Yukiya
    • Spin-off: "Beach Romance": Elias and Yukiya(Alfonse), Klaus and Vincent, Zeus and Hiro
    • "Bubbly Candy Randy" in Yukiya's Event Slot: Randy
    • Season 7: Main Story: Alfonse, Lucious, and Caesar
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