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Eress is Fairy, a Magical Creature, and was first introduced in The King of Fairies Mystery Series.

Story Edit


Eress is a princess from the fairy world, daughter of Oberon, the king of fairies.

When Eress' Fairy Flower was plucked from the fairy garden by Leon, it occurred temporary decrease of Eress magical power, lost of memory and she could only maintain her reduced form.

A Fairy Flower is able to grant a wish and are connected with its fairy, when one dies the other die too. Leon stole Eress' flower to make a wish to become human, however, this only granted him half his wish. Leon became human in appearance, but lacked in human cognition and perceptions. Finding the flower with no more use to him he tossed the flower in Gedonelune Academy ground.

Confused, Eress got lost in Gedonelune Academy searching for her flower. Eress' father was sad and scared for his daughter disappearance, and ended up giving himself to the dark magic, which caused a lot of unnatural phenomena in Gedonelune Kingdom.


Eress debuted in Joel's route when both him and Liz save her from frogs in Gedonelune lake.

Fairy flower bookmark

Bookmark with Eress' flower

In Joel's route, Eress' flower was saved from withering thanks to Joel's magic. When Joel sang a Spellsinging lyric, a song with magic, her flower properties were preserved, saving Eress from dying, however this costed Joel Spellsinging ability, making him unable to use magic. After being able to return her flower to the fairy garden, Joel gained his magic back and Eress gained her true form, memories and magic back.

In Vincent and Leon route, Eress' flower was preserved thanks to Amelia magical bookmark that was able to preserve any flower inside it.

Personality Edit

With short temper and easily offended especially when being called a bug. Eress dreams about true love and keeps her promises to the very end.

Magical Abilities Edit

Light Magic.

Trivia Edit

  • In Joel's route day 4, is revealed that Eress has a crush on Conrad Schuyler.
  • At the end of Joel's route, it is found out that Eress is actually dating Salamander.
  • In Leon's happy ending it is implied that she is somewhat dirty-minded, giving Leon the ability to retain his human form at night with a kiss from a loved one, emphasising the 'at night' part with a cheeky grin and calling Leon and MC a hot couple.