Aster is Guy Brighton father and Glenn Qing's former mentor.


Aster was once a royal mage under the previous king and his wife (guys Mom) was a royal medical wizardess. Then a few years later his wife died of a fatal illness


Guy's routeEdit

Aster went after the crystal cave to kidnap Saella and use her powers, but facing his son inside the cave he became weak after Guy's light magic stroke him. Aster tried to escape dying the entire forest in dark magic but he was stopped by professor Schuyler. In order to quit Guy from killing his father, Liz and Saella combined their magics of light/song and snow purifying Aster dark magic and making him unable to use magic ever again.

After fainting, Aster is carried by his son back to Gedonelune Academy to recover and later be send to the Ministry of Magic to face his judgment.

Glenn's route Edit

Aster sought to remove Saella from the crystal cave by way of manipulating Glenn into using the spell to do so. He states that he is responsible for the events that caused the stoppage of time in The Place Where Time Has Stopped, Glenn's former village. He holds Glenn's sister Byakuran hostage there to keep the guardian mage under his control. Aster refuses to hold up his end of the bargain, and Liz, Cerim Leiado, Glenn and Saella fight against him. Liz and Saella combined their magic in the form of a song, purifying the dark magic while Glenn and Cerim provide support. Aster vanishes in the burst of light, and is never seen again.


  • In the stories Aster doesn’t use the surname "Brighton", therefor is unknown if it can be from Guy's mother side.
  • In Glenn's route, his name is occasionally spelled as Astar.