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Caesar the Piggy was a collection event that ran from June 28 to July 15, 2018.


Caesar the piggy - ea

NTT. Solmare Facebook announcement:

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #597]
-Event Announcement by Alfonse Hiro, Lucious, Zeus-
Alfonse “It seems that Caesar spent some time in the Empire of Hinomoto before returning to the Academy. Am I right?”
Hiro “If so, what had he been doing before that?”
Lucious “Don’t ask me! I have no clue!”
Hiro ”Come to think of it, we don’t know him that well after all...”
Zeus “Who cares? He is just a funny guy who turns into a pig every with random kisses! Isn’t that enough?
All together ( would be good to know.)
What’s the secret Caesar holds?! You’re the one to unveil it![1]


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"Caesar the Piggy Set"

  • 7 new spin-off stories were made for this event, one to each character: Elias, Yukiya, Vincent, Leon, Mel, Sigurd and Hiro.
  • 22 new avatar items were made for this event.
    • 2 were exclusive to the event shop: "Piggy-bell-themed Dress" and "Messy Bun with Piggy Hairpiece" (from "Caesar the Piggy Set").
  • Fitting room was available.


In-game summary:

Btn free summary

Chica "Caesar Raphael, the Day Class Prefect who returned from Hinomoto... He is a wonderful gentleman but seems mysterious at the same time..." "Everyone has a secret or two! And I am sure he has one, too! Come on ladies, let's find out!"
Elias "But we've taken the job, so we'll have to see it through. Are you ready?"
Yukiya "It might be possible that his cheerfulness is a front and there's something lurking beneath..."
Vincent "He's finally shown up! Today's the day we catch him!"
Leon "I don't know, but... I did feel a burn in my heart."
Sigurd "...Perhaps I should come back as a professor."
Mel "I'll help you with your research later. After our alone time, of course..."
Hiro "Sometimes, he makes a face like he's in a different wourld from the rest of us."
Chica "Sounds like there are definitely some mysteries that need to be solved!" "Wait for me, Caesar! I'll reveal your secret! *Flutter*"


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Her avatar - seasons 6 forward

35,000 enrollments, rewards

  • The rewards from the 35,000 enrollments had this event's frame in the thumbnails.
  • Despite Caesar's piglet plush appearing in this event's layout, it was not available as a reward.
    • This plush also appeared in Oink Special Login Bonus.



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