• Fleur123

    Question: Why we need a solution for those pages?
    Answer: Most are empty, have repeated information or the same summaries are scattered in pieces over and over in different pages.

    I opened this discussion blog post because we need to find solutions for the Mystery Series/Seasons pages.

    Currently we have the following ideas:

    solutions/ideas pros cons
    Add the routes' script

    (Not possible - see cons)

    • Good for achievement
    • Good for accessibility (people with sight difficulties could use browser's reading system to read the scripts and hear the stories)

    • Could highly be against Fair Use (falling in the same factors presented in the Copyright Act of 1976), so we can not use this solution.

    Move all routes summaries from the characters pages to seasons page
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  • Fleur123

    According to Wikipedia Manual of Style, we will be making some small changes about the events headers.

    The change will consider in removing redundant references, for example: about the page itself (e.g. the "event" word) or of about ascendant headings (e.g. summaries of the summary).

    Instead of:

    • Event announcement
    • Event Note
    • Summary
      • In-game summary
      • Stories summaries

    Will be:

    • Announcement
    • Note
    • Story(ies)
      • Quote
      • Summary

    ... and so on.

    This change might proceed in other sections as well but we will note them down officially in our wikia's Projects & Guidelines. After adding in our guideline the change will be done in the pages slowly so, we are sorry for any inconvenience beforehand.

    Any question or suggestion? Feel free to contact any active admin!

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  • Fleur123

    Problem: "same images in multiple pages."

    Change/new standard: Characters galleries won't have CGs any longer.

    Solution: we be removing all CGs from the characters galleries and place them in the memories page.

    Exception: The events page will still contain the CGs. (For now I suppose?).

    This is my first blog about Wizardess Heart Wikia update. (sorry if it looks confusing..)

    We have been facing a common problem from most wikia, that is: "same images in multiple pages."

    To solve this, we had the following solutions:

    Solution Pros Cons
    CGs inside GalleryTemplates
    • more pages would contain the CGs
    • would keep the CGs in the characters galleries
    • would not undo older edits in the characters galleries

    • would need one GalleryTemplate to each character
    • the GalleryT…

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