Love meter - route endings

Love Meter

Endings Rewards are prizes given after finishing any Mystery Series/Seasons' route. The prizes can be: Consumable Items, CGs and Avatar Items.

For Events and Spin-offs rewards go their respective pages.

Consumable ItemsEdit

Consumable items rewards to each ending

Consumable items rewards

All four consumable items bellow are given to every single route ending.

  • Aruenaristy x5 x1
  • Story Tickets x5
  • Elias' Classic Muffin x2
  • Magic Grade (+200 points) x1


CGs are rewarded in some chapters and endings, however only Normal and Happy ending reward CGs. For the full CG's list check the Memories page.

Avatar ItemsEdit

The rewards for "Super Early Bird" and "Early Bird" are limited to a certain period.

  • Super Early Bird - x1 boy avatar to stay in Room (only available in sequels and season 6 forward)
  • Early Bird - outfits for both avatars
  • Both endings:
    • Normal ending - outfit for boy avatar (Main Story) - outfit for girl avatar (Sequels)
    • Happy ending - outfits girl(MC) avatar (Main Story) - outfit for boy avatar (Sequels)
  • All endings - x1 Chibi of the chosen route/boy


  • So far only Luca Orlem doesn't have Early Bird rewards.