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1. The Worst Meeting

Scene: Full view of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Campus

After a day on the rails, I arrived at Gedonelune.

MC: "Wow!"

Right before me towered the prestigious Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, just like in my dreams.

MC: "Wow! Wow! WOW!!"

Acceptance Letter: "Quiet down!"

MC: "Ah, sorry. But, it's just better than I imagined!"

(No, it's not just better than I imagined... ...It's twice as, no, ten times better!) Just thinking about school life here made my heart beat with anticipation.

Acceptance Letter: "Watching you now makes me wonder if you can even handle this..."

MC: "I'll be fine! I'm going to become a great wizardess, just you wait!"

Acceptance Letter: "Hum!, I'm sure you will *snort*"

(...Man he's smug...)

Acceptance Letter: "Well, I've done my job."

MC: "Huh?"

Acceptance Letter: "It was a long trip, but at least it wasn't boring. Well, good luck and be seeing you!"

And with that, in a puff of smoke, the Acceptance Letter turned to normal paper... ...and floated gently into my hands.

MC: "Mr. Acceptance Letter?"

(He was a little smug, but I already miss his company...)

MC: "Thanks for helping me get here..."

After thanking the paper, I folded it up and put it neatly into my bag.

MC: "Alright...Hmm..."

I looked around the area.

MC: "Where...am I supposed to go, anyway?"

(I wish the letter'd at least told me that before going silent... Well, there's probably no more classes today. I should head to the dorms first.)

Scene: Academy Courtyard A

MC: "...Nope, not here, either."

After a while, I found myself wandering around the school... ...but could not for the life of me find the dorms.

MC: "Oh my, where is the dorm...?"

(The sun's just getting lower and lower... If I don't get there by night, the housemother of the dormitory should be going to yell at me.)

MC: "Alright, this time, let's try over there."

And over there was a man, laying down on the grass.

MC: "Alright, this time, let's try over there."

And over there was a man, laying down on the grass. Right next to him sat a long wolf. (He's wearing a school uniform... If he's a student, he probably knows where the dorm is!) As I drew closer to him, I let out a timid voice.

MC: "Um, excuse me...?"

???: "...Yeah?"

As the words left my mouth, I noticed that an eyepatch covered his left eye. With his right eye barely open, he sluggishly moved his body up.

??? (Yukiya): "...Need something?"

MC: "Oh, uh..."

(He's really handsome...)

??? (Yukiya): "...What?"

MC: "Oh! S-Sorry! You see, I just got here today, and..."

??? (Yukiya): "That so...?"

MC: "And, well, I don't really know how to get to the dorms..."

??? (Yukiya): "...I see."

With those words, he abruptly stood up.

??? (Yukiya): "This way."

MC: "Huh?"

??? (Yukiya): "You want to know where the dorm is, don't you?"

(Is he offering to...take me there?)

["Th-Thank you."
[Oh, don't worry!"]

MC: "Oh, don't worry! If you could just tell me where the dorm is..."

??? (Yukiya): "...Just come with me."

MC: "Huh? Oh, wait up!"

(It looks like he'll take me there. Guess there's no harm in going with him...) I followed him... ...and so did the wolf.

MC: "Hello, Mr. Wolf!"

Wolf: "..."

The silent wold tossed his head to the side.

MC: "Huh...?"

(He's... ignoring me? It's just my imagination, right?)

MC: "Um, uh, maybe you didn't hear me -- hello, Mr. Wolf!"

Wolf: "..."

This time, he tossed his head to the other side. (It wasn't my imagination! He's DEFINITELY ignoring me! Grrr...)

??? (Yukiya): "...What are you doing?"

MC: "Huh?! Oh, uh, nothing!"

??? (Yukiya): "I see."

MC: "Oh, yeah! Say, what's your name?"

Yukiya: "Yukiya. Yukiya Reizen."

MC: "Yukiya, nice to meet you! I'm MC Hart."

Yukiya: "...Yeah."

Leaving a blunt response, Yukiya walked off in front again. (...A man of few words, huh... Maybe he's in a bad mood before I woke him up?)

Scene: Botanical Garden, daylight

Yukiya: "It's down this path."

MC: "Thanks!"

Yukiya: "Take care."

MC: "Oh, uh, thanks! Bye!"

Yukiya turned around and headed back towards the school.

MC: "Thank you so much!"

Yukiya didn't even turn around. The wolf trailed behind him.

MC: "Thank you too, Mr. Wolf!"

Wolf: "..."

The wolf stopped for a brief moment, turned back to look at me, said... nothing, and headed back to Yukiya.

MC: "Grrr...!"

(Yukiya's a pretty nice guy, but that wolf...!)

MC: "Yukiya, huh..."

(Would be nice to see him again...)

MC: "...Anyway, I'd better hurry to the dorm!"

Scene: Edge of East Forest

...A few minutes later.

MC: "Huh...? You know, I should've seen a building by now..."

(But he said it was down this path... Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere?)

MC: "Let me go back to where I came from..."

???: "Hmm...? Would you happen to be a student here?"

MC: "Huh...?"

Suddenly hearing a voice behind me, I turn around to see yet another young man wearing a school uniform. (He's got a real mature, handsome look to him... Wait, are you telling me this school's filled with hot guys?!)

??? (Luca): "I don't think I've seen you around here."

MC: "Oh, um, I just got here today, to be honest."

??? (Luca): "Ah, so you're a new student?"

MC: "Yes, my name is MC Hart."

Luca: "Mm, nice to meet you. I'm Luca Orlem."

MC: "Luca..."

Luca: "That's my name. C'mon, you don't have to be so tense."

MC: "But..."

(He looks a little older than me.)

Luca: "No problem, no problem. I'm not too fond of formalities and detail, so just talk to me like an old friend."

["Oh, okay..."]
["Well, that's a little..."]

MC: "Well, that's a little...sudden, I guess..."

Luca: "Pfff...hahaha!"

(Huh? Did I say something funny?)

Luca: "Ah, sorry, sorry. It's just, you're pretty straightforward. Reminds me of a guy I hate."

MC: "Huh...?"

Luca: "Nah, it's nothing. Anyway, let's talk like friends, yeah?"

MC: "O-Oh, alright...If you're okay with it..."

(Well, he really does look gorgeous! The colors of the earring and his eyes really match... That earring suits him very well.) I cannot but help looking at the earring shining at his ear. (Wearing an earring on one ear...could it mean that... Well, I've only met him today. It might be rude to ask him, wouldn't it?)

Luca: "...Hmm? What are you looking at? ...Oh, are you looking at this?"

Seemingly noticing my gaze, he tilted his head so that I could see his earring better.

Luca: "*Chuckle* I know what you're thinking. But I'm not wearing this to state THAT."

MC: "I-I didn't mean to...!"

Luca: "I've been made to wear it ever since I could remember. So why should I stop wearing it, you know? I'm sorry to disappoint you,, but I happen to love girls. Especially a cute one like you."

MC: "Haha, is that so..."

(He seems a bit...shallow?)

Luca: "So what's a new student like you doing in a place like this?"

MC: "Well, I wanted to go to the dorm, but I got totally lost..."

Luca: "Really? Just that? Well, you took a wrong turn."

MC: "Aww, I knew it!"

Luca: "I'll take you to them."

MC: "Really? You don't have to..."

Luca: "It's alright, and besides, it's not like I was doing anything else."

MC: "Thanks!"

Luca: "I'm a firm believer in not leaving girls in distress, you see."

MC: "You're a pretty nice guy, Luca."

Luca: "Haha, nice... Man, if only I were..."

MC: "Huh?"

Luca: "Nothing, nothing."

Saying that, Luca began walking, and I followed him.

Scene: Dormitories, sunset

Luca: "Here we are."

MC: "Thanks, Luca!"

Luca: "My pleasure. Well, this is where we part ways."

MC: "Alright. But, again, thank you!"

Luca: "Well, see you around. Things'll probably get rough, but good luck."

Luca spoke with a smile before heading off. (Luca sure was nice... And I managed to make it to the dorm before sunset!)

MC: "Alright, here we go..."

Passing through the gate, I walk to the front of the door.

Scene: Dormitory Front Door

(Wow... Even the dormitory is super fancy here...) Standing in front of the door, I tapped the silver knocker against it twice.

MC: "Excuse me! I'm a new resident here, MC Hart."

2. An Unfriendly Honor Student

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