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Elaine was Alfonse fiancée and she was first mentioned in The Spring of Unicorns Mystery Series.


As described in-game, Elaine has long golden curls, sky blue eyes and porcelain white skin.[1]

So far Elaine have no Sprite nor CG.


In Klaus Goldstein's Main Route I, there was a picture with Elaine inside a book he borrowed from his older brother, Alfonse. At the back of the picture it had the date it was took, three years from the story line, and it was written "Miss Elaine". Later in the route, Elias told Liz that Elaine was his brother fiancée, to which later Klaus eluded that they had a third brother, the older one, who was the one ought to marry Elaine.[1]

In Alfonse’s Route, however, it’s revealed that Elaine stopped the engagement because she believed that Alfonse loved to do his research more than spending time with her, then, it's said that Elaine married someone else and was now happy.


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