Apple to My Eye was a bonbon collection event that happened from January 31 to February 19, of 2018.

Event Announcement

Apple of my eye 1 event announcement

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #537]

Gedonelune Academy’s Journal - Event Announcement by Vincent, Klaus, Randy -

Vincent “If you were to jump into a fairy tale, which one would you pick?”

Klaus “Cinderella. I’ll be a prince to protect the princess.”

Randy “You?! A prince?! No way... I’m sure if you were a prince, a princess would run away...”

Klaus “*Glare* Which story would you pick then?”

Vincent “What about Beauty and Beast? Love story full of thrill and a lot of fighting. Isnt it exciting?!”

Randy “For me, I’d chose Hansel and Gretel! I can get to eat whole a lot of sweets!!!”

Klaus “Your reason for the choice is very unconvincing... You’d twist the story by eating up the entire gingerbread house...”

Your love becomes one of the character in the classic tales?! Jump into the world of fascinating world![1]

Event Note

  • 23 new avatar items were made for this event.
  • 7 new spin-off stories were made for this event, one to each character: Elias, Yukiya, Klaus, Randy, Joel, Vincent and Zeus.
    • New exclusive clothing were made for the romanceable characters in this event.
    • Zeus Brundle spin-off from this event was released before his main route.


  • Reward Stories
  • Elias in Pinocchio
  • Yukiya in Alice in Wonderland
  • Klaus in Cinderella
  • Randy in Hansel and Gretel
  • Joel in Little Red Riding Hood
  • Vincent in Beauty and the Beast
  • Zeus in Aladdin

Gedonelune students received a book assignment to jump into any fairy tale's book and resolve a character problem. Depending on the story either Schuyler, Klaus or Vincent are the ones to derive the book assignment. When solving the character problem the person who cast the spell is able to return safe to its own world, however, if the spell is not properly conjectured, the wizard can have problems like memory loss and mistake itself for a character in the chosen book.

To be able to enter a book world the following spell was used: "Guide us into the written world! Liber Ducere!"

By reward order, the following characters gained a short story for this event:

Zeus in Aladdin
Liz is at the library trying to choose a book to complete professor Schuyler assignment when Zeus appears in, as the Night class got the same assignment. Zeus drags Liz into Aladdin's world and in no time both walked through the wasteland tracking the wizard with the magic lamp so they can solve the character problem. But as soon as night arrives Liz, that had thought Zeus lost his memory because of the Liber Ducere spell, perceive that Zeus was only pretending all this time to be Aladdin. The spell dissolves and both return safe to Gedonelune.
Randy in Hansel and Gretel
Deep into a forest, Liz wakes up to find Randy calling her as "Gretel". "Hansel" insist he does not follow by the name of "Randy". Liz realizes she is inside Hansel and Gretel book and remembers Klaus assignment to enter a book story. Liz then suggest Hansel to go to the gingerbread house before going back home. Since they arrived early because of Liz suggestion, the witch was nowhere to be seen. Hansel then realizes that Liz is not his sister Gretel, to which she revels to the whole true. Liz then is brought back to her world and finds Randy sleeping beside her in a flowerbed field with the story of Helsen and Gretel in his slumbering hands.
Vincent in Beauty and the Beast
In Vincent class the students received the book assignment. Liz jumped into a book with the title hidden. Soon she sees a beast with Vincent appearance. The Beast insist his name is not Vincent and asks her to leave the castle, but townspeople soon shatters the windows and torches fell into the marble floor. Sharp arrows poured through the window hurting the Beast that tried to protect Liz. Liz "saw" Vincent looking at the Beast, and when she confessed her love and kissed him she came back to her world.

Joel in Little Red Riding Hood


Yukiya in Alice in Wonderland


Klaus in Cinderella


Elias in Pinocchio




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