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Like most free-to-play games, Wizardess Heart+ have two main currency systems: one that is earned through game mechanics, and one that can be purchased with real-life money.

Lune[edit | edit source]


Lune are the in-game currency earned through game mechanics, and are also the name of the currency within Gedonelune. Lune are used to purchase checkpoint avatar items, optional avatar items, Dressers, Storage Houses, Magic Keys, Romance Points, Story Tickets, and occasionally Stars.

Lune can be earned the following ways:

  • Greeting friends through Social. A maximum of 30 Lune can be earned per friend. With the ability to have up to 50 friends, one can earn a maximum of 1,500 Lune daily through Social.
  • Extra Curriculum . Each victory in Extracurricular earns the player 50 Lune. Extracurricular can be done once per hour.
  • Make a Date. Each play in Make A Date has a chance of rewarding Lune.
  • Login Bonus. Login bonuses award a number of lune based on how many days the player has consecutively logged into the game.
  • Missions. Completing certain in-game missions will reward lune.
  • Events. Collecting a certain amount of stars during collection events will award a small amount of lune.

Coins[edit | edit source]

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Coins are a currency purchasable using real-life money. The standard rate is about 100 coins per real US dollar. The game generally offers the player the option to buy any item normally purchasable in Lune with coins instead. Additionally, during events, some consumable items, Avatars, and event stories are only purchasable with coins.

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Coins can be earned, but only through "Tap Joy", a third party software which rewards you in points for doing activities. These usually involve downloading apps, watching videos, or completing surveys. The player should use caution doing this, as TapJoy is not entirely diligent about keeping away spam-y or questionable deals.

Typically, one coin is worth about 10 Lune for buying non-premium items. Other items can only be bought with Coins, such as the avatar items needed to pass through the Premium Route during item-based Love Challenges.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Lune derives from the Latin "Luna" that means moon.
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