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The Avatar System varies in two areas: Room and Garden. What belongs to Room don't go to Garden, vice-versa, except for the girl avatar with her outfit and accessories.

For more space players need to use the consumable items: "Dresser" and "Storage" for Room and Garden respectively.

Room Garden
Wh avatar defalt 1 Wh avatar defalt 2 - Garden
Can change:
  • Her outfit (hair, eyes, clothe and accessories)
  • Room (background, effect and interior)
Can change:
  • Boy avatar*
  • His outfit (clothe and accessories)
  • Garden (background, effect and interior)

*Changing the boy won't affect the stories progress. Players must read at least one chapter from the character for his avatar to become available in Garden.

At the beginning of the game, players can choose between: x2 ribbons, x2 eyes and x2 bags. When finishing the prologue, new items can be acquired in: Avatar Shop, Make a Date, Missions, Events, Endings Rewards, etc.

After the game 3rd Year anniversary and with the release of Sequels, the game started to release stand by avatars for the Room area, however, those avatars do not change their outfit, being fixed, and are only available for a limited time period.

Trivia Edit

SWD Oz - Avatar

OZ+ Avatar Doll for in-game comparison

  • Some few Avatar attires available in the "Avatar Shop" were never used for any checkpoint.
  • The same avatar doll is used in Shaw we Date? Oz+.
    • Some attires are repeated between games as well.
  • In events based in Amelia Nile, players were able to dress their avatar like her.