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Conrad Schuyler is a professor at Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy and teaches classes on Magical Tools, Magical incantations, and Cursed spells. In Season 8 he is the current Acting Headmaster.

As one of the Three Mages that protect the Dragon of Time, he is very close friends with Randolph.



More than 20 years prior to the beginning of the season 1, Conrad was a royal attendant wizard that served directly under Princess Aulelia. When the princess had conceived an illegitimate child, the then king of Gedonelune had flew into a rage and ordered for Conrad to kill the child. However, the princess entrusted the child to Conrad and asked him to be the child's guardian in her stead, so Conrad disobeyed the late king's orders. He then took the child to a neighboring country and left him with a caretaker at an old castle, and confined the child to a cellar for fifteen years. Later, he would then specially enroll the child at Gedonelune Magical Academy, which would not only serve as the child's "new confinement", but would also allow Conrad to keep an eye on the child.

Personality Edit


Schuyler and Aulelia

Most students from the academy does not like him and regard Conrad as strict and intimidating, often shouting and to rarely praise his students when they succeed. MC describes him in many routes that he gives an aura that makes him unapproachable.

Despite his cold appearance, Conrad is a very kind and trustworthy man. Although he is portrayed as a strict and unpleasant person, it is revealed by Luca's mother (in his route) that he is genuinely a nice person but he is too awkward to show that side of himself.

He also has shown to be able to carry a grudge for a long time. As mentioned in Guy's route, Guy tells Liz he was not on good terms with Professor Schuyler because shortly after he arrived at the Academy he miscasted a spell and ridiculized him during one of his classes, however, in the end of the route, Schuyler confirmed this, though he implies he's going to let it go because deep down he cares for his students.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Performing Festival event it's mentioned that he's one of the Performing festival committee members.
  • In Lucious' route, when he shows up to scold the Prefects because they were barbecuing and not having permission to do so. Just when they tried to explain him, he spotted Lucious. Conrad then asked his autograph for his nephew who, apparently, was a big fan of the Labyrinth's Prince. However, when he was mocked and questioned by them, he blushed and left the grounds. It was believed by the prefects that the autograph was for himself.
  • It is shown in Luca's route Normal Ending that he has a tiny black rabbit as a familiar.