Amelia Nile is a student in Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy and Liz Hart's roommate.

Amelia was a playable character in the events New Friends of Amelia and Amelia Finds Love.


Amelia and Liz meet for the first time when Liz was accepted as a provisional student in the academy. They share the room 203 and became friends since the first day they meet. In all routes Amelia is always cheerful and talkative toward her friends and helps Liz whenever needed.

In Elias's unhappy ending, Amelia invite Liz Hart to her parent's house for Christmas.

In "New Friends of Amelia" spin-off event, players are able to play as Amelia in her own "love" story, with two routes: Augustus Charles Cole and Scarlett Quinn. This event presents the first female romantic interest route in the game, making Amelia bisexual. This event also revealed that Amelia plays occasionally Ladilz with Guy Brighton.

In Hugo's route, Amelia is on his way to Queensblade's Magic Academy as an exchange student along with Augustus and Scarlett. However, the political tension between the two kingdoms due to the General Smith's incident, makes the three friends (Amelia, Augustus and Scarlett) to be captured and held in Veda (a Queensblade's small town) by Queensblade soldiers on the charge of spying.

Liz and her friends, whom had been in the area for another mission, heard of this and went to rescue Amelia and her friends. Hugo and Liz manage to rescue them from the guards and Klaus help the whole group to flee from Veda.


Despite having frequently expressed her own desire for a boyfriend, Amelia shows no resentment nor jealousy towards Liz, and is a source of emotional support in nearly all the routes. She is also insatiably curious, wanting to know various details about Liz's relationship. Despite this, Amelia never divulges the details of these discussions to other students. She is, however, fairly knowledgeable about other students, and shares her initial impressions of each of the love interests with Liz.

Amelia is easy-going, willing to cover for Liz when she needs to sneak out, and overlooking the occasional visit by Liz's male love interest to their shared room. She also shares a love of cute things and sweets, enjoying the treats that Liz makes. In Elias and Luca's routes, Amelia gets along well with Liz's Carbuncle, frequently feeding it chocolate.

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