Items can be consumed when used in gameplay for diverse reasons.

Bellow is a list from A to Z of all consumable items used in-game.

Consumable Items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Summary
Aruenaristy Give intimacy points used in the Love Meter. There are 3 versions of this item: 1/4, x1 and x5.
Item dresser.png
Closet Gives more closet space (for Room).
Receive score1 (2).png
Bonbon Used for Bonbon-Collection events.
Item goldpo.png
Elias' Classic Muffin Fully recover power for the Extra Curriculum.
Receive score1 (3).png
Flower Used for Flower-Collection events.
Item goldgacha.png
Gedonelune Gold Medal Used in slot events.
Gedonelune medal.png
Gedonelune Medal Used in slot events.
39 receive score1.png
Gelato Used in Gelato-Collection events (only Seductive Portion & Melting Kiss used it)
Item silverpo.png
Luca's Spicy Macaroon Recover power by 50 for the Extra Curriculum.
Item magic grade points.png
Magic Grade It gives magic grade to pass Checkpoints. There are 4 versions of this item: +200, +500, +1000 and +3000.
Item keypoint.png
Magic Key Used to pass Spin-offs checkpoints. There are 3 versions of this item: x1, x5 and x10.
Item gacha 200.png
Romance Points Give points to be used in Make a Date and Slot Events. Romance Points can be earned through Extra Curriculumevents, or purchased in the Item shop.
Receive score1.png
Star Used for Star-Collection events.
Item storage.png
Storage Gives more Storage space (for Garden).
Sweet perfume.png
Sweet Perfume Used in Ticket-Free events for Sweet Points.
Item storyticket.png
Tickets Used to read stories. There are 5 versions of this item: 1/4, x1, x5, x10 and x20. Only the 1/4 is available to buy with Lune.
Item favor set lune.png
Voting Ticket It was used to give votes in the event Who's the Mr. SWD.
Item redpo.png
Yukiya's Favorite Cookie Recover power by 20 for the Extra Curriculum.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • From all those items only Aruenaristy is mentioned inside the Mystery Series.
  • "Promotional packs" are not listed above for they are made of others consumable items and/or avatar items.
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