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In-game the Character List focus in the romanceable possibilities, yet, is outdated regarding the secondary characters. Presented bellow is a list of all characters from Wizardess Heart+, including those without any image (sprite or CG) and those only mentioned.

Playable[edit | edit source]

Amelia icon.jpg
Amelia Nile
(event only)

Romanceable[edit | edit source]

From A to Z:

Augustus icon.png
Augustus Cole
(events only)
Scarlett icon.png
Scarlett Quinn
(events only)

Secondary[edit | edit source]

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Aaron
  • Albert Meyers - He is an old man with white hair and blue eyes. He lives in a house surrounded by many potted plants. He has kind eyes and wrinkles. He seems to love to water his plants. Mel's master. He lives in Gedonelune Town down an alleyway. His personality is calm and kind.
  • Anna (Vincent's friend)
  • Background Students (Known as reused "eyeless" students.)
  • Byakuran (Glenn's younger sister)
  • Clara Fildora - She has long midnight blue hair with blue eyes.
  • Fandamilia - She stole Zeus's items because she was in love with him. She is mentioned in Klaus II.
  • Gulliver Oxford - He is said to be very stubborn, moody and have a giant ego. He is mentioned in Albert's main route.
  • Homura (Hisoka's younger brother)
  • Hope
  • Jude Smith
  • Kaede (Hisoka's younger sister)
  • Kureha (Hiro's older sister) - She has long black hair. She can be scary according to Hiro, she plays pranks on Zeus and teases him.
  • Lacan the third Dragonkin mentioned.
  • Lloyd (Night Class student)
  • Lyza (Night Class student)
  • Matthew: (Night Class student) He once made Zeus's room have ice in it as a prank, mentioned in Gray's route.
  • Michael: (Day Class student) Michael is quiet and meek. He owns a familiar named Little Michael who is a troublesome little magical creature that causes mischief all over campus.
  • Sherazade
  • Setzer
  • Sephira Auburne - She has short black hair all that is mentioned. (Albert's younger sister.)
  • Thanatos (Leader and interrogator of the Ministry of Wizardry)
  • Zenobia

Mentioned Only[edit | edit source]

Bellow is a list of characters that were only mentioned, never had a script/talked in-game.

  • Aless Newcaffy - A famous powerful wizard from Tolmes town, in the Swekat region. She is mentioned in the event Love Scramble, in Vincent x Klaus spin-off.
  • Margaret - A classmate of Liz, mentioned in the event Love Scramble.
  • Mary Jane - She used to be Amelia's roommate before Liz Hart came to the academy. She is mentioned in Elias' The Magic Competition. She is also in Amelia's class mentioned in Hiro's route
  • Girl Ghost - She's a ghost that only comes out at night time said to be the same age as Liz Hart. You hear of her in Klaus's main route and also Elias's The Magic Competition.
  • Mikhail Goldstein - He is known for inventing the cores of practically every magical tool in existence.
  • Isabel - She has short black hair, she appears in two different event stories.
  • Karl Goldstein - Uncle of Klaus, Alfonse and Elias. Only thing known about him is that he has white hair and owns a cane. He appears in two different event stories, in one of them he actually has short black hair I believe this before he is seen again in another event where he has white hair and has a cane. He also owns a castle.

Familiars[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Familiar

Species[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Species

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only 12 characters had their birthday released: Amelia, Cerim, Elias, Guy, Joel, Klaus, Luca, Randy, Vincent, Yukiya, Zeus and Hiro.
    • Only Guy and Cerim share their birthday on the same day, June 1st.
    • Though Elias and Yukiya don't share the same birthday date, their birthday events were mostly released together.
  • In Day and Night, Students Fight, due to the event containing many typos, when Elias said "his brother" it was left dubious and unclear if he was talking about Alfonse or an unnamed brother of Caesar (going against Caesar's own route).
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