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Note: Azusa's route contains domestic abuse and sibling death. Please proceed with caution.

Day 1: A Student from a Foreign Land

[PART 1]

Scene: Black

I couldn't move. My entire body was paralyzed. My fingers and toes couldn't budge and inch - I couldn't do so much as blink. Struggle as I might, as if my body were stone, I couldn't muster the strength to move a single muscle. Darkness spread out before me. The darkness so empty, not even the scantest light could escape from its void.

Scene: Close-up of Azusa CG 7, focus on MC

I felt the presence of someone standing next to me. Despite having never seen him before, I felt like I knew this person. The darkness was rooted in the cold, hollow pupils, filling his eyes. Those eyes were so vacant that even my own reflection was missing in them. (Help me... Stop this, please... Don't do this to me... Because I...) My heart writhed in pain, hurting so much that I wanted to cry. And yet, I couldn't even do that either.

???(Azusa): "I hate you."

Those words struck hard, shattering my heart.

???(Azusa): "I can't stand hypocrites like you. Pretending you're a good girl while you tread all over people. Did you think you would be loved by anyone, like some sort of idiot? Don't make me sick. How does it feel to be hated for no reason? Does it bother you?"

As much as I wanted to shout out, not even my own voice would obey me.

???(Azusa): "I hate you - I really do."

His face slowly drew closer to mine. I tried in vain to turn my head and close my eyes.

Scene: Close-up of Azusa CG 9 (MC)

Like chilled water, his lips pressed on mine, draining away the last of my warmth. (...I don't want this. Please... Make it stop!)

MC: "STOP IT!!!"

Scene: Train Carriage

MC: "... Huh? ... Where am I?"

Acceptance Letter: "H-H-Ho-Holy moly!! Y-You almost scared the ink right off me! I thought you were sleeping! What was that scream all about?!"

MC: "S-Sorry... I was having a dream."

Acceptance Letter: "This is a huge turning point in your life! Is it really any time to be sleeping?!"

MC: "Sorry!"

Acceptance Letter: "The academy is no pushover, you know! If you don't shape up, you aren't going to stand a chance! I knew from the moment we met that you..."

(I wonder what that dream was all about? Something about it seemed so real. I don't like this feeling at all... What's weird is, though, is I've never seen that person in my life... That, and why does the dream make me feel so sad inside?)

Acceptance Letter: "Hey! Are you even listening to me?!"

MC: "Y-Yeah! I am! Really!"

Acceptance Letter: "Don't you lie to me! Didn't you ever learn to look people in the eye when they're talking?!"

MC: "Oh, okay..."

(Wait - he's not even a person... No eyes either, for that matter.)

Acceptance Letter: "Listen. If you're going to succeed here, you need to keep these three things in mind. First, you -"

MC: "Whoa!"

At that moment, a grandiose building resembling a castle slid into view from the railroad car's window.

MC: "Is that Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy?!"

[PART 2]

MC: "It's even bigger than I ever imagined! Amazing!"

Acceptance Letter: "Hey! Listen to me when I'm talking!"

MC: "I get to learn magic in a place as big as enormous as that...?"

(It's like I'm dreaming... But no -- it's a dream come true. This is really happening! This is what I've been waiting so long for!)

MC: "I can't wait!"

Scene: Exterior of Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, daylight.

After climbing off of the train, I made my way over to the edge of the academy grounds. 

MC: "Wow!"

The Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy towered in front of me, dominating my vision. 

MC: "I'm really here! At last, I've finally made it to the academy! From no on, this is where I'll be living."

Acceptance Letter: "I've guided many a student here, but never before had one worried me as much as you."

MC: "I'll be fine, just you wait and see! I'm going to become a great wizard!" 

Acceptance Letter: "You've got enthusiasm -- I'll give you that. But that alone can only take you so far... Study hard. Train hard. Only then will you succeed."

MC: "Got it!"

Acceptance Letter: "*Sigh* ... Are you sure? I'm not so sure I trust you when you say that... ... Well, anyways, my job here is done."

MC: "Huh?"

Acceptance Letter: "It's been a journey, but at least it wasn't so boring with you around."

With that, the Acceptance Letter waved its hand -- or page, rather -- at me. Suddenly, a piece of paper appeared out of thin air and fell into my hands. 

Acceptance Letter: "A map of the academy, for finding your way around here." 

MC: "Great. Thank you very much."

Acceptance Letter: "Well then, good luck, and farewell!" 

A flash of smoke engulfed the Acceptance Letter, turning him into a normal piece of paper. The letter floated gently down into my palms. 

MC: "Mr. Letter..."

(He kind of had an attitude, but it's actually kind of lonely without him...)

MC: "Thanks for bringing me all this way..."

I muttered to the unresponsive letter before rolling it up and stuffing it in my bag. 

MC: "Hmm. Now what...?"

My gaze turned to the vicinity around me. Even with the map, I had no idea where to go since the buildings weren't labeled at all. 

MC: "...How am I supposed to know where to go?"

(Too bad Mr. Letter didn't tell me that before leaving... Well, for now, I'd better just head into the academy.)

Scene: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Main Staircase

MC: "Wow! This is incredible! It's practically a castle!"

I guessed classes were over for the day since no other students were wandering about. 

MC: "This is real... I'm really here now..."

With my eyes drawn to the wonder all around me, I started up a flight of stairs.

???(Klaus): "Hey, you."

I turned to face the sudden voice and saw a man with golden hair standing there.

[PART 3]

I turned to face the sudden voice and saw a man with golden hair standing there. His facial features were elegant and refined, but what stood out most was his bold, steadfast gaze.

MC: "Um... Are you talking to me?"

???(Klaus): "That's right. Get out of my way."

["How rude..."]
["I'm sorry!"]

MC: "I-I'm sorry!"

???(Klaus): "Watch where you're going, for crying out loud. You'll knock someone over."

MC: "I-I'm really sorry!"

???(Klaus): "Be more careful from now on."

MC: "I-I will."

(So scary!)

???(Klaus): "I don't recognize you."

MC: "Oh, yeah... I only just arrived at the academy today. My name's MC Hart."

???(Klaus): "So you're a new student?"

MC: "Yup!"

???(Klaus): "I'm Klaus. Klaus Goldstein. I'm the prefect here in the academy."

MC: "The... prefect?"

Klaus: "I'm like a student representative. ...I'm sure we'll meet again."

MC: "Wow! So you're like the student president!"

(He must be really talented if that's true!)

Klaus: "Sorry, but I don't have time to chat -- I'm in a hurry. Good luck to you."

MC: "Th-Thanks!"

With that, Klaus rushed away, bounding down the stairs. (That guy looked so mature and handsome... Let's not forget how scary he was though.)

MC: "...Shoot! I forgot to ask him where the dorm is! *Sigh* ...I guess I'll just have to find them on my own."

Scene: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, Courtyard A

MC: "Where is this? Am I even looking at this the right right?"

I tried flipping the map around in my hands, but it failed to make any sense to me no matter what way I turned it. 

MC: "This is the pits..."

???(Taffy): "Gah!"

MC: "Yikes! Did I just step on something?!"

I picked up my foot only to see the stuffed animal I had crushed beneath it.

MC: "Huh? A teddy bear?" 

(I'm sure it wasn't there a second ago.) Picking the bear off the ground, I patted the dirt off of its fur.

MC: "Sorry, little bear. I didn't mean to step on you..."

???(Taffy): "S'okay! Me not hurt!" 

MC: "... ............ ............ Eeeeeeeeeeek!!"

[PART 4]

MC: "Eeeeeeeeeeek!!"

I was so surprised when the teddy bear spoke that I hurled it far away from me. 

???(Taffy): "Gaaah! No throw me!"

After bouncing off the ground, the bear crawled to its feet and trotted back towards me.

Taffy: "Me, Taffy! Me Master's stuffed animal!"

MC: "T-Taffy...?!"

Taffy: "Taffy, me! Me move with magic!"

MC: "Really? With magic?"

(Wow! I know this is a magic academy, but who would have thought stuffed animals could talk!)

Taffy: "Me helping Master's experiment! Me good bear!"

MC: "You are are... So what kind of experiment are you doing?"

Taffy: "Me blending in! Beary good at camel-flag!"

MC: "Camouflage? Like a chameleon?"

Taffy: "Yeah! Me best camel-lion ever!"

MC: "Now it makes more sense! I only stepped on you because you were hiding!"

Taffy: "That's right! Me hide good! Experiment works!"

???(Randy): "Taffy!"

A spunky voice called out from the distance. 

Taffy: "Master! My Master!"

The young man who ran up -- apparently the bear's master -- had a head full of pink puffy hair like cotton candy.

???(Randy): "Hmm? Who're you?"

MC: "I, um -- sorry! I was just walking by and I accidentally stepped on Taffy..."

Taffy: "Master, it worked! She no see and stepped on me!"

???(Randy): "Really?! But it looks like the magic already wore off... Oh, I've got it! When you were stepped on, it must have been dispelled! In that case, the experiment was a huge success! Thank you!"

["No problem..."]
["That's so sad..."]

MC: "But that's so sad..."

???(Randy): "Wow, you're such a kind person!"

Taffy: "Me happy! She worry for me!"

???(Randy): "Aren't you glad you got stepped on by such a nice person, Taffy?"

Taffy: "Yeah!"

(Stepped on by a nice person? That's so weird...)

???(Randy): "This is really interesting... Putting pressure on stealth magic must cancel it after all... I think I'll have to look into this a bit more! Next time, we'll have to try a place with a lot more traffic!"

Taffy: "Okay! ...... Wait, master... What? More traffic? Me don't like the sound of it!"

[PART 5]

???(Randy): "Come on, Taffy! Let's go!"

Taffy: "Master! Wait for meeee!"

???(Randy): "See ya later!"

MC: "U-Uh... Bye!"

The young man scooped up his bear and hurried away, his cotton candy hair bobbing with every stride. (What a strange person... I hope Taffy will be all right.)

MC: "...Shoot! I forgot to ask for directions again! What am I going to do now? It's almost curfew! I've got to hurry!"

Scene: Edge of the East Forest

MC: "...Where in the world am I? It's obviously a big forest, but..." 

(This can't be the right way to the dorms... Why would they be this far into the woods in the first place?)

???(Baby Bird): "*Chirp chirp!* (Help me!)"

A tiny voice cried out behind the trees. 

MC: "What was that?"

(An animal's voice? It sounded like a bird...)

MC: "Where was it?"

I searched through the brush, trying to locate the faint voice. With some luck, I found the source -- a tiny baby bird chirping on the ground. 

MC: "What's wrong?"

Baby Bird: "*Chirp chirp* (I fell! Fell from my nest!)"

MC: "That's awful! Where is it?"

I looked up and spotted the bird's nest nestled between the branches of a tree. Unfortunately, it looked to be just barely out of reach. 

MC: "Don't worry; I'll help you get back."

Scooping up the baby bird in my palm, I stretched upwards as high as I could. 

MC: "I-It's... too high!"

I was just a fraction of an inch too short to place the bird safely back in its nest. (What do I do now? I could try magic, but I'm so bad at it I might hurt the chick on accident...)

MC: "There's got to be another way..."

Scene: Azusa CG 1

As I pondered my options, a hand suddenly reached up behind me. It gently picked the chick from my hands and set it down inside of the nest. I twisted around in surprise to see where the hand had come from. 

Scene: Azusa CG 2

Completely unbeknownst to me, a man with gorgeous charcoal hair had sneaked up behind me.

[PART 6]

His gentle eyes gazed upwards while his slender arms and legs stretched out and high. The beauty of his lithe, limber figure was not lost on my eyes. The young man was draped in a pure-black outfit, one that I had never seen. The outfit accented his stature, making him look that much more majestic and impressive.

???(Azusa): “Back to your nest, buddy. Try not to fall again, all right?” 

In a pleasant and deep voice, he muttered quietly to the chick. His kind and sharp, blue eyes looked tenderly at the baby bird. (What a lovely person. His eyes just pull you right in… Is he from the academy? His clothes aren’t the same as the student’s… He’s a bit older too, isn’t he?)

Scene: Edge of the East Forest

While I was lost in his gaze, he looked into my eyes and smiled.

MC: “...!”

(Wh-What am I doing?! I’m staring right at him!)

???(Azusa): “Hello there.” 

MC: H-Hello!” 

???(Azusa): “Can’t say I’ve seen your face. New here?”

MC: “I, um… Yes! I’m a new student starting today! MC Hart! Pleased to meet you!”

???(Azusa): “MC, is it? What a pretty name… You’re awfully cute too.”

MC: “M-Me? Cute? Y-You’ve got to be kidding!”

???(Azusa): “What? Really? But I think you’re very cute…”

MC: “Wh--...!”

My cheeks and ears flushed red.

Azusa: “I’m Azusa Kuze. Truth is, I’m kinda new here too.”

MC: “You are?”

Azusa: “Yeah, I’m from another country.”

MC: “Really? Which one?”

Azusa: "A place called Hinomoto."

MC: "Hinomoto?" 

Azusa: "Yeah. I doubt you've heard of it. It's really far from here, so not many people know about it. The culture is so different from what's here, there's like nothing in common."

MC: "Wow..."

Azusa: "So, what are you doing way out here? Any farther into the forest and you'll be off limits."

MC: "Why? What's there?"

Azusa: "The East Forest. Students of the academy are strictly forbidden from trespassing."

MC: "Whoa, really? It's a good thing you found me in time... I was only trying to find the dorms but got lost..."

[PART 7]

Azusa: "Don't you have a map?"

MC: "That's what brought me here..."

Azusa: "It happens. Sometimes maps are confusing no matter how you look at 'em."

MC: "Right? I can't even figure out which way I'm facing with this thing!"

Azusa: "Don't worry, I'll take you there."

["That's too much to ask..."]

MC: "Really? You'd do that for me? Thanks!"

Azusa: "Yeah, no problem. Besides, I was about to head back to the dorms myself."

MC: "You're such a lifesaver!"

Azusa: "How could I let down such a cute girl who needs my help anyway?" 

MC: "Th-That again? I'm not even cute!"

(How can he say such embarrassing things without batting an eye?!)

Azusa: "Shall we go?"

MC: "Okay!"

Scene: Edge of East Forest, day to sunset.
Scene: Outside the Girls' Dormitory at sunset.

Azusa: "So, this is the girls' dorm."

MC: "Thanks so much! I owe you one!" 

Azusa: "Glad I could help."

MC: "You said you were kinda new here, right?" 

Azusa: "Sort of. I've been here about a month already."

MC: "Aren't you sad, coming so far from home all on your own?"

Azusa: "Hmm... I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel sad from time to time... But I know I've got a family back home, cheering me on."

MC: "Even if you're this far apart, I guess it's real assuring to have a family that cares about you..."

Azusa: "It is... What about you? Do you miss your family already?" 

MC: "I... My mother and father got sick in an epidemic a long time ago... I've been alone ever since they both passed away..." 

Azusa: "I see... I'm sorry."

MC: "N-No, it's okay! I guess I'm not completely alone, in the true sense of the word... Everyone in the village is my family now. I've got a bigger family than most people ever will."

Azusa: "You're a strong one..."

MC: "You think?" 

Azusa: "Yes, very. We're just two students, alone and far from home... We should stick together."

MC: "Yeah!"

Azusa: "If you ever want to talk about something, I'm all ears, all right?" 

MC: "You're a real good person, you know that?"

Azusa: "I am?"

MC: "Uh huh!"

Azusa: "Haha... Thanks. I'm glad you think so."

[PART 8]

Azusa: "Well, I should get going. It's almost time for curfew."

MC: "Oh. Okay!" 

Azusa: "I'm glad we met, MC."

Azusa stuck out his hand before me in a smooth motion. 

MC: "Me too, Azusa!" 

The very moment we grasped hands and shook...

Image of School Emblem

The school emblem on my cloak shimmered with a bright light.

MC: "What the--"

Scene: Outside the Girls' Dormitory at sunset

Azusa: "It can't be..." 

Simultaneously, the emblem on Azusa's chest began to light up as well. 

Image of School Emblem

The light grew in brilliance until a wisp of light wound into the air like a tail. The wisps of light emitting from both of our emblems clashed together high above. 

Scene: Outside the Girls' Dormitory at sunset

The blinding collision dazzled and sparkled, sprinkling tiny particles of light upon the two of us. 

MC: "So beautiful..."

Azusa: "I...never...imagined it would happen like this..."

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "It looks like the two of us are in it for the long haul."

MC: "What do you mean?"

Azusa: "...You'll find out tomorrow. Besides, you must be tired from running around all day."

MC: "Hmm?" 

Azusa: "Well then... See you later, MC."

MC: "Uh... Okay! Bye bye, Azusa!"

Smiling, he spun around on his heel and marched away. Even now, the emblem I was wearing glowed faintly in a dim light. 

MC: "I wonder what that was all about?" 

(He said I'd find out tomorrow, but...)

???(Dorm Mother): "MC Hart?"

MC: "Y-Yes?"

Hearing my name, I turn to see a bespectacled lady standing before me.

???(Dorm Mother): "You are MC Hart, I take it?" 

MC: "Yes! That's me!"

Dorm Mother: "I'm in charge of this dorm. I'm the housemother."

MC: "Hmm..."

(Something about this lady tells me she's going to be very strict!)

[PART 9]

MC: "Nice to meet you."

Dorm Mother: "I saw something strange out here so I came for a look. Don't tell me that on your very first day..."

MC: "Huh?"

Dorm Mother: "Well, nevermind. You'll hear about it at the academy tomorrow."

MC: "Um?"

(First Azusa, now the housemother. Just what is going on here? Could my emblem glowing mean something important?)

Dorm Mother: "It's minutes before curfew, missy. Why couldn't you have gotten here sooner?" 

MC: "Well um... I kinda got lost."

Dorm Mother: "Didn't you have a map?"

MC: "I know. I tried using it, but..."

Dorm Mother: "Forget it. Just know that the curfews here are strictly enforced. If you're ever back too late, you won't escape the punishment."

MC: "I understand."

Dorm Mother: "We expect everyone to obey the dorm rules at all times. You'll find the list of them waiting for you on your desk. See that you read them very carefully."

MC: "I will."

Dorm Mother: "...I'm sure it's been a long day for you. Go on, now. Off to your room."

MC: "All right."

Dorm Mother: "Your roommate is waiting for you. Get along with her, you hear?"

MC: "My roommate..." 

(I wonder what kind of girl she is?)

Dorm Mother: "Don't keep her waiting any longer. Good night."

Her once angered scowl smoothed into a warm smile as she saw me off. (I guess she's a nice lady after all... The way she acts reminds me of a mother. I like it...)

Scene: Dormitory Hallway

MC: "Let's see... Room 203..."

I searched down the hallway for the room the housemother told me I'd be staying in. 

MC: "Here it is! 203!"

Standing in front of the door, I took a deep breath to calm myself down.

MC: "Here we go..."

(First impressions are the most important!) I used my fingers to pull the corners of my lips into a great smile. (Smile and look happy!) I stretched my smile as far as I could before letting go and rapping my knuckles on the door.

MC: "Excuse me?"

???(Amelia): "Come in!" 

A cheerful voice burst out from inside the room. I swallowed the lump in my throat and pushed open the door. 

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

MC: "Right..." 

[PART 10]

I popped my head in, hesitating to step inside.

???(Amelia): "Welcome!"

The girl inside bounced off the bed, leaping forward to greet me. 

???(Amelia): "You must be MC, right?"

MC: "Y-Yeah. That's me..."

Amelia: "I'm Amelia Nile! Your roommate! Nice to meet you!" 

She spoke joyfully, energetically shaking my hand so hard that it shook my voice and bones. 

MC: "Nice-to-meet-you...!" 

(What a spunky and cheerful girl!)

Amelia: "Come on, come in!"

MC: "S-Sure..."

Amelia: "This is your desk right here. You can put all your stuff in that dresser!" 

MC: "Okay."

Amelia: "You were so late, I was worried that you'd never come!" 

MC: "This place is just so big, it's easy to get lost..." 

Amelia: "I know the feeling! I got lost too when I first got here!" 

(What a relief -- I got a great roommate! It's so easy to get along with this girl!)

Amelia: "Were you freaking out?"  

MC: "I was, until a student from some other country showed me the way." 

Amelia: "Another country? Do you mean you met Azusa Kuze already?"

MC: "Yeah! That's him! Do you know him?" 

Amelia: "Of course I do! He's from Hinomoto, he's nice, and he's handsome too -- it's no surprise all the girls love him!"

["I can see why."]

MC: "I can see why."

Amelia: "Right? He's pretty much perfect! Is he your type?"

MC: "Well, uh..."

(He is very handsome, I'll give you that...)

Amelia: "He is, isn't he? How can any girl not like him? It was flashing really bright outside just a minute ago... Was that you?" 

MC: "Y-Yeah... My emblem started glowing all of a sudden."

Amelia: "Wait... you mean it lit up when you were together with Azusa?"

MC: "Yeah. His started glowing too."

Amelia: "Now way! On your very first day...! And with Azusa too! You little rascal, I'm so jealous right now!"

MC: "What's going on? Does it mean something when my emblem lights up?"

[PART 11]

Amelia: "Now way! On your very first day...! And with Azusa too! You little rascal, I'm so jealous right now!"

MC: "What's going on? Does it mean something when my emblem lights up?"

Amelia: "Hehe, of course it does! It's a huge deal here at the academy! You'll find out what it means tomorrow, so you'll have to wait and see!"

MC: "...Okay?"

Amelia: "I bet you're tired. Why don't you get some sleep?"

MC: "I think I will. Thanks."

(This Amelia really is a great girl. She's just so kind and approachable. I'm sure we're going to be great friends!)

Amelia: "G'night, MC!"

MC: "Good night, Amelia."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, no lighting

The lights flickered off and we both slipped into our beds. (So much has happened today... It sure seems like life here at the academy is going to be a lot of fun.) As I closed my eyes, Azusa's face drifted into my thoughts. (Azusa... What a real nice guy. He's cool and kind... I bet the girls never leave him alone. I wonder if I'll get to see him tomorrow?)


Klaus: "Hey. It's me, Klaus Goldstein. I'm in charge of introducing the special previews. Nice to meet you."

Randy: "Hey! Don't start without me! I wanna help too!

Klaus: "What?! I don't remember asking you for help!"

Randy: "Come on, don't you want me to? It's a lot to do all on your own!"

Klaus: "It'll just turn into a disaster if you try to help."

Randy: "I'll do it right, I promise! Give me a chance!"

Klaus: "I suppose I'll allow it this once, seeing how much it means to you."

Randy: "Next time, MC starts a new, exciting experiment that will blow her mind!"

Klaus: "Good so far."

Randy: "The secret to making a delicious cake has got to be chocolate! Also, the title is 'Let's Get Along'!"

Klaus: "I knew I couldn't trust you."

Day 2: Let's Get Along

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room during day

Tossing the curtains wide open, I felt the gentle morning sun beat down on my skin.

MC: "Clear skies! There's real beautiful weather today!"

(It would have stunk if my first day of class was gloomy and overcast...)

Amelia: "Are you all set?"

MC: "Yeah!"

Amelia: "Great. Let's go!"

MC: "I'm just so dark nervous though!"

Amelia: "You'll be fine. Everyone's nice in your class, so you'll have no problems fitting in. Too bad you didn't get into my class. I could have introduced you to everybody."

MC: "Yeah. It would have been great to be together." 

Amelia: "But if you need me for something, just stop by my class -- it's real close."

MC: "Thanks! I will, Amelia!"

Amelia: "Hope your first day is good to you!"

MC: "Me too!"

(It's finally time! This is the beginning of my wonderful academy life!)

Scene: Outside Girls' Dormitory, daylight.

MC: "Wow! There's so many students here!"

Amelia: "Are you surprised?"

MC: "Yeah. I arrived late yesterday, so when I was walking around I barely saw anyone. I've never seen so many people walking to class before."

Amelia: "And now you get to walk with them every day!"

MC: "Hehe, I know!"

Amelia and I left the dorm and made our way through the front yard, only to spot someone standing at the dorm gates. 

MC: "Hmm? Isn't that..."


Amelia: "That's Azusa, or I'm seeing things!"

MC: "Y-Yeah."

Amelia: "He's so handsome! I've never seen him this close before! No wonder he's so popular! But what's he doing in front of the girls' dorm? Do you think he came to meet you?"

MC: "I wonder..."

Amelia: "It's got to be! I mean, you lit up with him yesterday, right?"

MC: "Lit up?"

(She must be talking about that emblem thing...) As we walked closer towards Azusa, he seemed to take notice of us as well. The instant our eyes met, his face broke into a charismatic smile and he came towards us.

Amelia: "See! I knew he came for you!"

Amelia slithered behind me an dput her hands on my back, shoving me forward towards him. 

MC: "Wh-Whoa! Amelia?!"

Azusa CG 3

Azusa: "Hey, MC. Good morning."

MC: "G-Good morning! A-Azusa, what you doing here?"

Azusa: "Waiting."

["For who?"]
["For me?"]

MC: "For me?"

Azusa: "That's right. I could have just met you in the academy, but... I just couldn't help myself. I decided to wait for you here."

MC: "Why is that?" 

Azusa: "Because I wanted to see you."

MC: "Huh?!"

Azusa: "It'll be nice to start the day off with you."

MC: "Th-Thanks, I guess... But I'm already with my friend..."

Azusa: "Your friend? You mean the one behind you?"

Scene: Outside Girls' Dormitory, daylight.

MC: "This is my roommate, Amelia."

Amelia: "I-I'm Amelia Nile!"

Azusa: "Amelia? Nice to meet you. My name's Azusa Kuze."

Amelia: "It's an honor...!"

Azusa: "Huh?"

Amelia: "Y-You're the one from Hinomoto! People say so many things about you!" 

Azusa: "Haha, really? People talk about me? That's a bit embarrassing... As long as it's all good things, I guess I should be grateful." 

Amelia: "O-Of course! People only say good things about you!"

Azusa: "Haha, Amelia... You're a funny girl." 

Amelia: "I-I am?! Th-Thank you!"

Her cheeks blossomed red like a rose.

Azusa: "Would you mind if I borrowed MC this morning?" 

Amelia: "B-Be my guest!"

Azusa: "Great. Come on, MC. Let's go."

MC: "Uh, okay! Bye Amelia! See you later!"

Amelia: "See you! Have a good one!"

I waved to Amelia with a smile before turning around to catch up with Azusa. 

Scene: Exterior Academy Hallway

MC: "Azusa? Just how far are we going?"

The two of us walked side-by-side down a corridor that seemed to go on forever. 

Azusa: "We're almost there."

MC: "You sure surprised me by waiting outside the dorm this morning."

Azusa: "We're already in this together. I figured I might as well get started early." 

MC: "Huh? What do you mean by that?"

Azusa: "You're about to find out."

He turned his head towards me, smirking as he winked one eye.

MC: "!" 

(Geez! He doesn't even hesitate one bit to do things like that! He looks so good when he does it too, like it's second nature or something... He's got to be a little older than me though. He just seems so tall standing next to me...)

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

Azusa: "We're here."

His feet stopped before a broad, impressive door.

MC: "Where's here?"  

He answered only by knocking twice on the massive door. 

???: "You may enter."

A man's deep voice grumbled from the other side of the door.

Azusa: "Excuse us."

Azusa spoke while twisting the door knob and shoving the door open. The door squeaked nosily open as its weight revolved on rusty hinges. 

Scene: Headmaster's Office

Following Azusa into the room, I was welcomed with the sight of a certain someone.

MC: "Y-You're..."

It was none other than the academy's headmaster, the great wizard Randolph. 

MC: "Headmaster Randolph...!"

Randolph: "I am he. You've done well to come, MC."

???(Schuyler): "You two, come hither."

The dark hared man standing next to Randolph ordered with a stern expression. The very air around him felt eerie, making me hesitant to approach. I did as I was told and stepped forward in front of them. 

MC: "Thank you so much for inviting me to this stool! School! Academy!"

(Shoot! I screwed up big time!)

Randolph: "Haha! What a very interesting girl we have here."

MC: "I'm so sorry!"

(How could I say something like that?! I'm such an idiot! Why did I have to mess up in front of the headmaster of all people?!) My face glowed red with embarrassment. 

Azusa: "Just relax. I'm here with you."

Azusa stroked his hand up and down my back to help settle my nerves. His tender caress pulled all the nervousness out of my body.

MC: "Th-Thanks."

Randolph: "Now, now. We all make mistakes. You need not fret over it."

MC: "Sorry."

Randolph: "Now that you're here, I would like to personally welcome you to the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy. We always have room for outstanding students here at the academy."

MC: "Thank you. I'm honored to be here."

I bowed deeply to show my gratitude. 

Randolph: "As you know, I am the headmaster, Randolph. And this man right here..."

Schuyler: "I'm a professor at the academy, Conrad Schuyler."

MC: "P-Pleased to meet you!"

I bowed once again.

Randolph: "I see you are already acquainted with Azusa."

MC: "Yes. We met just yesterday."

Randolph: "I brought you here today for one purpose... That is, you must be told of one very important thing before you begin your life here."

MC: "And that would be?"

Randolph: "It's regarding the Buddy system we have established in this academy."

MC: "What's a Buddy?"

Randolph: "Buddies are a pair of students, selected randomly from all the students of the academy. To put it simply, Buddies are like partners."

MC: "Partners? What for?"

Schuyler: "When two students with favorable conditions meet, their emblems react and this are chosen."

MC: "Their emblems react? You mean, that thing that happened yesterday?"

Randolph: "Precisely. You found your Buddy in a remarkably short time. Quicker than anyone before, in fact. Such a hasty pairing is unprecedented at the academy."

MC: "Really?!"

Randolph: "Once a Buddy pair is formed, the two are bound by an inseparable fate."

Schuyler: "If once of their grades deteriorate, the other's will fall as well. To that end, partners are encouraged to work together so they may both do well. However, it's not that easy to find a Buddy. Some students graduate without ever finding one."

MC: "I see..."

(I had no idea it was such a big deal to become Buddies...)

Randolph: "That is all you need to know about Buddies for now. Do you have any questions?"

MC: "Um, yes... It's not about Buddies though. Is that okay?"

Randolph: "What is it?"

MC: "I was wondering why a novice wizard like me was chosen for the academy."

Randolph: "Hmm."

He thought for a moment before smiling and plopping his hand down on my head.

Randolph: "Listen here, MC. You mustn't judge a book by its cover." 

MC: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Randolph: "Some thing are better explained if you discover the answer yourself."

MC: "Okay..."

Randolph: "And what's more... Take a gander at your Acceptance Letter."

MC: "Hmm?"

I jostled around inside my bag and brought out the letter in question.

MC: "What? What is this?!"

I looked over the letter only to see the word 'provisional' written on it.

MC: "What's this mean? Provisional? Why?!"

Azusa: "You didn't know? Recipients of the letter are accepted into the academy for thirteen days of the trial period. Once that time is over, the Scale of Judgment decides whether or not they can continue here or not. Only if the Scale tips in their favor does the student become official."

MC: "So you're saying I'm not an official student yet?" 

Randolph: "Correct. Your fate will be decided at the last day of your trial days."

MC: "So, I've only got thirteen days?"

(I wonder if I can really pull this off?)

Randolph: "Do not worry. Stay true to your heart and many paths will open to you."

MC: "Stay true...to my heart?"

Randolph: "Tell me something, MC... What does magic mean to you?"

MC: "Huh?"

(I've never thought about that at all. I mean, it's a big part of my life, but...) Having not good answer to give, I kept my mouth shut.

Randolph: "Can't think of anything?"

MC: "Sorry. I just can't think of a good answer.

Randolph: "Very well. It matters not. You still have plenty of time to find one. Search for the answer from within your heart."

MC: "Yes, sir."

Randolph: "Work side by side with Azusa and spend these thirteen days wisely. You are very lucky though, to have such an exceptional student as Azusa as your Buddy. Azusa. I trust you will support her and do all that you can to help her pass the trial."

Azusa: "Of course. Perhaps I am the lucky one... I never expected to find a Buddy, and so soon, at that. I'm still so unfamiliar with the culture here -- I've only just arrived. I can help her with her studies and she can help me understand the culture."

["I doubt I can help with that."]

MC: "Sure! I'd love to help!"

Azusa: "That's a relief. I'll be counting on you."

MC: "Anything you need to know, come straight to me!"

Azusa: "And I'll do everything in my power to help you pass the trial."

MC: "Cool, thanks!"

(With Azusa helping, I shouldn't have any problem! I'm so lucky to have a great partner like Azusa!)

Randolph: "One more thing. Now this is very important. You must not leave the academy grounds after nightfall. Also, the East Forest surrounding the Tower of Sorrow must never be entered."

MC: "The Tower of Sorrow?! Isn't that from the fairy tale of the Dragon of Time and the First King?"

Schuyler: "...A fairytale, you say? Don't be ridiculous."

MC: "Huh?"

Schuyler: "That is no fairy tale. It is a true legend."

MC: "What? Really?! That actually happened?!"

Randolph: "Haha. Indeed, yes. Though some lands still believe it no more than a fairy tale it seems."

Schuyler: "For the past 2000 years, three of the most powerful wizards have been chosen to protect the Tower of Sorrow. The Headmaster is one of those three...the Three Mages."

MC: "He's one of the Three Mages?!"

My mouth dropped open in amazement.

Randolph: "That is also true."

He smirked playfully and gave me a wink. (Why is he acting like this is no big deal at all?!)

MC: "It just seems so unreal! I'm talking to one of the greatest mages of all time!"

Randolph: "Haha. Would you like me to sign something for you?" 

Azusa: "Could I get in on that too?"

Randolph: "Haha! At least oen of you got my joke." 

MC: "The East Forest, huh..."

Azusa: "You know, the place you got lost in yesterday."

MC: "Oh yeah! I remember you saying something about it being off limits."

Azusa: "Right. Any farther and you might have been in trouble."

MC: "Yikes!"

Schuyler: "It is almost time for class."

Randolph: "MC, Azusa... Support one another well, and above all, do enjoy your time here."

Scene: Academy Stairwell

MC: "I can't believe I got you for my Buddy!"

Azusa: "I can't believe it either. I practically just got here, and now I've suddenly found my Buddy."

MC: "I'm so glad it was you! I think we get along really well!"

Azusa: "Me too. No complaints here."

MC: "You might want to take that back... I'm the clumsiest wizard you'll ever see."

Azusa: "Be more confident in yourself. I'm sure you're just fine. We'll make a great team."

When he aimed a smile at me, my insides filled with a soothing warmth. (What's going on? I feel kinda weird...)

Azusa: "Anyway, your class is up the stairs and on the left. Mine is up another floor."

MC: "Oh, okay. Thanks."

Azusa: "I'll see you later."

MC: "See you..."

Azusa smiled again and waved his hand at me, disappearing around the corner. (I'm so lucky to get such a dependable Buddy!This might just be the best academy life I'll ever have!)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

After splitting ways with Azusa, I went off and found my classroom. Students cheerfully laughed and chattered from all corners of the room. (So this is my class... First impressions are the most important thing now! Show them a big smile!) With a huge grin glued to my face, I nervously walked into the classroom.

MC: "Better find somewhere to sit..."

(There are no assigned seats, right?) I scanned the room with my eyes looking for a spot that was empty.

MC: "There's one."

I walked over to the second seat from the window in the back and sat down. (I should say hello to the one behind me...) I turned around and noticed a boy wearing an eye patch and staring out the window.

MC: "Um, hello? Is it all right if I take this seat?"

??? (Yukiya): "..."

MC: "Excuse me?"

??? (Yukiya): "...Hmm?"

MC: "Sorry to disturb you. My name's MC and this is my first day here. Do you care if I sit here?"

??? (Yukiya): "Whatever."

MC: "Th-Thanks... What's your name?"

Yukiya: "... Yukiya."

MC: "Yukiya, huh. Nice to meet you."

Yukiya: "Yeah."

With that, the boy named Yukiya turned his attention back out the window. (I wonder if he's in a bad mood today? I probably just made it worse by talking to him..."

???(Elias): "Hey, you there."

MC: "Um, me?"

???(Elias): "I'm guessing you're the new student?"

I turned to face the unfamiliar voice. My eyes were greeted with a male student with beautiful golden hair and a regal stature. (Haven't we met before?)

Flashback: Klaus in the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Main Staircase

(...Oh yeah! I remember now!)

MC: "Aren't you the guy from yesterday?"

??? (Elias): "...Excuse me? I've never met you before."

MC: "Don't you remember talking on the big stairs yesterday? That's right. You're Klaus!"

??? (Elias): "Klaus... No, that's my older brother."

MC: "It is? Really?! I'm sorry!"

(They look practically identical!)

Elias: "...I'm Elias. Elias Goldstein."

MC: "Pleased to meet you, Elias. I'm MC Hart."

Elias: "Nice to meet you too. If you have any questions, you can come to me for help."

MC: "Thanks!"

Elias: "Better to get it right from the start than to screw up and cause problems for everyone else."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Just when I was thinking he might be a good person... So he's a lot like his brother in that respect...)

??? (Luca): "The heck's wrong with you, Prince Elias? You're gonna scare the poor girl."

Just then, a mature looking boy with green hair butted in on our conversation.

MC: "Um..."

Luca: "What's up? I'm Luca Orlem. Nice to meet ya."

Luca stretched out his hand and waited for me to shake it.

MC: "N-Nice to meet you too..."

The moment I went to take his hand, Elias shoved his way between us.

Elias: "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Luca's nothing but trouble."

Luca: "Aw, man. That ain't nice."

Elias: "What are you doing in class anyway? You never come, especially in the morning."

Luca: "I had to come see for myself. The whole academy is talking about the new girl. You're MC, right?"

MC: "H-How do you know my name?"

Luca: "Everyone knows about you. You're the one who lit up on her very first day."

Elias: "What?! Your first day? Who with?"

MC: "Um... With Azusa."

Luca: "Azusa Kuze? Isn't he the student from Hinomoto? Never liked the guy -- he tries too hard to be nice. Sure sign of a jerk."

Elias: "Watch your mouth, Luca."

Luca: "So sorry. Almost Forgot goody two shoes Elias doesn't like bad words."

Elias: "...Are you making fun of me?"

Luca: "Me? No way. How could I? I'm just stating the truth."

Tension filled the air as the two boys glared at each other. (It's pretty obvious that these two don't get along so well...) Fortunately, their scuffle was ended by a chime that sounded throughout the room.

Elias: "...Class is going to start."

Luca: "In that case, it's about time for me to retreat."

Luca walked past all the seats and exited the classroom.

MC: "L-Luca?!"

Elias: "Don't worry about it. He always does this. I'm more surprised he showed up in the morning in the first place."

MC: "Really?"

(Just what kind of person is this Luca anyway?)

Elias: "All right. I'm going back to my seat."

MC: "Okay!"

Elias walked back to his seat and sat down. But then...

Schuyler: "In your seats, now."

Professor Schuyler marched swiftly to the front of the class. The once bustling room instantly came to a silence.

Schuyler: "Before class begins, there is one thing...MC Hart."

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

I jumped up out of my seat by reflex when he called my name.

Schuyler: "She is a new student, admitted to the academy for the trial period."

MC: "Uh, um... I'm MC Hart. Nice to meet you!"

As I bowed, the students clapped their hands for me.

Schuyler: "Very well... Now, sit."

MC: "Right!"

(That was nerve-wracking!)

Schuyler: "For class, today, we will be covering magical tools."

(And so it begins... I hope I can keep up with everyone else!)

Schuyler: "Particularly, those from foreign countries. It just so happens a student from Hinomoto has recently joined the academy. You would be wise to interact with those from other cultures to expand your horizons."

(Exotic magical tools! Sounds fun!)

Schuyler: "For example, this is a tool brought all the way from that same student's village in Hinomoto."

Professor Schuyler set down a chain of scarlet spheres resembling a necklace on the podium.

Schuyler: "Can anyone tell us what this is? ...You."

MC: "M-Me?!"

Schuyler: "What is the purpose of this magical tool?"

["It's a rosary"]
["It's for fashion."]
["I don't know."]
["It's probably candy."]

MC: "It's a rosary, right?"

Schuyler: "Correct. This is a Juzu -- a rosary from Hinomoto. You wear it on your wrist like this."

Professor Schuyler slipped it onto his wrist and held it up for everyone to see.

Schuyler: "This Juzu is affixed with binding magic. When used, it forms a circle of light with entwines the target, preventing their movement. However, I am unable to demonstrate its magic to you."

MC: "How come?"

Schuyler: "Because this Juzu can only be controlled by magic from Hinomoto. Thus, the magical power of this Juzu cannot be controlled by the system we teach in Gedonelune."

MC: "Wow..."

Schuyler: "Such is often the case with magical tools from foreign countries. Furthermore, if one tries to force certain tools to work, the caster may well end up cursed. If you somehow obtain such a device, it is best to admire its beauty and not attempt to use it. That is all for today."

(So I guess you can't use magical tools made in another country... I never knew that until now.) Finally, the chime signaling the end of the last class of the day echoed through the halls.

MC: "Whew... I thought it would never end."

(It's going to be harder than I thought to keep up. I should have known such a prestigious academy wouldn't be easy.) Just then, the shrill squeals of excited girls captured my attention.

Girl Student A: "Look, look! Isn't that Azusa Kuze?!"

Girl Student B: "He's so dreamy! What's he doing here?!"

MC: "Hmm?"

Glancing at the classroom entrance, I noticed Azusa standing there.

Azusa: "Hey! MC!"

When he saw me, Azusa smiled, waving his hand and walking my way.

Girl Student A: "Who's he waving at?"

Girl Student B: "It's her! That new student that lit up with him!"

Suddenly, all their eyes bore into me at once. (Ugh. It feels like I'm being stabbed from all directions...) I hurried to stuff the books into my bag and hustled over to Azusa.

MC: "Azusa! What are you doing here?"

Azusa: "I was hoping we could walk back."

MC: "T-Together?"

Azusa: "Yeah. Our fates are intertwined, remember?"

My heart began to race when his tender eyes focused on me.

MC: "I-I guess so..."

(When he says it like that, it makes it sound like we're married or something... ...Whoa! Hold on! I'm getting ahead of myself here!)

Azusa: "Shall we?"

Azusa casually grabbed my hand and started to lead me away.

MC: "...!!"

(W-We're holding hands?!)

MC: "U-Uh, um... Azusa?"

Azusa: "Yeah?"

MC: "Your -- um, your hand?"

Azusa: "What about it?"

MC: "Wh-Why are you holding my hand?"

Azusa: "Is there a problem?"

MC: "Aren't you embarrassed? Everyone's looking at us."

Azusa: "Not at all. Come on."

MC: "W-Wait!"

Scene: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Main Staircase

Azusa: "Watch the stairs, now."

MC: "Okay..."

The whole time we walked he never let go, making my hand pulse with heat.

Azusa: "Oh, yeah. Care if we make a detour?"

MC: "A detour?"

Azusa: "I want to talk to you some more."

MC: "That's fine, I guess..."

Azusa: "Great. This way."

Scene: Northern Forest at sunset

MC: "Wow..."

We had entered the woods in the northern part of the academy. It was quiet and calm, with the orange sunset filtering through the leaves, scattering the ground with color like a kaleidoscope. The peacefulness and serenity was mesmerizing, making the whole area seem divine.

MC: "What a wonderful place this is..."

Azusa: "It's my secret spot."

MC: "Yeah?"

Azusa: "I felt so out of place during my first days at the academy, so I often came here and thought about home. Something about the air in this forest reminds me of Hinomoto. The whole country is covered in natural beauty. I always used to play in the forest when I was little. They used to say the deity of the forest lived in there. Everyone said to stay out because it was a sacred place, but I always sneaked in..."

MC: "Hehe. You must have been a naughty boy."

Azusa: "...Heh. Maybe I was."

Azusa sat down on top of a nearby tree stump.

Azusa: "Why don't you join me?"

MC: "B-But it'll be a tight fit with two people..."

Azusa: "Come on. There's enough room."

MC: "Okay..."

I slowly stepped forward and sat down on the edge of the stump.

Azusa: "Don't be afraid. I won't bite."

Slipping his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me much closer.

MC: "! Th-This might be a little too close..."

Azusa: "How else are the both of us going to be able to sit here?"

MC: "You have a point, but..."

(Isn't he embarrassed at all at being his close to a girl? Or is it that this kind of thing is normal in Hinomoto?)

Azusa: "Since we're here, why don't we learn more about each other?"

MC: "How's that?"

Azusa: "Go ahead, ask me anything."

["What is Hinomoto like?"]
["What is your magic like?"]

MC: "What is Hinomoto like?"

Azusa: "Everyone calls it the place where the deities live. It's formed up out of a bunch of islands. Much of the land remains untouched, brimming with nature and mystery. Being isolated from much of the world, it had its own unique and special culture."

MC: "Neat!"

Azusa: "The 'deities' of Hinomoto are what people in Gedonelune call 'magical creatures'."

MC: "Magical creatures are...your deities? But don't they sometimes attack people too?"

Azusa: "True... There are some that aren't so friendly to humans. On occasion, those who incur the wrath of the deities suffer the consequences. In Hinomoto, there is a long history of humans and deities fighting over land."

MC: "Your people fight the deities there?"

Azusa: "Hinomoto is a small country -- It's not big enough for the both of us. To protect our lands, it's sometimes necessary to challenge them."

MC: "What a strange country. It sounds so interesting! I'd like to go someday..."

Azusa: "You'd be very welcome there. I'd love to show you around."

MC: "Thanks. Magical creatures are deities though, hmm... I guess there are all sorts of places in the world."

MC: "Why did you come to this academy?"

Azusa: "Hmm... It all started when my current roommate came to visit Hinomoto. I met him when he was staying with the master I'm in the service of. He stayed in Hinomoto for a while, but one day he suddenly decided to go back to the academy. Hearing him talk about the academy in Gedonelune so much made me want to try it too. Turns out, when I tried applying, I was lucky enough to get accepted."

MC: "I see..."

Azusa: "Anything else you want to ask?"

MC: "Um..."

[“What is your magic like?”]
[“Any questions for me?”]

MC: "Oh, that's right! What is your magic like? Is it different from ours?"

Azusa: "It is a bit different, I guess you could say. We use a type of magic called Onmyodo in Hinomoto. It binds magical words with symbols."

MC: "With...symbols?"

Azusa: "Haha. It'll be quicker if I just show you."

Azusa stood up and faced towards me.

Azusa: "Ready?"

After a deep breath, he traced his middle and pointer fingers through the air. A strange magic circle formed behind his motions, floating upwards like fire. It looked like letters, but without knowing Hinomoto language, I couldn't decipher it.

Azusa: "炎(En)!"

The moment he spoke, a blaze of fire burst from the symbol only to quickly vanish.

MC: "Wow...! Amazing!"

Azusa: "That's what they call fire magic here in Gedonelune."

MC: "It's totally different! I've never seen anything like it! It was so cool! You even cast it without a wand!"

Azusa: "We don't use wands, but there is a magic system that uses ofuda."

MC: "...Ofuda?"

Azusa: "Yeah. It's a paper talisman enchanted with magic."

MC: "Whoa!"

Azusa: "Hey, why don't you show me some of your magic?"

MC: "Uh, well..."

Azusa: "What's wrong?"

MC: "I'm so bad at it... If I cast a spell on anything that's not an animal, it always fails..."

Azusa: "Really?"

MC: "Yeah. There's only one magic that I have any confidence in... Talking with animals is the only thing I'm good at."

Azusa: "With animals? ...Does that include magical creatures?"

MC: "Uh huh. I can't understand them too."

Azusa: "Impressive! That's a talent you should be proud of!"

MC: "I should?"

Azusa: "I've never heard of any student capable of that kind of magic here, ever."

MC: "Really? I thought a lot of people could do it."

Azusa: "No way! You're the only one! That's amazing, MC!"

MC: "Thanks..."

(That's a nice feeling -- knowing I have a special power.)

MC: "Any questions for me?"

Azusa: "Let's see... What kind of wizard do you want to become?"

MC: "Hmm... I want to be just like Serge Durandal someday."

Azusa: "Serge?"

MC: "Oh. You mustn't have heard of him before. He's a real powerful wizard. He's famous for taming all sorts of creatures. I like animals already, so becoming a tamer is a natural progression I think."

Azusa: "I think that's a great goal for you. Plus, I heard there were really rare creatures in Gedonelune."

MC: "Like what?"

Azusa: "Have you ever heard of a unicorn?"

MC: "Yeah. I heard that the legends say they used to live around this area too."

Azusa: "Have you ever seen one?"

MC: "No way! It's a super rare, dignified creature!"

Azusa: "I didn't know they were so hard to find."

MC: "I'd sure like to see one, though. That was nice. I think I know a little more about you now."

Azusa: "I liked hearing what you have to say too.Not only did I get a Buddy as cute as you, but one with a real neat talent as well. I think it was fate that I came to this place."

MC: "Fate? Yeah, right... You're just exaggerating."

Azusa: "No... I don't think I am. As far as this academy is from home, I'm really glad I came. I can only hope we get along even better from here on out."

MC: "I know... Me too."

(Azusa here is such a gentleman. With Azusa as my Buddy, I doubt my academy life can get much better than this.)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

Amelia: So how was it -- your first day of class?"

MC: "Good! All the studying might be a little rough though. But everyone seems real nice! I think it'll be a lot of fun!"

Amelia: "That's great!"

While brushing her hair, Amelia stepped over to my bed to sit down next to me.

Amelia: "Is it true? I heard a rumor Azusa went to pick you up after class."

MC: "What?! There's already a rumor about it?!"

Amelia: "Are you kidding? We're talking about Azusa here! Of course it's big news! Gosh, he's so handsome! I thought my heart would explode when he talked to me this morning!"

MC: "Yeah... I guess he's nice."

Amelia: "Don't tell me... You've already gotten that far with him?!"

MC: "N-No! We just had a little talk, is all. About working together as Buddies, and stuff."

Amelia: "Yeah, but you never know! It could turn into something more than that!"

MC: "Wh-What are you talking about?! No it won't!"

Amelia: "Look! Your face is all red!"

MC: "N-No it's not!"

Amelia: "You little liar!"

Amelia reached out and pinched my cheeks with her fingers.

MC: "Amelia! Cut it out!"

Amelia: "Ahaha!"

My first day at the academy had come to an end. With it, I welcomed the wonderful academy life that was yet to come. All that worry over the trial seemed like such a silly thing to be concerned about now.

Day 3: Hinomoto, Land of Deities

Scene: Outside the Girls' Dormitory, daylight

MC: "*Yawn* ...Gah, still tired..."

Amelia: "Not a morning person, are you?"

MC: "I've never liked getting up..."

Amelia: "It's easy enough for me, so why don't I make sure you wake up on time?"

MC: "I'm so lucky to have a roommate like you..."

Amelia: "I won't always be there to be your alarm clock. At least make an effort to get up on time."

MC: "Fine..."

Amelia: "...!"

Amelia suddenly stopped in her tracks.

MC: "What's wrong?"

Amelia: "It's him! Azusa! He's back!"

MC: "...Huh?"

Sure enough, when I looked over at the dorm gate, there he was.

MC: "Y-You weren't joking! What's he here for?!"

Amelia: "Like I know!"

Azusa waved and smiled when he saw us coming.

Amelia: "Go on! It's all you!"

MC: "But..."

Amelia: "No buts, just go!"

Amelia shoved me from behind, forcing me straight towards Azusa.

Azusa CG 3

MC: "Good morning...Azusa."

Azusa: "Morning, MC."

MC: "Are you here for a reason?"

Azusa: "You should know. I came to pick you up."

MC: "For what?"

Azusa: "So we can walk to school together."

MC: "B-But I..."

I twisted my head back to look at Amelia, but she just shook her head as if saying I was on my own.

Azusa: "Since our fates are shared and all. Does it bother you?"

MC: "N-No..."

Azusa: "Good. So you'll walk with me to the main building?"

MC: "I-I guess so..."

Azusa: "Great. That's what I wanted to hear. Come on."

MC: "Okay!"

As we walked away, I turned back to Amelia and silently mouthed an apology. She came back giving me a big thumbs up. (S-She's got it all wrong! We're not like that!)

Scene: Exterior Academy Hallway

Girl Student A: "Check it out, it's Azusa! He looks so good today..."

Girl Student B: "That girl he's with is the one who lit up with him. Geez...I'm so jealous."

Girl Student A: "Too bad it wasn't me who became his Buddy..."

Numerous glares of all the jealous girls centered upon me. (I guess Azusa is more popular than I thought...) I looked at his face as we walked, and found my eyes glued to his attractive face. (I guess it's not surprise when you're that handsome...)

Azusa: "...Hmm? What's up? Is there something on my face?"

He abruptly turned my way and locked eyes with me.

MC: "I, um... No, nothing!"

Bewildered, I quickly turned away from him.

Azusa: "Is there something you want to say?"

MC: "N-No... It's just, you're more popular than I thought."

Azusa: "Oh, you mean with the girls?"

MC: "Yeah. They're all so obsessed with you."

Azusa: "It's a good problem to have, usually. Then again, I don't like it so much."

MC: "Why not?"

Azusa: "Well, in Hinomoto, people get married pretty young. Most of the guys my age are married already."

MC: "What?! That young?!"

Azusa: "Girls too. You're well past the age most get married."

MC: "You're kidding..."

(That blows my mind...)

Azusa: "Before I went overseas, my master kept bugging me to hurry up and start a family. In Hinomoto, you're no considered a man until you're married and have kids. When anyone sees someone single at my age, they always ask why they're not married yet. That's why it's nice here -- no one ever bothers me about it."

MC: "In Gedonelune, students don't typically get married. We usually save that for later, usually."

Azusa: "Haha, yeah. I like it better that way. It gives you time to mature and find the right partner you want to be with."

MC: "Speaking of which, you seem so mature for your age..."

Azusa: "I do?"

(Maybe that's why they get married so young in Hinomoto? Are all the boys in Hinomoto this mature?)

Azusa: "But with someone as cute as you, marriage seems like a good idea though."

MC: "Wh-What?! D-Don't make jokes like that!"

Azusa: "Joke? I'm not joking. I was being serious."

MC: "Y-You what?!"

Azusa: "If you were my wife, I bet I would look forward to coming home everyday."

[“That’s sweet of you, but…”]
[“We’re too young for that!”]

MC: "That's sweet of you, but..."

Azusa: "You think? Do you want to get married then?"

MC: "U-Uh..."

My face flushed bright as a tomato, and my mouth hung wide open.

Azusa: "Heh. That one there was a joke. Sorry."

MC: "H-Hey, come on!"

(My heart almost have out there!)

MC: "How can you say all that without batting an eye? It doesn't even bother you to hold hands. I guess I'm just not used to it..."

Azusa: "Maybe we're just late bloomers in Hinomoto. More like gentlemen though, if you ask me. Still, where I come from, this is all normal. We do it every day."

MC: "Normal, hmm..."

(So there's no special meaning in anything he's done... Still, being around him isn't good for my heart.)

Scene: Academy Stairwell

Azusa: "Well, I'm headed this way."

MC: "All right. See you."

Azusa: "Hey, MC."

MC: "Hmm? What?"

Azusa: "Are you free after class today?"

MC: "I don't have any plans..."

Azusa: "Let's go on a date then."

MC: "...A date?!"

Azusa: "I'll come find you after class again. Later!"

MC: "A-Azusa, wait..."

I went to stop him, but he had already started walking away.

MC: "A date, huh..."

(It's all so sudden... Maybe this kind of thing is normal in Hinomoto though?)

(Maybe this kind of thing is normal in Hinomoto though?)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "I better find a seat..."

Looking around the classroom, I saw the seat by the window was open again. (I should go sit over there again.) Just like yesterday, Yukiya was sitting in the seat just behind it.

MC: "Good morning, Yukiya."

Yukiya: ".........Hm?"

MC: "Good morning?"

Yukiya: "...Who're you?"

MC: "... ......What?"

Yukiya: "...I know you from somewhere."

MC: "It's me, MC! I'm the new student from yesterday!"

Yukiya: "...Oh yeah. You might have mentioned that."

MC: "Geez... Try to remember me next time."

Yukiya: "...All right."

Elias: "There you are, Hart."

MC: "Elias! Hello!"

Elias: "How was class? Think you can keep up?"

MC: "Y-Yeah, probably..."

Elias: "...Seems to me you might struggle a whole lot, though."

MC: "Ugh!"

(I hate to admit it, but it's true. Yesterday was rough.)

Elias: "You aren't going to make it if this keeps up."

MC: "I know..."

Elias: "If you're serious, I've kept notes from all the earlier classes. I could lend my notebook to you, but only if you're going to try."

MC: "Really?"

Luca: "Just say you want to help her already, geez."

MC: "Oh, Luca. Good morning."

Luca: "Morning, MC."

Elias: "What are you talking about, Luca?"

Luca: "You're worried she's not gonna pass, aren't ya? But you're too embarrassed to say anything and admit you wanna help her."

Elias: "What?!"

Luca: "Bull's-eye, see?"

Elias: "Shut up! You're wrong! I'm just trying to be nice to the new student!"

Luca: Yeah, yeah. You're such a savior. All hail Prince Elias."

Elias: "I told you not to call me that!"

MC: "Um, guys..."

Yukiya: "Let them be. This always happens."

MC: "Are you sure?"

Yukiya: "It'll break up once the bell rings and Luca leaves. It's one of those everyday cycles."

MC: "..."

(That's not hard to imagine at all...) Just then, the bell to announce starting of classes rang out.

Luca: "Time for me to scram. Have fun in class, chumps."

Luca nonchalantly waved his hand goodbye and left the classroom.

Elias: "...He's hopeless."

MC: "Won't he be in trouble when exams come around?"

Elias: "Sure...if he wasn't a genius."

MC: "Huh...?"

Elias: "Believe it or not, he's probably the best with magic in the class."

MC: "R-Really?!"

(I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years...)

Elias: "I'm going back to my seat. I can bring the notebook tomorrow if you want."

MC: "Yes, please! That would be wonderful!"

Elias: "All right."

(Maybe Elias is more considerate than I gave him credit for?) As I thought that to myself, a familiar face entered the classroom.

MC: "Huh? Headmaster Randolph?!"

(What is the headmaster doing here?)

Randolph: "Let us begin the lesson for today."

He looked out at the students and beamed a cheerful smile at me.

Randolph: "What is it, MC? You looked shocked to see me."

MC: "Um... I was just wondering why you came to our classroom..."

Randolph: "Oh, you didn't know? I may be the headmaster, but I teach classes as well. I instruct the History of Wizardry, Contracting magic, Barrier Magic, and Magic Creature Ecology."

MC: "I had no idea!"

(Who would have thought he taught the students as well! I figured he just sat on a chair, signing papers all day!)

Randolph: "Today, we will be looking into the world of Magical Creature Ecology."

MC: "Magical creatures, yes!"

(Awesome! Finally something I'm good at!)

Randolph: "We will continue where we left off last time by talking about unicorns."

(Great, I love unicorns. Wasn't Azusa saying he wanted to know more about them? I'll learn everything I can and tell him all about it later!)

Randolph: "Unicorns are now a very rare creature, making them almost impossible to find. But why are unicorns so rare? That is precisely the question we will answer today. Many ages ago, the world was met with an unprecedented crisis. At that time, a saint created a gigantic vessel and led all the world's creatures into it. That is, of course, a well-known myth. But what sort of vessel did this saint create? If you know which disaster struck, the answer is simple. MC?"

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

Randolph: "Do you know what it is?"

(Um... The gigantic vessel a certain saint created to avert an ancient disaster?)

[A ship]
[An airplane]
[A wagon]
[A train]

MC: "A ship, right?"

(Not that I have any confidence, but...)

Randolph: "That is correct. Well done. According to a myth, the lands were covered by a terrible flood. However, the unicorns were too proud to accept the help of humans and refused to board the ship. The unicorns pledged they would overcome the flood by swimming to safety under their own power. Eventually, all the lands were consumed by the flood. Almost all of the unicorns perished in the disaster. They are proud creatures. It is said they wrought their own destruction through their pride. That is why, even in this age, the unicorns are remarkably rare and few in number. Uncovering the history of the creatures themselves often reveals much regarding their ecology and behavior. This is especially true in the case of intelligent creatures which possess free will. If we have the chance, we will come back to discuss more of this in a future lesson. That is all for today."

(Wow. I sure learned a lot today... There's a lot more to Magical Creature Ecology than I thought! I can't wait to learn more!)

MC: "Ugh. It's finally over..."

I stretched out my back, putting all the stress of the day behind me.

MC: "Oh yeah... It's after class."

[Flashback: Azusa in Academy Stairwell]

Azusa: "Let's go on a date then."

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "A date, huh. I should at least fix my hair before it starts. I hope it looks all right."

Avatar Item checkpoint.
[Premium: Exotic Princess Hairstyle]
[Normal: Mini-Pompadour with Braided Pigtails]


Girl Student A: "Look! It's Azusa! He's a dream come true!"

Girl Student B: "This is the second time he's come to our class! We're so lucky!"

Their squeals and chatter alerted me to his presence by the door. (There he is!) I stuffed my books in my bag and hurried out of the classroom to meet him.

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "Hey. I'm here to pick you up."

MC: "Thanks."

Azusa: "Hmm? Your hair looks different than earlier."

MC: "Ah, yeah. I did something to it."

Azusa: "Hmm. I think I like the way you earlier wear it better. This reminds me of how the royalty in Hinomoto used to wear it long ago."

MC: "It does?"

Azusa: "Yeah. They pulled their bangs up and painted their faces white. And they also shaved their eyebrows."

MC: "What?! Really?!"

Azusa: "Why don't you give it a try?"


Azusa: "Haha. Just kidding."

MC: "That was so mean!"

Azusa: "Come on. Let's go."

MC: "Okay..."

(I thought he would like it... Oh well.)


Scene: Northern Forest at sunset

We walked together into the forest, returning to the stump we sat down on the other day.

Azusa: "You can come closer."

[“I’m close enough!”]
[“Like this?”]

MC: "Like this?"

I scoot over a little closer to Azusa.

Azusa: "More than that."

MC: "M-More?! How about...this?"

Azusa: "Even more."

MC: "That's impossible!"

Azusa: "Much closer."

Azusa grabbed me around the shoulder and pulled me in. Our bodies were so close together, I was sure he could feel my racing heart.

Azusa: "Like this."

MC: "This is too close!"

I had to push myself away from Azusa lest I suffocate.

Azusa: "Heh, you're adorable, MC."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Is he just trying to tease me...?) A dead silence followed, where neither of us said anything. Azusa sat calmly, as if enjoying the quiet. As for me, I felt too uneasy to keep my mouth shut any longer.

MC: "...What's your family like in Hinomoto?"

Azusa: "I've just got a brother. Our parents passed away fairly early. He's my only relative now."

MC: "I see..."

Azusa: "When I heard your parents passed away too, it got me thinking. We're in such similar situations; it just has to be fate that we met. But I still have a brother. It must be hard for you, being alone..."

MC: "It...can be, yeah. Like I said last time though, everyone in the village is my family now."

Azusa: "...Hmm."

MC: "How is your brother?"

Azusa: "...He's a bit frail and gets sick often."

MC: "Poor guy..."

Azusa: "...Yeah."

His face clouded with sorrow. (He must really be worried about his brother. It's his only relative, so I can see why.)

Azusa: "Sorry. I didn't mean to ruin the conversation."

MC: "It's okay."

Azusa: "Let's talk about something else... How was your day?"

MC: "Oh, yeah! I learned about unicorns today!"

Azusa: "...Really?"

MC: "Uh huh! A long time ago there was a flood that covered the world... This one saint built a huge ship to save all the plants and animals."

Azusa: "The Saint's Ark..."

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "The myth about the flood. It's the Saint's Ark."

MC: "You know the story too?"

Azusa: "Yeah. I read about it in a book before coming here. Except in the one I read, it says nothing at all about unicorns."

MC: "Well, it turns out the unicorns refused to get on the ship. They were apparently too proud to accept help from any humans. When everything was submerged underwater, most of the unicorns died. The headmaster said their own pride was their own downfall."

Azusa: "...That sounds just like Hinomoto."

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "For thousands of years, Hinomoto has ignored the ways and alliances of other countries. They willfully continued their isolation from the rest of the world. Because of that, it's preserved a number of beautiful things... Its nature, culture, and people... But I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. If Hinomoto tries to do everything on its own, it'll get left behind and drown in the flood. At least, that's what I think. There are just too many stubborn people where I'm from. Our isolation may have lifted, but they still want to keep others out and do everything from within. That's why I left -- to learn more and more, for my country and my village back home. To make Hinomoto an ever better place."

MC: "Azusa..."

(He really loves Hinomoto, doesn't he? I've never really thought about my village and country like that before... He's only a little older than me, so why does he seem so mature?) For some reason, his face seemed to dazzle with enthusiasm. The sight gripped my heart and took my breath away.

MC: "I feel so dumb now... I don't even know what I'm studying to accomplish, really."

Azusa: "In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether you're working towards a purpose now or decide on one later. It's improving yourself so you can achieve it that matters most. That's why I like you. You're trying so hard to do just that."

MC: "!"

Hearing him say the word 'like' made my cheeks flush bright red. (I shouldn't read into it! It's not what I think it means! Saying that is normal for him! He doesn't mean anything by it!)

MC: "R-Right. I'm going to study hard and practice magic a lot, and figure out what to do from there."

Azusa: "As long as you keep that attitude, I know you can do it. Do you know about Kotodama?"

MC: "Kotodama? No."

Azusa: "It's the only type of Hinomoto magic that others can use, even people from here. Kotodama magic... I believe it's called 'primitive magic' in Gedonelune. It works by speaking words combined with a very strong resolution."

MC: "Really?"

Azusa: "In Hinomoto, we have a belief that words possess strange powers. For better or worse, the words people speak have a spirit of their own. At least, that's what they say. So keep saying positive things, and it'll come true for sure. In Hinomoto, it's like a good jinx."

["I like that."]
["That words both ways though."]

MC: "That works both ways though. Won't saying negative things be like a curse?"

Azusa: "That's true. There are stories in Hinomoto about Kotodama turning into a curse."

MC: "That's scary to think about."

Azusa: "Sure, but there are plenty more stories about Kotodama being used for good. It's just like magic in the sense that it can also be used for good or evil, depending on the person."

MC: "That's true. I guess I better watch what I say from now on."

Azusa: "It'll get dark soon. I'll walk you back to your dorm."

MC: "Okay, thanks."

(What a pity. I would have liked to talk a little more...)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night.

Amelia: Phew... Today wore me out!"

MC: "I'm going to stay up and review a little longer..."

Amelia: Ooh, look at you! We've got an honor student here!"

MC: "No, silly -- because I'm so far behind! If I don't do this, I'll never become an official student!"

Amelia: "You can do it, MC! I believe in you! I've always got your back!"

MC: "Thanks, Amelia."

Right that moment, there was a soft knock on the door to our room.

MC: "Yes?"

Dorm Mother: "MC? Can I speak to you for a moment?"

The housemother was calling for me from outside.

MC: "Hmm? Do you need me for something?"

Dorm Mother: "Please come down and see me."

MC: "A-All right."

Amelia: "What does she want?"

MC: "Ugh. I don't know. I guess I'll find out..."

Amelia: "Good luck!"

Scene: Foyer of Girls' Dormitory

MC: "Um... Have I done something?

Dorm Mother: "No, not at all. Someone is waiting for you in the front yard."

MC: "Someone?"

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory at night

Pale moonlight painted the front yard in a faint, spectral light. One lone figure traced a dim shadow.

MC: "That's..."

The person walked forward, coming close enough so I could make out their face.

MC: "Huh?!"

Klaus: "I've been waiting for you."

MC: "Prefect Klaus?! What are you doing here?!"

Klaus: "I used my powers as a prefect to summon you out here."

MC: "What? Why? Have I done something wrong?"

Klaus: "Why would you assume that? Have you actually done something?"

MC: "N-No, but..."

Klaus: "Other than being a terrible student, that is."

MC: "Th-That wasn't nice!"

Klaus: "I called you out here tonight because I have a favor to ask."

MC: "A favor? From me?"

Klaus: "Keep an eye on Azusa Kuze."

MC: "Wh--...Huh?! Why would I do something like that?"

Klaus: "Because you're his Buddy."

MC: "That's why you chose me?"

Klaus: "You're the closest person to him as far as I know."

MC: "Hold on a second. What did Azusa do to make you ask this? I mean, you don't spy on someone unless they're up to something, right?"

Klaus: "Pigeon killing."

MC: "Huh?"

Klaus: "There have been reports around the academy about someone killing pigeons."

MC: "Whoa! Slow down! I'm not following you here... By pigeon, you mean the birds that fly around the academy?"

Klaus: "Correct. I have a suspicion that someone is practicing dark magic with blood from those pigeons."

MC: "S-So you mean they're killing the pigeons just to use their blood?"

A shiver ran through me, chilling my spine.

Klaus: "Dark magic is taboo, you know. In Geodonelune, it's against the law to practice it. Anyone who does is committing a terrible crime. You know that much, don't you?"

MC: "Yeah, of course. Dark magic is used to inflict curses, pain, and death. So you're saying that someone in the academy might be using it?"

Klaus: "Yeah...and I'm trying to find the culprit. Don't tell anyone we had this conversation, especially not Azusa Kuze."

MC: "Wait... You think he might have done it?!"

Klaus: "..."

MC: "That's terrible! Azusa isn't the kind of person to do that sort of thing? Granted, I haven't known him for more than a few days...but I just know it!"

Klaus: "I understand how you feel, but there was something strange about the traces of dark magic. It was conjured through means I've never seen before. At the least, it's not a magic system taught in Gedonelune."

MC: "Seriously?!"

Klaus: "It has to be a system from some foreign country. There are only a few students at the academy who aren't from Gedonelune. Furthermore, only he possesses the skill to practice magic of that level."

MC: "You don't know it's him!"

Klaus: "There's also the fact he's the only student that's come here recently. Of course, I can't say who it is for sure just yet. That's why I'm doing my ue diligence by investigating everyone suspicious."

MC: "I know, but why me? I can't..."

Klaus: "Remember that the Scale of Judgement decides whether or not you become an official student. If you cooperate with the investigation and aid in solving this incident... ...Well, your chances at being judged worthy will undoubtedly increase."

MC: "Hmm..."

Klaus: "...If you are so insistent that he's not the culprit, help me prove that he isn't."

MC: ".........Fine."

Klaus: "I don't want to sound like a broken record, but don't tell anyone we talked about this, especially not Azusa Kuze. If he sees us meeting often, there's a good chance he might get suspicious. From now on, I'll send you a signal when we need to talk."

MC: "A signal?"

Klaus: "Here, take this. It's a magical tool I just made today."

Image of pink and silver earrings

He pulled out a pale pink stone earring. Prefect Klaus held it in front of me so I took it in my hand.

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory at night

Klaus: "Whenever you wear this, you'll be able to communicate with me."

MC: "What? How?!"

Klaus: "We'll be able to talk back and forth using your mind with the earring as a proxy. I've made it so I'll be able to get messages from you too. If you keep wearing it every day, no one will think it suspicious. It doesn't matter if you have it on your ear or not if you want to talk to me, but... You have to be wearing it if you want to hear me."

MC: "Wow. You can make magical tools like this?"

Klaus: "Of course. Who do you think I am?"

(Prefect Klaus is more powerful than I thought! Makes sense that he's prefect, I guess.)

Klaus: "I'm counting on you."

MC: "All right. I don't know if I'll be any help though."

Klaus: "I'm not expecting much out of you in the first place."

MC: "Ugh!"

(What the heck! Why did he ask my help in the first place?!)

Klaus: "Just kidding. Anyway, you be careful, all right? If you get in trouble, just touch the earring with your finger. It'll start communications with me. You'll hear from me later, so make sure to wear it."

MC: "Okay..."

With that, Prefect Klaus vanished into the shadows of the night.

Scene: Nighttime Sky

(Pigeon killing... Dark magic... How could such terrible things be happening right here in the academy? One's thing's for sure -- Azusa isn't that one who did it. Prefect Klaus doesn't know the first thing about how nice and kind Azusa is. It's just like Prefect Klaus said, I just have to prove he didn't do anything wrong. I'll prove Azusa is innocent, once and for all!)

Day 4: Presentiment of a Romance

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

MC: "It's beautiful out again today."

Amelia: "I know! Don't you just want to slip all classes and go lay in the sun all day?"

MC: "Yeah... Sign me up for that."

Amelia: "But even better would be a romantic date with a hottie... Wha--!"

Amelia suddenly stopped and let out a loud exclamation.

MC: "Huh? What's wrong?"

Amelia: "Hehe. I'll go ahead without you!"

MC: "What? Why?"

Amelia: "Look."

I followed her line of sight and looked over at the gates. I wasn't at all surprised when i saw Azusa standing there.

Amelia: "Azusa coming to pick you up is like a daily ritual now."

MC: "What should I do?"

Amelia: "What do you mean? It's obvious! Go get 'em, tiger!"

She gave me a hearty slap on the back and ran off with a pleased smile.

MC: "Hey, wait! Amelia!"

(Go get what? We're not like that! Now I'm in a fix... After hearing what Klaus said last night, I kinda don't want to see Azusa right now.) I stared at him, not moving an inch, as I remembered everything Klaus had said to me.

Flashback: Klaus in front of the Girls' Dormitory at night.

Klaus: "Keep an eye on Azusa."

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

My heart cringed with pain when my thoughts drifted to the earring I wore. (Azusa isn't that kind of person. I'm only in on this to prove his innocence... Besides, if I can help solve the case, it'll help pass the trial.) Mustering up my courage, I marched towards Azusa.

MC: "Good morning, Azusa."

Azusa: "Morning."

MC: "I see you came to pick me up again."

Azusa: "Yeah. Sorry, I'm not bothering you, am I?"

MC: "N-No! Not one bit!"

Azusa: "Glad to hear it. Let's go then."

MC: "All right."

Just as we began walking, I noticed his face looked somewhat pale and sickly.

MC: "Azusa? Are you feeling okay?"

Azusa: "...Shoot. Haha, I was hoping you wouldn't notice..."

MC: "If you're not feeling well, you should rest."

Azusa: "That's part of the problem. I've been having nightmares recently, so I just haven't been able to get much sleep."

[“So you’re not sick?”]
[“What kind of nightmare?”]

MC: "So you're not sick?"

Azusa: "No, I'm fine. Are you that worried about me?"

MC: "Of course I am..."

Azusa: "Really? You know, hearing that makes me happy... So thanks."

Azusa smiled and scooped up my hand in his. He then clasped his other hand on top of it.

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "You're the first person who's ever been worried about me like that. No one's been there for me for such a long time that I've just had to hold all the pain in. I forgot how nice it is to have someone who cares about you."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "Come on. Let's go."

Azusa nonchalantly grabbed hold of my hand.

MC: "W-Wait a second! Do we have to hold hands?!"

Azusa: "Of course. Why not?"

MC: "Isn't it obvious?! It's embarrassing!"

Azusa: "I'm not embarrassed at all, though."

MC: "Not that again! I am! I'm embarrassed!"

Azusa: "Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

MC: "H-Hold on! I said wait!"

Completely ignoring my struggled, Azusa held on tight and began pulling me forward. (Ugh! This is so embarrassing, but he's not going to let go... I guess I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it for now!) His warmth flooded into me through his hand, pushing my heart to its limits. (This is a weird feeling... I'm embarrassed, but that's not all I am. There's something so reassuring about holding his hand. So soothing... There's no way he's responsible for the dark magic. Not someone like this... I'm completely sure of it.)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

When I arrived at the classroom, I saw down in front of Yukiya as usual.

MC: "Good morning, Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Morning, um... MC."

MC: "You finally remembered me!"

Yukiya: "...You screw up in class so much that it just stuck with me."

MC: "Ugh!"

(That's not something I want to be remembered for!)

Elias: "Hart."

MC: "Oh. Morning, Elias."

Elias: "...Morning. I brought you the notebook I had promised yesterday."

MC: "Wow! Thanks! You're the best!"

Elias: "If you have any questions, just ask."

MC: "You're so considerate and helpful, Elias!"

Elias: "...I'm not, really."

Elias's face blushed with a pale pink. (Hmm? Did I just embarrass him?) All of a sudden, the bell rang out, signaling the start of class.

MC: "...Looks like Luca didn't show up today."

Elias: "That's typical. It was a shock that he came in the first place just to check out the new student."

MC: "Oh..."

Elias: "It's better when he's not around. Nice and quiet."

Yukiya: "Agreed."

Elias: "You can return the notebook to me whenever you like."

MC: "Okay. Thanks."

Elias turned around and walked back to his own seat. As he sat down, the classroom door swung open and Professor Schuyler marched in.

Schuyler: "Professor Merkulova isn't able to teach class today, so I will be taking his place."

(Professor Merkulova... He's not one of the professors I still haven't met yet.)

Schuyler: "We will be discussing magical tools, particularly the Persona Mirror. It was created by Walter Goldstein and is an invaluable device beyond measure."

(Walter Goldstein? That name sounds familiar for some reason... Wasn't he a famous tool inventor? Goldstein... Goldstein? Huh?!)

MC: "Wait! Is that Elias's father?!"

I was so surprised at my own revelation that I jumped out of my seat.

Schuyler: "...MC."

MC: "I, uh... Sorry! It just surprised me!"

Schuyler: "...Just take your seat."

MC: "Y-Yes, sir."

(Wow... So Elias is a part of the famous Goldstein family. Wait, that means Prefect Klaus is too! Now it makes sense how he could make such a powerful tool for me!) I briefly touched the earring tucked behind my hair. (I'm just amazed he made that all on his own...)

Schuyler: "The Goldstein family has created countless magical tools over the years. However, their most impressive work is none other than the Persona Mirror. It was originally created in order to see through the lies of criminals. It is now secured in the safety of the headmaster's room. MC, answer me this..."

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

Schuyler: "A persona can be defined as a mask -- a disguise. But the word also has another meaning. What is it?"

(So, another meaning for persona that isn't mask or disguise?)


MC: "Person."

(I mean, isn't it obvious by the name?!)

Schuyler: "Correct. It also can mean one's person. The term persona is used often in the field of psychology. To adapt to certain situations, people sometimes mask their true feelings. The entity they create, the one perceived by others, is called their persona.To break this facade and reveal their true character is the solitary purpose of the Persona Mirror. There are in fact, other magical tools crafted in the shape of a mirror. Elias. Do you know one such example?"

Elias: "Yes, sir."

Elias stood up tall and gave his answer.

Elias: "There is the Mirror of Procle. It allows the user to see a location instantly, regardless of the distance."

(Elias! Nice one!)

Schuyler: "Well done. It just so happens I have brought the Mirror of Procle with me today. I will need a volunteer to demonstrate how the mirror is used. MC."

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

Schuyler: "Step forward. Show us how it is done."

MC: "A-All right..."

(Just great... I'll probably screw it up.) I walked to the front and reluctantly took the mirror in my hand.

Schuyler: "First, you must recite the incantation. O mirror... I command thee, reveal lands far away. And then the words, Wideo Procle. Speak firmly holding an image of the location in your mind or the magic will fail."

MC: "All right..."

I took a deep breath and stared into the mirror. (...I've got to think real hard about a place or it's not going to work... What should I picture? Home? No, home wouldn't be good... The dorm? No, I better not. Amelia might not like me showing her stuff...)

Schuyler: "What are you waiting for? Get to it."

MC: Uh, um... Okay. O mirror, I command thee, reveal lands far away. Wideo Procle!"

After I recite the incantation, the mirror began to shimmer and shine in a faint light. (Did it work?!) Just then, the mirror slipped right out of my hands.

MC: "Huh?!"

It then proceeded to climb up on top of the podium all on its own.

The Mirror of Procle: "Argh! I've had enough! I'm sick of showing places here and there all day like a slave!"

MC: "...I-It talks?"

I nervously glanced towards Professor Schuyler for help.

MC: "I-Is this what's supposed to happen?"

Schuyler: "Goodness, no! MC! What have you done?!"

MC: "..."

(I knew it! My magic screwed up yet again!)

The Mirror of Procle: "Hey, you! Are you the one that did this to me?!"

MC: "I, uh... Yeah."

The Mirror of Procle: "I'm sick of this! I'm not doing my job no more!"

MC: "B-But you have to... You're the The Mirror of Procle, remember?"

The Mirror of Procle: "Shut your mouth! I can do whatever I want! I'm just a normal mirror now!"

MC: "But..."

(What a rotten mouth for a mirror...)

MC: "Um, is there any way to fix it?"

Schuyler: "This is magic to uncover the emotions of objects... Even if it was a mistake, for you to cast such a powerful magic... But to answer your question... No. This will continue until the object calms down."

MC: "Really?"

Schuyler: "You gave life to the enmity born by the object over many years. There is nothing you can do except talk with it until it settles down."

MC: "You've got to be kidding..."

Schuyler: "Of course, this is your fault, so it is your responsibility."

MC: "Ugh..."

The Mirror of Procle: "Hey, you crummy wizard over there! Are you even listening to me?!"

MC: "I'm listening, for crying out loud!"

I had to deal with the mirror all day, even giving up my breaks and lunch listening to its rants.

MC: "Geez, I'm whipped."

Yukiya: "Did it finally return to normal?"

MC: "Yeah. I gave it back to Professor Schuyler just now."

Yukiya: "That was kind of funny, for me at least."

MC: "...It wasn't funny at all..."

Elias: "Hey."

MC: "Ugh, Elias! Don't even say it! I already know what you wanna tell me... I'm depressed enough as it is right now..."

Elias: "This has nothing to do with your monumental failure today..."

MC: "Huh?"

Elias: "Azusa Kuze is here. Did he come to pick you up?"

MC: "Seriously?"

Glancing over, I saw Azusa standing at the door just like Elias said.

MC: "Thanks for letting me know, Elias."

Elias: "Sure..."

I quickly grabbed my bag and hurried out of the classroom.

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "MC."

MC: "Sorry! You didn't say you were coming today, so I didn't know..."

Azusa: "It's okay. I just wanted to see you, no matter what."

MC: "Really?"

Azusa: "I just want to talk to you more. About your home, about you, about us..."

Hearing those words made my heart squeeze tight. Every day that I've spent together with Azusa has been nothing short of wonderful.

MC: "I'd like that too."

The words slipped out of my mouth without even thinking about it.

Azusa: "...Thanks. That means a lot."

Seeing the smile on his face gripped my heart even tighter. (Why does my chest always feel so tight when I'm with him?)

Azusa: "It's already too late to go up into the Northern Valley though. It'd be nice if we could escape to the somewhere quiet."

MC: "Hmm..."

Azusa: "...Ah, I know. We could go there!"

MC: "Where?"

Scene: Academy Courtyard B

MC: "Behind the main building?"

Azusa: "There is where I come when I want to be alone. No one ever comes back here."

MC: "You like being alone a lot more than I thought."

Azusa: "I was never any good dealing with groups of people in the first place."

[“Why not?”]
[“That's hard to believe.”]
[“That’s a shame.”]

MC: "That's a shame. There are so many good things about you too. I'm sure if you just tried to make a few friends, you'd be popular in no time!"

Azusa: "Popular, huh? I'm good, thanks. I don't like standing out that much. I'd much prefer to stand on the sidelines."

MC: "I see..."

Azusa: "Besides, I'd rather be close to one person than popular to everybody."

MC: "...Just one?"

Azusa: "Yeah. A special someone."

MC: "Well, that might not be so bad either."

Azusa: "So, how was class today? Did you learn anything?"

MC: "Well, let's just say it was a disaster."

Azusa: "What? How?"

MC: "There's this mirror, the Mirror of Procle. It lets you see places far away... When I tried using magic on it, I accidentally gave it feelings instead. The only way to fix it was to talk to it until it shut up, so guess what I did all day..."

Azusa: "Haha! You spent the whole day talking to a mirror?"

MC: "Yeah. And to top it off, it swore and cursed the whole time..."

Azusa: "That's amazing, actually. It's a really difficult spell to just cast on accident like that."

MC: "It was just a coincidance it happened, I think."

Azusa: "Maybe not, though. What if you're hiding a tremendous amount of power?"

MC: "Yeah, right! As if that could happen!"

Azusa: "You never know... Think of yourself as a seed. It starts off so small, but that's just the beginning. Until you plant and nurture it, no one knows just how big it'll grow. Is that right? Just like a seed in the ground, your potential for growth could be huge."

MC: "But I..."

Azusa: "I believe in you. There's enormous power lurking inside you -- you just don't know it yet."

MC: "Hehe. Thanks Azusa."

(How does he do it? Everything Azusa says sounds so wonderful... He makes everything sound so believable and it warms my heart.) A strong breeze blew past, swaying the earring which caught his eye.

Azusa: "...Is that new? I've never seen you wearing that earring before."

MC: "O-Oh, this?"

Azusa: "It's cute. Is it special to you?"

MC: "Well..."

(What should I do? Maybe I should tell him about the talk Prefect Klaus and I had last night after all. That he wanted me to keep an eye on Azusa for him... I just can't see Azusa doing anything like that from the start. Then again, Prefect Klaus said not to tell Azusa about it, no matter what.)

[Tell Azusa]
[Don't tell Azusa]

[Tell Azusa]

MC: "Actually, there's something I've been keeping from you..."

Azusa: "You have?"

MC: "...Yesterday, Prefect Klaus came to talk to me."

Azusa: "Klaus... You mean, Klaus Goldstein?"

MC: "Yeah. He's searching for someone who's practiced dark magic in the academy."

Azusa: "...Dark magic? Really?"

MC: "Uh huh. He said it was done using a magic system that could only be from another country. That's why...he wanted me to keep an eye on you.:

Azusa: "...On me?"

MC: "I told him there's no way you would ever do something like that..."

Azusa: "I see. So that's how it's going to be..."

MC: "...Azusa?"

In a blink of an eye, all emotion had been wiped off his face.

MC: "What's...wrong?"

Azusa: "How could he do this? Those filthy, rotten Goldsteins."

MC: "Wh-What are you talking about...?"

Azusa: "I can't let him get in my way... Now now."

His beautiful, indigo eyes shrouded with darkness, becoming empty like a void. I could no longer tell what he was thinking, or what he was looking at. Seeing that terrible face of his, writhing with insanity, made my body shake with fear.

MC: "Azusa? ...What is it? What's wrong?"

Azusa: "..."

[Black Shadow/Nue appears]

His eyes opened large and wide as a sinister figure slipped forward from his shadow.

MC: "Wh-What is that?!"

It was shaped like a human but wore an outfit from another land I had never seen before. A veil of tainted, black mist surrounded the very air around it in shadow. I wanted to scream so badly, and yet my body shook so terribly that no voice came out. Instead, my body felt heavier and heavier, as if laden by weight and unable to escape.

MC: "Azusa...?!"

The black creature slowly approached me.

MC: "Stop! Please, stop! What are you doing?! Azusa!

It was as if he hadn't heard a word I said. And then...

Azusa: "...Good bye, MC."

Scene: Black

The last thing I saw was that friendly smile he always showed me.

... ...... .........

Scene: White
Scene: East Forest shrouded in fog
Image of Gold Butterfly

Mysterious Butterfly: "...It is not your time to perish... I will grant you another chance... So please, save him...

Scene: East Forest shrouded in fog

... ...... ......

Scene: Courtyard B. There is no other option to pick this time besides "Don't tell Azusa."


["Don't Tell Azusa]

(It's probably a bad idea to talk to him about it.)

MC: "Um, th-this kind of earring is really in style right now! All the girls are wearing them!"

Azusa: "Yeah? It looks good on you."

MC: "...Thanks."

(I'm so sorry for lying, Azusa!) A terrible wave of guilt rushed through me.

MC: "I like that necklace you wear too."

Azusa: "Oh, this? Want to touch it?"

MC: "Can I?"

Azusa: "Yeah. Go ahead."

I reached out and gently touched the necklace.

MC: "It's beautiful..."

Inside the crystal necklace a butterfly was engraved in stone. It was shaped in such a way that it looked three-dimensional, as if a real butterfly was living inside. (How curious... I wonder how it was made?) I stared at the necklace, inspecting it from all sides when... Suddenly, I felt the sensation of hair against my skin.

MC: "Huh?"

Surprised, I looked up, only for Azusa to press his hand against my cheek. My heart ached, skipping a beat and thundering in my chest.

MC: "A-Azusa..."

Azusa: "...They say love at first sight is driven by desire. I thought it wasn't real love. But you're all I ever think about now..."

My mind went blank, unable to think out of sheer bliss. My cheeks burned and face swelled, throbbing with a dull pain.

MC: "Wh-What do you mean by--"

Before I could finish my sentence, the ground shook and rumbled in front of me.

MC: "Ack! Wh-What's going on?!"

Azusa: "Hmm? ...Maybe it's a mole?"

MC: "No way! It's way too big to be a mole!"

The tremors magnified to the point where suddenly the ground collapse upon itself forming a hole.

MC: "Wh-What the?! This isn't normal!"

Less expected was the figure that popped up out of the hole in the ground.


??? (Randy): I struck it rich!"

MC: "......Huh?!"

I looked back, locking eyes with out surprise guest. I was certain I had seen that face before. (Only so many people can have pink cotton candy...)

MC: "I know you! You're that guy!"

??? (Randy): Oh! You're the girl who stepped on Taffy!"

MC: "...What are you doing in a hole?"

??? (Randy): "I was digging up a magic lode when it led this way."

MC: "A magic what?"

??? (Randy): "A magic lode. It's a vein of magical power running in the ground."

MC: "I've never heard of such a thing!"

Azusa: "...Randy?"

I heard Azusa's voice call out from behind me.

Randy: "Oh, Azusa! Fancy seeing you here!"

MC: "Huh? You two know each other?"

Azusa: "Of course we do. He's Randy -- the whole reason I came to Gedonelune in the first place."

MC: "Really? You said that was your roommate..."

Randy: "That's me! I'm his roommate!"

Azusa: "Randy, let me introduce you to her. This is MC, my Buddy I told you about."

Randy: "Nice to meet you!"

MC: "You too, Randy."

Randy: "MC, eh?"

Randy scrambled up out of the hole and came closer to get a good look at my face.

MC: "...Wh-What?"

Randy: "Hmm? I'm just looking."

MC: "I-I can see that..."

Azusa: "Randy, you're bugging her. Why don't you leave her alone for now?"

Azusa stepped forward, putting himself between Randy and me.

Randy: "Eh, why? This isn't like you."

Azusa: "No?"

Randy: "You usually don't care, like you have no interest in people."

Azusa: "Well, I'm a guy too you know. Anyone would get upset if another guy got too close to the girl they like."

MC: "H-Huh? ...What?!"

(Did I just hear that right? He likes me?!) My thoughts became a scrambled mess.

MC: "A-Azusa?! J-Just what did you mean by that?"

Azusa: "Exactly how it sounds. To me, you're special. I don't like other guys being around you."

MC: "...!"

This time, my head went numb and left me in a daze. I stared quietly off to the side, unable to even speak for the moment. (S-So does this mean that...Azusa actually likes me?! Like, as a guy likes a girl?!)

Randy: "So...Azusa's in love? That's wild! In other words, there's something about MC that made Azusa fall in love..."

Randy leaned in close and stared at me, as if scrutinizing my face.

MC: "U-Uh, Randy?"

Azusa: "All right, enough."

Azusa pulled me by the hand and stood in front of me like a shield.

Randy: "Eh?! But I'm not done yet!"

Azusa: "You need to learn when enough is enough."

Randy: "Yeah, yeah."

Azusa: "MC? Sorry for saying that out of the blue. We can take our time and talk about it later."

MC: "O-Okay..."

Azusa: "Anyway, this is perfect. I wanted to finish our conversation from earlier."

Randy: "The one about unicorns?"

Azusa: "Well, yes. You never come back to the dorm, so it's impossible to get a hold of you."

Randy: "Sorry about that. I always get carried away when I'm doing an experiment."

MC: "An experiment?"

Randy: "Yeah, that. Magical research."

MC: "Oh."

(That's right. He was doing some experiment with Taffy the first time we met.)

Azusa: "Randy's a fanatic when it comes to magical research."

Randy: "It's fun! You should give it a try sometime, Azusa!"

Azusa: "I'd be no good at it. Anyway, did you really meet a unicorn at the spring in the north?"

Randy: "Yup. Sure did! It was quite a while ago, though."

MC: "...What spring?"

Randy: "If you go past the Northern Valley Forest, there's a spring there. Oh, it's secret, by the way."

MC: "You mean, the one right by the academy? There's a unicorn that close?!"

Randy: "I don't see why you're so surprised. The area around here is a perfect environment for them to live. The weather, humidity, air, water, magic... It's the ideal place for them to live. There's no reason not to suspect they live in these parts."

MC: "I had no idea... You sure know a lot, Randy."

Randy: "Well, Magical Creature Ecology just happens to be my specialty."

MC: "Really?! That's what I'm hoping to specialize in too!"

Randy: "It's a really neat field. There's so much to learn about."

Azusa: "Do you think the unicorn still hands out around the spring?"

Randy: "Well, there aren't too many other places more fitting for a unicorn. It's just, unicorns don't ever stay in one spot for long. They roam far and free, and never settle down in one area. Plus, they're pretty fickle, so there's no telling if it will visit an area twice."

MC: "Oh..."

Randy: "But unicorns are amazing! They're such a dignified magical creature they can even understand humans!"

MC: "So you can talk to one?"

Randy: "Yeah, but they're super moody and despise pretty much all humans. It might be scary to talk to one since it'll probably be angry. In reality, unicorns are really only nice to pure maidens."

MC: "...Who, exactly?"

Randy: "Girls like you."

MC "Like me?"

(Wait... Does that mean what I think it does?)

MC: "I-I..."

Randy: "I'm right though, aren't I? That you're pure?"

["You can't ask that!"]
["Yeah, but..."]

MC: "You can't ask that!"

Randy: "No? Why not?"

MC: "B-Because, you can't!"

Azusa: "Randy, just let it go. MC is too innocent. Don't ask her questions like that."

Randy: "So is it okay if I ask other girls?"

Azusa: "I don't think that's the problem here..."

Randy: "Azusa, how come you want to see a unicorn so bad?"

Azusa: "It's just such a rare creature, I'm kind of curious to see one. The fact that they aren't in Hinomoto and you can only see them in Gedonelune makes me want to even more so."

Randy: "Good luck! You might have trouble finding one, but stick to it and you might just!"

Azusa: "Thanks."

(Randy may be a little strange, but he's sure knowledgeable about magical creatures! What a mysterious guy...)

Azusa: "It's already this late? We better get back before we get in trouble."

MC: "Yeah. Good idea."

Azusa: "I was hoping we could talk a little more, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow."

MC: "Y-Yeah, okay..."

(We still have plenty to talk about -- namely, what he meant by saying he liked me. I'm just so anxious to hear... I want to know now!)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

MC: "*Yawn*..."

Amelia: "Looks like today wore you out."

MC: "Yeah... It's been crazy since this morning."

Amelia: "Speaking of crazy, did you hear someone in the academy is killing pigeons?"

MC: "...R-Really?"

Amelia: "Yeah. They found traces of dark magic somewhere in the academy. Isn't it disturbing? Who knows how much of the rumor is true, though..."

MC: "That's terrifying..."

Amelia: "I hope they find whoever is doing it quick. The professors and prefect keep having to ditch class for some sort of urgent business. Everyone's saying that they're probably investigating and trying to find the suspect. I mean, that's pretty solid foundation for the rumor, isn't it?"

(That's right... Even today, we had a substitute for Professor Merkulova.)

Amelia: "So in any case, you be careful, MC."

MC: "I will, thanks."

Amelia: "Not like you have to worry, though! You've got your prince to save you!"

MC: "Huh?"

Amelia: "Don't give me that! Azusa, silly!"

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Hearing his name reminded me of what he'd said today, flushing my cheeks with blush.

Amelia: "Hey! Your face is all red! Something good happen between you?"

MC: "N-Nothing happened! Nothing at all!"

Amelia: "Ooh? Very suspicious!"

MC: "It's nothing, really! A-Anyway, I'm going to bed! Good night!"

I dove into bed, making a shameless escape from her questions.

Amelia: "Sweet dreams."

MC: "Y-You too..."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

Yes, though I lay in bed, my heart raced faster than ever. (He said it... He likes me! In a special way, too! There's no doubting it this time... Azusa really likes me! What about...my feelings, then? It's fun whenever we're together, but it makes my chest all tight. ...Is this what I think it is?) Thoughts ran amok in my head, keeping me wide awake. But just then...

??? (Klaus): "Get up."

MC: "Hmm? Was that Klaus's voice just now?"

Image of pink and silver earrings

(Oh yeah. The earring!)

Klaus: "Step out on the balcony."

MC: "...At this hour? It's so late!"

Klaus: "You have sixty seconds to get out here. Fifty nine... Fifty eight..."

MC: "G-Give me a break! I'm coming, okay?!"

I slipped out of bed and went to the balcony, being careful not to wake Amelia up.

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

Klaus: "You're slow."

MC: "I came as fast as I could... This is the girl's dorm, you know. ...How did you get here? Using your prefect privileges again?"

Klaus: "No. I flew on a broom."

MC: "S-So you snuck in like a thief?"

Klaus: "I heard that."

MC: "Ugh! Sorry!"

Klaus: "Sounds like you had your hands full with the mirror today."

MC: "H-How do you know about that?!"

Klaus: "You touched your earring during class, moron."

MC: "Ack!"

(Oops! I better be more careful not to touch it! If I remember right, touching the earring makes it so he can hear me, doesn't it?)

MC: "So, you heard the whole ordeal from start to finish?"

Klaus: "I figured you activated it by accident, and I was going to turn it off, but... It was just so amusing to listen to. I felt it on while having tea."

MC: "H-How rude..."

Klaus: "...But enough of that trivial nonsense. How are things with Azusa Kuze? You were with him again today, weren't you?"

MC: "...I still don't think he's the kind of person you make him out to be. There's no way Azusa is the one using dark magic. He's my Buddy, so I should know best."

Klaus: "Trusting him as a Buddy...and trusting him as a human being are two separate things. You see, according to my research, the system used for the dark magic was most likely from Hinomoto."

MC: "No way..."

Klaus: "Listen, you trust people too much. Right now, it's too dangerous to blindly trust anyone, especially him. You need to put more distance between you two."

MC: "..."

(There's no way... There's no way I can do that now... No matter what anyone says, I want to trust Azusa...)

Day 5: Our Feelings

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room during daylight

Amelia: "Hey, MC. I'm heading out ahead of you today, alright?"

MC: "Oh, okay! Have somewhere to be?"

Amelia: "One of the professors asked me to give them a hand. What rotten luck!"

MC: "Oh, I'm sorry, girl."

Amelia: "It's okay. By the way... Is Azusa coming to pick you up again today?"

MC: "Um, I'm not sure. He never promised me or anything..."

Amelia: "I bet he does, though! He's madly in love with you! I'm so jealous!"

["You think so too?"]
["No way!"]

MC: "Y-You think so too?"

Amelia: "...Wait. What did you just say?!"

MC: "...Oh--!"

Amelia: "Ohhh, did something happen between you two?! I knew it!"

MC: "N-No! No way!"

Amelia: "Liar! You're hiding something! You've been acting differently ever since yesterday!"

MC: "I have not...!"

Amelia: "Right... Well, I'd love to interrogate you some more, but I'm running short on time. I'll make you tell me everything when you get back tonight! See you!"

MC: "Bye bye."

(Phew...I need to get going too. I wonder if Azusa came today...)

Scene:Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

MC: "Hmm. I don't see him today."

There wasn't anyone standing in front of the gate. (I wonder what happened? Then again, he never said he would come every day... He's just done so every day until now...) I became restless and worried. (...Did I do something to make him hate me?)

Scene: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Main Staircase

(Maybe...I said something that offended him?) I gave it some thought and tried to remember anything might have said or done. However, I had no luck pinpointing anything likely to have earned his contempt. (The only conclusion I have is that maybe he just overslept today... Oh, enough. I'm tired of worrying about this.)

MC: "Hmm?"

Glancing up the stairs, I noticed a pair of golden heads walking together. (That's got to be the Goldstein brothers... They stand out so much when they're together like this.) Other students looked on, curious, but kept their distance.

Elias: "Why must I walk to class together with you, Klaus?"

Klaus: "So I can fully enjoy that bitter face of yours."

Elias: "..."

Klaus: "That was a joke. I see you're still no good at picking up on them."

Elias: "It never sounds like a joke when it comes out of your mouth."

Klaus: "I just happened to leave the dorm at the same time. Is it so big of a deal? It's my job to keep an eye on the my little brother. How has class been?"

Elias: "The same as usual... I always get perfect marks."

Klaus: "Perfection is only so interesting. Your work is so by the books that it's bland."

Elias: "..."

Klaus: "You're smart enough to think outside of the box, Elias."

Elias: "...My solutions are exactly what the professors are looking for."

Klaus: "You don't need to be the perfect student. What you need to be is more open and creative."

Elias: "..."

(Whoa... This is like listening to verbal dodgeball. I want to greet them, but I'd better not. I don't want to join their conversation and make it any worse.)

???(Azusa): "MC!"

MC: "Huh?"

Startled by hearing my own name behind me, I turned to see Azusa running towards me.

MC: "Azusa! Good morning!"

The moment I saw his face, a surge of relief rushed through me. (Thank goodness! I guess I've overshot myself too much after all...)

Azusa: "Morning! Great, you're here."

MC: "What's the big hurry?"

Azusa: "I had to run to catch up to you, that's all. I had trouble waking up this morning so I couldn't come meet you."

["I was worried"]
["That's okay"]

MC: "I was worried about you."

Azusa: "Sorry..."

MC: "It's okay! Don't apologize!"

Azusa: "I had no idea you were so worried about me. I mean, I'm happy to hear it, but now I feel bad..."

MC: "Well, don't! It's not like you ever promised me you would wait for me there."

Azusa: "We should change that."

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "From tomorrow on, I'll pick you up every morning. It's a promise, alright?"

MC: "!" The sudden proposition smeared a smile on my face.

MC: "Of course it's all right... As long as you're okay with it."

Azusa: "Wonderful."

(After everything yesterday, I don't know whether to be excited or embarrassed. What does this mean for us, anyhow? Isn't this like we're dating?)

Azusa: "Come on, let's walk. It's not very far, though."

MC: "Okay."

When he looked and smiled at me, I noticed his face looked even paler than it had yesterday.

MC: "...Azusa?"

Azusa: "Hmm? What?"

MC: "Are you okay? You look even paler than you did yesterday."

Azusa: "...Um, I'm still having nightmares actually. It's been cutting into my sleep. That's...actually why I was so late today."

MC: "Oh. Hopefully, you'll stop getting them soon..."

(I wonder if there's any magic that stops nightmares...?)

Azusa: "Hey, aren't those the Goldsteins?"

Azusa asked casually as he looked ahead and spotted the brothers.

MC: "Oh, yeah. Looks like they're walking together today. They really stand out, don't you think?"

Azusa: "..."

Just then, his face seemed to darken over with some hidden pain.

MC: "What's wrong, Azusa?"

Azusa: "...No, it's nothing. Come on."

MC: "Sure..."

(I wonder if those two made him remember his brother?)

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

Azusa: "Well, this is it."

MC: "See you later."

Azusa: "Hey, are you free after class?"

MC: "I am, why?"

Azusa: "Great. I'll come find you afterwards."

MC: "All right!"

Azusa: "See you later then."

MC: "Okay!"

He walked away while waving his hand behind him.

MC: "Hehe!"

Just thinking about him put a smile on my face. (Yet again, it'll be just me and Azusa together after class. Doesn't this pretty much mean we're dating?) Crazy thoughts ran amok in my head. Just ten, I noticed Elias walking into the classroom ahead of me.

MC: "Elias!"

(I think I'll go say hi to him.)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

I rushed up behind him and called out.

MC: "Good morning, Elias."

Elias: "...Hart? Good morning."

MC: "I saw you with your brother this morning."

Elias: "You did?"

MC: "Yeah. I was right behind you."

Elias: "Why didn't you say something?"

MC: "I thought if I did, I'd be getting in the way..."

Elias: "I wish you would have."

MC: "Huh?"

Elias: "...Never mind."

Luca: "Morning, MC. And Elias too, I guess."

Elias: "You guess. So kind..."

Luca: "Did you guys hear?"

MC: "Hear? About what?"

Luca: "The rumor's that someone's out killing pigeons."

Elias: "And using them for dark magic...yeah."

(I...guess news is getting around fast...)

Luca: "So, whaddya think? Kinda cool, right?"

Elias: "What's cool about it? If it's actually true, it's getting to be real trouble."

Luca: "That's exactly why it's awesome. This boring academy needs a little action once in a while."

Elias: "Luca, don't tell me you're involved with it somehow?"

Luca: "Haha! Yeah, right! Dabbling into dark magic is too risky, even for me. Dark magic always comes back to bite ya. They say that curses, like chickens, come home to roost. If I was up to no good, I'd be using something more effective than that."

MC: "..."

Elias: "...Are you all right, Hart? You don't look so good."

MC: "Ah...yeah. I'm fine."

Luca: "Sorry, MC. The conversation must have been too gloomy for ya."

MC: "N-No...It's just scary to think that, if all of this is true..."

Elias: "If it means anything to you, the professors and prefect are on the lookout. As long as you don't go looking for danger, you've got nothing to worry about."

MC: "I-I guess you're right..."

Our conversation was brought to an end by the bell for class.

Luca: "Well, time to go."

MC: "Won't you stick around for class?"

Luca: "Hmm. If you promise me a date, I might just consider it."

MC: "Wh-What?!"

Elias: "Don't get your hopes up. She'd never sign up for that."

Luca: "I'm not asking you, Elias -- I'm asking her. So, what do you say, MC?"

MC: "N-No way!"

(I've already got Azusa anyway!) I shunned the thought before at accidentally escaped my lips.

Elias: "See? Give it up."

Luca: "Oh well, had to ask. There's no reason for me to stick around then."

Luca commented he made for the door.

Elias: "...Unbelievable."

Elias sighed, returning to his own seat. (I should sit down too...) I sat down in front of Yukiya like usual.

MC: "Good morning, Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Morning..."

His gaze was directed out the window as always.

Yukiya: "...The guy you're always walking with..."

MC: "Oh...you mean Azusa?"

Yukiya: "Is he from Hinomoto?"

MC: "Yeah."

Yukiya: "..."

MC: "Why do you ask?"

Yukiya: "Well... He just smells different than everyone."

MC: "He...smells? I never noticed anything..."

Yukiya: "...A normal person wouldn't."

MC: "...Huh?"

Through the classroom door came a jovial looking professor.

??? (Merkulova): "Are you all excited for class?"

(I don't recognize this professor at all...)

??? (Merkulova): "If I recall, there is a new student among you..."

He said while scanning out faces and greeting me with a smile.

??? (Merkulova): "I suppose that would be you?"

MC: "Y-Yes, sir!"

I jumped up from my chair and bowed.

MC: "I'm MC Hart."

??? (Merkulova): "Nice to meet you, MC. And I am Loran Merkulova. I teach Medical Magic, the History of Wizardry, and Magic Potion Pharmaceutics."

MC: "Nice to meet you, Professor Merkulova."

Merkulova: "Truly, a good smile makes a good person. You may be seated."

MC: "Okay!"

(I can tell he's a nice professor just by the way he talks.)

Merkulova: "For today's class, we will continue our studies of Magic Potion Pharmaceutics. I will have each of you create a potion of hypnosis. Nothing strong enough to force one into a deep sleep, for safety concerns of course. It will, however, help those who are drowsy with a lack of sleep. A plant called Dozeweed is native to Gedonelune and is practical for our purposes. Its hypnotic effects are weak, so we can use it without worry. You can complement it with supplemental herbs to invite the user into a peaceful slumber. And for today, we will be using chamomile and lavender for this purpose. Speaking of which, the word lavender has origins in a word of another meaning. MC?"

MC: "Yes?"

Merkulova: "Do you know what it is?"

(Hmm... Do I know the origin of the word lavender?)


MC: "...Wash?"

Merkulova: "You sound unsure of your answer...but you are correct."

(Yes! I got it!)

Merkulova: "Lavender was used long ago for washing and bathing because of its relaxing effects. It was also used for aterilization, and as a disinfectant. As it was used for, say, washing wounds, the plant came to acquire the name we use today. Now, it's time to put these herbs to use. The chamomile and lavender has been prepared for you in bottles. An herbal blend of equal parts was boiled with their leaves in advance. You will simply be completing the final step of the potion's creation. You will add one drop of Dozeweed extract into the tea and speak the following incantation... Invite thy host into tranquil slumber. Placide Somnus. When your potion is complete, you can give it a taste. The remainder of class you may use as nap time. The effects are not terribly strong, so you should all wake before the chime. Let us begin! Aperio!"

With a wave of his wand, two small glass bottles appeared in front of each student. One bottle held a transparent liquid, while the other contained some sort of violet concoction.

Merkulova: "The purple bottle is your Dozeweed extract. Begin!"

MC: "Let's see... I just have to put one drop of this purple stuff into this other bottle..."

The violet drop splashed in the clear mixture, changing into pink and radiating a faint glow.

MC: "Wow! It's so pretty! Um... Now for the incantation."

Looking around, I saw that many other students had already completed and were asleep at their desks. (Everyone's just so fast! I need to step it up!) I pulled out my wand and took a deep breath to relax myself.

MC: "Here goes nothing! ...Invite thy host into tranquil slumber. Placide Somnus!"

Flicking my wand, the bottle was immediately surrounded by a veil of light. The mixture inside changed colors, shining with a stunning blue.

MC: "Did it...work? Guess I'll have to drink to find out... ......I really hope this is safe to drink."

My hand hesitated for a moment, but then I threw my head back and gulped it down.

MC: "Eww! Yuck! It's terrible!"

I stuck my tongue out in disgust only to notice my entire body was glowing.

MC: "Huh...?!"

Scene: White Background

And then, a curtain of darkness covered my vision.

MC: "Ugh..."

Eventually the light subsided and I squinted open my eyes.

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "Wh-What the ?!"

I was standing before a gigantic glass window. The more I looked at it, the more it appeared like the glass bottle I'd just drank from.

MC: "Huh?! What?! It's huge! Why is it so big?! Wait, no..."

One glance around the room and I saw that everything was big, not just the bottle.

MC: "What's going on?!"

Then, it hit me. (It's not big! I'm just real small!) The thunderous sound of footsteps approached me.

Merkulova: "I see you were not so successful, MC."

The enormous Professor Merkulova towered in front of me as he spoke.

MC: "YIKES!!!"

Merkulova: "Don't worry. I'm not going to eat you or anything."

MC: "S-Sorry. You're just so big I got scared..."

Merkulova: "Goodness gracious. I will turn you back to normal, so come with me to my office."

MC: Thank you, sir..."

Merkulova: "Here, climb up on my hand."

The professor stuck out his hand onto which I climbed. (Never thought I'd catch a ride on someone's hand before...)

Scene: Merkulova's Office

MC: "Phew! That's so much better..."

Merkulova: "It's good to see you back to normal."

MC: "Sorry about that..."

Merkulova: "It's really quite a marvel that you managed to turn the sleeping magic into one that makes you smaller."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Not much of a compliment as far as I'm concerned...)

Merkulova: "My guess would be that your magic isn't balanced at the time of casting. It is important to have a firm image of the result in your mind when you do cast a spell."

MC: "All right..."

Merkulova: "Don't let it get to you. At first, everyone needs practice."

MC: "...I'll do my best."

Merkulova: "I know you can do it."

(What a nice guy this Professor Merkulova is.)

MC: "Oh, yeah! Professor?"

Merkulova: "Yes? What is it?"

MC: "Um, is there any magic or herbs that would stop bad dreams from happening?"

Merkulova: "To stop nightmares? Yes, there are some..."

MC: "Really?! Can you teach me some?!"

Merkulova: "I suppose I could... Are you having nightmares in your sleep?"

MC: "No, it's not me. It's for a friend of mine."

Merkulova: "You must truly care for you friends... Very well, I will teach you a special magic recipe."

MC: "Thank you so much!"

(Hopefully, I'll be able to help Azusa sleep now!)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

With the day's lessons out of the way, students gleefully chatted about the classroom. (Azusa should be here any minute now...)

Azusa: "MC!"

Just as I was thinking that, I heard someone call my name from the door. I glanced over and saw that it was Azusa.

MC: "Azusa!"

I hurried to collect my things and walked into the corridor.

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

Azusa: "Here to pick you up."

MC: "I've been waiting."

Azusa: "Let's go."

MC: "Okay!"

Scene: Northern Forest, daylight

We walked to our usual stump in the forest and Azusa laid down his cloak for me to sit on.

Azusa: "Have a seat, MC."

MC: "Thanks."

We sat down close together as if it were natural. (It makes me so nervous being as close as this, but at the same time it's so relaxing... What a strange feeling...)

Azusa: "How were things today?"

MC: "I screwed up big time..."

Azusa: "Again?"

MC: "Ugh..."

Azusa: "Oops. Sorry..."

MC: "It's okay. I'm such a klutz anyhow. I even stay up late studying the notebook Elias lent to me, but I still mess up..."

Azusa: "Elias did that...?"

MC: "Yeah. You know him, right? Elias Goldstein?"

Azusa: "Of course I know him. We saw him this morning, remember?"

MC: "Oh, yeah. Walking to class with his brother Klaus. It sounded like they were arguing, so I didn't want to say anything and make matters worse."

Azusa: "...They get along just fine. If not, they wouldn't be able to say those things to each other."

MC: "You might be right. You can't really say that to someone you don't know really well... It makes me jealous though. I wish I had a brother or sister..."

Azusa: "When I lost my parents, if my brother hadn't been there for me, I'd have fallen apart."

MC: "...Oh, Azusa..."

Azusa: "When I was around six years old, there was a civil war going on in Hinomoto. I lost both my parents in a dispute over land. My brother was just one at the time."

MC: "That's so young..."

Azusa: "...His name's Tsukasa."

MC: "Tsukasa... It's a nice name."

Azusa: "Even though I was that young, I vowed to do whatever it took to protect my brother. I took on my father's position working as an Onmyoji for my master in the Imperial Court of Hinomoto."

MC: "Onmyo...?"

Azusa: "Onmyoji. It's close to what you call wizards here in Gedonelune."

MC: "Oh. So you raised your brother while doing Onmyoji?"

Azusa: "I was his brother, yes... But I also had to be his father and mother."

MC: "That must have been hard..."

Azusa: "Well, it was that need to protect him that helped me strive to become everything I could be... Without him, I probably would have given into despair and forsaken the world. ...Him being there is the reason I'm here today."

MC: "I see..."

Azusa: "He's the most important thing in the world to me... ..."

Azusa hung his head low and fell into silence.

MC: "...What's wrong?"

Azusa: "I just... I was thinking about Tsukasa."

MC: "Azusa..."

(It must be so hard for him to come this far away and leave his one and only family member behind.) Just thinking about being in his shoes made my heart crack and tear. Without thinking about it, I held and squeezed his hand. (Right now, this is all I can do for him...)

Azusa: "MC..."

Azusa raised his head and looked into my eyes. Seeing his pitiful face and teary eyes crushed my heart.

["I'm here for you."]
["I'm so useless."]

MC: "I'm here for you..."

Azusa: "MC."

MC: "I know it isn't much, but this is all I can do for you... Holding your hand and being at your side to listen... I wish I could help more."

Azusa: "Thank you..."

Azusa suddenly wrapped his arms around me.

MC: "Wha--!"

The crushing pain and overwhelming joy mixed in a storm of emotions in my heart.

Azusa: "...I'm so glad you're with me, MC. I'm so fortunate to have met you here."

He leaned back and stared into my eyes from inches away. My eyes watered and my cheeks grew warm and flushed.

Azusa: "...MC, I love you."

MC: "...!"

The next thing I knew, his face was slowly leaning towards mine. (Is this what I think it is? A kiss?)

[Kiss him]
[Don't kiss him]

(I'm okay with it, if it's Azusa...)

Azusa CG 5

I closed my eyes and let his lips fall onto mine. A tender warmth pressed against my lips. My heart pounded madly, shaking my chest and pumping blood to my cheeks. (His lips... They're so soft...)

Azusa CG 6

His presence was closer to me than ever before. I clenched onto his warm hand as if pleading for more, and his large hand squeezed back. I was sure he felt the mixture of all my excitement and nervousness through my touch. As if examining those very feelings, he gently traced his finger over my palm. That tender touch of his calmed my emotions like magic. From our connected lips and hands, his warmth spread through me. (Azusa has always been so kind and nice to me... That's why I... I...what? How do I really feel about Azusa?)

Scene: Northern Forest, daylight

...The sensation of his lips left me. I slowly opened my eyes to see his smiling face a hair's breadth away.

Azusa: "You welcomed my kiss, which I can only assume means you love me too..."

MC: "I..."

["I do..."]

MC: "I do... I love you too."

Azusa: "Really?"

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Azusa: "This is wonderful... It's mutual, then."

Azusa CG 6

He leaned in once again, kissing me much more deeply and wildly than before.

MC: "!!"

The touch of his lips felt hot, as if I'd been brushed by fire. At the same time, his emotions poured through his kiss, seeping into my heart. It was a tender kiss, but masked by sadness, pain, and grief... (...I want to do anything I can to support Azusa, now more than ever. I want to drive all his pain away, and heal him from within... If only I could do that somehow with magic...) For that moment, the forest became our own little world -- silent, save for the sound of a tricking brook and chirping birds. My worries about the academy and the trial vanished into oblivion. ...I wanted nothing more than for that moment in the woods with Azusa to last forever. The two of us would stay here, forever, sharing a warm touch and our tender smiles. While savoring his kiss, thoughts like those ran wild in my head.

Scene: Northern Forest, daylight

Azusa: "I know... Tomorrow's a vacation day, isn't it?"

MC: "Um...yeah."

Azusa: "Do you want to spend it together with me?"

MC: "Of course I do."

Azusa: "Great. I'll stop by to pick you up tomorrow then."

MC: "All right!"

Azusa: "I love you, MC."

MC: "I...I know..."

Hearing those words from him made my insides pinch tight. (I can't believe it happened... We actually feel the same way about each other. Azusa and I are finally a couple...right?)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

Amelia: "What's up, MC? You daydreaming?"

MC: "Huh? O-Oh! Sorry! Was I?"

Amelia: "I've called your name three times now, silly."

MC: "S-Sorry!"

Amelia: "What's with you? You've been acting so weird since you got back."

MC: "I-It's nothing! ...Nothing!"

Amelia: "Really?"

MC: "I'm just a bit tired...yeah!"

Amelia: "Well, if you're that tired you should go to bed early."

MC: "...Yeah."

Amelia: "Good night, MC."

MC: "Good night, Amelia."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

I climbed into bed and switched off the light. When my eyes closed, all that happened over the last day floated into my mind. (Not good. I'll never be able to sleep like this...) I must have rolled over a countless amount of times, only exceeded by the number of sheep I counted. (The less I try to think about it, the harder it is to sleep...) Just then...

Image of pink and silver earrings

???(Klaus): "MC? Are you awake?"

MC: "...Prefect Klaus!"

???(Klaus): "You have sixty seconds to get to the balcony. Hurry."

MC: "Not this again..."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

I was just about to whine at him but the communication spell was cut short. (Does he think the world just revolves around him?)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

Klaus: "You're late."

MC: "Sorry, but one minute isn't enough. I was in bed, you know."

Klaus: "Enough excuses. Give me your report."

MC: "My report?"

(Didn't Azusa tell me about his parents today? I wonder if it's all right for me to tell Klaus about it?)

[Tell him]
[Don't tell him]

[Tell him]

MC: "I don't think it's anything worth reporting about, but... He talked about his parents..."

Klaus: "And?"

MC: "...That they passed away in a civil war, so he had to raise his brother all on his own."

Klaus: "I see..."

MC: "Um, Prefect Klaus? I don't want to be rude, but... What's going to happen? Do you still think Azusa is the culprit?"

Klaus: "...Listen to me, MC. Let me be very clear that you need to be careful around him."

MC: "Why...?"

Klaus: "Considering you're out only hope for investigating Azusa, it pains me to say it, but... ...My biggest regret right now is ever getting you involved in this. The rest will have to wait for another day. Just stay away from Azusa."

(Stay away from him? That's asking the impossible...)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness
Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, daylight

The next morning, I welcome a much appreciated day off.

MC: "..."

(What should I do? Azusa promised he would come to pick me up...)

Amelia: "Hey, MC. Isn't that Azusa out there?"

She asked while looking out the window.

MC: "Huh?"

I stood next to Amelia and watched as Azusa stood by the gate.

MC: "Azusa..."

Knowing he was out there waiting for me made my heart tinge with guilt. (...Stay away from Azusa? How could I? ...How can I, when I love him? I want to see him so badly...)

Amelia: "MC? Aren't you going to meet him?"

MC: "...Yeah, I am."

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory

MC: "Azusa! Sorry for making you wait."

Azusa: "I'm so glad you came. I thought you might hate me or something."

MC: "Don't be silly..."

Azusa: "Shall we go?"

MC: "Okay!"

He took his hand in mine and began walking.

Scene: Edge of East Forest

MC: "Um, Azusa? Isn't it forbidden to enter here?"

Azusa: "It's okay. This is just the entrance anyway."

MC: "Can't we go to where we usually go?"

Azusa: "It's got to be here today. No one ever comes to this place... So, no one will ever notice. Right?"

MC: "Azusa?"

The expression on his face crumbled into nothing.

MC: "A-Azusa? What's going on?"

The kindness in his eyes vanished, replaced by a void of complete darkness. Even the reflection of my own figure was lost from his eyes. He looked empty and hollow, like a doll, sending a wretched chill down my spine.

Azusa: "I won't let you get in my way..."

MC: "Azusa? You're acting weird. Stop..."

Azusa: "You're better gone than alive..."

[Black Fog/Nue appears]

A sinister figure slipped forward from his shadow. It wore a mask, and an outfit from another land I had never seen before. The sight of such a vile and perverse figure made my bones and teeth rattle.

MC: "Azusa? What...is that? ...Tell me!"

Azusa: "There's a saying in Hinomoto, MC. Only the silent pheasant may live another day. If only you hadn't opened your mouth, I might not have had to kill you. What a shame..."

MC: "K-Kill me?!"

The black creature slithered forward as if gliding across the ground.

MC: "No! Get away from me! Help! Azusa!"

A veil of tainted, black mist swallowed my body, preventing any and all escape.

Azusa: "Good bye, MC."

Scene: Black

The last thing I saw was that friendly smile he always showed me.

... ...... .........

Scene: White
Scene: East Forest shrouded in fog
Image of Gold Butterfly

Mysterious Butterfly: "...It is not your time to perish... I will grant you another chance... So please, save him...

Scene: East Forest shrouded in fog

... ...... ......

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night. There is no other option to pick this time besides "Don't tell him."


[Don't tell him]

MC: "...There's nothing to say, really."

Klaus: "...I see."

MC: "..."

(It's better this way. Besides, Azusa isn't the one behind it. If I tell Prefect Klaus what Azusa told me... I feel like that would be betraying him. If I don't trust Azusa, who will?)

Klaus: "Well, keep your eyes and ears open for anything."

MC: "Okay..."

Klaus: "...And be careful. If anything happens, use the earring. Don't forget about it."

MC: "I will..."

(I'm sorry, Prefect Klaus... Right now, I just want to trust Azusa.)

MC: "Azusa..."

(Every time I think about him, my heart feels so tight... It's like he's charmed me from the moment we met. I've made up my mind... Nothing can change it now. I'm going to believe in Azusa.)

Day 6: Sealed with a Kiss

Scene: Dormitory Kitchen

MC: "Hmm, I really hope I'm doing this right..."

Amelia: Good morning, MC! I was wondering where you ran off to!"

MC: "Oh. Morning, Amelia!"

Amelia: "What are you up to?"

MC: "Just borrowing the kitchen so I can make something..."

Amelia: "Tea?"

MC: "Professor Merkulova taught me a recipe for herbal eta. It's supposed to stop nightmares."

Amelia: "What in the world would you need that for?"

MC: "Well, because Azusa is having bad dream, and can't get any sleep..."

Amelia: "Oh, I see how it is! ...Something smells really good!"

MC: "Yeah. I made some scones using the leftover herbs."

Amelia: "Oh yeah? You know what this means?"

MC: "Wh-What?"

Amelia: "It means you and Azusa must have taken a step forward."

MC: "What...!"

(She's too sharp for her own good!)

Amelia: "Spill the beans, MC! I know that face! It's the look of a girl in love!"

MC: "...A-Am I really making a face like that?"

Amelia: "Sure are."

MC: "Ugh... Truth is, he kinda confessed to me..."

Amelia: "You're that far already?! You go girl!"

MC: "Y-You're too loud!"

Amelia: "So? What'd you say?"

MC: "Th-That I loved him too..."

Amelia: "You're kidding, really?! So you two are a thing now?!"

["I think so..."]
["I'm not sure."]

MC: "I think so..."

Amelia: "You both like each other! What other explanation is there?!"

MC: "I-I think you're probably right.. I can hardly believe it myself..."

Amelia: "Well, you certainly didn't take your time. Only six days and you're seeing each other! It must have been love at first sight!"

MC: "It must've been..."

Amelia: "First Buddies, and now boyfriend and girlfriend! If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is! He must be the one!"

MC: "He's the one, huh..."

(Maybe she's right. Maybe he is the one for me... Wouldn't that be wonderful?!)

Amelia: "So let me guess... Date today?"

MC: "I guess you could call it that."

Amelia: "Lucky you! Have a blast, all right?"

MC: "Thanks, Amelia. I will!"

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory during day
Scene: Botanical Garden

(Baking those scones took way too long! I'm gonna be late!) I hustled to the meeting place and found Azusa waiting for me.

MC: "Azusa! Sorry I'm late!"

Azusa: "No worries. I just got here."

MC: "Getting everything ready took longer than I thought..."

Azusa: "Hmm? What's in that basket?"

MC: "Oh, this? I brought tea and some snacks for us. That's what took me so long to get here..."

Azusa: "You made them youself? How sweet."

MC: "We can have some later!"

Azusa: "Sounds good. I can't wait."

MC: "...You still look a little pale. Are you feeling okay?"

Azusa: "Um...I'm fine. Those dreams keep ruining my sleep."

MC: "Well, it's a good thing I brought it then."

Azusa: "Huh? Brought what?"

MC: "The tea and snacks. I'll tell you later! Let's go!"

Azusa: "Sure."

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

MC: "...Every time we come to this forest, it's like all my worries just get washed away."

Azusa: "So I'm guessing you like it here?"

MC: "Yes, very. It's one of my favorite places now."

We sat down side-by-side at our usual seat atop the stump.

MC: "Oh, I know! We should eat the snacks now!"

I rummaged through the basket and brought out the baked scones and canteen of tea.

MC: "This is herbal tea and these are some scones I kneaded herbs into.

Azusa: "They look really good."

MC: "They're supposed to help with people having nightmares. The herb blend calms the mind and allows you to relax."

Azusa: "Did you...make these because you knew I've been having trouble sleeping?"

MC: "Uh huh. I wanted to do something to help... I asked Professor Merkulova if he knew anything that might work. Oh yeah. Professor Merkulova is the one who teaches Magic Potion Pharmaceutics."

Azusa: "...MC..."

Before I could say anything, Azusa lunged forward and threw his arms around me. My heart pounded so loud my cheeks blushed in embarrassment, positive he could hear it himself.

Azusa: "...Thank you."

MC: "I want to be there for you. I want to help... I know this is small, but I wanted to do something..."

He leaned away and we stared into each other's eyes.

Azusa: "...You really are something."

His eyes watered like he might cry at any moment, and he smiled.

Azusa: "I'm so lucky to have you... To have met you, and fallen in love. Thank you."

MC: "I'm the lucky one... So, will you try a bite?"

The mood was so embarrassing that I had to change the subject.

Azusa: "Sure."

I poured the herbal tea into smaller cups and divided the scones between us.

Azusa: "Thanks."

Azusa stuffed his cheeks with the scone.

Azusa: "...It's delicious! I had no idea you were so good at cooking, MC."

MC: "I lived alone, so I made all my own meals. You get good at it fast, or go hungry."

Azusa: "You'll make a real good wife someday."

MC: "A wife..."

The thought of marrying Azusa crossed my mind, making me blush from head to toe.

Azusa: "This herbal tea is pretty good as well. It's so warm and relaxing."

MC: "Thank goodness..."

Azusa: "I think I'll finally be able to sleep well tonight."

MC: "How come you've had so many bad dreams lately? Could it related to magic or something?"

Azusa: "...I wonder if it's safe to tell you everything..."

MC: "Hmm?"

Azusa mumbled something as he lowered the cup of tea from his mouth.

Azusa: "I have a pretty good idea why I'm getting these nightmares."

MC: "What do you mean?"

Azusa: "It's because I left Tsukasa behind."

MC: "What does Tsukasa have to do with it?"

Azusa: "... Actually, he...he has a terminal illness."

MC: "Huh?!"

Azusa: "I can't imagine he has much time left..."

MC: "That's awful!"

Azusa: "I think about him so much, it weight on my mind and I get nightmares about it. I just don't know what I'll do if I lose him...I'll do whatever it takes to save him, no matter what."

MC: "...Is there really no other way to help him?"

Azusa: "...There is, but just one. That's where I'll need your help."

["I'll do anything."]
["I'll do what I can."]

MC: "For you, I'll do anything."

Azusa: "Really? You would? I'm so glad to hear that... You'd go that far for someone like me..."

MC: "Of course I would. You're that special to me..."

Azusa: "I feel the same about you... Thank you. With your help, it's all but guaranteed to work."

MC: "What is it you need me to do?"

Azusa: "The truth is, I didn't just come to Gedonelune to be a student. There's more to it than that. You see, there's a method that might cure Tsukasa that only exists in Gedonelune."

MC: "What's that?"

Azusa: "A unicorn."

MC: "A unicorn?"

(If I recall, Azusa's always seemed hung up about unicorns even since we met.)

Azusa: "Their horns have the power to cure almost anything, I've heard. That's why I need to get my hands on one, no matter what. The problem is, though, catching a unicorn isn't a walk in the park. That's where magic comes in. Now, everyone here calls it dark magic..."

MC: "...?!"

Azusa: "...But I need this dark magic to give my familiar power -- enough to capture a unicorn and break off its horn. Once I obtain one, I'll finally be able to cure Tsukasa. Do you...think you can help?"

MC: "W-Wait just a second! Dark magic is strictly forbidden in Gedonelune! And you can't just take a unicorn's horn without..."

The repulsive image from my imagination cut the sentence short. (That means he intends to...)

MC: "You're going to take a unicorn's life?! Killing a dignified magical creature is a grave offense! Don't you know that?!"

Azusa: "...I understand that, yet I have no choice. That's just how badly I want to save my brother."

MC: "...Don't tell me you've already...?"

Azusa: "...Yeah. I've already begun the process."

(So Prefect Klaus was right about him all along! The one practicing dark magic in the academy is Azusa!) The tips of my fingers chilled and went numb in terror.

Azusa: "I need your help. I can't do this alone."

["You can't do this!"]
["Are you sure about this."]

MC: "You can't do this! You've got to stop right now! We can look for another way to save your brother, okay?!"

Azusa crossed his arms and snapped at me out of frustration.

Azusa: "Another way? If there was another way, I'd have already tried it!"

MC: "You never know, there could be something else! Please!"

Azusa: "...I don't have the luxury to dilly-dally and waste time looking for other ways that may or may not exist. Aren't you going to help me? Didn't you say you loved me?"

MC: "I did! I do, but this is something totally different! I just can't agree with this... I don't want to be a part of a crime like this!"

Azusa: "...So that's your answer? ...Fine."

MC: "Azusa, I'm sorry..."

Azusa: "Enough..."

All emotion slowly wiped off his face. His beautiful indigo eyes lost all light and filled with darkness. (No... This isn't the face of the Azusa I know!) My spine froze solid and my bones rattled in fear.

Azusa: "What? Are you shaking because you're afraid of me?"

MC: "I..."

(I'm scared... I don't want to see Azusa like this! This isn't him! This isn't the Azusa I love! This is terrible! This isn't him!)

Azusa: "How can you claim to love someone when you can't even help them with their biggest need? Don't make me laugh."

A cold, sinister smile formed on his face. There was no longer any trace of the kind Azusa I knew.

Azusa: "I knew I couldn't trust you... My brother is the only one true to me."

Azusa grumbled as the shadow next to him began to move.

[Tsukasa's sprite fades in]

At first glance, it looked like a young boy. Wearing a strange outfit from a foreign land, his youthful face closely resembled Azusa's. But the looks of his skin and posture, all signs of life had abandoned him. The ghastly aura around him made it very difficult to believe he was still living.

Azusa: "Ah, Tsukasa. It's good to see you again..."

Tsukasa: "Pain... Help... It hurts..."

Azusa: "Forgive me, but hold in there a little longer. I'll make you better, I promise."

MC: "Is this him? ...Is that really...Tsukasa?"

Azusa: "...That's right. My one and only beloved brother."

Azusa reached out and caressed his brother's cheek. (This isn't right... There's no way that he's alive anymore... If this is really Tsukasa... Then there's no way he's still a part of this world!)

MC: "Azusa! Open your eyes! This isn't real!"

Azusa: "SHUT UP!"

The moment he screamed, a swift gust of wind blasted towards me. It lifted my body off the ground and hurled me powerfully into a tree.

MC: "Ugh!"

Azusa CG 7

Azusa lurched towards me, pressing my body hard into the tree and clenching a hand around my neck.

MC: "S-Stop..."

Azusa: "...縛(Baku)."

He muttered quietly while drawing a shape in the air with his free hand. The shape glowed briefly before being absorbed by my body.

MC: "...!"

(Is this...Hinomoto binding magic?! I can't move! My whole body is frozen!) My fingers and toes wouldn't budge an inch -- I couldn't as much blink. Struggle as I might, as if my body were stone, I couldn't muster the strength to move a single muscle. Azusa lowered his hand from my neck and smiled.

Azusa: "You can't escape."

The darkness spread in his eyes. Darkness so empty, not even the scantest light could escape from its void.

Azusa CG 8

Azusa: "You can't blame me -- it's your fault for being tricked so easily. Did you really think i would love someone like you? I planned to use you from the very start... You're such an idiot."

His cold, hateful words pierced my heart. All those wonderful memories of our time together were shredded into oblivion. (All those smiles and kind words of his were nothing but lies?) But I no longer existed in his eyes, nor in his heart. (Help me... Stop this, please... Don't do this to me... Because I still love you so much, Azusa...) My heart writhed in pain, hurting so much I wanted to cry. And yet, by some magic, I couldn't even do that either.

Azusa: "I hate you."

Those words struck hard, shattering my heart.

Azusa: "I can't stand hypocrites like you. Pretending you're a good girl while you tread all over people... Did you think you would be loved by anyone, like some sort of idiot? Don't make me sick... How does it feel to be hated for no reason? Does it bother you?"

As much as I wanted to shout out, no even my own voice would obey me.

Azusa: "I hate you -- I really do."

His face slowly drew closer to mine. I tried in vain to turn my head and close my eyes. (...I don't want this. Please... Make it stop!)

Azusa CG 9

Like chilled water, his lips pressed on mine, draining away the last of my warmth. That moment, it felt like something warm was injected inside of me. It melted deep in my throat like candy. (His lips are like ice... This isn't a kiss between lovers... I used to be able to sense his feelings just by his eyes and touch... But now it's nothing... I feel nothing. Don't do this Azusa... No...)

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

The instant he pulled his lips off me, the binding magic dispelled and I collapsed in the ground.

MC: "..."

Terror and shock cleaned my throat, forcing me into silence.

Azusa: "That was a lip-sealing spell. You can no longer say truth about me to anyone. Seeing as you can talk to animals, you're a pure maiden, and my Buddy to top it off... You may still be of use to me yet, so I'll let you live for now. See you tomorrow, MC."

Azusa spun around and ran away. He crushed the scones beneath his feet and kicked the cups away in his exit. None of it even mattered to him, as if it didn't even exist. He left behind a shell of a girl, defeated and shaken. The broken scones and spilled tea resembled very much how I felt.

MC: "...Why...?"

Eventually, pain replaced the shock in my bones. Large beads of troubled tears streamed down the side of my face.

MC: "This is awful... It's too much."

I was shocked at sight of his gruesome brother Tsukasa. I was shocked at his evil plan to kill a unicorn, the fact that he was using dark magic, and all of his lies. But that wasn't the greatest shock of all. It was the fact that he never loved me that left my emotions reeling. The tears poured down my cheeks like a flood.

MC: "If I knew it would come to this, I wish we had never met... I wish he had never been nice to me! Ii wish I'd never loved him! I wish... I wish I'd never loved him! *sobs*"

I wailed and cried like a child. My weeping resounded through the empty forest. I cried on and on, yet the pain in the my heart never subsided.

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

MC: "..."

Amelia: "...MC?"

MC: "...Hmm? Oh...sorry. Did you say something?"

Amelia: "Did something happen? You haven't been yourself today."

MC: "..."

(I can't say it... I can't tell her... Even now, why do I still not want to give him away?) My own thoughts didn't make any sense. I didn't even have the slightest urge to talk to Amelia about what happened. (Maybe it's the lip-sealing spell making me feel this way...)

MC: "It's nothing... I'm just not feeling well today."

Amelia: "Huh?! Why not? Did you catch a cold? What's your temperature?"

She leaped towards me, putting her forehead against mine to check my temperature.

Amelia: "You probably don't have fever... What's wrong?"

MC: "...I just don't feel so good."

Amelia: "Does it hurt anywhere?"

MC: "It's okay. I'll probably feel better after I sleep."

Amelia: "...Okay, but if you need me, just say the word."

MC: "...Thanks, Amelia."

I fought back the tears that swelled up hearing her kind words.

Amelia: "Enough chit-chat. If you aren't feeling well, get some sleep."

She urged me into bed and I obeyed. Amelia even tucked the blankets around my shoulders.

Amelia: "Good night, MC."

MC: "Good night..."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

(Amelia is so sweet... She's so worried about me, and yet... I'm sorry, Amelia...)

???(Klaus): "...up...Get up... Hey! Wake up already!"

MC: "...!"

Startled out of my slumber, I nearly jumped out of bed.

MC: "...Prefect Klaus?"

Image of pink and silver earrings

Klaus: "Do you have any idea how long I've been calling you?"

MC: "Sorry..."

Klaus: "Get out here."

MC: "Right..."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

Klaus: "Sorry for coming so late. I was busy with you know what."

MC: "It's fine..."

Klaus: "So, did anything happen?"

MC: "..."

Klaus: "MC?"

MC: "...No, nothing. We just met and had tea and talked about boring things."

Klaus: "...I see."

MC: "Sorry I couldn't be more helpful."

Klaus: "...No, no, I wasn't expecting much from you to begin with. ...You don't seem like yourself today."

["I'm fine."]
["You noticed?"]

MC: "...I'm fine."

Klaus: "You're not making your usual stupid face."

MC: "S-Stupid face?! How rude!"

Klaus: "Heh. See? That's the kind of face I mean."

MC: "...Oh."

Klaus: "Hope you feel better soon. When you look so gloomy, it gets to me too."

MC: "Prefect Klaus..."

Klaus: "If you need help with studying or anything, you can always come to see, you know. Stop by my office any time."

MC: "...Thanks. I'll remember that."

(Those Goldsteins are always so nice and considerate... It's a shame they always sound so condescending, really. I guess you can't always judge people by their first impression... And then there's the people who look kind on the outside but are nasty behind the scenes. And it seems I've got no choice but to get my own hands dirty too... Why did it come to this? Where did I lose my way? Azusa... Is there really nothing I can do to save you?)

Day 7: False Love

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, daylight

MC: "..."

(I couldn't sleep at all last night.) Looking in the mirror, I saw an appalling reflection of my own face.

MC: "I need to get myself back together..."

(I'd better stay away from Azusa if I can help it... It's just too painful to see him right now.)

Amelia: "MC? Are you walking to class with Azusa today?"

MC: "N-No... We're going separately."

Amelia: "Oh, really?"

MC: "Come on. We're going to be late."

Amelia: "Okay...?"

MC: "..."

Amelia: "What's wrong? You seem out of it today."

MC: "...I just couldn't get any sleep last night."

Amelia: "Are you going to be okay?"

MC: "Yeah. I'll be--"

Amelia: "Ah..."

Amelia stopped dead in her tracks.

Amelia: "Isn't that Azusa?"

MC: "...!"

Amelia: "You sneaky liar. I thought you said you weren't meeting up."

MC: "W-We're not! Come on..."

Amelia: "H-Hey, wait! MC?! Aren't you going to talk to him at least?!"

["Not today."]
["We're fighting."]

MC: "Not today."

Amelia: "Why not?"

MC: "I just don't want to see him today."

Amelia: "Oh! I get it!"

She leaned in close o me and whispered in my ear.

Amelia: "You're fighting, aren't you?"

MC:: "Uh...er..."

(Maybe it's a good idea if I go with that...)

MC: "Yeah, actually..."

Amelia: "I knew it! Leave it to me!"

MC: "Huh?!"

She snatched me by the hand and ran me to Azusa's side before I could resist.

MC: "Amelia, no! Stop!"

Amelia: "You've got to talk to him, MC! Work it out! Go on!"

Amelia nudged me towards him, but I could only look away, not wanting to even see his face.

Amelia: "Stop acting like that, MC! If you're fighting, make up already!"

Azusa: "...MC."

Azusa muttered quietly and stepped up to my side.

Azusa: "Look up here, MC."

MC: "..."

Slowly but surely, I raised my face to look at him.

Azusa CG 3

What I saw was his usual kind smile that i had become accustomed to. Seeing him like that made everything that happened yesterday seem like a lie.

Azusa: "...I'm sorry, MC. I was wrong... Forgive me?"

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "...Please? You know I need you more than anything..."

MC: "..."

His words sounded sweet, but I knew better. Behind that amicable facade hid a heart of secrets and lies.

Amelia: "See! It worked out for you, MC! Aren't you glad you talked to him?!"

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Amelia: "Well, I've done my duty so I'll leave you lovebirds alone! No more fighting, all right?!"

She merrily pranced away in high spirits.

Azusa: "Well then..."

Azusa CG 4

His cold, sharp gaze bore into me like a knife.

Azusa: "Is that how you're going to treat me? Did you think it would be okay if you just ignored me? Think again. I'm not done with you just yet. ...You'll do exactly as I say or else."

MC: "Why should I listen to you?"

Azusa: "I will accomplish my goal by whatever means. If you don't listen to what I say, so be it. I'll just have to find someone to replace you. Someone like that other girl, perhaps. ...Amelia, was it?"

MC: "...!"

Azusa: "If you don't want to help me, I'll just have to use someone else."

MC: "So cruel..."

Azusa: "Cruel? It's you who's the cruel one. Just listen to you. You're a hypocrite. You keep saying I'm cruel, but all you want to do is run away and push it on someone else."

MC: "No! It's not like that!"

Azusa: "Keep yelling like that and people will start asking questions."

MC: "...!"

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

Azusa: "Come on."

Azusa wrapped a tight hand around my arm and pulled me.

MC: "Ugh..."

Azusa: "Smile. At least pretend to be normal couple."

MC: "...Fine."

I mustered my best smile, etching a fake happiness on my face just like him. (It hurts so much to be with him, but I just can't defy him no matter what...)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

When I entered the classroom, I walked over to my usual seat.

MC: "..."

I finally let my fake smile crumble and let out a long sigh.

Yukiya: "...You look terrible."

MC: "Wha--!"

Yukiya's voice startled me so I turned around to face him.

MC: "Morning...Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Your face..."

MC: "...Hmm?"

Yukiya: "You look like the word just ended."

MC: "Is it that bad...?"

Yukiya: "Did something happen?"

MC: "No..."

I tried giving him my best smile, but it just wasn't happening.

Yukiya: "...If you don't want to talk about it, I'll shut up. But...there's a vile smell coming from you now."

MC: "Huh?"

Yukiya: "You smell the same as the student from Hinomoto."

MC: "...!"

Yukiya: "...Be careful."

MC: "..."

My heart quivered with doubt, as if he had seen through me and revealed the lies. (I don't think he knows anything about Azusa, but even so... Yukiya sure is a mysterious person...) My thoughts were interrupted by the chime. A few moments later, the door into the classroom swung wide open.

Schuyler: "Time for class. In your seats now. We will start the class by reviewing incantations. You have thus far learned spells from the four elemental powers. Oh great power, dwell within mine hand and form a shield! What is the incantation which completes this spell? MC."

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

(...Oh! Didn't Elias write this down in that notebook? What was it again?)

Schuyler: "Hurry and answer."

MC: "Um..."

(What was the incantation for the spell 'O great power, dwell within mine hand and form a shield!'?)

[Magia Flau]
[Scutum Ventos]
[Sanatio Aura
[Ree Hora]

MC: "Magia Flau!"

Schuyler: "You are...correct, but you certainly took your time. Did you study the material?"

MC: "Yes..."

Schuyler: "Good work. See that you continue to do so."

MC: "I will!"

(He praised me! Thank goodness for Elias's notes!)

Schuyler: "Now we will turn our attention to light magic. Some of you may already know how to use it, so use this time as a review. Light magic is notoriously difficult to control. You have no chance of succeeding unless you devote your entire focus on the spell. As practice, you will be concentrating light magic inside a crystal. I will hand out the crystals for you to use in just one moment. The objective is to light up the crystal, and only the crystal. Furthermore, you will keep the crystal glowing until the end of class."

MC: "Geez..."

(This is going to be rough...)

Schuyler: "I will now distribute your crystals. Aperio!"

A flick of his wand produced a crystal on top of each desk. An octahedron crystal appeared, small and no larger than the tip of the thumb.

MC: "So pretty..."

Schuyler: "The incantation is 'O light, heed my call'! And finish with 'Lumen'. Those who can abbreviate the incantation may do so. Begin!"

MC: "What? Already? Um... O light, heed my call! Lumen! ..."

However, my wand didn't reach in the slightest.

MC: "Huh? Lumen! I sad Lumen!"

I whipped the wand to-and-fro out of frustration.

MC: "Come on! Lumen!"

As I thrashed the wand about, it tapped the edge of my desk. Then suddenly, light poured out of my wand like fountain.

Scene: White

MC: "Ack!"

Schuyler: "What have you done now?!"

Girl Student A: "What's going on?! It's so bright!"

Boy Student A: "I can't see anything!"

Schuyler: "Quies Lumen!"

Professor Schuyler shouted loudly, making the light quickly dissipate.

MC: "Ugh... It's finally gone."

(I didn't see that coming...)

Schuyler: "...MC!"

MC: "Y-Yes?!"

Schuyler: "How can you be such an imbecile?!"

MC: "S-Sorry!"

Schuyler: "You will stay behind during break and practice!"

MC: "Aww, really?"

(This stinks... Why do I always screw up like this?)

MC: "Lunch, finally!"

(It's only lunch and I'm already pooped. It's going to be a long day...)

MC: "Maybe I'll feel better after some lunch..."

(I'm not too hungry, so I'll just go with an apple today.)

MC: "Looks yummy, and healthy too."

Yukiya: "Is that all you're eating?"

MC: "Oh... Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Are you on a diet or something?"

MC: "Uh, yeah. Something like that."

Elias: "I don't understand you girls. From the looks of it, you have no reason to be on a diet."

MC: "Elias..."

Elias: "Listen, you don't have to starve yourself. If you eat right and exercise, weight loss will take care of itself. You've got to eat something more than that... Here, eat some of my bread."

(Is he that worried about me?)

MC: "...Thanks, Elias."

Yukiya: "Don't try and survive off nothing."

MC: "...I won't. Thanks, you two."

(Now I've got Elias and Yukiya trying to help... Problem is, I can't tell them what my real problem is... At least, I better eat something so they don't keep worrying about me.)

MC: "Finally, it's over..."

(I should hurry home before I run into Azusa.) I picked up my things and rushed out of the classroom as fast as I could.

MC: "Phew."

(If I made it this far, I'm probably safe...)

???(Azusa): "MC!"

A lively voice called out my name from behind. It sounded so cheerful and happy, no one would suspect otherwise.

MC: "...Azusa."

I slowly turned to face him, panting for breath but with a smile.

Azusa: "That's not nice. If you were leaving, you should have told. We were supposed to walk home together!"

He said while giving me a nasty glare hidden from the other students. I turned my gaze the other, too hurt to see his face.

Azusa: "Shall we go?"

MC: "...Yeah."

Like a repeat of this morning, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away. By the strength of his grip I knew how angry he was with me.

Azusa: "Did you think I'd let you avoid me as easily as that?"

He grumbled angrily at me.

Azusa: "You better learn to behave, or you're asking for it. That's right... You just listen to me. You should have learned that from the start. Just do as I tell you and everything will be fine. It's better for everyone this way, MC."

MC: "Ugh..."

(Is giving up my only option anymore?)

Scene: Grassy area

Azusa: "We're looking for the spring of unicorns today."

MC: "The spring?"

Azusa: "According to Randy, it should be at the other end of this forest. That's where I'll be doing the dark magic."

MC: "No! It's not right! Stop it!"

Azusa: "Shut up!"

Azusa yanked my arm and pulled me forward.

MC: "Eek!"

The force sent me tumbling forward, spilling to my knees on the ground.

Azusa: "Don't make me say it again! Just do as I say!"

MC: "...Sorry."

Azusa: "Get up and walk. We need to hurry."

MC: "..."

I climbed back to my feet and reluctantly followed him. (Why did Azusa turn into such a nasty person? Has he always been like this? Is there something that's tormenting him that is making him like this?) I looked up and stole a glance at his face. Despite how rotten he acted, my heart ached whenever I saw him. (How come I still feel like this with him, even now? Even after all the things he's done to me...)

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset

Azusa: "Dammit! Where the heck is the entrance?! It's getting dark but we still haven't found it..."

["Let's keep looking."]
["Let's give up."]

MC: "Let's keep looking..."

Azusa: "...Hmm? So now you're trying to help me?"

MC: "Y-You're in a hurry, right?"

Azusa: "...Right. I don't have much time."

MC: "Then we should keep looking..."

Azusa: "...You really are an idiot."

MC: "...I know."

Azusa: "For once, that stupidity is coming in handy."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "Even if you think about betraying me, it's useless."

MC: "...Huh?"

Azusa: "Don't even waste your time trying to dispel the lip-sealing spell I put on you. It's Onmyodo...Hinomoto magic, so no one knows the technique to remove it. The one way to dispel it is so hopeless, there's no point even thinking about it. Not even the greatest wizard can remove the spell. You're out of luck."

MC: "...What's the one way to remove it?"

Azusa: "...I guess there's no harm in saying. It's not like it could ever happen. It's love."

MC: "Love?"

Azusa: "It's so absurd. Whoever thought of the spell must have been a dimwit. The spell will only come undone if the one who cast it loves someone from the bottom of their heart. Not that it'll help you. My heart is dead. I'll never love anyone ever again. Don't even think you have a chance."

MC: "..."

Just then, his words revealed a paradox in his reasoning. (The spell is released by love, but Azusa said he loves Tsukasa more than anything else... So why would the spell work in the first place? Is his brother really alive? Is that creature that looks like Tsukasa brainwashing him or something? It might just be the case!)

MC: "...Hey, Azusa?"

Azusa: "What?"

MC: "...You showed me Tsukasa yesterday, right?"

Azusa: "Yeah... That's right."

MC: "Um, is he really alive? I mean, what if--"

Azusa: "Shut up!!"

In a fit of rage, he threw me against a tree and screamed.

Azusa: "Shut up!! Shut up!! Shut up!! SHUT UP!! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!"

He lashed out in a swell of emotions unseen in him thus far. With his hatred laid bare, he seemed to me more human than ever.

Azusa: "Who do you think you are?!"

He voice bellowed at me while he clenched a hand around my neck.

MC: "Argh!!"

He wrung my throat tight, freezing my spine with fright. (I'm scared... He's going to choke me to death...) Overcome with dread, my body shivered uncontrollably.

Azusa: "...Haha! Bhahaha!!"

In that terrifying moment, he suddenly roared with laughter.

Azusa: "Your neck is so tiny. I bet I could snap it with just one hand."

MC: "...!"

I was horrified beyond measure.

Azusa: "You don't have to be so scared... Why would I kill you when I still need you?"

His hand slowly loosened its grip and pulled away from my neck.

Azusa: "...It's too dark to search for the spring anymore. We'll continue tomorrow."

He turned and marched away, leaving me tattered and distraught on the ground.

MC: "Azusa..."

Now alone, I collapsed with exhaustion. (He scared me... Scares me so much, but I still feel for him... Why did it come to this? Was the Azusa up until now nothing more than a lie? Had he fooled me with his smile from the very beginning?)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

MC: "..."

Amelia: "...MC?"

MC: "Hmm, what?"

Amelia: "Are you depressed again?"

MC: "N-No! Not at all!"

I put on my best smile and faced her.

Amelia: "You're just saying that..."

MC: "I'm not. Really..."

I weakly tried to convince her, but the smile soon crumbled off my face.

Amelia: "Are you not getting along with Azusa again?"

MC: "..."

Amelia: "...Did you guys not really make up?"

MC: "...It's not that easy..."

Amelia: "Why don't you try talking to him again?"

MC: "Yeah... Maybe I will."

Amelia: "When you look so gloomy, it gets me worried..."

MC: "Sorry, Amelia..."

Amelia: I don't know if it's any help, coming from a single girl like me, but... I think a relationship where you can speak your mind is a healthy one. So try not to be afraid and just tell him what you're feeling."

MC: "Amelia..."

Amelia: "I get the feeling you're holding back something when you shouldn't have to."

MC: "...You might be right."

Amelia: "I think saying it will be good for you."

MC: "Thanks. I'll have to try."

Amelia: "Yeah! I've got your back! You and Azusa make the perfect couple!"

MC: "Perfect, huh..."

Just thinking about Azusa again made my heart ache. It felt like my throat was being crushed all over again. I wondered just what it would take to escape the pain... (If I could just get myself to hate Azusa, it would make this all so easy. So what's stopping me from hating him? All he does is say and do cruel things to me... Why can't I just forget my feelings about him and be done with it? I'm such an idiot...)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

Another night came where I laid restlessly in bed. I stared out the window, pale moonlight piercing the darkness in the room. The grille on the window frame drew bars in the light as if caging me inside forever. Too exhausted to even think anymore, I had just surrendered myself to the stillness of night when...

???(Klaus): "MC. Wake up."

Prefect Klaus was communicating with me through the earring.

MC: "...I am up."

Image of pink and silver earrings

Klaus: "Really? That's odd... Anyhow, step outside."

MC: "All right."

MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

Klaus: "There you are."

MC: "Hello, Prefect Klaus..."

Klaus: "Give me your report for today."

MC: "...We spent some time together after class. Nothing in particular stood out."

(When had it become so easy for me to spout lies like this?) A twinge of guilty pecked at my heart.

Klaus: "...I see."

MC: "Sorry..."

Klaus: "You don't have to apologize. I didn't ask you to investigate in the first place. All I wanted was for you to keep an eye on him. Having nothing of importance to tell me is good news."

MC: "...Right."

Klaus: "You don't seem all together tonight."

MC: "..."

Klaus: "...If you need to talk to someone, I'm here to help."

["It's nothing."]

MC: "It's nothing."

Klaus: "...Oh."

MC: "I'm just tired. Plus, all these new things are hard for me..."

Klaus: "...Don't push yourself too hard."

MC: "I won't..."

Klaus: "...I better get going. As always, you be careful."

MC: "Okay."

(Prefect Klaus is such a nice person... You would never guess from how he talks though. I feel a little better now. Maybe I can finally get some sleep...)

Day 8: The Ark

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, daylight

MC: "Sorry to ditch you, Amelia. I'm going ahead today."

Amelia: "Okay. With Azusa?"

MC: "...Yeah."

Amelia: "Make sure you have a nice long talk with him, okay?"

MC: "Yeah, I will..."

Amelia: "Good. Good luck!"

MC: "Thanks, Amelia..."

(I don't want to get her involved so I can't say anything... After Azusa threatened me yesterday, I just don't want to risk anything. I'm not going to drag anyone else into this!)

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

As soon as I felt, I was greeted with the sight of Azusa waiting for me at the gate. I walked to where he waited in absolute silence.

Azusa CG 4

Azusa: "Morning."

Meeting him every morning was something I had become used to. However, the boy who waited for me had changed into a completely different person.

MC: "Good morning, Azusa."

I looked up at him with a smile. A forced, phony smile. Anyone watching wouldn't know any better and assume we were just like any other couple in the academy.

Azusa: "I see you're behaving today."

["By my own choice."]
["It's useless to struggle."]

MC: "By my own choice."

Azusa: "Hmm? Why the sudden change of heart?"

MC: "I don't want to get anyone else involved. I won't make you angry anymore."

Azusa: "You finally get it. Good girl."

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory

Azusa: "Let's go."

Azusa causally reached over and took my hand. It was just as warm and comforting as I remembered. His touch was all it took to calm me down. (Why do I still feel this way? What's wrong with me? Does part of me still want to pretend we're still normal lovers? Is it wrong that I want to smile and feel his warmth?)

Scene: Academy Stairwell

Azusa: "I'm over that way."

MC: "...All right."

Azusa: "I'll come find you after class."

MC: "...I'll be waiting for you."

Azusa: "Good. We still have work to do."

I saw him off with a smile as he walked away. It pained my heart to see him leave, as if I wanted just a few more moments together. (I know just how scary he can be, so why? Why do I still feel like this with him?)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

I tossed my bag on the usual desk and pulled out the notebook Elias had loaned me. (I don't want to get him involved either, so I should return this before it's too late.)

Elias: "Good morning, Hart."

MC: "Hey, Elias. I've got something for you."

Elias: "Hmm?"

MC: "Thanks for you lending me this. It really helped me out."

Elias: "My notes? Did you finish copying them all?"

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Elias: "But there was so much of it..."

MC: "...I got it all, thanks."

(Except I've only copied about half of it so far...)

Elias: "Well, good. Glad I could help."

Elias took the notebook and tucked it under his arm.

Elias: "Were there any parts you didn't get?"

MC: "No, I'm good. Thanks."

Yukiya: "...Why are you lying?"

MC: "...!"

Yukiya suddenly mumbled from behind me.

Elias: "Huh? You're lying?"

MC: "Wh-What are you talking about, Yukiya! It's the truth!"

Yukiya: "..."

The sharp look he gave made me fear he saw right through my lies.

Yukiya: "...Whatever."

Elias: "Yukiya? What's up?"

Yukiya: "Seeing how bad she screws up in class, I figured she hates studying. Doubt she copied any of your notes."

MC: "H-Hey now! I try my best during class! It's not like I screw up on purpose!"

(I guess he didn't see through me after all...)

Luca: "Geez, Yukiya. Can't ya be a bit nicer to the poor girl?"

MC: "Hey, Luca! It feels like it's been forever since I last saw you."

Luca: "Well, ain't that nice? I miss you too!"

Elias: "What are you doing here? Did pigs learn to fly?"

Luca: "I only came because it might turn out interesting today."

Elias: "What do you mean?"

Luca: "The headmaster isn't in charge of our first class today."

Yukiya: "...Why not?"

Luca: "They're all busy with that incident. You know, the pigeon killings."

MC: "...!"

Luca: "Whoever's doing it is on the move, so all the professors are playing catch-up."

(I hope Azusa doesn't get found out...) A cold sweat broke out on my palms.

Luca: "So in his place, Prefect Klaus is supposed to be teaching our class."

Elias: "...Seriously?!"

(Prefect Klaus is?!)

Yukiya: "Prefects are allowed to take over and teach simple lessons in their place."

Luca: "I guess they'd prefer that to dishing out self-study all the time. See, Elias? It might be interesting after all."

Elias: "I still don't know what you mean by that."

Luca: "You'll see. Besides, I know you've missed having me in class."

Elias: "...Whatever."

Their conversation came to a close just as the chime rang.

Image of chalkboard

All of a sudden, a piece of chalk floated up and started writing on the board all on its own.

MC: "Gather in the courtyard. Leave your cloaks. Klaus Goldstein..."

Scene: Academy Classroom A

Elias: "...Guess we're outside today."

Luca: "Woohoo. Must mean it's Practical Magic."

Yukiya: "...Let's go."

MC: "O-Okay..."

(I wish I wasn't so bad at Practical Magic...)

Scene: Courtyard A

Prefect Klaus was already waiting in the courtyard when students began to assemble.

Klaus: "You're late! Hurry up!"

His angry shout inspired some of the slower students to hustle towards the group.

Klaus: "Good, that makes everyone. The headmaster had important business to take care of, so I'm in charge today."

Luca: "So what are we doing today, Prefect Klaus?"

Klaus: "Hide-and-seek."

Luca: Don't screw with me, man. For real?"

Klaus: "This won't be your typical hide-and-seek. We'll be using magic. Rule one -- You can't leave the courtyard. I'll be putting up a barrier around it. Rule two -- You must use magic to hide. You may use any method available. Rule three -- those who hide for the duration of class will be awarded extra points. That's all for the rules."

Luca: "Pretty interesting."

Klaus: "I imagine many of you will try using camouflage magic to hide. So here is a question for you. What is the reptile that uses its tongue to eat insects and blends in with its surroundings? MC. Your answer?"

MC: "Um..."

(What is the reptile that uses its tongue to eat insects and blends in with its surroundings?)


MC: "Chameleon."

Klaus: "Correct."

MC: "Woohoo!"

Klaus: "Of course, even a child could have gotten that right."

MC: "Ugh..."

Klaus: "In Gedonelune, there is a species of chameleon with optical camouflage, but I digress. So tell me, Elias. What is the name of that chameleon?"

Elias: "It's called a lucenleon and they habitat this area. Unlike a regular chameleon, they don't use their tongues. Rather, they make up for it by jumping and moving at high speeds. Naturally, this makes them difficult to catch them."

Klaus: "Excuse me, but I only asked you the name. Knowledge isn't for flaunting around."

Elias: "..."

Klaus: "We all know how smart you are without rubbing it in everyone's face."

Elias: "Fine..."

Luca: "Heh..."

Luca watched with amusement as Elias was humiliated in front of the class. (...He needs to find a better hobby...)

Klaus: "Let us begin. I will close my eyes for one minute. After that I will come and find you, so hide well. But first, the barrier... Vitrum!"

A swing of his wand unleashed a powerful transparent barrier around the entire courtyard.

MC: "Whoa..."

(He's so good at magic!)

Klaus: "You have one minute. Go!"

At his signal, all the students scrambled away in all direction.

MC: "Hmm..."

(What do I do?! I haven't even thought of a place to hide yet!)

MC: "How am I even going to hide? Camouflage magic? I don't even know one spell!"

(Shoot! I'm running out of time!)

MC: "At this point, I've just got to hide without magic..."

(But where should I go?)

[Behind a tree]
[In the shrubs]
[Lay on the ground]
[Hide behind Prefect Klaus]

MC: "If I can just hide behind him..."

I sneaked behind him as quiet as possible while his eyes were still shut. (Maybe if I just follow him from behind, he'll never notice I'm there...)

Klaus: "All right, time's up! Here I come! The faster I find you, the lower your score!"

(What?! He never said that before!)

Klaus: "Got it, MC?"

MC: "Yes. ... ......... ...Wait, what?!"

Prefect Klaus slowly turned around and face me.

Klaus: "Did you think I wouldn't notice you standing behind me?"

MC: "Ugh..."

Klaus: "You seemed to have forgotten the whole point was to use magic."

MC: "Yikes..."

Klaus: "Not only did I find you first, but you also broke the rules. For that you get zero points. However, I do applaud your bravery by attempting such a risky plan."

MC: "Th-Thanks..."

The game progressed for a while and class was almost over. The only two students who hadn't been found yet were Luca and Elias.

Klaus: "I knew it would come down to those two. But you can't fool me forever. There, but the shrubs. I see a faint trace of optical camouflage magic being used. ...Elias."

No sooner had he pointed it out than Elias stood up from the shrubs.

Klaus: "I'm impressed at your idea to use optical rather than ordinary camouflage magic. However, I knew you would try to fool me with that from the start. All I had to do was follow the traces of magic and..."

Elias: "Ugh..."

Elias bit his own lip, irritated at his failure.

Klaus: "Now just Luca is remaining..."

Just then, the chime rang out signaling the end of class.

Klaus: "We're out of time. You can come out now, Luca. Good job."

Luca: "Thanks."

I heard Luca's voice but he was nowhere to be found.

Klaus: "Hmm? Where are you?"

Luca: "Down here. Look at the ground."

Klaus: "Hmm? Grasshopper?"

Luca: "That's right."

The grasshopper began to glow in a faint light. After a moment, it grew in size and transformed into Luca.

Luca: "Whew. That was rough."

Klaus: "I see... So you turned yourself into an insect."

Luca: "Well, you said we could hide using any magic we wanted."

Klaus: "You thought outside the box. Well done, Luca. Take note, Elias. You can learn a lot from Luca."

Elias: "Ugh!"

Luca: "Heh."

(Luca must really be enjoying this. Poor Elias... He sure can be rotten sometimes... Though Luca does it in a cute way. Azusa is on a whole different level. Luca's just a prankster but he never does anything out of malice. Azusa, on the other hand, has a heart full of venom.)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

The day was finally over. After the last chime rang out, I collected all my things.

Yukiya: "...What are you in such a rush for?"

MC: "...I'm meeting Azusa."

Yukiya: "Oh."

Elias: "Leaving already, Hart?"

MC: "Yeah. See you two tomorrow!"

I waved goodbye with one hand, carrying my bag in the other, and left the room.

Yukiya: "Don't you think she's been acting strange lately?"

Elias: "...Really?"

Yukiya: "Like she's afraid of something. She's trying to put distance between us."

Elias: "Now that you mention it, she has seemed a bit out of it lately. I just figured she's all worn out from studying to pass the trial."

Yukiya: "...I wonder about that. I think it's something else..."

Elias: "...Like what?"

Yukiya: "Like she got pulled into some trouble or something. I've got a bad feeling about it."

Elias: "...Maybe you're reading into it too much."

Yukiya: "...I hope that's the case."

Scene: Interior Hallway

Azusa had just turned the corner and was walking my way when I left the classroom.

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "Hmm? I was going to come and get you."

MC: "I came to meet you."

Azusa slid up next to me and grasped my hand.

Azusa: "You didn't try and run away today."

MC: "...I know it's pointless if I try."

Azusa: "That's right. You finally understand? We're going back to the forest today."

MC: "All right."

Scene: Grassy Area

Azusa: "There's no time to waste. We've got find the spring, and fast."

MC: "...What are you in such a hurry for?"

Azusa: "Keep your questions to yourself."

MC: "...Sorry."

Azusa: "Would you stop apologizing for every last thing? You're getting on my nerves. It's like you want me to forgive you for every time you screw up. Are you purposefully trying tick me off? You're good at that."

MC: "..."

My heart bled at his words. Strangely enough, it didn't hurt at all anymore. I had become so used to his painful words that they barely fazed me anymore. (Maybe I've used up all of my tears...) Just then, the ground directly in front of me rumbled.

MC: "Ack! What's going on?!"

Azusa: "...This again?"

MC: "Oh yeah! This is just like last time!"

The ground shook and stirred, caving inwards and forming a large hole. The face that popped out of the hole in the ground didn't surprise me at all.

Randy: "I think I hit the jackpot!"

MC: "...Randy."

Randy: "Mmm? Oh, it's you again, MC! Azusa too!"

Azusa: "What are you doing here?"

Randy: "This is weird. How come whenever I dig to find magic, I always end up at you two? Hmm..."

Azusa: "Is this another one of your strange experiments?"

Randy: "No! I'm just searching for a magical vein!"

Randy climbed up out of the hole and walked towards us.

Randy: "Hey, MC!"

MC: "Yeah?"

Randy: "You're dating Azusa, right?"

MC: "Y-Yeah..."

Randy: "Why did you pick him? Why not me?"

MC: "Uh? What?!"

His sudden question caught me off guard and made me falter back.

MC: "Wh-What are you talking about?!"

Randy: "I don't know much about love, but I think you and me would have a lot of fun together! Think about it! Wouldn't it be great if we were together?"

MC: "Well..."

["That does sound fun."]
["But I have Azusa."]

MC: "But I have Azusa."

Randy: "So you want to stay with him?"

MC: "Yeah..."

Randy: "Well, how about just one day as a test?"

MC: "Huh?!"

Randy: "It won't matter if it's just one day, right?!"

MC: "I-I can't do that!"

Azusa: "All right, enough."

Azusa interrupted while putting himself between Randy and myself.

Azusa: "Listen here, Randy. Love isn't like that. It's not always about having fun."

Randy: "It's not?"

Azusa: "Nope. You have to like the person as well."

Randy: "But I like MC a lot!"

Azusa: "Your like and my like aren't the same."

Randy: "What's different?"

Azusa: "I can't live without MC. I don't want to hand her over to anyone, not even for a second. I'll do anything to make her happy."

Randy: "Yeah? You must be really serious about her then."

Azusa: "Of course I am. Did you think I was just playing around?"

Randy: "Hmm. I guess I'll need to do more research about love. MC? What does love feel like?"

Randy swerved around Azusa and asked me a question.

["It's exciting."]
[It's tough."]

MC: "It's exciting, I guess. It makes you all giddy and your heart starts pounding."

Randy: "So it makes your heart pound like you're running really fast?"

MC: "It's a bit different than that... How should I put it? I don't know... It just feels different."

Randy: "Now you've got me interested! What do you have to do to get like that?"

MC: "Well, touching someone you like... Or having them hold you."

Randy: "So will it work with me?"

Randy lunged forward and snatched up my hand.

MC: "R-Randy?!"

Azusa: "What do you think you're doing, Randy? Can you take your hands off my girl?"

Randy: "Don't worry; it's only for a minute."

Azusa: "I said no, and I mean it."

Azusa pulled me towards him and wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulders.

MC: "...!"

It made my chest squeeze and heart ache.

Azusa: "MC is mine."

Randy: "Hmm, I see. All righty then."

Randy finished with a relieved smile.

Randy: "I'm just glad you've met someone that's so important to you, Azusa."

Azusa: "...Yeah."

Randy: "Well, I've still got digging to do."

Randy made towards the hole in the ground.

MC: "That again?! For real?!"

Randy: "Bye bye!"

A single hand popped out of the hole and waved goodbye. It then disappeared back into the hole.

MC: "Randy sure is a strange guy."

Azusa: "...You've got that right. We just wasted most out time thanks to him."

Azusa stepped away, putting some space between us.

Azusa: "...You're too friendly with Randy."

MC: "Hmm?"

Azusa: "You shouldn't even bother talking with anyone but me. Make no mistake -- I'm the only one you need to care about. Watch me, and that's it. Don't even look at anyone else."

MC: "Why are acting so possessive over me? I thought you hated me. You're contradicting yourself."

Azusa: "It seems you don't get the picture so let me spell this out for you. I can't stand other guys getting their grubby hands on what belongs to me. Besides, you're the hypocrite who said you love me and won't even help when I need it."

MC: "I...!"

Azusa: "In any case, don't you ever talk to a guy in front of me again!"

["That's not fair."]

MC: "...Fine..."

Azusa: "...That's more like it."

MC: "..."

Azusa: "If you always behaved like this, I wouldn't have to yell at you so much. Are you going to be good?"

MC: "Yeah..."

Azusa: "Let's go."

Azusa grabbed me by the hand and dragged me away yet again.

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset

Azusa: "Why?! Why can't I find it?!"

Azusa slammed his fist into a nearby tree in anger and frustration.

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "I don't have time for this!"

MC: "...Once we find the spring and call out the unicorn, you're going to kill it, right?"

Azusa: "Yeah... I need it for its horn."

MC: "Are you sure there isn't any other method? Killing a unicorn is a terrible crime! If you kill it, you'll go to jail for life! The unicorn might even kill you itself! Even if you do succeed and cure Tsukasa... You won't be able to be together with him either way!"

Azusa: "Is that all you have to say?"

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "It is what it is. Saving Tsukasa is the only thing that matters."

MC: "No! I don't agree with this at all! You need to ask someone for help! Headmaster Randolph might know something, you never know!"

Azusa: "Ask for help? If it worked like that, I would've done it a long time ago. You have no idea how hard I've searched for ways to save him. And even then, nothing! The power of humans will never be enough to resurrect him!"

MC: "R-Resurrect?"

Azusa: "..."

MC: "I knew it... Tsukasa is no longer..."

(So Azusa even knows it himself. Tsukasa isn't alive anymore."

Azusa: "Shut up! It doesn't matter! I'm going to bring him back, whatever it takes! Even if I have to sacrifice my own life, you have my word that I'll bring him back!"

MC: "Azusa..."

(I can't argue that what Azusa is going isn't a terrible offense... But he's doing it just so he can bring his brother back to life. I know how hard it is to lose someone that means so much to you... Even I wish I could bring them back somehow. Even so, I can't accept this.)

MC: "...The unicorn never boarded the ship."

Azusa: "...What?"

MC: "Remember the myth of the Saint's Ark? You said that Hinomoto was just like those unicorns were."

Azusa: "...What about it?"

MC: "Really, it seems like you resemble them more than anyone. The unicorns refused everyone's help and tried to do everything on their own. But deep down inside, they were scared. After all, they were the only ones stuck on land, all alone."

Azusa: "..."

Azusa stood quiet for a moment before turning around and walking away.

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "I'm done searching for today. Go home."

MC: "But..."

Azusa: "I said get out of here!"

He quickly left, leaving nothing but the loud ringing of his furious voice in my ears.

MC: "Azusa..."

(He's suffering inside, I know it. He's lonely and sad from being all alone. He still can't move on from the fact that his brother passed away. If it keeps up much longer, it's going to destroy his heart entirely. Can I do nothing but watch it happen, completely unable to help?)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room at night

I climbed in bed and looked back on everything that happened that day. (All this time I've been afraid of Azusa. I thought he was nothing more than a cruel person. But it turns out, he wasn't like this from the beginning... He was trapped by despair and grief which tormented his heart... What can I do to change him? What can I do to save him?)

???(Klaus): "MC? Are you up?"

MC: "Prefect Klaus..."

Image of pink and silver earrings

Klaus: "I guess that answers my question. Step outside."

MC: "Okay."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

Klaus: "Sorry to ruin your sleep every night like this."

MC: "It's okay."

Klaus: "Things are beginning to take shape on my end."

MC: "...Is that why the headmaster didn't teach class today?"

Klaus: "How did you know that?"

MC: "Luca..."

Klaus: "How did he-- No one but the professors and myself should know that. Luca Orlem, you sneaky bastard..."

MC: "Have you made any progress with your investigation?"

Klaus: "...Sorry, but I can't share that with you. Either way, nothing been proven yet."

MC: "Oh..."

Klaus: "So, anything happen today?"

MC: "The same as usual. We walk together to class and again on the way home. We just talked about random things, really."

Klaus: "So you haven't seen any changes in his behavior lately?"

MC: "No..."

Klaus: "All right."

(I wonder if Prefect Klaus knows anything about unicorns? I can just say it's something that came up in class...)

[Ask him]
[Don't ask]

(I better not. I should think about this all on my own first. Plus, I don't want to rely on Prefect Klaus for everything...)

Klaus: "What is it? You look like you want to say something."

MC: "Oh, um..."

Klaus: "Just say it. I won't laugh. I promise."

(...Should I just go ahead and ask him?)

MC: "Well, do you know anything about unicorns?"

Klaus: "Unicorns?"

MC: "I learned about them in class..."

Klaus: "People say unicorns live in this area. They prefer it here because of the temperature, magic, humidity, and so on."

MC: "Yeah. That's what I learned in class."

Klaus: "I'm glad you're learning something."

MC: "Anyway, what's this about the unicorn's horn?"

Klaus: "Every unicorn's horn is built a little different. It is said that no two unicorns have the same horn. I guess you could compare them to the fingerprints humans have."

MC: "Oh, really?"

Klaus: "They say that their horns have the power of eternal life and can cure any disease."

MC: "...!"

Klaus: "Their horns are made out of the energy of life. Which means if you break their horn, the unicorn itself will die as well. Though since killing creatures is a serious crime here, the power of their horns is purely myth."

MC: "...So not even a unicorn's horn can bring people back to life?"

Klaus: "Resurrection...? There is no magic or medicine in the world that can do that. Life and death can only be dealt with the by gods. It's not something that we humans can interfere with. No matter the method, resurrection is an impossible feat. Having said that, a unicorn's horn is pure energy of life. No one has ever tried, so I guess there is no way to know for sure."

MC: "..."

Klaus: "But suppose their horn does possess power beyond our comprehension... Having someone with power over life and death is truly a terrifying thought."

MC: "..."

A shiver ran down my spine as I thought about it. A mere human breaching the territory of the gods. It was, exactly as he said, a terrifying thought.

Klaus: "Well, I should get back to my dorm. Keep up the good work."

MC: "Okay."

Klaus: "You're looking better today."

MC: "...Really?"

Klaus: "Yeah. Not back to normal, but getting there. Once you get your stupid face back, you'll be as good as new."

MC: "H-Hey! I don't have a stupid face!"

Klaus: "I'd tell you to relax, but you've probably got your hands full with the trial and all. Show me your dumb face again when it's all over."

MC: "Stop saying that!"

Klaus: "That's the face I'm talking about. It looks good on you."

MC: "Prefect Klaus..."

Klaus: "See you. Good night."

MC: "...Good night."

Prefect Klaus vanished into the shadows of the night. (I'm sick and tired of lying to Prefect Klaus. He's so nice to me, and yet every day I keep lying right to his face...)

Day 9: Savior

Scene: Exterior of Royal Magic Academy

It was a morning much like any other, except something was a little different.

Scene: Main Staircase

Azusa and I were walking side by side up the large staircase.

MC: "Azusa, are you okay? Are you still having nightmares?"

Azusa: "Shut up."

Nothing had changed between us in the slightest. However, ever since yesterday, something had changed inside of me.

MC: "Do you want me to make you some more of that herbal tea?"

Azusa: "...Are you an idiot? That crap doesn't even work."

MC: "You never know, it might..."

Azusa: "Shut up, already. How I feel is none of your business."

["I'm worried."]

MC: "...I'm worried about you."

Azusa: "Yeah. Sure you are, you big hypocrite."

MC: "Stop it! I really do..."

(All I want to do is help him, and yet...)

Azusa: "Enough. I'm sick of hearing your excuses."

(You've got it all wrong...)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "Good morning, Yukiya."

Yukiya: "Morning."

I sat down in my usual seat and started preparing for class.

Yukiya: "Feeling better today?"

MC: "Huh?"

Yukiya: "You seem different than yesterday."

MC: "I do?"

Yukiya: "...Yeah."

(Nothing gets by Yukiya, does it? Does he actually sense it, or is it more like instinct? I wonder...)

Luca: "What's up?"

MC: "Hey, Luca. Good morning."

Luca's hand was wrapped in a bandage, something that became obvious when he waved at me.

MC: "What happened to your hand?"

Luca: "Oh, this? I was just a little clumsy yesterday. It's just a scratch."

MC: "Looks worse than a scratch to me..."

Elias: "...You got what you deserved."

Elias showed up from behind Luca and joined the conversation.

MC: "Good morning, Elias."

Elias: "Morning."

Luca: "What a fine morning, Prince Elias."

Elias: "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"

MC: "What do you mean, he got what he deserved? Do you know what happened to him?"

Elias: "Yeah. I'm in charge of the boys' dorm so I hear all the big news. Last night, some idiot tried to sneak in the headmaster's office."

MC: "You're kidding! The headmaster's office?!"

Luca: "Try to guess who that idiot was. I tried forcing open a door sealed by magic and it repelled at me."

Elias: "You're such an idiot for pulling a stunt like that when everyone's worked up about dark magic."

Luca: "Yeah, I'll give you that. Might have picked a bad time to try."

MC: "What were you trying to do in the headmaster's office?"

Luca: "Tryin' to take the Persona Mirror."

MC: "Persona Mirror? Isn't that the one we learned about in class?"

Luca: "Yeah. It sounds so interesting, so I gotta see it for myself."

Elias: "It takes a special person to act on a whim like that."

Luca: "Doesn't the Persona Mirror show people in their true form?"

Elias: "It does. Surprised you remember."

(If only I had the Persona Mirror... I'd be able to find out if Azusa is evil or not once and for all.)

MC: "You said the mirror is in the headmaster's office?"

Elias: "It is, and it's guarded heavily."

Luca: "You better believe it. Just the barrier locking his door is unbelievably strong. Even if you get inside, the mirror itself is protected by all sorts of high level magic. I underestimated how hard it would be to steal."

MC: "Wow... It must be serious business."

Elias: "There's only one of its kind in the world, right here in the academy."

MC: "Really? I didn't know it was that special!"

Luca: "Maybe it's better I give up trying to take it."

Elias: "At last, you say something intelligent."

MC: "..."

(If Luca couldn't do it, then I can't even begin to think about it...) The chime for class rang out, ending that thought.

Luca: "Gotta go. See ya later."

Elias: "Again?"

MC: "Bye, Luca."

Luca: "Hmm? You aren't gonna stop me this time?"

MC: "You're going to leave whether I say something or not."

Luca: "Haha, that's true. You know me well. Catch ya later."

Luca quickly marched out of the classroom.

Elias: "I'm going back to my seat."

MC: "All right."

Just as everyone split up and sat down, Professor Schuyler came through the door.

Schuyler: "Sit down. We will be looking at magic stones today. There are many types of magic stones in the world. In general, gemstones which possess magic are called magic stones. For example, there are the Tears of Undine and the Salamander's Soul. They are stones which wield the power to bring forth rain and command fire, but there are many others. It is often the case that magic stones were originally regular gemstones. A gemstone is produced in areas highly concentrated in magic, and further enchanting the stone gives it special power. If you had studied, you would remember a magic stone called the Light of Apollo. At one point, it was an ordinary gemstone. It is the birthstone of August and known as the gem of the sun. MC, name the gemstone."

MC: "Uh, um..."

(The birthstone of August and known as the gem of the sun?)

["Lapis Lazuli."]

MC: "Peridot!"

Schuyler: "Correct. You've done well to study. The day of your trial is almost at hand. Keep it up if you wish to pass."

MC: "I will!"

(Wow! Professor Schyler said something nice to me!)

Schuyler: "In very rare cases, magic stones are discovered already possessing magical powers. Such stones are considerably powerful without any intervention whatsoever. As with anything of power, it can be used for good or for evil. For that reason, if one is discovered, it is critical to report the finding to the Ministry of Magical Justice. Then again, stones of that nature are only found perhaps once a century. But as crafting magic stones requires only magic, it is a simple process to do. The stone will absorb the magic poured into it and obtain a special power. For this class you will be enchanting the rose quartz, a relatively inexpensive gemstone. Aperio!"

He flicked his wand and a stone about the size of the tip of my thumb appeared on my desk.

Schuyler: "We will use this opportunity to review a magic we have just covered -- light magic. You will be enchanting the rose quartz with light magic. If you succeed, the stone will glow bright enough guide you through the night. The incantation is, of course, the same as before."

MC: "Ugh..."

(What was it again?)

Schuyler: "Before, you placed light inside a crystal but did not enchant it in any way. This time, you must use your magic to seal the light inside the stone. Although the incantation is the same, the technique to cast it is quite different. If you do not focus the projection of the spell, you will not succeed. You may begin!"

MC: "Well..."

(This seems awfully hard. I wonder if I'll be able to do it... I'm pretty sure the first part is 'O light, heed my call'! But what comes after that?)


(It's Lumen! I'm sure of it.)

MC: "O light, heed my call! Lumen!"

(I've got to imagine sealing light inside of the stone...) A veil of light streamed from my wand and was sucked into the stone.

MC: "...!"

The rose quartz started to glow spectacularly.

MC: "I did it! It worked! Hmm? But why is it flashing?"

All the other students had stones which gave a constant light. (How come mine is the only one blinking?!)

Schuyler: "MC? Did it work?"

MC: "Kind of..."

Schuyler: "I see yours is blinking."

MC: "I'm sorry..."

Schuyler: "You must not have maintained the mental image until the very end. However, in respect to your past failures, this is evidence of your growth. Well done."

MC: "!"

(Professor Schuyler praised me?! Wow!)

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

When classes ended for the day, this time I went to Azusa's classroom to wait for him.

Azusa: "MC?"

MC: "I've been waiting for you, Azusa."

Azusa: "...Thanks."

He lined up next to me with that fake smile glued to his face.

Azusa: "Let's go."

MC: "All right."

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

Azusa: "Why did you come find me today?"

["Just because."]
["I wanted to see you."]
["Am I not allowed?"]

MC: "...I wanted to see you."

Azusa: "Huh? Is something wrong with your head? Quit with the stupid jokes."

MC: "It's the truth... I really wanted to see you."

Azusa: "...What? I'm fed up listening to your nonsense."

MC: "Then get angry at me, if that's what makes you feel better."

Azusa: "What the heck is wrong with you?!"

Azusa stopped in his tracks and turned on me. I thought he was just angry at first, but I noticed signs of agony and pain on his face as well. (I knew he was suffering inside... I know how he must feel -- for everything you love to fall out of reach. It's like being left all alone in a dark, cold place. If no one had reached out to help me, I'd have fallen into that same despair.)

MC: "...I want to save you."

Azusa: "Save me? What kind of naive gibberish is that?"

MC: "It's not. I'm being serious... I want to help you. I've been doing research on my own... About the unicorns, that is. Their horns are made up of pure life energy. Not everything is known about their power, but if you take their horn they'll die! I can't let you do that! Killing a dignified creature is against the law. I'm sure there's another method. We can look for it together!"

Azusa: "How many times do I have to tell you?! There is no other way, dammit!"

MC: "You don't know that! Don't give up just like that! Even if you do bring Tsukasa back, you won't be able to be together. You'll just be bringing him into the same loneliness you're trapped in now!"

Azusa: "...!"

MC: "Is that how you want him to live? In a lonely and sad world?"

Azusa: "Enough! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!"

Azusa erupted with anger and grappled me by the shoulders. I was scared beyond belief, but I fought the fear so I wouldn't look away. Instead, I stared at him directly in the eyes.

MC: "...Getting angry is fine. If you want to hurt me, that's fine too. If it helps when you do that, I won't stop you."

Azusa: "Wh-What's wrong with you?! Are you insane?!"

Azusa shoved me away and turned away in disgust.

Azusa: "I put a curse on you, for crying out loud! I'm just using you! Why would you help me?!"

MC: "Because I..."

The last two words 'love you' just wouldn't come out of my mouth. (Why can't I say it?!) Perplexed why my voice wouldn't work, I put a hand on my throat. It was then that I felt my throat burning and glowing at the same time.

MC: "What's going on?!"

Azusa: "You tried to speak a truth about me."

MC: "A truth about you?"

(Why is it a truth about him if I said I love him? Those are my own feelings. That has nothing to do with him... Does the lip-sealing spell make me unable to say other things well?)

Azusa: "I don't know what you're trying to say, but it's not going to work. As long as you're under the spell, you can't say anything about me."

(Even if I can't say I love him, there must be other ways to get my feelings across.)

MC: "I don't care what mean things you say or how bad you treat me!"

Azusa: "...!"

MC: "All I want to do if save you. That's all..."

Azusa: "...Are you stupid or something? Who goes around trying to save people? Do you think you're some sort of savior or something?"

Azusa CG 10

Azusa: "It's pointless to even try. I'm too defiled to be saved anymore. What makes you think you'll succeed where I've failed?!"

Azusa grumbled angrily in a deep voice, clutching his head as if in great pain.

Azusa CG 11

Azusa: "...You know nothing about my pain! My suffering! Every night Tsukasa comes to me in a dream. He comes to me, begging. Pleading for me to save him and stop his anguish. I promised to my family! I promised Tsukasa that I would protect him! He's not dead, no! I will not accept that I couldn't save him! You can't even understand the pain of such failure!"

He hung his head in grief, eyes wide open showing no reflection of mine, but a deep void of nothingness. Hearing him pour out his emotions in such a painful way tore my heart open.

Azusa: "If you think you can save me! If you want to save me so bad! Then put an end to my suffering! If you can't give me what I want, don't try to force your phony love on me!"

Azusa spewed out all the agonizing feelings he had locked away in his heart. He unleashed his emotions, lashing out in anger and frustration. I slowly walked towards Azusa, step by step. I had no idea what he might do to me. He might even hurt me, or worse. Even so, I wanted to feel his touch. I missed the gentle, kind Azusa, and his warmth. But he had been enveloped in shadow, knowing little more than suffering and pain. Strangely enough, that made me love him more than ever before.

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

MC: "...Tsukasa must have meant a lot to you. You must feel guilty that you weren't able to save him."

Azusa: "Shut up! Get away from me!"

[Move closer]

(I'm not going to stop. It's his suffering that's made him like this. Azusa is not a bad person; that much I'm sure of. Past all that pain of his, I'm sure the real Azusa is there waiting for me...)

MC: "I want to meet the real Azusa."

Azusa: "...!"

I walked up right to him and took his hand, clasping it between my own.

MC: "That's...why I'm going to save you."

(Azusa is like a lonely unicorn. I just want to be at his side. Even if he doesn't love me back, it's enough for me to love him.)

MC: "I want to be at your side..."

Azusa: "...Whatever.

He slipped his hand from my grasp and moved away from me.

Azusa: "...Your feelings mean nothing to me. Like I said, I'm only using you. End of story..."

MC: "...I'm fine with that."

Azusa: "Enough... Go home. I'll look by myself today."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "LEAVE!!!"

His enraged voice boomed through the silent forest. I could tell Azusa was furious.

MC: "...All right, I'm going. See you tomorrow..."

Figuring it was better to let him cool off on his own, I turned and left.

Azusa: "What the heck... Dammit!"

Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony at night

I went out and waited on the balcony since I knew Prefect Klaus would show up like he always did. With my mind so full of Azusa, I wouldn't be getting any sleep lying in bed regardless.

MC: "...What should I do?"

(Just how am I supposed to save him?) My worries grew and grew, yet oddly I felt more relaxed than ever before. It was because my fear of Azusa had completely disappeared. Though my own heart was shrouded in darkness, I felt a tiny glimmer of hope. Just then, Prefect Klaus came gliding onto the balcony on a broom.

Klaus: "...You startled me. Didn't expect you to already be here."

MC: "Prefect Klaus..."

Klaus: "What's wrong? Can't sleep?"

MC: "No... I'm wide-awake."

Klaus: "But it seems like you're back to your old self again."

MC: "You think?"

Klaus: "Yeah. I can see the stupidity coming back to your face."

MC: "Hey! I told you not to say that!"

Klaus: "Anything happen today?"

MC: "The same as usual -- going to school, together after class... Talked about random things..."

Klaus: "All right."

MC: "Sorry I've got nothing useful for you."

Klaus: "it's fine."

MC: "Are you making any progress with the search?"

Klaus: "No. We're at a complete loss."

MC: "Oh."

Hearing that was a huge relief. (I'm sorry, Prefect Klaus... I don't want you to catch Azusa... If you do, he'll be stuck in the darkness forever.)

Klaus: "The moon sure is pretty tonight."

MC: "It is..."

Klaus: "What do you say? Want to ride on the back of my broom for a bit?"

MC: "Um..."

["All right."]
["No thanks."]

["All right."]

MC: "All right. If it's just for a while."

Klaus: "Hop on."

MC: "Okay."

I straddled the broom and sat down behind him.

MC: "This broom is real comfy."

Klaus: "Of course it is -- it's the top model."

MC: "Go figure..."

Klaus: "What are you doing? You'll fall off like that."

He grabbed my hands and tucked them around his waist.

MC: "...!"

Klaus: "Hold on tight."

MC: "O-Okay."

He kicked his feet off the ground, sending us and the broom gliding into the sky.

Scene: Starry Night Sky

MC: "Whoa..."

We lifted high into the air, soaring farther from the ground. Looking upwards, my eyes were gifted with the sight of a clear, starry sky.

MC: "It's beautiful..."

He was so adept at handling the broom, it felt like I was gliding on top of a cloud.

Klaus: "Flying at night isn't so bad, eh?"

MC: "Not at all! This is wonderful..."

Klaus: "Someday, you'll learn how to fly too. That is, if you manage to officially become a student."

MC: "Ugh..."

Klaus: "If you keep trying hard and don't give up, you can do it. I know you can."

MC: "Thanks, I'll try my best. I can do it! I can!" "

Klaus: "Hmm?"

MC: "It's a Kotodama."

Klaus: "Kotodama? What is it?"

MC: "It's a good jinx in Hinomoto. If you put something into words, it'll come true. Because words have a spirit of their own."

Klaus: "So that's why it's a good jinx?"

MC: "Uh huh."

(That's right. If I say it and believe it, it'll come true for sure. I will save Azusa. I can do it!)


["No thanks."]

MC: "No thanks."

Klaus: "Why not?"

MC: "Sorry, I'm kinda afraid of heights."

(Even though that's a lie... But if I fly with him, it feels like I'd be betraying Azusa somehow...)

Klaus: "How do you expect to pass flying lessons if you're afraid of heights?"

MC: "I-I'll just have to tough it out, I guess."

Klaus: "You only have to worry about that if you pass the trial though."

MC: "Ugh!"

Klaus: "If you keep trying hard and don't give up, you can do it. I know you can."

MC: "Thanks, I'll try my best. I can do it! I can!"

Klaus: "Hmm?"

MC: "It's a Kotodama."

Klaus: "Kotodama? What is it?"

MC: "It's a good jinx in Hinomoto. If you put something into words, it'll come true. Because words have a spirit of their own."

Klaus: "So that's why it's a good jinx?"

MC: "Uh huh."

(That's right. If I say it and believe it, it'll come true for sure. I will save Azusa. I can do it!)

Day 10: The Anguish of Azusa

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, daylight

MC: "It's so beautiful outside today!"

I opened up the window and took a deep breath of the crisp, fresh air.

MC: "It's going to be a good day today!"

Amelia: "What's up, MC? You're so perky today."

MC: "I am?"

Amelia: "Yeah. You're finally acting like yourself again. Did you make up with Azusa or something?"

MC: "Well, I was finally able to say what was on my mind."

Amelia: "Good for you!"

MC: "Yeah. It's all thanks to you."

Amelia: "If you were really thankful, you would bake me a yummy cake or two."

MC: "Hehe, maybe I will. Just for you."

Amelia: "Sweet!"

MC: "I'll see you later. I'm going ahead."

Amelia: "Bye now!"

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

MC: "Good morning, Azusa!"

Azusa: "...Morning."

MC: "Can you believe this wonderful weather? It's like a sign that something great will happen today!"

Azusa: "...You're so annoying right off the bat."

MC: "You've gotta start each day with a smile!"

Azusa: "...That's so stupid."

["This is the real me."]

MC: "This is the real me!"

Azusa: "What the heck does that mean?"

MC: "I'm so happy it hurts! I might make stupid mistakes from time to time, but I don't let it get to me! It's just how I am!"

Azusa: "And your point is?"

MC: "I'm back to being myself again!"

Azusa: "...Well, isn't that special."

MC: "Yeah!"

Azusa: "..."

MC: "Come on!"

Today, it was I who reached for his hand first. I took a step ahead and pulled him behind me.

Azusa: "...Hey! Cut it out!"

MC: "Let's go! You'll be late!"

Azusa: "What...the heck is wrong with you?"

(I don't care what he says; I'm not going to let this bother me anymore. I'm going to save Azusa one way or another!)

Scene: Academy Stairwell

MC: "I'll see you after class!"

Azusa: "*Sigh*... I'm ready to go home already."

MC: "But the day has just started!"

Azusa: "This is all your fault, by the way."

MC: "Azusa, your collar is bent."

Azusa: "...It's fine! Don't touch it!"

MC: "We have to pretend to get along, right?"

Azusa: "Pfft...!"

MC: "There, I fixed it."

Azusa: "...Thanks."

He had already dropped his smile and replaced it with a grouchy face.

MC: "Hehe..."

Azusa: "What's so funny?"

MC: "Nothing. Nothing at all. See you later!"

Azusa: "...Fine."

(I'm so happy right now, it's unreal. That fake smile of his always scared me so much... But now he's stopped doing it altogether. I think this is a step in the right direction!)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "Good morning, Yukiya!"

Yukiya: "...Good morning."

I sat down in my usual seat and started getting ready for class.

Yukiya: "...It's back again."

MC: "Hmm?"

Yukiya: "That smell of yours."

MC: "...Smell?"

Yukiya: "The smell of sunshine."

MC: "What? I smell like that?"

I leaned in towards my sleeve and took a sniff.

Yukiya: "I have a good sense of smell. Normal people wouldn't notice. Well...it means I don't have to worry anymore."

MC: "Huh?"

Yukiya: "Forget it. I'm just thinking out loud."

MC: "...O-Okay?"

(Yukiya sure is a curious person...)

Elias: "Good morning."

MC: "Hey, Elias. Good morning!"

Elias: "You look much better today."

MC: "It's true! I feel great!"

Elias: "...Glad to hear it."

Yukiya: "Elias was worried sick about you."

MC: "Huh?"

Elias: "H-Hey, Yukiya! You're got a big mouth!"

Yukiya: "But you were, right? Even in the dorm, you--"

Elias: "Enough!"

Elias lunged forward and slapped his hand over Yukiya's mouth.

MC: "Elias...?"

Elias: "Forget you heard that! Yukiya's making stuff up!"

MC: "Why would he--"

Elias: "Just forget it already!"

MC: "F-Fine..."

I nodded, not wanting to press it any further. I wouldn't have time to either, as the bell for class soon rang out.

Elias: "I better get back to my seat..."

Elias cleared his throat and walked back to his spot. (Today is a new day! I've got to study hard and pass the trial!) As everyone settled into their seats, the headmaster walked into the room.

Randolph: "Let us begin. Today we will be studying history. As I recall, we covered the story of creation last time... Dear me. MC wasn't with us for that lesson, were you?"

MC: "Nope!"

Randolph: "But I believe you may be familiar with the legends already. That is, 'The First King' and the 'Dragon of Time'."

MC: "Yes, I've heard those before."

Randolph: "Then let us review. Before the Dragon of Time was scaled in stone, it promised to do one thing. What did it say, MC? If you reviewed, you should know this."

MC: "Um..."

(What was it? Didn't it say that, by its own power, it would do something to the country?)


MC: "By my power, I shall protect Gedonelune forever?"

Randolph: "That is correct. You did well to review the lesson. Keep up the good work."

MC: "I will!"

Randolph: "Anyway, we will be continuing the story from there. We know of the formation of Gedonelune, but what of the other countries? It is said that other dragons were responsible for their creation as well. For example, the 'Dragon of Fire' with power over flames, shaped the foundations of Hinomoto. The remaining lands were overseen by other dragons -- wind, water, earth, light, and shadow. All lands grew and prospered under the protection of its dragon. It is believed the dragons were born from what is called the Dragon Valley. Many wizards have attempted to locate the Dragon Valley, but none have been successful thus far. It may be that, as our magic becomes more powerful, we'll discovered its location once and for all. Does that not sound like a most adventurous tale? Well then! Next time, we will continue the lesson about how each other countries were established. Make sure to review the world map before you come to class."

(The world sure is a big place... Someday, I'd like to visit another land. Hinomoto too...)

Randolph: "That is all for today."

The chime rang out and Headmaster Randolph walked out of the room.

MC: "Oh yeah!"

(I should ask the headmaster if he can tell me about unicorns!)

Scene: Interior Hallway

I dashed out into the corridor and the headmaster was still in sight.

MC: "Excuse me! Headmaster Randolph?!"

Randolph: "Hmm? What can I do for you, MC?"

MC: "The other day in class we learned about the legend of the unicorns..."

Randolph: "Oh, yes. What about it?"

MC: "I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about them?"

Randolph: "Unicorns? Indeed. What would you like to know about?"

(I can just pretend like I'm asking questions about the lesson.)

[How they live]
[Their horns]
[Where they live]
[The legend]

MC: "Can you tell me about how they live?"

Randolph: "As you may know, they are a dignified magical creature of especial rarity. These days, they are on the verge of extinction. They don't herd in groups, instead living as solitary creatures. While they have beautiful white fur and blue eyes, their eyes turn red when angered. They are so intelligent that they possess their own emotions and can even speak with humans. Is there anything else you wanted to know?"

MC: "Could you tell me about their horns?"

Randolph: "Every unicorn had a horn, but their horns are unique to each. That is, no two horns are ever the same. They are much like our own fingerprints. Legend had it that a unicorn's horn can grant eternal life and cure an ailment. Because their horns are the source of their life energy, taking the horn would result in their certain death. That is why no one knows if the fables are true as killing a unicorn is strictly forbidden here. Is there anything else you wanted to know?"

MC: "Where do they live?"

Randolph: "Not much is known about their natural habitat, but some have been spotted in Gedonelune. It is believed they are attracted to our abundant greenery, clean water, air, and mild temperature. Most important of all, however, is the purity of magic."

MC: "What does that mean?"

Randolph: "The magic flowing through this land is refined and pure, with few imperfections. Unicorns seek out places like that and call it home. However, they don't stay in one place for long, which is why they are so rarely seen. Is there anything else you wanted to know?"

MC: "In their legend, I heard that they didn't board the Saint's ark. Is it really because they despised humans?" Randolph: "What do you mean?"

MC: "I think it might have been for another reason."

Randolph: "Hmm... We only know what the legend says. You may be right, but no one knows for sure. They may have despised or did not trust humans for reasons that are unknown to us. Or perhaps they didn't board because they loved humans."

MC: "...Huh?"

Randolph: "The ark may have been so full of creatures that they felt it might sink if they rode along. Instead, perhaps they refused to board to ensure the safety of their beloved humans. Perhaps they risked their extinction to save those important to them."

MC: "...!"

It felt like my eyes had been opened.

MC: "...If that's the case, the legend is a lot more touching than I first thought!"

Randolph: "You may believe so, if you so wish. After all, it is merely a legend."

MC: "Yeah...!"

Randolph: "Is that all?"

MC: "Yes! Thank you so much, Headmaster Randolph!"

(I feel like I've learned a lot today!)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

(What else do I need to figure out before I save Azusa? I've already learned everything I can about unicorns... What's left is to figure out his true feelings... Whenever I see him now, it feels like he's hiding something from me. But what can I possibly do to reveal his true feelings?) Just then, I remembered about the Persona Mirror. (That's it! That's what I need! It reveals the true feelings of anyone that looks into it! If I had that, I'd be able to see inside his heart once and for all! Then again, even Luca wasn't able to get his hands on it. How could someone like me take it? Isn't that stealing anyway?) I pondered my options but none of them seemed feasible.

MC: "Hmm. I guess the straightforward approach is all I've got left..."

There was only one option left to me that had promise. (I'll just have to ask the headmaster if I can borrow it!)

MC: "I's time for action!"

(Class ended early, so I still have time until I had to meet up with Azusa!)

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

MC: "Then again, what are the chances this will work?"

(Somehow I doubt he'll just hand it over as easily as that...)

MC: "Shoot! I don't have time to worry about it!"

I gathered my courage and knocked on his door.

Randolph: "Who might it be?"

Headmaster Randolph's muffled voice came from the other side of the door.

MC: "It's me, MC!"

Randolph: "Come in."

Scene: Headmaster's Office

MC: "Excuse me..."

I pressed against the heavy door and walked in.

Randolph: "Welcome."

Klaus: "MC..."

MC: "P-Prefect Klaus?!"

Klaus: "What a coincidence."

MC: "H-Hello..."

Randolph: "What can I do for you, MC?"

MC: "Uh, um! I wanted to ask a favor, actually..."

Randolph: "And what might that be?"

MC: "Please lend me the Persona Mirror!"

Klaus: "*Cough cough*...!!"

Prefect Klaus coughed and choked in surprise.

Klaus: "Wh-Where did that come from?! Do you know what you're asking?"

MC: "...So...I guess that's a no?"

Klaus: "Do you even have the faintest clue how valuable that mirror is?"

MC: "Well..."

Randolph: "What do you intend to use the Persona Mirror for?"

MC: "I..."

[Say nothing]
[Make a lie]

(I can't say. Especially not while they suspect Azusa of something...)

MC: "Um..."

Randolph: "Not at liberty to say?"

MC: "..."

(What should I do?)

Klaus: "...Headmaster Randolph. MC is very simple minded."

MC: "Hey!"

Klaus: "As such, I do not believe it is in her nature it is in her nature to use it for malice. She lacks the sense and the wits to conjure up any grand scheme."

MC: "Ugh!"

(I don't want to hear it, even if he is helping!)

Randolph: "I see... However, without knowing your intent, I cannot simply lend the mirror to you. It is a powerful tool and cannot be handed off so lightly."

MC: "Oh..."

(That makes sense... I knew this was impossible from the start.)

Randolph: "I am sorry that I am unable to help you."

MC: "No, it's okay. Thanks for your time."

I bowed and left the room.

Scene: Exterior Academy Hallway

MC: "No good, huh..."

I sighed to myself as I stood just outside the headmaster's office. (Oh well. It was worth a shot.)

???(Azusa): "What are you doing?"

A voice suddenly called out from behind.

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "You were in the headmaster's office, weren't you? I came looking since you weren't in the classroom. What were you doing in there?"

["Make a lie."]

MC: "Nothing. I just wanted to ask about something in the lesson I didn't understand..."

Azusa: "...Yeah? I hope that's all it was. It's pointless to even try and seek help while the lip-sealing spell is still on you. Don't forget; I'll hurt all of your friends if you do anything suspicious again. It's easy enough for me... I might even enjoy it."

MC: "...You would?"

Azusa: "That's right."

(So then why does he seem so sad when he says it? Even if his face shows no emotion, I can feel it. I can feel a part of his heart...)

Scene: Grassy Area
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset

Azusa: "Why can't I find it?! WHY?! I've searched everywhere! I should have found it by now! Are you saying I'm not worthy?! Am I not pure enough to get it?!"

MC: "Azusa..."

His eyes were filled with rage and frustration.

MC: "How can we know the spring really exists?"

Azusa: "It does. Randy isn't the kind of person that lies. There has to be a path leading to the spring somewhere..."

MC: "...But what if there isn't?"

Azusa: "Shut up! It's here! I know it's here somewhere! It's real, dammit! It is! It's here!!"

Azusa lashed out in anger, repeating those same words over and over.

MC: "Kotodama..."

Azusa: "...!"

MC: "You're jinxing it..."

Azusa: "No... That's ridiculous."

MC: "It's true! You have to believe it!"

Azusa: "Shut up! That hokey magic is garbage! I'll find it with my own power!"

MC: "It's real..."

Azusa: "What?"

MC: "It exists."

Azusa CG 12

I stepped closer to Azusa and held around him from behind.

MC: "The spring is real. It's here somewhere..."

Azusa CG 13

Azusa: "Let go of me!"

MC: "I won't."

Azusa: "Let go of me, dammit!"

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset

Azusa shoved me away with all of his strength.

MC: "Ugh!"

Azusa: "What's wrong with you?! Don't touch me! Don't even come near me!"

Azusa bellowed at me angrily.

Azusa: "Spouting nonsense and clinging onto me -- something's wrong with you! You're a freak...!"

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "Just leave me alone..."

MC: "I can't..."

Reaching out my hands, I strode close to him once again.

Azusa CG 14

Once more, I fastened my arms around his broad, lonely back. Like a mother, tenderly caressing her child... I snuggled my head gently against his back. (Strange. Azusa always seemed so much bigger and taller than me... And yet now, it's like I'm holding a crying baby...) I knew at any moment he might toss me away or throw me to the ground. But the fear of which did not even cross my mind. (I don't care if he hates and loathes me. As long as my touch warms his heart, and shows him he isn't alone...)

Azusa: "Don't touch me..."

MC: "It's okay...you're not alone. You're not alone anymore."

Azusa: "Don't touch me..."

He spoke the same words again, but this time mumbled as if losing the will to fight it. His struggled ceased entirely. Silence took over. We could hear no one, and no one could hear us. The only movement was that of the chilled wind rolling through the Northern Valley Forest. And there we stayed for a long, long time.

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, night
Scene: MC and Amelia's Balcony, night

Klaus: "Anything happen today?"

MC: "I met up with Azusa after the headmaster's office, but it was the same as usual."

Klaus: "Oh, all right."

MC: "...Is there even any point in doing this anymore?"

Klaus: "I don't know. At least this way I can make sure you're okay."

MC: "What's there to worry about? Azusa and I get along just fine."

Klaus: "...So it would seem."

MC: "By the way, thanks for what you said in the headmaster's office today."

Klaus: "...Hmm?"

MC: "You were trying to help, right?"

Klaus: "Not really. I just spoke my mind."

MC: "Even so, thank you. I'm glad you stuck up for me."

Klaus: "You'll be even more glad when you see this."

MC: "Hmm?"

Prefect Klaus spoke while pulling something out from behind.

Image of Persona Mirror

MC: "!"

He pulled away the cloth wrapping and showed me an ornate mirror of unique design.

MC: "Is this what I think it is?!"

Klaus: "The Persona Mirror."

MC: "What? How?!"

Klaus: "I used my privilege as prefect to borrow it from the headmaster."

MC: "Wow. Prefects must be something else..."

Klaus: "We're on a different level than students."

MC: "I think I've been underestimating you..."

Klaus: "Anyway, I told the headmaster I would lend it to you."

MC: "What?! He let you have it even though you told him that?!"

Klaus: "Yeah. I told him my reasons. I knew you weren't going to use it to get into trouble. The fact that you came and asked for it directly means you must have a good reason for it too. So I explained that to him and said I was giving it to you."

MC: "Prefect Klaus..."

Klaus: "You might have been able to get it even without my help. If you needed it that badly, fight for it 'til the very end. I won't always be around to help. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself more."

MC: "...Got it."

Klaus: "My father, Walter Goldstein, made this mirror. It's a famous and powerful magical tool... I'm not arguing that, but I think tools were made for one purpose -- to be used. What use is there in an 'invaluable' tool such as this if no one can ever use it? So I want you to."

He held out the mirror for me to take.

[Keep it]
[Give it back]

[Keep it]

MC: "Thank you..."

I picked up the mirror from is hands. Though it looked light, the mirror weighed heavily in my hands.

Klaus: "Be careful with it. It can help or harm people, depending on how you use it."

MC: "I will."

Klaus: "Good luck."

MC: "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

MC: "So this is the Persona Mirror..."

Image of Persona Mirror

I set it down in my room and stared into it. When I did so, it flowed at the edges and the surface wobbled and waved. Then, I saw my own face.

MC: "!"

It was me, except the me in the mirror was troubled and distraught.

MC's Reflection: "'What if Azusa really is evil after all? Can I really save him?'"

MC: "Stop it!"

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

I slammed the mirror down face-first. Doubt and worry began to peel at my mind.


[Give it back]

MC: "On second thought, I better not take it."

Klaus: "Why not?"

MC: "It's not something I earned on my own. I want to see if there's anything I can do on my own first."

Klaus: "...Hmmm. All right."

MC: "But thank you. I'm really happy you got it for me."

Klaus: "...You're strong."

MC: "Hmm?"

Klaus: "Nothing... I know you can do it."

MC: "Thanks!"

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

MC: "Now what..."

(How am I going to find out his true feelings without the Persona Mirror?) Doubt and worry began to peel at my mind.


MC "No, I have to be strong. I will save Azusa. I will save Azusa. I will!"

(I hope this Kotodama works...)

Day 11-1: Moonlit Dusk

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room in darkness

MC: "Ugh, I don't wanna get up..."

I forced my heavy eyelids open and rolled out of bed.

MC: "Wow... It's still so dark out."

(Even so, I don't have any time to waste. I've got to do anything I can to help Azusa. Not that I can think of anything other than this, but...)

Amelia: "Mmm?"

Amelia slowly pushed herself up in bed.

Amelia: "Hmm? What are you doing at this hour? Sleep walking?"

MC: "Oops, sorry. Did I wake you up?"

Amelia: "It's okay. What are you up to? It's too dark to go anywhere..."

MC: "I was just on my way to the kitchen."

Amelia: "The kitchen? It's too early for breakfast, silly."

MC: "I know. I'm going to make herbal tea or cookies if I have time for it."

Amelia: "Oh? Let me guess, for Azusa?"

MC: "Yeah."

Amelia: "Awesome! So things are going well?"

MC: "Yeah, a lot better now."

Amelia: "When I saw you the other day, you looked so down I thought you might have broken up..."

MC: "Sorry to worry you like that."

Amelia: "It's good to see you're doing much better now. After seeing how happy you've been lately, I don't have to worry at all anymore. It's great you've found such a good boyfriend. Don't let him go!"

MC: "I won't. Thanks..."

Amelia: "And don't forget you can talk to me about anything."

MC: "Amelia... I'm so lucky to have a roommate as nice as you."

Amelia: "Hey! Just a roommate?!"

MC: "Huh?"

Amelia: "We're best friends, right? You don't have to call me your roommate!"

MC: "Amelia..."

Amelia: "No matter what happens, we'll be friends forever."

MC: "Yeah!"

(I'm so glad I met her...)

Dormitory Kitchen

MC: "I woke up early just to use the kitchen, so I can't let Azusa down now!"

(I'd better get started...)

MC: "I'll make some of that herbal tea again. That should do it! All done!"

(I sure hope Azusa likes it... Even if he doesn't, I hope he at least tries it...)

Scene: Exterior of Girls' Dormitory, daylight

MC: "Good morning, Azusa!"

Azusa: "...Morning."

MC: "It's great weather again today!"

Azusa: "..."

MC: "Uh, Azusa? Do you want to try some?"

Azusa: "...What is it?"

MC: "Herbal tea. It's supposed to help you sleep better."

Azusa: "...No."

MC: "Don't say that! Please, just try it!"

Azusa: "Didn't you hear me the first time? I said no!"

MC: "People are going to get suspicious if you keep yelling like that."

Azusa: "..."

MC: "Just take it and I won't bug you again."

Azusa: "... ...I'll take it, but I'm not drinking it."

MC: "That's fine."

(Even if he doesn't drink it, taking it is one step forward.)

Scene: Academy Courtyard A

MC: "Hmm? We're outside today for the first class, right?"

(If I remember right, it's with Professor Merkulova too... I wonder what we're doing...)

Elias: "Good morning."

MC: "Oh, Elias. Good morning. Huh? Why isn't Yukiya here today?"

Elias: "He's absent today."

MC: "Oh. I wonder why?"

Elias: "He wasn't feeling well today, but I'm sure he'll be fine soon. This always happens this time of the month."

MC: "This time of month? What do you mean?"

Elias: "He always gets like this whenever there's a full moon."

MC: "Really? I hope he feels better soon. Can you tell him that for me?"

Elias: "Sure thing. By the way, it's already your eleventh day here. Judgement day is just around the corner."

MC: "Ugh!"

(So much had been going on lately that I forgot all about it!)

Elias: "So? Do you think you can pass?"

["Maybe not."]
["I don't know."]

MC: "I don't know. If I did, I wouldn't have anything to worry about."

Elias: "That's true."

MC: "I've gotta get in -- I have to. I've been dreaming of it basically my whole life."

(And I can't just fail and leave Azusa behind like that either...)

Elias: "Well, it'd be great if you passed."

MC: "Yeah!"

Just then, the chime for class rang out. Professor Merkulova's cheerful gait brought him to the courtyard.

Merkulova: "Let's begin. Today's class is Magical Astronomy."

MC: "Astronomy, hmm..."

Merkulova: "We'll use the class time today to search for star fragments."

MC: "That's a real thing?"

Merkulova: "Indeed. Here in Gedonelune, star fragments fall from above. Way up in the sky there are flying objects composed of crystals. Sometimes their fragments fall to the ground for us to find. And that is how star fragments are formed. Now, for a question. MC?"

MC: "Y-Yes?"

Merkulova: "What are the objects called which enter the atmosphere and shine when they vaporize?"

[Big bang]
[Black hole]
[Solar Eclipse]

MC: "A meteor."

Merkulova: "Precisely. I am glad to see you have studied. You only have a few days until your trial ends, so keep it up."

MC: "Okay!"

Merkulova: "So for today, I will have all of you search for star fragments. They are often round or oval as a result of being burned on their entry. Keep your eyes open for their small, pink crystals. I will be awarding points starting with whoever finds the most. You have until the end of class to find as many as you can. Reassemble here in the courtyard for your scores after the chime rings."

(Star fragments! Cool! I hope I find a lot!)

Merkulova: "Everyone ready? Begin!"

At his signal, students scrambled away in all directions. (Can't let anyone get a head start on me!)

Scene: Lake

MC: "Star fragments... Where are you?"

I leaned over, carefully inspecting the ground as I searched.

MC: "I guess they're harder to find than I thought..."

As I held down a clump of grass, something entirely unexpected happened... A stream of bubbles foamed and burst from the depths of the nearby lake.

MC: "What the?!"

As I stared at it in curiosity, the bubbles grew and spread across the surface. Suddenly, a large head ruptured from the water in a huge splash.

MC: "Huh?!"

What I saw looked like that one stuffed animal, except this time it was at least the size of a human.

MC: "...Taffy?!"

However, Taffy didn't answer back.

MC: "Taffy? Or someone else?"

It looked almost identical to Taffy, but something was different. And then, with no warning at all, it splashed and strode my way.

MC: "Wh-What?! Get away!"

???(Randy): "It's me!"

MC: "Huh? I know that voice..."

From inside the giant Taffy I heard a familiar voice.

MC: "Randy?!"

Randy: "Bingo!"

Upon closer look, there was a zipper on the back of the giant Taffy. It slid enough for Randy's head to pop out.

Randy: "Yo, MC!"

MC: "Randy, what is that?!"

Randy: "It's my Taffy diving suit!"

MC: "D-Diving suit? Why?!"

Randy: "Well, I was looking for a magical vein when I found one heading through the lake! I made this diving suit so I could check it out!"

MC: "Wow..."

(Just how did he manage to make a diving suit all on his own?)

Randy: "What are you up to? Aren't you in class?"

MC: "Yeah. We're looking for star fragments today."

Randy: "Star fragments! I remember that class! It was a lot of fun!"

MC: "You did it too? Could you find any?"

Randy: "Uh huh. About five."

MC: "Oh. It's that easy?"

Randy: "Not exactly. Just one is plenty. Maybe three if you've having a real good day."

MC: "But you found five? Amazing!"

Randy: "Well, I guess I was lucky."

MC: "I'm having trouble finding just one..."

Randy: "Do you want a hand looking for some?"

["No thanks."]
["Yes, please!"]

MC: "No thanks. I want to find some on my own."

Randy: "Aw, come on! It'll be more fun!"

MC: "But..."

Randy: "No more complaining! Come on, let's search!"

MC: "O-Okay..."

(He's not giving me much choice in the matter... I guess Randy is a bit pushier than I thought...)

Randy: "I think you'll find more if you search under trees."

MC: "Under trees?"

Randy: "Yeah. That's where I found most of mine."

MC: "Thanks! I'll start looking there!"

The two of us began searching together for star fragments.

Randy: "Oh, yeah."

MC: "Hmm?"

Randy: "Tonight is going to be your best chance at seeing a unicorn."

MC: "...How come?"

Randy: "The weather, humidity, temperature, and magic flow are ideal. Tonight will have the perfect conditions for one to come. I can almost guarantee one will show up tonight."

MC: "Hmm..."

Randy: "What's wrong?"

MC: "N-Nothing..."

(If Azusa finds out one might show up tonight... He'll be searching frantically to find that spring... I really hope Randy didn't tell him about it.)

[Don't ask]

MC: "Um, hey. Did you tell Azusa about that?"

Randy: "Sure did. I told him not long ago, actually."

MC: "You did?!"

Randy: "Huh? Was that a bad idea?"

MC: "B-Bad? I don't know..."

(It's too late to do anything about it now.)

Randy: "Whoa!"

MC: "What?!"

Randy: "Found one! Right there!"

MC: "Hmm?"

I looked to where he was pointing and saw a pink stone sparkling in the light. I plucked up the small round crystal from the ground.

Randy: "That's a star fragment, no doubt about it."

MC: "It's no bigger than a bean..."

Randy: "It's a small one."

MC: "I-I still have time to find another! Class isn't over yet!"

Randy: "Yeah. Let's keep looking!"

MC: "Right!"

MC: "Ugh... Nothing."

Just then, the chime rung and brought my search to an end.

Randy: "Time's up."

MC: "And I only found one..."

Randy: "Sorry I couldn't be more help."

MC: "Don't be! I'm glad I found even one! Thanks, Randy!"

Randy: "No problem! Anytime!"

MC: "I've got to go back now. See you later!"

Randy: "All right! It's back to the lake for me!"

MC: "Be careful!"

Randy climbed back into his Taffy diving suit and splashed back into the water.

MC: "I need to hurry back."

Scene: Academy Courtyard A

Merkulova: "So, were you all able to find any star fragments? How many of you couldn't find any at all?"

About half of the students raised their hands. (That many? I thought if I could find one, everyone else could too...)

Merkulova: "Raise your hand if you found just one."

MC: "Me!"

Most of the other students raised their hands. When he asked if anyone found two, only a handful of students raised their hands.

Merkulova: "That just leaves Elias. How many did you find?"

Elias: "Seven."

Merkulova: "That many?! That's a new record!"

MC: "Elias! Wow! Good job!"

Elias: "I must've been lucky."

Merkulova: "Of course, the highest score will go to Elias. Those of you who found star fragments are free to take them home with you. Old tales tell of star fragments having mysterious powers. The star spirit that lives inside your fragment may just grant you one wish."

MC: "Star spirit?"

Elias: "That's just pure fantasy. It's nothing but folklore."

Merkulova: "True, it is believe to be folklore...but miracles do happen. Folklore and jinxes exist not because of speculation, but from experience. If one believe strongly enough, their mysterious powers may just bring a miracle. That is all for today."

(Is there a star spirit inside mine too?) I tumbled the small crystal in my palm and wondered. (I sure hope there is...)

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

MC: "Sorry to keep you waiting, Azusa."

Azusa: "Come on, we need to hurry. Tonight is my best chance."

MC: "...To find a unicorn, right?"

Azusa: "...How did you know?"

MC: "I ran into Randy today. He told me about it."

Azusa: "...I thought I told you not to hang around other guys."

MC: "...We just talked a little."

Azusa: "...Fine, whatever. Hurry up."

MC: "...Okay."

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

Azusa: "We have to find it today. It has to be today... I'll call out the unicorn and all of this will be over. Keep your eyes open for the spring."

MC: "Right..."

(What should I do? If he does find the spring, it'll be too late to stop him...)

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight
Scene: Northern Valley Forest, sunset

Azusa: "Dammit! Why can't I find it?!"

MC: "Azusa..."

["Let's go back."]
[Let's keep looking."]

MC: "Let's keep looking."

Azusa: "Of course. There's no other option."

MC: "Right..."

(Actually, I'm really hoping we don't find it at all. But knowing how he feels, a small part of me does we find it... I just don't know what to think anymore.)

Azusa: "...Hmm? It feels soggy over here..."

MC: "What?"

Azusa: "I don't know, but it just seems like the ground is wetter this way."

Azusa marched forward, focused intently on the ground.

MC: "Wait up!"

He weaved through the trees, his stride growing faster and faster. And then...

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, sunset

At last, we came to an opening in the forest. The very air surrounding it weighed heavily with a mysterious vibe. No animals cried or chirped -- not even the wind made sound. It was eerily silent. The water was pristine and beautiful, richly dyed a cobalt blue. The spring itself ran so clear and deep that dark shadows haunted its depths. Trees of green sprouted abound, outlining the water's edge with such vibrant contrast. The sigh was so beautiful that I was awe-struck.

MC: "Amazing..."

Azusa: "This is it. This has to be it! At last! I've finally found it!"

MC: "So...this is the unicorn spring?"

Azusa: "I'd better leave a landmark so I can find this place after nightfall. I've got to go back and make preparations. Meet me later at the path to the Northern Valley. I can't have anyone trying to find you when you leave the dorm. When you sneak out, use this."

Image: Shikigami paper doll

Azusa handed me a white piece of paper cut in the shape of a person. On it were some strange letters written in red. I couldn't make any sense of it, so it was probably written in Hinomoto.

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, sunset

Azusa: "This is a Shikigami."

MC: "Shiki what?"

Azusa: "Shikigami. It's Hinomoto magic. It will transform into whoever kisses it. Most Shikigami only take your shape and are essentially useless, but... I had Randy make me a better version. It will copy your figure, personality, and even your habits. No one will know any better if you use it as a decoy. When you need to get rid of it, just tear it by the shoulder."

MC: "That's amazing..."

Azusa: "He might not look like much, but Randy had a great talent for magic. Now that you know how to use it, go back to your dorm for a while."

MC: "All right."

Azusa: "I think you already know what will happen if you try to bail on me. I still need you to call the unicorn out for me."

MC: "Don't worry. I won't."

Azusa: "Hurry on back. It's almost curfew."

MC: "All right."

(I can't let him go through with this... But it's basically impossible to stop him now... He's still going through with it, even if I try to do something. I don't have much choice other than to go with it for now...)

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, night

MC: "Great, I can make the Shikigami while Amelia isn't here. I just have to kiss it, right?"

Image: Shikigami paper doll

I kissed my lips to the piece of paper making it shine brightly.

MC: "Ack!"

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, night

Blinded by the light, I stumbled back, dropping the Shikigami in the process. It floated towards the ground while growing larger and larger.

MC: "Wh-What the?!"

Larger it grew, until it was precisely the same height as myself.

MC: "Whoa..."

The light died down, revealing an exact duplicate of myself.

MC: "No way! This is...me?"

Shikigami: "Hello!"

MC: "Uh, hello?"

(It feels weird talking to myself...)

Shikigami: "I'll watch the room while you're out!"

MC: "O-Okay, thanks."

(Am I even supposed to thank myself?)

Shikigami: "Leave it to me!"

MC: "Now I've just got to sneak out of here..."

(I don't heave much choice except go to the spring and try to stop him there... I'm sure I'll think of something!)

Scene: Botanical Garden at night

MC: "Phew, I made it out..."

(I better get to the Northern Valley quickly or he'll be angry...)

Just then...

Image: Pink and Silver Earrings

???(Klaus): "MC? Are you awake?"

MC: "...!"

(Shoot, it's Prefect Klaus! What do I do?!)

???(Klaus): "Are you up? If you are, answer me."

(There's no way I can talk to him! Not now! I'll just have to tell him I lost it...)

MC: "Sorry, Prefect Klaus!"

Scene: Botanical Garden at night

I pulled the earring off and stuffed it into my pocket. (I need to hurry. I can't keep Azusa waiting.)

Scene: Grassy area, night

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "You're late."

MC: "Sorry!"

Azusa: "Let's go... We need to hurry."

Azusa stared up into the sky.

Azusa: "So that's why something felt off... It's a total eclipse."

MC: "Hmm?"

I stared upwards as well, just in time to see the moon take on a faint, red hue.

MC: "So this is a lunar eclipse..."

Azusa: "It's a night overflowing with magic. Now it makes sense why a unicorn would appear. Come on."

He grabbed me by the hand and walked forward.

MC: "Okay..."

(What's going? I have a real bad feeling about this... It's like I'm walking deeper and deeper into the shadows... I'm scared... What's going to happen now?)

Day 11-2: Rebirth

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, night

Azusa led me by the hand, leading me deeper into the Northern Valley Forest.

MC: "...Do you remember?"

Azusa: "What?"

MC: "The first time we came here?"

Azusa: "What about it?"

MC: "We had so much fun.. We talked about so many things together. We've always been together, ever since then."

Azusa: "What are you trying to say?"

He stopped and looked at me dubiously.

MC: "...Are you sure you want to do this?"

Azusa: "What the heck?! Of course I do!"

MC: "Then why are you making that face?!"

Azusa: "...!"

MC: "I can see your pain. You're suffering... Maybe I'm wrong, but that's not the face of someone who can save their brother and make him happy!"

Azusa: "Shut up!! Why won't you just shut up?! Stop trying to confuse me!!"

MC: "Confuse you? What do you mean? What am I doing that confusing you?"

Azusa: "...Shut up! Just...shut up!!"

[Don't stop]

MC: "I will not!"

Azusa: "...!"

MC: "You know this is wrong! I know you do!"

Azusa: "SHUT UP!!!"

His scream was accompanied by a gust of wind so strong, I had to crouch down to keep myself from falling over.

Azusa: "Just shut up and follow me. We're almost to the spring..."

MC: "...Fine."

(He's confused... He said it himself. There may just be a chance to save him! I can't give up hope!)

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night

Azusa: "It's time..."

Azusa took a few steps forward to the edge of the spring.

Scene: Black

Everything around us dimmed into darkness.

MC: "What's happening?!"

Azusa: "Yes..."

Scene: Starry Night with Blood Red Moon

We tilted our heads upwards to see a blood red moon hovering in the sky.

MC: "What is that?!"

Azusa: "It's a total eclipse. The moon is completely in our shadow."

MC: "Is it supposed to be that red?!"

Azusa: "Yeah. It's said the night of the total eclipse is brimming with magical power. It's the perfect scenario. I need to get ready."

MC: "Azusa!"

He ignored me, instead attaching ofuda to several trees in the vicinity. He then began drawing a magic circle right next to the spring itself.

MC: "What is that?"

Azusa: "It's a Hinomoto magical trap to capture the unicorn when it shows up."

MC: "...!"

(This is bad! Azusa's going to kill the unicorn for sure if it comes!I've got to do something before that happens!)

["Enough is enough!"]
["Let's stop this..."]

MC: "Enough is enough! This is really awful! You shouldn't do this!"

Azusa: "Are you an idiot? I've already come this far... I'm so close to bringing Tsukasa back. Finally..."

MC: "...!"

I couldn't take it anymore, so I started ripping the ofuda off the trees.

Azusa: "What are you doing?!"

When Azusa saw what I was doing, he rushed up and pinned my arms behind my back.

MC: "Let me go! I can't let you do this!"

Azusa: "You said you would help me! I won't let you go back on your word!"

MC: "I'm trying to help you! I'm trying to make you happy! This is not the answer!"

Azusa: "It is! Bringing him back will save me!"

Azusa slammed me hard against a tree. My bones creaked as the impact battered my spine.

MC: "Ugh!"

Azusa: "This will solve everything! This is the only way!"

He screamed at me with a face so tormented, it balanced on the edge of tears.

MC: "Why? ...Why are you making that face?"

I gently touched his cheek.

MC: "If this will save you, then why aren't you smiling?"

Azusa: "Shut up...!"

His voice creaked as he screamed at me.

Azusa: "I wish...I'd never met you..."

MC: "Azusa..."

Just then... The air around us shifted, rippling like waves in a pond.

MC: "What's going on?!"

Azusa, too, was confused, and looked around frantically.

Azusa: "The air has changed... I sense powerful, pure magic nearby!"

I glued my eyes to the depths of the grove, looking out for any movements. After a moment, I saw it -- a white figure slipping between the trees.

MC: "That's..."

It was covered in white fur had glowing blue eyes like a gemstone. Yet, there was nothing more striking than the horn on its head.

MC: "A unicorn..."

Azusa: "...It's here! It really came!! Go, MC! Go call it and bring it over here!"

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "It won't listen to me, but they're friendly to pure maidens like you. Go and get it... Lead it over here."

MC: "But...!"

Azusa: "GO!!"

MC: "..Fine."

I slowly made my way towards the unicorn. The nearer I came, the more my skin tingled with mysterious and powerful magic.

MC: "...Are you...a unicorn?"

Unicorn: "...And you, a pure maiden?"

MC: "Yes..."

Unicorn: "Why have you come?"

["To talk."]

MC: "Run!"

Unicorn: "What...?"

MC: "Run away!"

Azusa: "MC! You!! 封 (Fu)!"

Azusa leaped forward while writing symbols in the air. The air snapped and sparkled, forming a crystalline wall around the unicorn.

MC: "Azusa, stop!"

But he didn't hear my voice and the unicorn was now completely surrounded.

Unicorn: "This... This is must be foreign magic. To think that I would allow myself to be trapped by a foolish human."

Azusa: "Finally...I've done it! You're mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

MC: "No..."

Azusa: "I can finally bring Tsukasa back now...! 一二三四五六七八九十布留部...由良由良止布留部 (Hito futami yoitsumu. Nanaya kokonotari, furube...yura yura to furube)..."

Azusa slapped his hands together and began mumbling strange words. Once again, that dark figure appeared from his shadow.

Azusa: "Tsukasa...! I can finally save you now...!"

Tsukasa: "Brother... It hurts... Help..."

Azusa: "Hold on! I'll save you right away!"

Unicorn: "...That is no human..."

MC: "What...?"

Unicorn: "It is neither a human nor a corpse. It is a lost soul -- death incarnate."

MC: "I knew that couldn't be Tsukasa..."

Unicorn: "Foolish human, release me from this cage before I am truly angered. I will overlook your injustice by the goodness of this girl."

Azusa: "Let you go? ...You've got to be kidding. You'll do as I say. You're not going anywhere until I take your horn!"

MC: "Azusa, stop! Don't listen to that thing! It's not Tsukasa!"

Azusa: "Shut up! You just shut up!!"

MC: "Ugh!"

(What can I do?! Think! Think! What now?! What should I do?!)

Just then, I noticed something glowing from inside my skirt pocket.

MC: "Huh?"

I pulled it out and saw it was the star fragment I had picked up in Professor Merkulova's class.

MC: "It's glowing? Could this mean..."

(There's a star spirit living inside? Wasn't that just folklore? I don't have time to care! I've got to try something!)

MC: "Star spirit, please... Show us the true form of this shadow!"

I squeezed the star fragment tightly in my palm and prayed. As I did, light spilled out from between my clenched fingers.

MC: "...It's worked?!"

Azusa: "...?!"

The light from my hand enveloped Tsukasa in a shroud of light.

Tsukasa(?): Pain... Suffering... Filthy humans of Hinomoto... You hunted us down and drove us out of our homes in the forest... You will pay... You will suffer... We will regain our former power by slaying the mythical creature...the unicorn. We deities will take back what is ours... You humans will pay for what you've done... Enslaving the mind of a feeble human is child's play to us. Stupid girl... What have you done?"

MC: "...That's your true form!"

Tsukasa(?): "We are Nue... the deities of old Hinomoto..."

MC: "Deities...?"

(Oh, yeah! The deities of Hinomoto are magical creatures! The Nue is a magical beast!)

MC: "Azusa! It's a magical beast! Don't let it fool you! It's trying to use you by taking on the form of Tsukasa!"

Azusa: "No... This is Tsukasa..."

MC: "What are you talking about?! Open your eyes! Can't you see it?! How could something this evil be your brother?!"

Azusa: "Tsukasa... Wait for me..."

MC: "What are you talking about?!"

Nue: "Brother... Hurry... Save me... It hurts..."

MC: "Nue...!"

(The Nue is tricking him! Even if it gets the horn, it's not going to bring Tsukasa back! It's just taking advantage of Azusa's feelings for his brother!)

Azusa: "I don't care whatever shape you're in, Tsukasa...as long as you come back to me."

MC: "Azusa, stop! That's not what Tsukasa would want!"

Azusa: "I must kill the unicorn, for my brother..."

Azusa lifted his hand up and drew letters in the air. The spell conjured a spear of ice which floated in the air.

MC: "No!!"

Azusa: "...雹(Hyo)!"

MC: "Stop it!"

Unicorn: "Foolish human...!"

The unicorn's eyes flared red.

MC: "...!"

The barrier surrounding it shattered like glass into thousands of pieces. In the flash of an eye, it formed its own barrier to obliterate Azusa's soaring spear.

Azusa: "What the...?!"

Unicorn: "Receive thy punishment!"

The unicorn reared back, kicking its hooves into the air before charging at Azusa.

Azusa: "...!!"

(He's going to get hurt!)

MC: "Azusa!"

My body moved on its own without thinking of what might happen. I spirited forward and threw myself between Azusa and the unicorn. Using my body as a shield, I stood in its path as the unicorn rushed for him.

Azusa: "...MC?!"

MC: "Azusa! I will save you!"

Azusa: "You...idiot!!"

My body tumbled away when Azusa shoved me with all his strength.

MC: "Eek!!"

Thrown off to the side, I rolled across the ground. And in that moment... The splintering sound of torn flesh met my ears. I frantically looked back, hoping it wasn't what I had feared...

MC: "Azu...sa...?"

Azusa: "Ugh!!"

There he stood with a unicorn's horn piercing right through his chest.

MC: "N-No... It can't be..."

My mind went completely blank. (...Why? Why did this have to happen?) Just then, it seemed like a butterfly whizzed past my eyes.

Scene: White

Before I could make sense of it, the whole world around me was blanketed in white.

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night

MC: "What's happening?!"

Scene: White

Everything lost color, relenting to its neutral purity. (It's so bright!)

MC: "..Where...am I?"

The brilliant white light drenched my surroundings. No matter what direction I looked, all I saw was white.

MC: "...Azusa! Azusa!!"

Scream as I might, my voice went unanswered, echoing in the empty air.

MC: "...Where are you, Azusa?"

Once more, something fluttered past my vision.

MC: "Huh?"

This time I followed it with my eyes and made sure I wasn't seeing things. It was vaguely familiar -- a butterfly of black and gold. (Where have I seen that before?) It flew around me in circles, leaving a trail of golden dust sprinkling behind it. The butterfly turned and started flying away.

MC: "Huh?"

After a distance it stopped, lingering in the air. It was as if the butterfly was waiting for me.

MC: "Wait! I'm coming!"

I followed behind it, as if it were guiding my path. After chasing behind it for some time, a big pitch-black oval rose from the white world.

MC: "Is that...the exit?"

The black oval drew closer and closer as if it were coming for me. By the time I knew it, I had stepped right through it.

Scene: Black

And then, darkness... Darkness so black, that I couldn't tell whether my eyes were open or not. Colors rose and gave way to scenery, flowing past my eyes at terrible speed.

Scene: Academy Courtyard B

MC: "This is..."

(The courtyard?)

???: "Actually, there's something I've been keeping from you..."

That was the first sound I'd heard in a while, in the form of a voice. I cautiously approached, but what I saw was Azusa...and myself.

MC: "What's the meaning of this?!"

Overwhelmed with confusion, my mind went blank. I pulled myself together when the butterfly flew past my eyes once again.

Butterfly: "Hi, MC."

MC: "Y-You can talk?! Who are you?"

Rather than speaking, it felt like the butterfly was communicating through my mind.

Butterfly: "I'm your guide."

MC: "My guide to what? What am I doing here? Where am I?!"

Butterfly: "This is a parallel world."

MC: "A parallel world?"

Butterfly: "The world is made up of an infinite number of time axes. With every choice you make at any one point in time, the world is split into branches. Every branch is an alternate world that lives on, parallel to the choices you made. That's what we call a parallel world. A separate possibility within a separate world."

MC: "This is...another world?"

Butterfly: "Right now, here, you are living your fourth day at the academy. What if at that time, you had told Azusa about everything? It may have turned out like this..."

Azusa: "You have?"

MC in a Parallel World: "...Yesterday, Prefect Klaus came to talk to me."

Azusa: "Klaus... You mean, Klaus Goldstein?"

MC in a Parallel World: "Yeah. He's searching for someone who's practiced dark magic in the academy."

Azusa: "...Dark magic? Really?"

MC in a Parallel World: "Uh huh. He said it was done using a magic system that could only be from another country. That's why...he wanted me to keep an eye on you.:

Azusa: "...On me?"

MC in a Parallel World: "I told him there's no way you would ever do something like that..."

Azusa: "I see. So that's how it's going to be..."

MC in a Parallel World: "...Azusa?"

In a blink of an eye, all emotion had been wiped off his face.

MC in a Parallel World: "What's...wrong?"

Azusa: "How could he do this? Those filthy, rotten Goldsteins."

MC in a Parallel World: "Wh-What are you talking about...?"

Azusa: "I can't let him get in my way... Now now."

His beautiful, indigo eyes shrouded with darkness, becoming empty like a void. The shadows came to life in his eyes. Those eyes rejected everything, including emotion. (But then...why does his face look so pained...?)

MC in a Parallel World: "Azusa? What is it? What's wrong?"

Azusa: "..."

[Black Shadow/Nue appears]

His eyes opened large and wide as a sinister figure slipped forward from his shadow.

MC in a Parallel World: "Wh-What is that?!"

The Nue slid forward, slowly approaching myself in the alternate world.

MC in a Parallel World: "Stop! Please, stop! What are you doing?! Azusa!"

It was as if he hadn't heard a word I said. And then...

Azusa: "Good bye, MC."

I watched in horror as it drew forward to consume another me in shadow. My body moved on its own.

MC: "No...No! Stop it! STOOOOOOOOP!!"

Azusa CG 15

MC: "...What was that...?!"

Butterfly: "That was a parallel world you avoided. One with the worst of fates."

MC: "That was awful..."

Butterfly: "The next day, you avoided certain death by the hands of Azusa once more. Do you want to see how it happened, on your fifth day here?"

["I don't want to see."
["I do."]

MC: "I do. Show me what happens... I feel like this is something I must see."

Butterfly: "That was all I wanted to hear... Your fifth day here, you made a choice to not betray Azusa. That decision allowed you to escape death. MC, follow me."

The butterfly swooped ahead.

MC: "...All right."

(I don't know what's going on, but I feel like I've got to follow it...) I chased behind it once more, only to find another black oval waiting for me.

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night

MC: "But this is--"

I had come to the spring. Azusa, myself, and the unicorn were facing off.

Butterfly: "Do not worry. They cannot see or hear you."

Azusa: "封 (Fu)!"

Azusa leaped forward while writing symbols in the air. The air snapped and sparkled, forming a crystalline wall around the unicorn.

Butterfly: "At that time, you pulled off the ofuda, did you not? If you hadn't, the barrier would have been impenetrable."

MC: "That means..."

Butterfly: "Can you imagine what would happen then?"

MC in a Parallel World: "Azusa, stop!"

Unicorn: "This... This is must be foreign magic. To think that I would allow myself to be trapped by a foolish human."

Azusa: "Finally...I've done it! You're mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

MC in a Parallel World: "No..."

Azusa: "I can finally bring Tsukasa back now...! 一二三四五六七八九十布留部...由良由良止布留部 (Hito futami yoitsumu. Nanaya kokonotari, furube...yura yura to furube)..."

Azusa slapped his hands together and began mumbling strange words. Once again, that dark figure appeared from his shadow.

Azusa: "Tsukasa...! I can finally save you now...!"

Tsukasa: "Brother... It hurts... Help..."

Azusa: "Hold on! I'll save you right away!"

Azusa lifted his hand up and drew letters in the air. The spell conjured a spear of ice which floated in the air.

MC in a Parallel World: "No!!"

Azusa: "...雹(Hyo)!"

MC in a Parallel World: "Stop it! Run away!"

Unicorn: "I can't...! The barrier is too strong!"

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, blood red

The ice spear hurled forward, piercing straight into the unicorn.

MC in a Parallel World: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Its massive body crumbled lifelessly to the ground. Azusa walked towards it and knelt down at its side. He then ripped the horn completely off the unicorn's head.

Azusa: "Finally...finally...I've done it. I've got one!"

He looked overwhelmed with joy, but it was more madness than anything else.

Azusa: "Tsukasa, come here. I'll bring you back with this horn."

Tsukasa: "Brother... Thank...you..."

It all changed the moment the Nue took the horn. A ghastly, black wind blew through the spring, covering all in the stench of evil.

Nue: "It's finally ours... The most powerful force imaginable! At least, we will be able to face the humans deserving of our wrath!"

Azusa: "Tsukasa...?!"

Nue: "Foolish human... You know nothing of your fury and hatred."

Azusa: "You're not...Tsukasa?"

Nue: "You did well to serve as my pawn for so long. Your brother is dead. There is no such thing as a power that can bring him back. Humans are weak. They are so easy to deceive when their hearts are shattered..."

Azusa: "You tricked...me? What have I come this far for...?"

Nue: "It is over."

Scene: Black

A cold darkness enshrouded everything.

MC: "...No! No!! STOOOOOOOOOP!!!"

Azusa CG 15

MC: "No more...I've had enough..."

Butterfly: "There is more yet to see. You must..."

I dreaded seeing another scene unfold, yet my feet wouldn't stop following it. I tottered wearily behind the butterfly as it led me towards the next world.

Scene: Northern Valley Forest, daylight

MC: "...Where am I?"

(This is the Northern Valley Forest...) It was quiet as can be, as if all the terrible visions I had seen were just a dream. And then I saw Azusa and myself walking this way.

Azusa: "You made more?"

MC in a Parallel World: "Ta-da! Herbal tea and cookies! I bet you're hungry!"

Azusa: "You don't have to keep making those...I'm not having nightmares anymore."

MC in a Parallel World: "Oh, yeah! I guess not!"

Azusa: "Hurry up and open them."

MC in a Parallel World: "Huh?"

Azusa: "If you made some already, let's eat 'em."

MC in a Parallel World: "Hehe, okay!"

I, another myself, opened up the pouch of cookies and poured some warm tea into our cups.

MC in a Parallel World: "Here you are."

Azusa: "...Thanks."

Azusa nibbled on the corner of a cookie.

MC in a Parallel World: "I'll try one too."

Azusa: "...You know what?"

MC in a Parallel World: "Hmm?"

Azusa: "...Never mind. Your cookies aren't so bad, though."

Azusa said that while he snatched the cookie out of my hand and bit into it.

MC in a Parallel World: "Hey! That's my cookie!"

Azusa: "It's your fault for daydreaming."

What I saw wasn't the old Azusa, but it wasn't the rotten one either. He seemed a bit blunt and harsh, but at the same time showed signs of kindness and warmth. The shadow had left his eyes and was colored bluer than the ocean waves.

Azusa CG 16

MC: "What is this world?"

Butterfly: "It is a future world that waits for you."

MC: "For me...?"

Butterfly: The choices you will make decide whether or not you end up at this future. This future is one of the infinite branches that lie before you. But I know that you can reach it. ...I know that you can save Azusa."

["I can't."]
["I'll save him."]

MC: "I'll save him... No matter what it takes, I'll save Azusa."

Butterfly: "Thank you... I was hoping you would say that. Only you can save him now - only you. Never forget that."

The butterfly shimmered with light.

Butterfly: "Time will once against go into motion. You will return to the world you came form. So please save him... Save my brother..."

MC: "Your...brother?"

Scene: Dark, Foggy Forest

The butterfly glistened into tiny particles and faded away.

MC: "Wait! Who are you?!"

I reached out to grasp it, but nothing was there for my hands to grab. (Was that Tsukasa just now? The real Tsukasa? He wants me to save Azusa... which means Azusa is still alive.)

MC: "I'm ready. Take me back."

(I will bring that future to life. I will find it.)

MC: "I will get there. I will make it. I will."

Each time I spoke, a veil of light burst into the air.

MC: "...A Kotodama."

Deep down inside my heart, I was certain it must be a Kotodama.

Scene: White

As the light soared into the sky, everything around me turned white once again.

MC: "Take me back to my world -- to Azusa."

Day 11-3: To Our Future

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night

MC: "...!"

(Am I back...?) When the blistering light died down, I found myself back at the spring. (I made it!) Except I was greeted with the sight of Azusa crumbling to the ground.

MC: "Azusa!!"

I rushed to his side and cradled his body in my arms.

MC: "Azusa! Azusa!!"

Azusa: "Mmmn..."

His eyelids twitched and a moan escaped his lips as I shook him desperately.

MC: "You're still alive..."

(What about the horn that went right through him?!)

My eyes dropped to his chest to look for the wound. However, look as I might, I found no trace of blood let alone a gaping wound. Instead, what I found was the necklace draped down his chest glowing faintly in the night.

Image: Golden Butterfly

My eyes were instantly drawn to the butterfly carved inside the center crystal. (It's that butterfly...)

Azusa: "MC..."

MC: "Azusa!"

He peeled his eyes open and looked at me.

MC: "Are you all right?"

Azusa: "Yeah, I feel strangely fine. Didn't the unicorn's horn go through me?"

MC: "I think this necklace protected you..."

Azusa: "It did...?"

He clasped the necklace in his hand and stared at it.

MC: "See? It's still glowing."

Azusa: "It's protection spell... How did that even get there?"

MC: "Azusa? Did you get that necklace from Tsukasa?"

Azusa: "...Yeah. He gave it to me as a memento, before he passed away..."

(I knew it... I bet it was Tsukasa who put his magic into the necklace.)

Azusa: "...Why did you try to protect me? MC... I've done so many terrible things to you. I stomped all over your heart... Why are you even still here?"

MC: "Isn't it obvious? Because I..."

My throat began to glimmer and filled with an intense heat. The wave of heat rose up my throat from deep within.

MC: "Because I... I love you."

Along with those words, a ball of light leaped from my mouth. It left a trail of small, shimmering particles floating to the ground.

MC: "...Huh?!"

(It worked! I wasn't able to say that until now!)

Azusa: "No way... The lip-sealing magic was broken?!"

MC: "Which means...?"

Azusa: "...So...that's how it is... Pff...Hahaha, HAHAHA!"

Azusa suddenly burst into laughter. Much to my surprise, he wore a smile of genuine relief on his face.

Azusa: "It seems I'm still human after all..."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "You never cease to amaze me."

MC: "Wait. If the seal is broken, doesn't that mean..."

Azusa: "Mean what?"

["That you..."]

MC: "That you... That I..."

My entire face, all the way to my ears, flushed with heat.

Azusa: "What was that again?"

MC: "D-Don't make me say it!"

Azusa: "You'll have to, or I won't understand. I'm still having trouble believing the seal broke in the first place."

MC: "You know what I'm trying to say!"

Nue: "...*Growl*..."

Just then, the Nue let out a menacing sound and slithered our way.

Azusa: "We can talk about that later. Right now, we've got to finish this once and for all."

Nue: "Bro...ther..."

Azusa: "...You...are...not my brother. ...I knew it from the very beginning. I knew you weren't Tsukasa...that you were just using me. I know it's impossible to bring him back. But I wanted to believe -- believe in that irrational hope that it might just work. Because living in that hopeless, lonely world was too much to bear. I'd rather die ten times over than revisit that pain. Without Tsukasa, my world was bleak and gray. Nothing mattered to me anymore. I was through with this world. But then out of nowhere, color came into my faded world. It's all because of you, MC. You are my color..."

MC: "Azusa..."

Meanwhile, the Nue drew dangerously near. Azusa stepped in front of me, guarding my body like a shield.

Azusa: "You are no longer welcome here. I will destroy you, with my own two hands!"

Nue: "You fool... Betrayer..."

Azusa: "炎(En)!"

Azusa scribbled letters in the air, igniting a column of flame which engulfed the Nue.


No sooner did the flames surround it than they they repelled and whipped away harmlessly.

Azusa: "Tck, I gave it too much power!!"

This time, the Nue faced Azusa and strange purple letters rose in the air before it. Those same letters changed shape, transforming into black snakes which lashed out at Azusa.

Azusa: "MC!"

He threw his arms around me and leaped, tossing us both to the side. Still locked tight in his arms, we tumbled across the ground.

MC: "Ugh..."

Azusa: "MC! Are you okay?!"

MC: "I'm all right..."

Azusa: "It's too strong... I had no idea dark magic was this powerful."

MC: "Is that what the dark magic was for? To make the Nue stronger?"

Azusa: "...Yeah."

MC: "Dark magic...dark... I know! Azusa, use light magic!"

Azusa: "Light magic..."

MC: "Darkness is weak against light! It might just work if you--"

Azusa: "I can't... There's no light magic in Hinomoto."

MC: "Seriously?! Now what?!"

Nue: "*Growl* ...Grwaaarr..."

MC: "...I guess it's up to me."

I mustered all my courage and pulled out my wand from inside my cloak. (I've got to do this! Don't be afraid of failing! It's now or never!) I clenched the wand in my hand and pointed it towards the beast.

Azusa: "You're going to fight it? Are you out of your mind?!"

["I have to try."]
["Sounds crazy, right?"]

MC: "...I have to try."

Azusa: "But..."

MC: "Don't worry, I've got this. I can do it. I can!"

Azusa: "...You can, MC. You can do it. I believe in you."

We locked eyes and nodded at each other. (Strange... When I'm with him, I feel like I can do anything. He gives me strength! He's my courage!) I took a deep breath and held my wand high in the air.

MC: "O sacred light...Become a piercing arrow! Saggita Lumen!"

I thrust my wand forward, hurting a massive arrow of light through the air. It soared at the Nue, beaming towards it like a missile. (It worked!)


The beast noticed my attack and once again marked letters in the air. Its magic fired an arrow shrouded in darkness straight towards me. The arrows collided with fearsome intensity between the creature and me. The arrows melded and merged as they clashed and contested for power. My outstretched arm shook and shuddered as my magic struggled to survive.

MC: "Ugh!"

Azusa: "MC! Concentrate!!"

MC: "I know!!"

However, the Nue's power, reinforced by dark magic, was slowly pushing me back.

MC: "Ugh...!"

Azusa: "MC...!!"

Azusa CG 17

Azusa stepped behind me and held on tight. He squeezed his hand over mine as it labored to hold the wand steady.

Azusa: "I'll lend you my power."

MC: "Azusa!"

Azusa: "Concentrate!"

MC: "Okay!!"

A wave of heat rippled through my hand as his power flowed into me. (I can feel it... I feel his magic! Together we can do this! Tsukasa, please! Lend us your strength! I've got to save Azusa!)

Azusa CG 18

The magic pouring through his hand joined with mine, amplifying the strength of my spell.But I felt more than just his power. I felt a crude but powerful presence as well -- that of Tsukasa.

Nue: "...!!"

As our energy flowed through my wand, the beam of light intensified, shining in a dazzling light. And then...

Scene: White


The light illuminated the landscape, and the Nue was swamped by its radiance.

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night

The light slowly dimmed down, revealing only a pile of ashes where the beast once stood. A brisk wind broke the stillness, carrying the ashes far away into the sky.

MC: "Did I...do it?"

Azusa: "You did...The Nue is gone."

MC: "...It's all over."

Azusa: "...Yes. Yes it is."

Having spent all of my strength, I collapsed backwards into Azusa's arms.

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "...Thank you."

Unicorn: "...Foolish human."

Having watched everything unfold from behind the trees, the unicorn slowly trotted towards us.

Azusa: "Unicorn..."

Unicorn: "You humans repeat the same mistakes, time and time again... In order to truly learn...you must lose something. What a foolish species... But that trait is what proves you are human. Pure maiden..."

MC: "Yes?"

Unicorn: "You possess impressive magic, but you are still young and frail. May we meet again someday."

The unicorn said no more and walked back into the cover of the forest. At once, all the tension left the air and the sounds of the forest returned.

MC: "...Whew."

I felt so utterly exhausted that I plopped onto my rear on the ground.

Azusa: "MC?! Are you all right?!"

MC: "I-I'm fine, I'm just whipped..."

Azusa: "Don't scare me like that..."

Azusa followed suit and dropped down next to me with a thud.

MC: "Hehe, Azusa, your face is all dirty."

Azusa: "Yours is no better..."

For some reason, the remark was so funny to me that I couldn't help but laugh.

MC: "Hehe..."

Azusa: "What's so funny?"

MC: "I'm not so sure myself... Your face looks different that usual."

Azusa: "It...does?"

MC: "Yeah... I think this is the real Azusa."

Azusa: "The...real me?"

Azusa stood up and walked to the edge of the spring. He knelt down low and peaked his head over the water to see his own reflection.

Azusa: "..."

MC: "Azusa?"

I stood up and went to his side. When I crouched down next to him and looked in the water, I saw his smile. It wasn't a fake smile, nor was it a cruel disturbing smile. It was gentle and warm -- the kind of smile that belonged on him.

Azusa: "Heh. Look at my face... I look like an idiot."

["Yeah you do."]
[That's not true."]

MC: "That's not true. You don't look like an idiot one bit. You look human."

Azusa: "...Human, huh? Maybe you're right..."

MC: "It only make you more human when you smile like this. That's why I think it's a great face on you."

Azusa: "...And you, too."

Azusa looked up from the water and into my eyes.

Azusa: "You truly are something else. I can't even begin to understand you. How can someone like you actually exist...? I hated you...no, despised you from the bottom of my heart."

MC: "...I know. And...I still hate you."

Azusa reached his arms out and pulled me into an embrace.

MC: "...!"

Azusa: "Just what kind of magic did you use on me?"

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "You even broke the sealing spell I put on you... I learned the meaning of true love, all because of you. You did this to me... ...But it's not just good feelings either. When I think about everything I did to you...it tears me up inside. It's...love that makes me feel this way."

MC: "It's true. Sometimes love can hurt."

Azusa: "...It's so strange how those feelings can transform into something else... I ran away from those feelings for so long. I was afraid it would end up like this. That's why, when I cast the sealing spell, it wasn't just the truth about me I kept you from saying."

MC: "You mean..."

Azusa: "...I took away 'I love you'."

MC: "I knew it..."

(So that's why I wasn't able to say it that one time...)

Azusa: "I was afraid of your love. I didn't want to believe in love. I thought love was just something people did to feel good about themselves. But yours is different. It's strong and straightforward. It overcomes everything... Unlike mine... I hated you for that. I was afraid of you. I still hate you for you it..."

MC: "Hehe, hate me all you want."

(I know he means the complete opposite.)

???(Klaus): "Can you two wrap this up later?"

MC: "...!"

Azusa: "...!"

When I turned towards the unexpected voice, my eyes found Prefect Klaus standing there.

MC: "Prefect Klaus!"

Azusa: "...What are you doing here?"

Klaus: "...MC, I heard you take off the earring and put it in your pocket."

MC: "...!"

(I completely forgot about the earring!)

Klaus: "When you kept ignoring me, I knew something was up. Finding you here was as simple as tracking the earring's magic."

Azusa: "MC? Tell me what's going on."

MC: "Well, um..."

Klaus: "I had MC help me search for the culprit behind the pigeon killings."

Azusa: "You what?"

MC: "..."

Klaus: "I'd been following the incident from the very beginning. From the traces of magic left behinid, I determined it must have been you, Azusa Kuze."

Azusa: "...So you knew all along."

Klaus: "And I knew MC was in on it too."

MC: "...!"

Klaus: "She knew you had done it, but she told me nothing. She fed me lie after lie, just to protect you."

Azusa: "Huh?"

Klaus: "No matter what I asked, she gave me nothing...said nothing. She was covering for you the entire time."

Azusa: "Why...?"

MC: "...Because I couldn't make myself betray you."

Azusa: "Maybe it was partly because of the lip-sealing spell..."

Klaus: "Not likely. It was by her own choice."

MC: "...Hmm. I only had trouble that one time when I tried to say 'love'."

Azusa: "Then you protected my all this time..."

Klaus: "Which made it a pain for me. I couldn't pin anything on you and had to back off. Consider yourselves lucky. This could have gone way worse. I see that the unicorn made it out alive..."

MC: "Yeah."

Klaus: "What happened to your dark magic, Azusa? ...Or should I say, the dark magic you were coerced unto using?"

Azusa: "...It's gone. MC and I combined our magic and destroyed it."

Klaus: "That's good to know... You just barely averted a disaster. ...But you know that using dark magic in Gedonelune is a terrible crime..."

Azusa: "...I do."

Klaus: "Headmaster Randolph will declare your punishment."

Azusa: "I knew my actions would be punished. I was prepared for that from the start."

MC: "Azusa!"

Klaus: "I see."

MC: "Wait, no! What's going to happen to Azusa?!"

Klaus: "I don't know -- that's not for me to decide. Using dark magic carries a heavy sentence. Even you should know that."

MC: "I do, but...! Azusa was fighting against the darkness inside him! He beat it! He won! It's gone now..."

Azusa: "MC, enough."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "What's done is done."

MC: "But..."

Azusa: "I won't try to run or hide, so can we at least get some time alone?"

Klaus: "...Fine. I'll wait at the path to the Northern Valley."

Prefect Klaus turned and quietly walked away.

MC: "No! This isn't fair! We finally have each other, but now..."

Azusa: "So, should we run away together?"

MC: "Huh?"

Azusa: "To Hinomoto? Will you come?"

["Let's go!"]

MC: "Let's go! Let's run away to Hinomoto!"

Azusa: "...Don't be stupid. Did you really believe that?"

MC: "But..."

Azusa: "I can't run. It's not even an option... You know as well as I do that I'll be just as bad as before if I run. I have to face up to my crimes if I want to be with you."

MC: "But we can't be together that way!"

Azusa: "Being together isn't always about being at each other's side. We can stay together, even if we're far apart. Being together is living for each other. As long as we're thinking of each other, I'll be able to find you. I will come back to you."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa cradled me tightly. He squeezed so hard that I could hardly breathe.

Azusa: "This is the beginning... The start of my new story."

MC: "...Azusa!"

I hugged back while fighting the tears. How I wished we could just stay there forever.

Scene: Spring of Unicorns, night
Scene: Spring of Unicorns, morning
Scene: Grassy area, daylight

Prefect Klaus was waiting patiently at the path to the Northern Valley.

Klaus: "...All set?"

Azusa: "...Yeah."

MC: "Azusa..."

Azusa: "Don't make that face. Keep smiling."

Klaus: "Come on, Azusa."

Azusa: "All right..."

Prefect Klaus led Azusa away to a place far, far away.

MC: "No... No!"

(This can't be real! It's all finally over, so why is this happening?!)

Day 12: Final Judgments

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, shrouded in fog

MC: "Mmmn...?"

My eyes peeked opened to see rays of sunlight beaming through the window.

MC: "Morning already...?"

A fine, white mist settled in the room, clouding the dim morning sun.

MC: "...Amelia? Are you up?"

For some reason, my voice echoed in the small room.

MC: "Amelia?"

Amelia was nowhere to be found -- I was alone.

MC: "I wonder where she went...?"

I rolled out of bed to look around the room. From within the haze, I spotted Amelia.

MC: "Amelia?"

Amelia: "Good morning, MC."

MC: "G-Good morning."

(That's weird. She wasn't here a moment ago...)

Amelia: "You're going to be late if you don't hurry it up."

MC: "Yeah..."

Amelia: "Wouldn't it be awful to show up late on your first day as a real student?"

MC: "...Real student? ...I passed the trial?"

Amelia: "Are you still half-asleep? That was yesterday, you goofball."

MC: "Oh..."

Amelia: "Pull yourself together, MC!"

MC: "Azusa! What happened to Azusa?"

Amelia: "Huh? Who's that?"

MC: "Wh-What do you mean? The student from Hinomoto! You even talked to him!"

Amelia: "Hinomoto? Where's that? I've never heard of it."

MC: "Seriously?"

(Why doesn't Amelia remember anything about him?)

Amelia: "Hurry up, MC! Or are you going to class in your pajamas?"

MC: "...Right."

(Just what is going on here...?)

Amelia: "See you in a few. I'm going ahead to the dining hall without you."

Amelia hustled out the room and shut the door behind her.

MC: "...First, I need to change."

I opened up the closet, but my uniform was missing. Instead, all I could find was an exotic white dress and a cute black dress. (Which should I wear?)

MC: "...Should I go with the black dress?"

(I better hurry up or I'm going to be late...)

Scene: Academy Classroom A

MC: "...Huh?"

(I was just in the dorm! What am I doing here?) I now found myself standing alone inside of an empty classroom.

MC: "What's going on...?"

???(Elias): "Hart."

MC: "What--!"

Startled by a voice behind me, I turned around and saw it was Elias.

MC: "Elias..."

???(Yukiya): "You look surprised..."

Then, a voice spoke out from the other direction, but this time it was Yukiya.

MC: "Yukiya?!"

???(Luca): "Yo, MC!"

I snapped my head to the left and found Luca this time.

Elias: "What are you wearing that for? Where's your uniform?"

MC: "I-I couldn't find it..."

Luca: "Leave her alone, it's cute. Looks good on her!"

Yukiya: "Yeah, it does."

MC: "Thank you..."

Luca: "You like it too, Elias. Don'tcha?"

Elias: "N-Not really...!"

Luca: "But your face is all red."

Elias: "N-No, it is not!"

MC: "You guys? Do you know what happened to Azusa?"

Elias: "...Azusa? Who's that?"

MC: "The student from Hinomoto..."

Yukiya: "We haven't had a student from overseas for years..."

Luca: "Your head not quite up yet?"

MC: "How could you all forget?! I don't get it!"

Elias: "...I don't know what you're talking about."

Yukiya: "We don't know anything."

Luca: "MC, are you feeling all right? Did you sleep enough last night?"

MC: "This can't be..."

(Why doesn't anyone remember Azusa?!)

MC: "Ugh!"

I couldn't stand it anymore and dashed out of the classroom.

Scene: Academy Stairwell

As I flew into the corridor, I noticed Randy heading my way.

Randy: "Hey, MC!"

MC: "Randy!"

I hurried over to his side.

MC: "Randy! Where's Azusa? Do you know what happened to him?"

Randy: "Who? Azusa?"

MC: "You know, your roommate!"

Randy: "Um, his name is Klaus."

MC: "What?!"

(This is too weird! Even Randy has forgotten about him!)

I ran away yet again, too frightened to accept anyone's answer.

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

MC: "Why did they all forget him?!"

(I know...! Prefect Klaus should know what happened! He's the one that took him away!)

Scene: Prefect's Office

MC: "Prefect Klaus!"

I rushed into his room without knocking.

Klaus: "What the heck? Have you heard of knocking before?"

MC: "S-Sorry, but it's an emergency!"

Klaus: "What is?"

MC: "It's about Azusa! Where is he?!"

Klaus: "...Azusa? Who's that supposed to be?"

MC: "Huh?"

(Even Prefect Klaus doesn't remember?! It's like they've all forgotten about him...) Darkness spread outwards from my feet. (Is Azusa not even real? Was it all just a dream? No! I don't want a world without Azusa! No!)

Scene: Black

MC: "No...Nooo!!!"

Scene: MC and Amelia's Dorm Room, daylight

MC: "No!!!"

I screamed and lashed out, only to discover I was atop my own bed.

MC: "*Pant pant*...A dream...?"

(...More like a nightmare.)

MC: "Azusa..."

(I wonder what's happened to him?)

Scene: Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy Main Staircase

MC: "*Sigh*..."

(I want to see him so badly... After Prefect Klaus took him away, I have no idea what happened to him...)

???(Randy): "MC? MC!"

MC: "Hmm?"

Startled by the sudden voice, I looked around to find where it came from. I couldn't see anyone at all.

MC: "Just my imagination...?"

???(Randy): "MC! Over here!"

MC: "Huh?"

I turned around, sure I would see someone this time, but yet again nothing.

MC: "What's going on?"

(Is it...a ghost or something?!)

???(Randy): "Hehe. It worked!"

Just then, Randy appeared out of thin air. It was like he just popped into existence right before my eyes.

MC: "...?!"

(He wasn't there a second ago!)

Randy: "Hola!"

MC: "How did you...?!"

Randy: "Remember the experiment with Taffy? Camouflage!"

MC: "Is that the one where you become see-through?"

Randy: "And blend into your surroundings! I put it a name too! 'Camouflage Cloak'!"

MC: "..."

(Not very creative at all...)

Randy: "Isn't it amazing?!"

MC: "Y-Yeah!"

Randy: "Oops! That's not what I came here for! I came for you!"

MC: "M-Me?"

Randy: "Are you free right now?"

MC: "I am, but..."

Randy: "Then come on!"

Randy grabbed my hand and started leading me away.

MC: "H-Hey! Where are you taking me?!"

Scene: Greehouse, daylight

Randy: "No one's here. Perfect!"

MC: "Randy? What did you need me for anyhow?"

Randy: "It's about Azusa..."

MC: "...!"

Randy: "He didn't come back to our room last night. He wasn't even there this morning, so I think something happened to him. I have a pretty good idea what it is too. ...He's been acting pretty weird for a while now, actually. ...He's done something bad, didn't he?"


MC: "...Yeah."

Randy: "I knew it..."

MC: "He tried to take a unicorn's horn..."

Randy: "Sorry...this is all my fault."

MC: "Huh?"

Randy: "I was the one who told him about it. ...Thanks for telling me."

MC: "I thought it might be better if you knew..."

Randy: "So, is the unicorn okay?"

MC: "Yeah. It all ended relatively well."

Randy: "That's great. So where is Azusa?"

MC: "I think he's being held in the prefect's office. Prefect Klaus is keeping a close eye on him..."

Randy: "I see..."

MC: "I don't know what's going to happen to him next..."

Randy: "...What's he being charged with?"

MC: "Using dark magic..."

Randy: "...In the worst case scenario, he'll get deported back to Hinomoto."

MC: "...Deported?!"

Randy: "They won't put him on trial here -- he's a citizen of Hinomoto. If it's really bad, they'll deport him so he can be judged back at home."

MC: "I hope not..."

Randy: "...This is all my fault. I should have never brought him here. I should have known what he was up to."

MC: "It's not your fault at all."

Randy: "I first met him when I visited Hinomoto... I was staying with a noble family that I knew. It just so happened the Onmyoji that worked for them was Azusa."

MC: "Onmyoji?"

Randy: "It's like a royal attendant wizard serving for the king. So that's how I found him... He had just lost his brother to a disease one year before that. He was like a machine -- working long and hard and never asking for help. He even did dangerous things and risked his life like it was nothing. I always thought he was hurrying towards his death. The noble taking care of me had employed Azusa ever since he was a little boy. They had always been so worried about Azusa. So, since I was close in age, they asked me if I could talk to him. While Azusa was looking after me, I talked to him as much as I could. It was pretty much a one-sided conversation the whole time anyways. Azusa always just smiled back at me like he just didn't care. I knew something inside of him was eating away, like he had a shadow living deep in his heart. I know the pain of losing someone and being helpless to stop it...It's happened to me too. I thought that would help me reach out to him... But it didn't work. In the end, I couldn't reach him at all. When he heard me talking about Gedonelune, he suddenly said he wanted to go. I had no idea his interest was only because of the unicorn's horn... The noble was just happy to see him taking interest in something. It seemed like Azusa had finally overcome all of his grief... So that's how I ended up bringing Azusa to Gedonelune."

MC: "And the rest is history..."

Randy: "Yeah...Even after coming to Gedonelune, Azusa hadn't changed at all. But it was different when he finally met you. It's like, ever since you've became Buddies, he's turned more and more back into a human."

MC: "...Since we were Buddies?"

Randy: "Yeah. He treats you completely differently than how he treats everyone else. He fell for you the moment you met."

MC: "No way..."

Randy: "It's true. If it weren't, we'd have a dead unicorn on our hands. You might think it's a stretch, but you saved the unicorn's life too."

MC: "Oh, Randy..."

Randy: "...Azusa did some terrible things to you, I'm sure. But I know he loves you. I'm sure of it. He won't be forgiven for the dark magic, but at least forgive him for what he did to you."

["I forgive him."]
["You care about him a lot."]

MC: "I forgive him. I'm not angry at all for what he did to me. But he'll never be able to bring back the lives he stole to use dark magic. Still, that doesn't change the fact that I love him. Right now...I just want to see him again."

Randy: "MC..."

MC: "Sorry..."

Randy: "Don't be. I know exactly how you feel. You really love him, don't you? I'm jealous. Someday, I hope I can love someone like that too."

MC: "Randy..."

A brief silence followed.

Randy: "All right!"

Randy suddenly shouted loudly.

Randy: "Let's go! Azusa is waiting!"

["We can't!"]

MC: "Okay! Let's go!"

(I have to see Azusa!)

Randy: "I knew you would say that!"

MC: "But how? He's confined in the prefect's office, right?"

Randy: "But Klaus is watching over him!"

MC: "And?"

Randy: "Leave it to me!"

MC: "Are you sure?"

Randy: "Yeah. I've got a good idea!"

(He seems so dependable!)

MC: "All right. I'm counting on you!"

Randy: "Come with me!"

Scene: Interior Academy Hallway

Randy: "Here we are!"

We came up to the prefect's office when Randy put his finger on the doorknob.

Randy: "It's locked with magic."

MC: "It is? Then I guess it's impossible after all..."

Randy: "Let's break it!"

MC: "B-Break it? Wait!"

Randy quickly retrieved his wand from his pocket and held it aloft.

Randy: "Take this!"

One swirl of his wand and a giant piece of candy appeared.

Randy: "Break!"

As he shout out, the candy slammed hard against the doorknob. (He made candy with magic just to swing it like a hammer?!) A shower of light blossomed from the door like a flower.

Randy: "There! No more lock! I'm coming in!"

He pushed open the door casually as if it were the entrance to his own room.

MC: "Randy!"

(He's crazy! This guy is crazy!) I anxiously followed him inside.

Scene: Prefect's Office

Randy: "Anyone home?!"

MC: "Huh?!"

Randy: "It's what you say in Hinomoto."


Klaus: "What?! MC?! And you?!"

Azusa: "MC... Randy..."

Klaus: "How did you get in here?! The door was locked!"

Randy: "Well, I broke it."

Klaus: "I put a lot of time into that lock. It shouldn't have been easy to break..."

Randy: "I smashed it with candy."

Klaus: "...You little...!"

Randy: "Oh, yeah. Almost forgot...Hey Klaus! It's been a while!"

Klaus: "It's too late for that!"

MC: "Randy? You and Prefect Klaus know each other?"

Randy: "Yeah. We're friends."

Klaus: "I don't ever remember becoming your friend."

Randy: "Haha! See!"

MC: "See? See what?"

(I think I can pretty much guess how this relationship goes by just seeing that...)

Klaus: "How did you do it? Tell me. Where have you been?!"

Randy: "Do you want me to tell you?"

Klaus: "Tell me."

Randy: "I'm not telling for free!"

Klaus: "...What do you want from me?"

Randy: "Let Azusa and MC talk alone for a while."

Klaus: "Are you nuts?! Azusa is under confinement right now!"

Randy: "So what?"

Klaus: "He might try to use magic to escape!"

Azusa: "I've already told you that I won't try to hide or run away."

Klaus: "You can't be trusted."

Randy: "Fine, fine. You're so difficult, Klaus. You big bonehead!"

Klaus: "What did you call me?!"

Randy: "Allow me!"

Randy held his wand high and ready.

Randy: "Ta-da!"

With a swing of his wand, a shiny pink bubble surrounded the room.

Randy: "It's a barrier that stops spells!"

Klaus: "That's not the problem here!"

Randy: "It is, because I said so!"

Klaus: "..."

Randy: "Everyone's going to call you Klaus the cold-hearted if you don't lighten up!"

Klaus: ".........Thirty minutes. That's all you get."

Randy: "Cheapskate!"

Klaus: "...Want me to give you zero minutes instead?"

Randy: "Well, you heard him. Thirty minutes is the most you'll get out of this stiff!"

Klaus: "What did you say?!"

MC: "I-It's plenty..."

Randy: "Yeah? Okay! Enjoy, you two! Come on, Klaus!"

Klaus: "Don't touch me! Let me go!"

Randy: "Yeah, yeah."

The two of them wrestled their way out of the room. (I can't tell if they get along or hate each other...) Silence followed as Azusa and I were left alone in the room.

Azusa: "MC..."

MC: "Azusa!"

Before I knew it, I had run towards Azusa and thrown my arms around him. His own arms returned the embrace.

MC: "I missed you so much..."

Held in his arms, I dared not move an inch. I just wanted to feel as much of his warmth as the moment would let me.

Azusa: "You're crazy, coming in here like this..."

MC: "I-I'm not the one that broke in here!"

Azusa: "You're his accomplice in crime, you know."

MC: "Well..."

Azusa: "...But I'm glad to see you."

MC: "...You are?"

Azusa: "Why would I lie to you, huh? ...What is Randy doing here?"

MC: "We talked about you earlier... He's been really worried, you know."

Azusa: "Yeah?"

MC: "He told me all about you from the time you first met."

Azusa: "..."

MC: "Even about when Tsukasa passed away..."

Azusa: "My parents counted on me to protect him, but I let them down... I couldn't do anything..."

MC: "He was in bad health, right? It's not your fault..."

Azusa: "I know that. I know it's not my fault... But I had to blame someday... I couldn't stand being stranded, all alone on this world. So since I couldn't blame anyone, I blamed myself. I've been holding in all that pain and suffering all this time. Even though I knew in my heart that Tsukasa had already died... When the Nue appeared, wearing his face, I let it deceive me. I believed that, if I just listened to what it said, Tsukasa might come back. No, that's wrong...I just wanted to believe. Even though I knew it was a monster, seeing Tsukasa again was the only thing that kept me going. ...I did what it wanted. I killed things, and gave it power."

MC: "Dark magic..."

Azusa: "Yeah... It was around the time i met Randy when I awakened the Nue. Not long after that, I heard about unicorns living in Gedonelune. The Nue that lived in my shadow heard the story and craved that mythical horn. It told me that, if I had the horn, it'd be possible to bring Tsukasa back to life. So that's why I came here."

MC: "...You're been feeding the Nue with dark magic even since you got here?"

Azusa: "Yeah... It was me who got tricked in the end. I didn't know anything... I'm foolish, just like it said. Tsukasa...is no longer here anymore."

["You're wrong."]
["That's right."]

MC: "That's right. He no longer has a living flesh."

Azusa: "..."

MC: "But...his spirit still lives on."

Azusa: "...His spirit?"

MC: "Yeah..."

I gently touched the necklace draping down his chest.

MC: "...You remember this necklace? Yesterday, it saved your life."

Azusa: "Yeah. It had some sort of protection magic on it."

MC: "That's not all that happened..."

Azusa: "Hmm?"

MC: "The second you were stabbed, I was taken to another world... It was the power in this necklace that did it..."

Azusa: "What do you mean...?"

MC: "A parallel world. A world that exists if our choices were different. It showed me what would happen in those other worlds if I had done something else. They all ended in pain and suffering...but just one showed me a bright future. The same butterfly in yoru necklace came to life and showed me the way. It told me that I was the only one that could save you. At the very end, it told me... 'Save my brother'."

Azusa: "...!!!"

MC: "That butterfly was Tsukasa, I know it. He must have put his magic inside it before he gave it to you. Tsukasa wanted to save you. He's always been with you... It's true."

Azusa: "Tsukasa..."

Azusa clasped it between both of his hands and held it tight.

Azusa: "You...were always with me... Why didn't I ever notice it? I can feel your magic beside me..."

MC: "I felt it too. It was tender...and warm."

Azusa: "I...can't believe I went around in circles like that... What I wanted was with me the entire time..."

MC: "But now you have it, and that's all that matters."

Azusa: "Yeah..."

He held the necklace lovingly against his chest.

Azusa: "I did such terrible things to you... So awful, I can't even expect you to forgive me in a lifetime..."

[“I don’t want to”]
[“I won’t forgive you”]

MC: "...I won't forgive you for what you've done...but it doesn't matter. After all...I already love you."

Azusa: "MC... You're something else."

MC: "It's strange. I was drawn to you from the very first moment I met you. But even after you showed your dark side, that feeling never went away. And I feel it now more than ever, after seeing the true you. Just when did you use magic on me?"

Azusa: "Hmm?"

MC: "I feel like I'm under a spell -- one that makes me never want to leave you."

Azusa: "...Then you must have put one on me too."

MC: "Your sins will never be washed away..."

Azusa: "...I know. I can't bring back the lives I stole. ...I know the pain of losing Tsukasa, yet I'm the one who took all those lives. That sin will follow me for the rest of my life."

MC: "...It's not right for you to be forgiven. You should never forget what you've done."

Azusa: "..."

MC: "But I want to bear that burden with you. But I want to bear that burden with you."

Azusa: "...What?"

MC: "I want to help carry it, together with you."

Azusa: "MC..."

MC: "No one is completely innocent, and some sins are harder to carry than others. ...Bearing that load helps us change for the better and turn our lives around. And I want to be there to help you do it. Because I love you..."

Before I could finish, his arms were already squeezing around me.

Azusa: "I love you."

His embrace held me tight.

Azusa: "MC... I want to show you Hinomoto someday."

MC: "I know..."

Azusa: "I will take you there. I will, I will..."

MC: "A Kotodama?"

Azusa: "Are you crazy? Like I believe in that crap..."

MC: "Hehe... Liar."

Azusa: "No matter what happens, stay with me."

MC: "I will..."

Azusa: "Wait for me..."

MC: "I will..."

My heart ached so much, it hurt. I had no idea what would happen to Azusa. But one thing was certain...

Azusa: "I love you..."

MC: "I love you too..."

Our lips came together for a tender kiss. The pain in my heart was swept away by a tide of emotions. I wished that time might stop and never let this moment end. But time wasn't on my side. ...Tomorrow was a day of trials. Mine, to become a student, and Azusa's, to receive a punishment.

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