Chica is a Magical Creature and Leslie Roseblade's familiar.


Chica is a Rosaputro, a "true-blue" magical creature similar in appearance with bats, with forelimbs adapted as wings etc, but unlike the garden-variety bat they have higher cognition and perception, being know as highly intelligent, however, proud and difficult to have a contract with. Rosaputros are also mentioned to have idiosyncratic opinions regarding "beauty" and stick, hold to, when finding something of their personal taste.[1]


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Chica thinks of herself as a lady and to expect Leslie to conduct himself like a butler, whom he disagree with. She also has a "crush" on the prefect assistant Sigurd Curtis.

In the event slot "Lively Little Friends", Leslie and Liz help Chica to take a human form in order to confess her feelings and have a date with Sigurd.


  • Chica human version sprite came from Solmare's War of Prayers game. There the sprite is used for Princess Melissa, "the prayer maiden of Carbunculus."



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