A Day in the Night Class was an event spin-off that went from May 30 to June 14, 2018.

Event Announcement

A day in the night class - event announcement

[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #584]

-Event Announcement by Hiro, Zeus, Joel, Vincent-

Hiro “Did you hear about the joint class for the Day and Night Class?”

Zeus “Heck no! I refuse to take that class! There’s no way I would share a class with those weak Day Class students!”

Joel “That’s my line.”

Vincent “Are you sure? You know she is the one who is giving a lecture, right?”

Zeus “No! I change my mind then!”

Joel “Me, too... I do not want to make things difficult for her...”

Vincent (These two are super honest when it comes to her...)

See how the joint class will be carried out![1]

Event Note

Nc 1

"Tiger Ears" and "Tiger Face Paint" set

  • Required x1 Story Ticket per episode.
  • 2 new spin-offs were made for this event, for the following characters: Zeus x Klaus and Hiro x Joel.
  • Checkpoints required Magic Keys and avatar items.
  • 2 new CGs were made for this event, each with a close up in the characters, making a total of 6 CGs.
  • 22 new avatar items were made for this event.
    • "Tiger Ears" and "Tiger Face Paint" were exclusive to the event shop.


In-game summary:

"At the Night Class, where talented great wizards are gathered...

You're asked to give a very first lecture there! Zeus, of course, make things difficult...

Now, your prefect skills have been tested! Give an amazing lecture that leaves them speechless!"



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