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Presented bellow is a list of all characters mentioned in Wizardess Heart.

Not all characters gained a sprite or any image of their own. Some were only mentioned in-game and never had a script/talked.


Amelia icon
Amelia Nile
(event only)


From A to Z:

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Augustus Cole
(events only)
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Scarlett Quinn
(events only)


Only MentionedEdit

Bellow is a list of characters that were only mentioned, never had a script/talked in-game.

  • Aless Newcaffy - She is mentioned in the event Love Scramble, in Vincent x Klaus spin-off, as a famous powerful wizard from Tolmes town, in the Swekat region.
  • Margaret - She is mentioned in the event Love Scramble as a classmate of Liz.
  • Mary Jane - You learn of her in Elias's The Magic Competition, she used to be Amelia's roommate before Liz Hart came to the academy.
  • Girl Ghost - You hear of her in Klaus's main route and also Elias's The Magic Competition. She's a ghost that only comes out at night time said to be the same age as Liz Hart.
  • Fandamilia - She is mentioned in Klaus II, she stole Zeus's items because she was in love with him.

Magical Creatures Edit

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  • Only 12 characters had their birthday released: Amelia, Cerim, Elias, Guy, Joel, Klaus, Luca, Randy, Vincent, Yukiya, Zeus and Hiro.
    • So far only Guy and Cerim share their birthday on the same day, June 1st.